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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

OG File Entity

An integration for Organic Groups and File Entity: to provide OG-based access control to files.

Bitcoin Tips

Bitcoin Tips

This plugins allows to collect Bitcoin tips from drupal blog and article readers

* Inspiration and ideas came from http://terk.co/wordpress-bitcoin-tips-plugin/
* all credits goes to Terk! Thank you!

- Install like any drupal module
- Create blockchain.info account
- set blockchain.info identifier, password and other settings at admin/settings/bitcoin_tips/settings


Automatic payouts
Specific tips statistic

Agegate DOB

A jQuery based agegate module which works on date of birth.

No settings yet but number of years and timezone offset can be configured in agegate_dob.js

Experimental D8 Subpathauto

This is a PoC attempt at porting subpathauto module to D8.

Views content breadcrumb

Views content breadcrumb

Name: Views content breadcrumb
Description: Create breadcrumb for view page and panel_pane display.
Drupal 7

Search API (8.x)

This sandbox was used for porting the Search API module to Drupal 8. It is now obsolete as the code has been merged back into the Search API project.

Force Summary

Makes the summary part of any 'Text area with a summary' field required and visible on the node edit form by default, and sets a character limit on it.

er, why?

My own use case is on a site with lots of user-generated content which appears in views, using the 'summary or trimmed' display mode. Most users don't seem to notice the 'Edit summary' link above the body field, which means the views end up displaying an often unhelpful trim of the full post. This module forces users to actually summarize what they are posting.

Twitter Embedded Timeline

Twitter Embedded Timeline is a Drupal 6 module which allows administrators to create a block which display embedded timelines.

Paddle Rich Footer

work in progress

Paddle Promo Box (master)

Work in progress.

Sidr Responsive menu

Provides integration with Sidr JS and creates a nice responsive menu for the menu of your choice.

The project image is owned by & belongs to http://www.berriart.com/sidr/, if there are any concerns do let me know.


This is a demo sandbox module for our screen cast

Commerce Braintree JS

Adds a payment method for Braintree JS, which will pull the Braintree client-side encryption library into the checkout process and encrypt card data on the client side before sending it to Braintree with the S2S method.

This will alleviate a lot of your PCI responsibilities.

Iframe Field

Creates an Iframe field type fro embedding Iframes as fields


Vouchers for everything

Passwordless login

Passwordless login provides those with administration permissions the ability to allow certain users to login with just their username.

This might be useful to allow login via an "access code" .

There are clear security implications with this module so be careful which users are granted a passwordless login.

Add Javascript field

this module create custom field that let user add external javascript files to each node.
this is my first module. please report issues with solving suggestions, code examples or links that help me fix it.


Allows the SMS Framework to use phps.kr as a gateway.
Currently only basic sms sending functionality is implemented.
Rules integration is available thanks to SMS framework module.

To do:
Check balance and notify shortage to admin user.

Account of korean sms gateway service provider, phps.kr

SMS Framework


Sends Drupal posts to BufferApp to post on social media profiles.

search history api

This module provides an API to save searches from several search module. Modules that need to save searches can implements this in the right place:


it will show member list with thumbnails user also search member profile.

Commerce Cardsave

This project integrates CardSave into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. It supports off-site payment via the SERVER method with a final payment form hosted on their system.

Icon span injector filter

This module provides an input filter to inject <span> tag into <a> in the filtered content for icons defnitions

Drush Submodule

Drush submodule is a Drush extension that interfaces with Git and GitHub to streamline and simplify working with Drupal and its modules when using git submodules. This is not the same as using the default Drush submodule feature, it has much more functionality.

This extension is still very much under development and is NOT ready for use.


The ratiocrop module provides an image effect that crops the image based on ratio. It only crops one value, width or height, so the image is the biggest crop possible with this ratio. It also provides an option for crop position.