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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

SWDP #137

Secret world domination project No. 137.

(This is a temporary sandbox. Its contents will be shipped with another module when ready. Not for standalone use.)

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck GOOSE!

Fonecta Totaali API

This module provides a simple integration with the Fonecta Totaali API. This is an API module and therefore provides no UI apart from a simple configuration form. Please note that an authorization bearer token is required to use this module.

This module is sponsored by Verkkojulkaisut

Blank Content Fields List

The Blank content fields list module lets you very easily create related/blank fields (Which fields you have not filled when you entered the data on node.) content list on your Drupal site.
This module is useful if you have multiple node (suppose have metatitle fields). and wants to fill metatitle where you have not fields.. its gives lists of blank content fields.

Feeds Table Processor

Feeds table processor is a Feeds module that allows the importation of data directly into a database table. It was initially made to import data into a custom entity. It should work but has only been tested with Xpath parser.

Please feel free to update and report patches in issue queue because I don't have enough time to create a stable project now.

Salesforce Sandbox

Sandbox fork of salesforce-7.x-3.x


The user ceardach is no longer available.


This module let you write less code to access field values.

Basic usage:

Let's say we have a node type called product, and has 3 fields.

field_color // simple textfield
field_image // image
field_type // single select term

In our module file:

// Implements hook_field2attr_node().
function mymodule_field2attr_node() {
    return array(
        'product' => array('color', 'image', 'type'),

There are 2 attributes will attach to the node object for each field:

$node->_ATTR;  // The single first field item value.
$node->_ATTR_items; // Same as field_get_items().

Now we can acces this fields like:

$node->_color;  // The text value.
$node->_image; // The image file uri.
$node->_type // The term id.

// With $node->_ATTR_items we got the field items array, same as field_get_items.
// php not allow field_get_items()[0] syntax, but now we can use $node->_ATTR_items[0]['safe_value'].
$node->_color_items; // Same as field_get_items('node', $node, 'field_color');

Custom field item element key:
With $node->_image can get the image file uri, but some how we want just the image file id, change the hook function to:
// Implements hook_field2attr_node().
function mymodule_field2attr_node() {
return array(
'product' => array('color', 'image'=>'#fid', 'type'),

Entity Translation Panels IPE

Integrates Entity Translation with Panels IPE. This would probably work with i18n as well, but I haven't tested.

Adds a translation button(Currently needs a new icon) to the Panels IPE that displays the user the translation overview page.

Image Styles Drush

Just a simple drush script to print out all image styles.


This Drupal module allows admins to send messages to user using the messaging framework.

project 1


project 1 is sample project. just trying to learn how to use drupal. :)

Spam Module D7

Port sandbox to D7


API utilities for easing developer jobs.


Any List Scroller

ALS - Any List Scroller is the jQuery plugin by musings.it to scroll any list, of any dimension, with any content. Try it!

Video Conversion to M3U8 Format

This module is used to encode the video in to m3u8 format which is used in android and iOS and upload the encoded video on Amazon S3.


  • Encode the video in to m3u8 format.
  • Place the encoded files on S3


  • Video Module
  • Amazon S3
  • Awssdk


AHAH add remove textfields

Copy of existing AHAH_module with new example added

DeDupe Content Checker

DeDupe Content Checker

The DeDupe Content checker module extracts content from titles and nodes and works to detect double content by checking percentage of match between node title and body content fields. It shows all duplicate content nodes in the reports/logs section if a double content node has been detected.


Socialvote module allows to carry on polls on the principle of Battle of brands. In contrast to ordinary polls in that case user must confirm on his wall (vk, or facebook) the publication of proposed comment. His comment will contain the URL to questioning page. So you can advertise your site by viral advertising to conducting provocative poll.


Adds a jvectormap block


File Checker admin page

File Checker is currently just a concept module. See the README.txt file for more information. But it does work, is mostly stable, and fast.

Webform Batch Export

The Webform Batch Export module was developed to allow webform submissions to be exported in batches using Drupal's Batch API.

This module depends on the Private Download module, which provides a private download directory for use when the file system is configured for public download access. You can download this module here: http://drupal.org/project/private_download

Modr8 Permissions

This module aims to enhance the Modr8 by adding node access permissions.

In the Modr8 module, the teasers for content placed into moderation aren't visible to those without the "moderate content" permission if a node is published. However, a user who has the direct URL to content is able to view it. This module controls access permissions for that content URL.

Additionally, this module helps solve the issue of moderators needing to have "administer nodes" permission to moderate content. See #1886784: Add access to Modr8 without administer nodes permission.

This module adds the permissions "view any moderated content" and "view own moderated content".

"view any moderated content" allows you to give permission to roles who do not have moderate permission, such as an editor. Users with this permission can view and edit the moderated content before it's approved by a moderator.
(Note: In Drupal 6, users with the permission "view any moderated content" WITHOUT the "moderate content" permission can only view the direct link. They aren't able to view the teasers. This restriction is added by the Modr8 module and can't be overridden from within this module in Drupal 6.)


Commerce Single Page Checkout

This module provides a single-page checkout experience so users can view a product, enter credit card and billing info, and pay all on the same page. In other words, it provides a one-click, one-step checkout process.

Products can be referenced to any node type. If a node has a product reference to it, then the single page checkout form is attached to the node. If a node has 2 or more products referenced to it, it will automatically add/remove products to the cart via AJAX whenever you switch between products. It also adds a rule condition to remove the "Add to Cart" message displayed on a node when a product is added to the cart.

Note that you need to patch commerce_authnet so that multiple billing panes are supported, otherwise it will not submit data from the address pane.

Steps to install:

  1. Install and enable module, see here for details
  2. Patch the commerce_authnet module, see here for details.
  3. Navigate to admin/commerce/products/add and add a product. Alternatively create a new product type.


Log provides an object-oriented wrapper implementing PSR-3's logger interface around Drupal's watchdog.