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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks

This project for the Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks is for both task and code management of the series of Community Weaver 2 code sprints and barn raisings:



The TrustPay (TP) Merchant API (payment service) is an internet based payment tool that Merchants can use to receive payments from clients.

This tool includes four basic payment methods:

1. Card payments via VISA and Mastercard branded cards.
2. Bank transfers
3. Paysafecard payments
4. Transfers from other TrustPay accounts.

Bank of Maldives Payment Gateway for Drupal Commerce

This module integrates Bank of Maldives Payment Gateway and Drupal Commerce. Currently it doesn't yet validate the response from the gateway but this will soon be fixed in about a week.

User role space limit

This module will limit server space usage per user role.Administrator can set server space for all roles except 'anonymous user'.If user exceeds their usage limit according to their roles,then they will not allowed to upload files in any content type form.

It also provides a block which will have details about user's space limit,user usage and available space(in MB).It will work with filefield and also with image field .


Drupal-up is a Drush extension that facilitates building virtual machines for local development of Drupal sites. Drupal-up implements a Drush Vagrant blueprint. This, in turn, builds a virtual machine atop Vagrant and VirtualBox, and configures it using Puppet.

FacetAPI Numeric Groups

Extends facetapi with support for Solr's facet by range feature (facet.range)

Age Verify

This is a module used for verifying age prior to site access. It's simply a yes/no answer to being over a certain age. You can set the age, destination URL, failure destination URL and a description in the settings.

If a site visitor is logged in, or trying to access /user, /admin or /age_verify they will not be affected by the modules redirect rules.

Please help by filing bugs, issues or feature requests.

The development of this module is being sponsored by SpireMedia

CIM Metriweb

Metriweb is an implementation of the CIM Metriweb tool.
Additional information can be found at the website of CIM Metriweb (http://cim.be).

Twitter cards


Provide Twitter cards meta tags on nodes to allow previews of the nodes to be shown in tweets giving users a preview of the media you are linking to.

The main aim of the module is to do this while not being dependent on any other modules.


There are 3 different types of cards Summary, Photo and Video. This module supports Summary and Photo. Video however is not supported due to the complexity of the integration this would not be possible to create a generic solution. You would need to do this project by project.

The following can be done per content type.

  • Use the Summary or Photo card style
  • Select an image field, from that content type, to use in the tweet


Once you have the module enabled you can use the following tool provided by Twitter to preview how your content will look in Twitter cards, without the need to tweet links to your pages.

Testing your own Twitter cards

You can use the following link to test integration of Twitter cards on your own site without having to spam your twitter account.


D8 Field API

Work in progress for D8 evolutions of the Field API :
- Plugins
- ...

Content Type Filter

The Content Type Filter lets you filter content listing pages simply by adding admin/content/types/story to the URL (for example).
You want to see the blog content type content then you need to use following URL

Demo site: http://digcms.com/drupal/
Admin Username : admin
Admin password : admin

Color Debate

A content type with colorful with multiple pros and cons fields.

Linkedin widget

This module provides a linkedin profile widget seen here

The field formatter view is available for a textfield, you will see the option of linkedin profile under "display settings" in the content type or other entity configuration pages.

This project is sponsored by Trellon, LLC

Scorm Cloud D7 upgrade

This is just a temporary sandbox to hold the scormcloud effort on upgrading.

What works:

- Add field to node (haven't tested with other entities)
- Upload course - Course gets created fine on server
- Save course data (courseid, title, attributes) on field
- Default formatter shows up fine.

Haven tried to do much more than that.

youtube bonus pack

This module adds a couple of custom functions for media_youtube:

1. A custom formatter for colorbox integration, this allows the creation of a youtube thumbnail when clicked bring up a colorbox overlay with the video. The video size, etc can be customized through the field display settings.

2. A custom youtube thumbnail option in media file adding form. This allows the youtube thumbnail to be a custom image.

Sponsored by Trellon, LLC


This is an extension of the addressfield module based on the jessehs's sandbox project, addressfield_phone.

Sponsored by: The Mechanism

Commerce Shipping Matrix

This is still under active devlopment and not in a ready state what so ever.
It is now ready for testing, the UI module needs some serious redesigning, but the calculation module can be tested
So please test it, but certainly do not use this on a production site (it is still a sandbox project!!)

maybe you have some good idea's to add to it too.
Or have some improvements recommondations.
Please leave an issue.

This module is usefull if you want to set up easely

  • different shipping rates per country (and / or postalcode, and / or city)
  • different shipping rates per weight
  • different shipping rates in combination of country and weight
  • all things above for different carriers (DHL, TNT etc)

How does this work?:

You can setup multiple shipping services.
To every shipping service you can add zone's.
Every zone has an locality attribute and a weight attribute.

For example:

Shipping Service 1:
TNT Postal service
- Max Dimensions: 380 x 265 x32 mm
- Max Weight: 5000g
- Shipping service has base rate: € 2,50

Shipping Service 1: Zone 1
- Zone 1 has base rate: € 2,50
- Zone 1 can ship to: NL,DE,BE
- Zone 1 weight table:
0-80 g - € 0,40
81-1200 g - €2,50

Shipping Service 1: Zone 2:
- Zone 2 has base rate: € 7,50
- Zone 2 can ship to: DK,FR,SP

eBay List Auctions / Items


Looking to incorporate your eBay auctions listings into your drupal website? This module has one simple goal, to allow a way to list all of a user's eBay items up for auction or store in real time directly from the eBay API connection.

Virtual Folders

Adding various VFS functionality to extend Drupal core and some modules using the the jsTree jQuery library.

A list of sub-modules and their functionality is listed below:

Path Structure

Adds a WYSIWYG button to provide a tree structured view of the site, so that editors can use this familiar style view to add links to their pages. The structure is formed using the path aliases defined so items not included on menus are also included.

Administer Users

The administer users permission is more broad than necessary and not prudent to give most roles. For example, it is often the case that we need to be able to allow a role the permission to create users, but this is within the "administer users" permission. (A problem solved with the UCreate module, but it has not been upgraded to Drupal 7 yet.)

I'd also like to allow users with a given permission the ability to assign other users with a configurable list of roles or a family of permissions. I'm not sure what the UI for that will look like yet though.

Entity RDF demo

Entity RDF content types exported in a feature

Entity Reference Translation

Small module that solves the following specific use case:

When you translate a node that has one or more Entity Reference fields that reference other nodes, the translation form contains default values that point to nodes in the originating language.

This might result into an error that the referenced entity is invalid if you don't remove the references, or adds the burden of having to look up the translated versions of the referenced nodes manually.

Drag and Drop Block

This module allows the blocks to move between regions so fast, without having to enter the path: structure / blocks. Thanks to jQuery and Ajax.


The OTP, One-Time Password, module provides an additional layer of security to the login process by requiring users to enter a randomly generated one-time password in addition to their regular Drupal password.

The one-time password is generated from within your Drupal system and can be sent via email or SMS. No physical token generator/dongle is required.

Not all users require OTP access on a Drupal system. So, OTP provides the option to enable OTP authentication based on user roles.

Attachment Rename

The module renames attachments and add date of uploading to them, for example, if the file name is example.zip and uploaded on 1st Jan, the uploaded file name will become example_1_jan_2012.zip

This module was originally created for inBoundio.com