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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Atom Images

The Atom Images Feature creates most of the functionality surrounding image handling. Atom Images creates an Image node with appropriate fields for the image file. The Feature also creates three image styles: "content-inline" for embedding image nodes in other content, "content-large-cropped" for places where larger images are required, and "gallery" for thumbnails included on a gallery page. The Galleries taxonomy vocabulary is created to manage Image Galleries (Three empty default galleries are created automatically for ease of use).

Atom Latest Updates

The Latest Updates Feature provides a view (latest_updates) to display recent content and a context (latest_updates_front) to insert the view into the content region on the home page.

Views Load More

One Click Upload Multiple

Provide one click upload button for BUEditor with html5 multiple attribute support

Set Cron Time

This module made it possible to fine-tune the maximum execution time for cron. The main problem is that Drupal set a fix maximum value of 240 seconds in includes/common.inc for cron. When you get a Message like: "PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 240 seconds" has you reached the Drupal limitation.

Alignet VPOS

Provides integration with the V-POS Service from Alignet.com.


  • Ubercart

Development notes

Make sure to use the correct version of the V-POS Plugin provided by Alignet.com. This module makes use of CURL to send the data.

See the included documentation.txt file for more information and on how to configure.

Developer plugins, components and guides can be found at http://vpos.alignet.com/documentacion.html.

Drush Host

Drush Host is a set of Drush commands for interacting with the various software components of a web hosting environment (e.g. HTTP server, database server, etc.) to automate such tasks as the creation of virtual hosts. It is currently in the "proof of concept" phase. Contributions, including testing and feedback, are welcome. Please use the issue queue or contact the maintainer.

Views Based & Dependent Lists

  1. Fields that are dependent on other fields.
  2. Fields whose values can be based on views.


MORTools adds Drupal support for all MORPOL JavaScript tools including:

  • createClass
  • zebraClass
  • BoxJS
  • FileJS
  • Inter Tab JS
  • Web FileSystem

For BoxJS and FileJS the module will also provide basic server-side interfaces to upload files for example.


This module almost similar to the module Facebook boxes , just creates only one new block and has config for detecting color scheme.

1) Install Module
2) Set block position and configs on block page.

Banckle CRM

Banckle CRM

Banckle CRM is an Online web based customer relationship management solution designed for SMEs that want to work effectively for generating more sales. It's small business CRM made simple.

A common problem when tracking deals and interacting with customers is the various systems involved. Bringing together the tools that help you keep track of deals, Banckle CRM is a sales pipeline, a contact database, email server and task manager all in one. Small business CRM shouldn't be difficult. By keeping deals, contacts and tasks in one place, Banckle CRM keeps you organized. Never lose an email chain, or a customer's contact details again.

Banckle CRM for Drupal provide an interface to the Banckle CRM Dashboard right within Drupal Admin.

The at-a-glance dashboard of Banckle CRM software shows the size if the sales pipeline and lists all tasks. It also lists recent activity so that everyone involved in the deal knows what the next step is, and who last contacted the customer.

Varnish Clear

Varnish clear options from admin

This simple module allows you to flush the Varnish cache from the Drupal admin.
You can clear a specific hostname or all hosts.
It is possible to clear either a specific URL or the entire cache. Regular expressions are supported.

This module requires the Varnish module.

Paddle Title Icons

Work in progress.

Atom Social Links

The Atom Social Links module provides a basic block with configurable fields for social media urls. The available social networks can be modified in the social_links_networks() function.

Snow Profile Diagram

Provides a drag-and-drop in-brower drawing tool to create and store a snow profile, used in snow safety and avalanche forecasting.

Click4Time Appointment Booking

Click4Time is an award winning booking solution that's feature rich and easy to use for both you and your clients.

Click4Time is ideal for any business that books time, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, counsellors, salons, fitness trainers, spas, home services, financial planners, personal and business coaches, to name just a few.

Views Contextual Filter - Entity Fields

Have you ever set up a contextual filter in Views, and needed to change the default argument to "PHP code" to fetch a field from the current node? This module aims to avoid solutions like this:

Commerce Yandex.Market


This module allow integrate Drupal Commerce store with Yandex.Market. On cron run module generates XML-file with path yandex-market.xml. There is no ability to change the path to the file for now. For more information by Yandex.Market see http://help.yandex.ru/partnermarket/yml/about-yml.xml


Allow you integrate Drupal Commerce project with Yandex.Market.


Chaos tool suite (ctools)
Entity API
Drupal Commerce


Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/70151 for further information. For correctly working with images, apply the patch


Go to admin/people/permissions#module-commerce_yandex_market to set
permission for module.
Go to admin/commerce/yandex-market/settings to configure the global settings.
Go to admin/commerce/yandex-market to add the display(s) which produce(s)
data for XML-file.
Run cron. Otherwise you can't see the file yandex-market.xml
Check for file on yandex-market.xml and enjoy!
Set the path to the XML file and check it is possible at the time
of registration at Yandex.Market


Taxonomy alter

Give options to alter the taxonomy display.


  • Field formatter (taxonomy_alter_link) for
    • taxonomy_term_reference

    give token based pattern replace for term link url.

Alterable HTTP Request

Exposes two new alter-hooks operating on the parameters as well as on the result of drupal_http_request.

Commerce CAVN

Commerce Customer Are Viewing Now

This module allow people to see what other customers are viewing right now.

message stream

stream of message

Conditional Add to cart form

This module only provides a new add to cart handler for views.

It gives you a way to conditionally display the "add to cart" form by checking values against a field attached to the product.

/!\ Be careful, not finished at all (missing checks)


This is sandbox project for my testing purposes only


Delivers an email that contains an entire node's content.

As an alternative, this can be accomplished by creating an email and entering field tokens, but when you have a massive amount of fields, this can get redundant. This module adds a drupal_mail hook to send a rendered node via email. This also provides a rules action to send node content via email.

Caption filter (D8 backport)

Provides a backport of the new caption filter in Drupal 8.

Will also look to integrate with the Media module as well.