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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce pay by check

Commerce pay by check

Commerce pay by check adds a pay by check payment type to the Drupal Commerce module. This module is based off the commerce deferred payment module. My particular requirements needed a specific check payment type.

To activate the payment type, visit ../admin/commerce/config/payment-methods and select, pay by check.

This modules also allows you to add pay by check information, such as the address users should send the payment.

Tabs On Node

Tabs On Node is a module that allows you to assign tabbed content to nodes.

The module creates a block called "Node tabs" that you can add to a region or panel.

You can also call the tabs using the following function:

print node_tabs_generate_tabs();    


Tabs On Node requires that jQuery UI be installed. You can download jQuery UI from

Trim word

Trim and format text and limit word

Trim word allows you to set up trimmed and formatted text with a limit count. This is used on things like views, so you can trim and filter the word count to not include any unneeded formatting when displaying a summary of some content on node for example. It trims and strips the html and displays the max count while adding a ... to indicate the text has been trimmed.

TODO: Add the option to trim by actual word, so it doesn't break a word up, but instead keeps entire words.

Config database storage


UPDATE: this module is now redundant, as Drupal 8 uses the database by default for configuration storage.



Config Redis storage

Config Redis storage, because reading from the filesystem is just nuts in the critical path.

Don't use unless you're hacking on the module.

See also:

Config database storage




when you absolutely, positively, gotta turn off the hooks for that stinky module in the corner.

coming soon!


Config key-value storage

Config key-value storage



Meters for Drupal.

Useful links

Name: Useful links
Description: Custom drop down menu with useful links.
Drupal 7

ERPAL Products

In this module we we create integration for products in ERPAL. The initial kick off was started at https://drupal.org/node/1988886

With the development of ERPAL Platform, this will not be continued.

Kissmetrics Sandbox

This is a sandbox for exploring a simple Kissmetrics integration module that uses the KM JavaScript API.

Image Rotator

Image rotator field display formatter

User Reopen

User Reopen demo screen

Drupal 7 allows users to cancel their own account but there is no corresponding functionality to let users reopen their account. On very large sites, this functionality could be desirable to allow users to rejoin a site after taking a voluntary leave without having to register under a new email, etc. However, this shouldn't allow users that have been outright banned by the site administrators from reopening their account.


This module's goal is to integrate Drupal and ActionKit. This module allows your users to create ActionKit pages through Drupal, as well as interact with those pages.

Currently two page types are supported:

  • Petitions
  • Donations

PayAnyWay Merchant

This is an PayAnyWay Module for those wishing to accept PayAnyWay.ru payments.

Module for Ubercart v.2.4 (Drupal v.6)
Module for e-Commerce v.4.4 (Drupal v.6)

Multisteps Form

Name: Multi Steps Form
Description: Create multi steps form.
Drupal 7

Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOMrJNXJTwI


This is a Block module which lets you display testimonials for you site or products on your Drupal site

Configuration Mongodb storage

Configuration Mongodb storage.

Coming soon.



We develop websites on Drupal. In each of our project, we are implementing the same features. We decided to merge these features into modules that do not work every time anew.

Link IFrame Formatter Extended

This is an extended version for Link IFrame Formatter module.

This sandbox merges into the official Link IFrame Formatter module. So further development will cease here. See more at #2128289: Merge the development fork.

Interswitch Donate

This module allows site users to make donations using their Interswitch bank cards. The design is of this module has been successfully checked for all the mandatory requirements of Interswitch's User Acceptance Test as described in Interswitch's DIY document



A wrapper module around the EmberJS javascript library.

Campaigner / Landslide CRM

This is an initial push for some test code and while it may work in a limited fashion it is not close to ready for prime-time.

There are several outstanding points of note:

  • A webform id is hard-coded for testing the module
  • Documentation is very limited throughout the code
  • Currently it is passing a Lead to the CRM, but not correctly

If you are working with the Campaigner/Landslide SOAP and would like to provide some pointers, I could sure use the help.

Install the module on a development site. The install file should create a table campaignercrm. Navigate to /admin/campaignercrm_service where you place your credentials. (The password is currently not hidden).

WARNING: When submitting this form it will attempt to connect automatically to the CampaignerCRM SOAP server. If you have a credential wrong you'll get an ugly error. If you get everything right the form will submit back onto itself with no message. Yep, it stuff is pre-alpha.

There is a webform hard-coded in the module for testing. Hopefully I'll have a spot of time to fix this soon.

CRM Operation Issue


This is a small module to provide integration for the swiper javascript library.
The main project is https://drupal.org/project/swiper. However it provides features that did not suit our needs. This module only provides the library link.

Floating Medallion

This module was created to show a medallion type, floating at the bottom of website .
- Animated scroll to the bottom
- Animated rocking of the medallion
- Click to go to URL

The firts use for this was on a website of a non-profit organization asking for donations.
You may configure a specific URL or landing page .