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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Bookmark sandbox

Sandbox to develop bookmark.

Multiple upload alone

Sample of archive upload on node creation / edit.

This module allows to upload a single zip file and save the contained files into Drupal as node attachments, discarding the original file.



This module is about creating a multicolumn list of links to nodes based at taxonomy terms.

The idea is based at footermap, but this module forces to be specific about what should go in that footer sitemap

0) Assign taxonomy terms to content to tell in which term a link to the node should appear.
1) Add a block
2) Specify the vocabulary and number of columns.
3) Put the block at the desired place on the site.

Keep it simple

Commerce - EBS Payment Gateway

EBS Payment gateway for drupal commerce.

User Access Keys API

User Access Keys API provides an API for modules that want to allow users to store access keys for third party services in their Drupal user profiles, as profile.module fields.

Specifically; Validation of user-input access keys via form-alters to profile.module forms and functions for *.install files to manage profile.module fields.

Usage guide

An implementation of the User Access Keys API is quite simple. An example implementation ("Example.com API User Access Keys") is included in the package and also demonstrated below.

Full implementations are included in the Toggl.com API and Redmine API packages.

Example Implementation

The implementing module implements two functions to allow User Access Keys API to manage the profile.module field and validation of the access key.

* @file example.module
* An EXAMPLE implementation of the User Access Keys API.

* An implementation of hook_user_access_keys()
function example_user_access_keys() {
return (Object) array(
// The machine name of the profile.module field.
'field' => 'example_api_access_key',


Commerce 2Checkout.com

This module integrates Drupal Commerce with the hosted payment service 2Checkout.com (hereafter 2CO). Customers will be redirected to 2CO during the checkout process to submit payment and upon return will be sent forward or backward in checkout based upon whether or not they successfully completed payment.

Sponsored by Commerce Guys.

Views jQuery Templates

Ever wonder why all that extra bandwidth is used up pushing the same identical HTML markup for many items on a page? This module will use the the awesome jQuery TMPL plugin to client-side populate an HTML DOM template generated by views with JSON data also generated by views.

"jQuery templates contain markup with binding expressions ('Template tags'). Templates are applied to data objects or arrays, and rendered into the HTML DOM"

Debut Link

Part of the Debut features set, Debut Link provides a link content type and associated views, contexts, and Media module integration.

Like all Debut features, Debut Link can be integrated either as a stand-alone feature to quickly add link functionality to any Drupal site or as part of a Drupal distribution. Debut Link is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits.


You have three options for installing Debut Link:

  • Debut Link is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits, so you can install it as part of Open Outreach.
  • Install manually along with the dependencies listed below.


  • Link content type with link field.
  • Link type vocabulary.
  • View with links page by category, highlighted link block, and RSS feed.
  • Integration with Pathauto.
  • Menu item for links page.
  • User permissions.
  • Image field using the Media module.


Commerce Downloads Feature

A feature defining default fields, views and rules for Commerce Downloads install profile.

Sponsored by Commerce Guys


Node Snippet Replace

Node Snippet Replace

Node Snippet Replace allows those with permission to create Node Snippets which can then be inserted into nodes.

Why Is This Useful?

Administrators can create a snippet of common content that a user with little technical knowledge can use when creating content.

How It Works

When a snippet is created, an actual file is created. When a node is loaded, Node Snippet Replace, through a hook uses Regex to find tags. ( {{tag-name}} )

Mail Test

Test Project

File protect


File protect is a File field formatter, intended to protect file downloads, allowing to download only to
authenticated users. It works by replacing direct links to files on the web server to custom links
handled by the module itself, which permits handling this case (allowing download of file by registered
clients for the website). May also be complemented by a web server configuration to disallow direct
URL downloads.



Provides capability to pre-populate address with previously used addresses


our group

References dialog

This module extends reference fields like the user and node reference fields by adding links to add, edit and search for references through a dialog. This allows for a workflow where the user can create all the references to a node at the same time as she is creating it, a process which sometimes get's a bit backwards, when a user for instance needs to create all the facts for an article.



Module to output Intellitxt JS code. The Drupal Intellitext module works only in conjunction with a Vibrant Media Intellitext account, which you can sign up for here http://vibrantmedia.com/about/contact.asp?ref=publisher


Real Estate

complete real estate project

This project is started recently, do not use it for production purpose

DrupalGapps Google Docs

What is this module going to do:
1. Provide wrapper API for Google Documents List API
2. Provide a basic Google Docs like application built using the wrapper API.

The code for this project was written under the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2011 program.


This module is going to be written all over again after DrupalGapps v7.x-2.0 gets released.

Keep watching.

CCK Condition

Use CCK fields to evaluate access, variant selection and visibility rules.

You can use it for,

* restricting the display of a variant depending on a value from a CCK field (selection rules)
* restricting the display of a content pane depending on a value from a CCK field (visibility rules)

Webform Views Submitted Data

This is an alternative to Webform MySQL Views to display submitted data into views, for those who MySQL Views simply don't work or when they went very slow.




This project allow user to add easily libraries to your site from cdnjs.com website


Universally Unique IDentifier fork

This is a friendly fork of the UUID module that adds uuid_entity_save(). The work being done here will result in a patch to that module.

Bcc Mail Logger


Bcc Logs all outgoing mail from your site.Send all outgoing mail to Bcc email id that passes through drupal_mail function


1. Bcc Logging all outgoing mail
2. Mail verification for bcc email id.
3. Activation/deactivation mail alert.
4. Editable mail template for verification, Activation and deactivation mail


Demo Project to get started.