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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Composer Autoloader

Load multiply composer vendor into one classloader.

Simpletest Clone Sandbox

Sandbox for work on Simpletest Clone module. The goal is to clone as few unneccesary tables as possible (content tables).


Drupal Module (core 7.x)

This module displays a block with the users avatars who are online, if they don't have avatar, the module displays a default image, if the user is not registered on the page, the module display a default one too, which can be changed in the folder module.

You can set the block to show only registered users or anonymous, you can also control the number of users to display, default is set to display a maximum of 20.

In the permissions pannel you can control the visibility of the block.


Integration towards Apptivo, which runs on Google App Engine.


Entity Forena Attach
Current version only works with Forena 7.x-2.x

menu position rolereference

Menu position rules rolereference intergration

This module extends the drupal "menu position rule" module.

Site Cleanup

Configuration Screenshot

If you want to keep all the customizations of modules and themes of your site and for any reason you want to delete all content, this tool will help.

Performance Dashboard

This module enables an at-a-glance performance dashboard of node and user activity stats for your site.

RSS Feed Block

Uses Google's Feed API to display RSS feeds in blocks/beans. No nodes are imported - this is a Javascript only solution.

Configurable items:

  1. Feed URL
  2. Number of feed items to display
  3. Toggle display of feed item snippets
  4. Add a link below feed items to site/page/etc.

Since these are beans, you can create as many blocks as you like.

Mail Role


Mail Role grants roles to users based on their email address. A site developer can configure a list of domain names to detect and a user role to grant. Mail Role then examines a user's email address and if it determines that the email addresses' domain name matches one of the configured domain names, it will grant the user the configured role.

Possible scenario:

Assume we have a content rich site with a proper permission system set up. Roles are created to grant certain permissions to certain content types. Further assume that we want users from a certain company, say ACME, to be granted one of those roles whenever they register. It would be a boring process to grant each user that role manually.

That's where Mail Role comes in. Using a simple configuration approach, we can configure it to detect all email addresses ending in @acme.com and it will do the rest.

Security considerations:

Like all modules, site developers should take special care when using this module. First, do not ever use this module to grant the administrator role to users. This can have a very negative effect if used incorrectly. The administrator role, or any role that has permission to alter your site's configuration should always be granted manually.

Etsy Treasury

Add an Etsy Treasury to your pages and posts quickly and easily with beautiful and customizable layouts.

Project Management and Invoicing


Our team working on a PM module which will be launched soon.

That module will provide a complete platform for Project Management, Issues tracking, Invoicing, Payment gateways and lots more.

Template Suggestions

The built in template suggestions only gets you so far and sometimes it falls short, this modules aims to fill the gaps left by the built in template suggestions.

Have you ever tried to theme the user/login page? Are you a multilingual site and you need to theme certain languages differently? Then this is the module for you.

Geckoboard Push Statistics

This module implements the Geckoboard Push module's hooks and provides datasets containing statistics for your drupal site which can be displayed on Geckoboard using the specified widgets.

Current datasets:

  • System load average (Geck-o-meter widget)
  • Number of watchdog notice/warning/error messages (RAG widget)

And could easily be extended to include more through feature requests.



script used to request patches which are not in the regular drupal.org public issue queue to be tested on the Drupal.org testing infrastructure.

You need to run this script inside a Drupal 6 root, and you need the qa.d.o key placed in a key.txt file.

- qa.d.o key (ask scor, or someone in the infra team)
- access to qa.d.o with security team role: create an account on qa.d.o and file an issue in the webmaster issue queue if you need to request for this role.

CKEditor dialog

Provide configuration for the default values of CKEditor's dialogs.

Current Date Block

A module that provides a block to display the current date.

Commerce Andazsolutions

Andazsolutions integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.


Radix UI

This module provides some Bootstrap UI elements for the Radix theme for Panopoly. Note that you need not use panopoly nor radix to make this work, in fact, you just need to be using twitter bootstrap with your theme. While there may occasionally be some things which are radix and panopoly specific, these should generally be useful across the board.


Views print

This module extends and depends upon http://drupal.org/project/views_data_export

It adds a style plugin for data export displays that lets you print out a list of views records, 1 per page. By default, it prints a serial output of rendered fields, but this can be overridden by the theme in the standard way.

PHP Preview

This is a helper module that works along side CCK for Drupal 7. It's designed to allow users to view a live preview of the PHP code they enter into field-value / default-value boxes. This aids development and allows users to check the status of the array they are returning before hitting save to validate it.

Commerce Manual Line Item

In Ubercart, users could modify all aspects of line items including the product title (i.e. the line item label). In commerce, this ability was removed and the title for product line items is always equal to the referenced product's title.

This module adds a new line item type that allows for manual entry of all line item properties, namely the SKU, title and unit price. It does not associate itself with products and manually entered line items are not re-usable (for now).

Brightcove Drupal Synchronization

This module provides full syncronization between Drupal and Brightcove.

OpenLayers Image Layer

This module allow you to use an image as baselayer in OpenLayers.

See: http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/image-layer.html

The plan on the screenshot is from Yvano Dell'Aiera who granted me the permission to use it for free.

This module is now obsolete, the features has been integrated into OpenLayers.



Transcoding is a suite of modules that integrates with Codem Transcoding service, a node.js package for asynchronous video transcoding.

It uses ffmpeg as a backend for encoding and has a simple HTTP interface. This Drupal module manages encodings and provides Rules integration and an API for adding encoding jobs.

Codem Transcode