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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Campaigner / Landslide CRM

This is an initial push for some test code and while it may work in a limited fashion it is not close to ready for prime-time.

There are several outstanding points of note:

  • A webform id is hard-coded for testing the module
  • Documentation is very limited throughout the code
  • Currently it is passing a Lead to the CRM, but not correctly

If you are working with the Campaigner/Landslide SOAP and would like to provide some pointers, I could sure use the help.

Install the module on a development site. The install file should create a table campaignercrm. Navigate to /admin/campaignercrm_service where you place your credentials. (The password is currently not hidden).

WARNING: When submitting this form it will attempt to connect automatically to the CampaignerCRM SOAP server. If you have a credential wrong you'll get an ugly error. If you get everything right the form will submit back onto itself with no message. Yep, it stuff is pre-alpha.

There is a webform hard-coded in the module for testing. Hopefully I'll have a spot of time to fix this soon.

CRM Operation Issue


This is a small module to provide integration for the swiper javascript library.
The main project is https://drupal.org/project/swiper. However it provides features that did not suit our needs. This module only provides the library link.

Floating Medallion

This module was created to show a medallion type, floating at the bottom of website .
- Animated scroll to the bottom
- Animated rocking of the medallion
- Click to go to URL

The firts use for this was on a website of a non-profit organization asking for donations.
You may configure a specific URL or landing page .



Domain Url Alias

This module is designed as an alternative to the Domain Path module. Whereas Domain Path allows the user to enter custom url aliases for each active domain, this module uses the same alias for all active domains through separate db tables.

The advantage of this approach is that a path like /about can exist on each domain and point to separate nodes. For example, domain1.com/about is an alias for node/23, but domain2.com/about is an alias for node/56. This is not possible with Domain Path.

VIP Login

This modules allows two step logins using Symantec Validation & Identity Protection

Astro Community

This module uses the Swisseph to calculate the actual planetary positions and uses these positions to calculate horoscopes. This project has just started, and altough its already possible to calculate planet positions, there is still a lot of work to be done.


Slap (Seamless Advantage Package)
Brings a set of tools to be used for the Seamless theme.
Slap provides Skin entities which can be integrated with rules to provide powerful control over the look and feel of the site.
Seamless Admin is a new admin navigation menu that works to bring the seamless administration experience to life.

More to come...

Andhra Abroad

Need user registration and management.

Plugin Demo Module

A simple module to demonstrate plugin implementation for https://prague2013.drupal.org/session/drupal-8-info-hook-plugin

Rules File Exists Condition

A simple utility module, adds a Rules Condition that checks for access to a file entity. Very useful if your DB and files directories diverge.

Node live filter

Load a set number of nodes of selected content types and filter them live time by taxonomy terms.

Course Invitation

This module provides the opportunity for an administrator to invite students (by their email) to take a certain course. This feature is mostly prominent in Learning Management Systems. Features include:

Images crop

At the install, the module will generate many new images styles
Don't forget to add the new field "image_crop" to at least one content type

Example :

Default :

  • Thumbnail (100x100)
  • Medium (220x220)
  • Large (480x480)

Generated image style :

  1. large_center_bottom
  2. large_center_center
  3. large_center_top
  4. large_left_center
  5. large_right_center
  6. medium_center_bottom
  7. medium_center_center
  8. medium_center_top
  9. medium_left_center
  10. medium_right_center
  11. thumbnail_center_bottom
  12. thumbnail_center_center
  13. thumbnail_center_top
  14. thumbnail_left_center
  15. thumbnail_right_center

The configuration page allow you to change the cropping ratio /admin/config/media/image-crop

Explanation :

If ratio = 1.5 Thumbnail size = 100x100 BEFORE CROPPING : thumbnail_center_top size = 150x150 AFTER CROPPING : thumbnail_center_top size = 100x100

_center_top mean that 50 pixel are removed from the right and bottom

_center_bottom mean that 50 pixel are removed from the right and top

Regenerate image style after add a new one :



Calendar Plus is a companion module for Calendar. Calendar Plus runs invisibly along-side of Calendar and converts the output to responsive HTML/CSS. The module is completely self-contained so there are no files to place in your theme directory (except to style the calendar like your site theme). Additionally, Calendar Plus doesn't interfere with the normal operation of Calendar. You still manage your calendars and events using the Calendar admin tool.

Notifications Lite

It provides a simple way to send scheduler notifications digest.
Uses all (sub)modules provided by notifications module (except notifications_scheduler), job_scheduler_trigger and views.

The module use 2 types of notifications:

a) Alerts
0 sec ('Immediately'),
300 sec ('Each 5 minutes'),
600 sec ('Each 10 minutes'),
3600 sec ('Every hour'),
43200 sec ('Twice a day'),

b) Digest

86400' ('Daily')
604800 ('Weekly')
2592000 ('Monthly')

Initial settings

When you install this module, the following "instances" are created by default

a) 8 actions are installed (see admin/config/system/actions)

1. Send scheduled notifications alert (Inmediately) configure delete
2. Send scheduled notifications alert (5 min) configure delete
3. Send scheduled notifications alert (10 min) configure delete
4. Send scheduled notifications alert (hourly) configure delete
5. Send scheduled notifications alert (twice a day) configure delete
6. Send scheduled notifications digest (daily) configure delete
7. Send scheduled notifications digest (weekly) configure delete
8. Send scheduled notifications digest (monthly)

b) 7 job scheduler triggers are created (see admin/config/system/job_scheduler)


Simple Bingo game for easily draw winners for your contests.

Just add the names of the contest participants and press Bingo! button to discover the winner.

It also creates a block to display most winners.

This module is written for Drupal 8 and it is intended to be an easy example for database, menus, forms and blocks usage in Drupal 8. It also shows how to use the new Twig template engine in Drupal 8.

Views Exposed Forms #Ajax Support

Views Exposed Forms #Ajax Support

Adds #ajax support to Views Exposed Forms.
Since Views Exposed Forms are $_GET forms only, #ajax callbacks won't work there by default.
This module adds this ability. Just enable it and create your #ajax callbacks for any exposed form

Cache Clear Button Block

This is a simple module that creates a block with a single button that clears all cache when clicked. Like any block, you can place it anywhere on your site. This is for quick access.

Mignix responsive main menu

Make your main menu responsive. This module allow you to create 2-level menu and place them anywhere you like. Just activate the module and place newly created block in region where you like to be placed your main menu.

Contexture CSS Detach

It provides another Reaction for Context module which can remove CSS and then apply this Reaction for Conditions that defined by developers.

Workbench Moderation Buttons - Old

Update: The project is live here now.

Converts moderation states provided by Workbench Moderation module from drop-down to a list-of-buttons format.

Insert media

Insert media

This module provides the integration between Media and Insert modules.

The branch 7.x-1.x should work with Media 7.x-1.x version and the 7.x-2.x branch with the Media 7.x-2.x version.

Isotope Views

Isotope library integration for views . Views Style Plugin.