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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Provision Remote

Provision Remote is the corresponding backend for the Hosting Remote module, which allows Aegir to create and manage additional remote servers.

Initial development is focused on using the Ubuntu Ensemble project for the deployment of remote servers, but the goal is to make the actual framework pluggable.

Hosting Remote

Front-end add on for Aegir to allow the deployment of remote servers.

Initial work is focused on using Ensemble for the deployment framework, but the end goal is to make that pluggable.

About Ensemble

More can be read about Ensemble at http://ensemble.ubuntu.com

Feeds SQL

The Feeds SQL module will allow you to use the Feeds module to import data directly from a database. It can be configured to use a custom SQL query that will fetch the data, then you can use whichever other processor on it to create nodes, users, etc.

Right now it will allow you to use any database that has been configured in the settings.php file, but I'm planning on expanding it to user-entered database connection strings.



Sniffer module is a little utility for developing complicated projects.
Module saves every step of selected users - for each user`s page-load are saved uid, $user, URL, HTTP_REFERER, $_POST, $_COOKIE and browser properties.
It helps to see what users are doing, what happens with them on site, where and how do they face with bugs or problems.
Also module can track anonymous users by their IP-adress to log authentication process.

Multiple Image Upload Integration

Sandbox project to integrate the imagex module into a different upload module.

Commerce Shipping Flat Rate

A simple flat rate shipping plugin, that allow users to define a shipping quote for their Drupal Commerce shop, using a flat rate logic.

This module works by integrating with the Commerce Shipping module, to handle the integration with Drupal Commerce itself.

Note, only works with the Commerce shipping 1.x branch.


Fivestar sandbox

googeltorp's fivestar sandbox

Levineux module test

Test from the server.

Time Spent


This module tracks, by Ajax, how long a registered user took to read a page and the amount of time he spent on the entire site.

You can configure which content type and role should be tracked and view the report, exhibiting the total hours (or minutes/seconds) a user spent reading a page and at the entire site.

This module just track node pages and registered users. Taxonomy or views pages aren't tracked, but can be if the code is edited.
If you need to track anonymous visits, consider using Google Analytics (GA can't track registered users by its privacy terms).


WE Javascript

WE Javascript is a core module and suite of javascript oriented tools for Drupal 6.x. They have been created by the need of improved web interfaces using javascript. Some are used to improve development, others are javascripts interfaces or UIs.

All this features can be tested on http://www.wexample.com

WE Register

WE Register is a ressources register. It allow to index prefixed files and save location in cache to simplify access to it. For example, you can scan all modules to detect files prefixed by "class" like class.myjavascript.js and uses the path or the file into your own application. This example is exactly what we_javascript module do with it.

WE Javascript

WE Javascript is an Drupal / AJAX loader. It offer th ability to dynamically load function by javascript only when called into the page instead of load it at page startup.

In case of cascading calls (my function A call my function B who call my function C), WE Javascript can detect it and agregate all javascripts in one AJAX call (it returns A+B+C).

It optionnaly can compress JS files in the same time using the Dean Edwards JavaScript's Packer. You can also load some other data types like CSS or Images.

WE Javascript example

Test page used on development to check if all WE javascript features are ok.


First Project to learn module and git.

Webform Submission to Node

This module would map webform submissions to a node. It was for Drupal 6 but never was developed far enough to be worth sharing with the community, project went in another direction.


A D7 field type providing CalNet ID lookups.



The lognode module is an attempt to log events occuring on a node.

The types of events logged are:
* create: logs an event when a node is created.
* update: logs an event when a node is updated.
* delete: logs an event when a node is deleted.
* new revision: logs an event when a new revision is created on a node.

How is this different from dblog?

Dblog is a logging system while with lognode, you can see all changes your
content has been through.

How is this different from revisions?

Their goals are different.

With revisions, you'll not know what has changed if the user do not click on
"Create new revision". Then, if I update a node, one will only know that the
node has been modified, but will not know WHAT has been modified. The only way
to know what what was changed is to click on "Create new revision".
But not all users are allowed to do it.

With lognode, each time a node is modified, you know what has changed. But
let's explain what we understand when we say "MODIFIED".

With drupal (dblog) , every time you save a node, the node is marked as
"updated", even if NOTHING has really changed within the node. But with lognode,
the node is saved in logs ONLY when we detect something has changed.

Then, you're able to know the real life of a node. What the node has been


# The Holmes CSS Markup Detective Drupal 6 module

The purpose of this module is to create a Drupal 6 module which exposes a permission 'holmes markup detective'. Assign this permission to a role on your Drupal site to a Role (e.g. "Content Editor", "Designer") and they will be warned of any potential accessibility problems during development and/or production. By the way, it's probably not a good idea to add this to the 'anonymous' role.

Autoloader Early

This module provides a PSR-0 compatible autoloader. It can be also used as a map-based autoloader. This autoloader support different folders for different namespaces, can be used for anything, external libraries but PSR-0 compatible modules code also.

It can be used in pre-bootstrap early code, even before Drupal has been bootstrapped itself (with the help of the settings.php file) or included with your cache, session or lock backends, therefore enabling it on really early bootstrap phases.


Commerce Atos

Commerce Atos payment method module.

Version 1.x :

Should work with the following banks :
- Crédit Agricole (e-transactions)
- Banque Populaire (CyberPlus)
- BNP Paribas (Mercanet)
- La Poste (Scellius)
- LCL (Sherlocks)
- HSBC (Elysnet)
- Société Générale (Sogenactif)
- Crédit du Nord (Webaffaires)

Requirements :

The atos library, you can download it here :

In production mode, the certif file.

Configuration :

Once installed, you must configure the path of the atos binaries in the payment methods settings area (Store => Configuration => Payments methods => Credit Card => Enable payment method Credit Card).
e.g (for the bin path) => full server side path to your bin path
e.g (for the param path) => full server side path to your param path

Path to the logo directory :
a path accessible via your browser, this is the bank logo images directory, e.g => sites/default/files/atos/logo

Notes :

- The bin path must not exceed 77 characters.
- The module is not yet compatible with windows (See #1717258: Windows support)
- Other known issues (See #1736560: Request call error: request executable file not found)

Next steps for a stable release

- Document the module, See #1778074: Add documentation


Commerce Price FlexyFormatter

This is a contributed sub-module of Drupal Commerce that adds more options to format your products price.

This should solve tipical needs like showing price with or without tax, list prices, net prices, etc.. Every price component (base price, tax, fee, discount) can be included or excluded at will.

It's also possible to show up to 2 reference price beside the main one (strikethough list price beside the net price after discounts, or vat exluded amount + vat amount + vat included amount, etc.).


Ubercart Checkout Tabs

This module provides some jQuery to convert the fieldsets in the checkout process of ubercart to a tabbed interface.

Enable this module and the checkout page gets tabbed.

The modules requires following modules:

  • jquery_ui
  • jquery_update
  • uc_cart


The blob

Defines a blob field type. The blob field has no input or display, instead it acts merely as a structural tool. Other modules can add widgets and display handlers for special case blobs.

This module is handy if you are writing something that needs to store blobs related to entities. Input widget and formatter can then be written for your case, or you can manually handle the data.

Depending on the size of the blobs you may want to use field_suppress to alleviate excessive memory usage.


LoginToboggan Installation Feature

Sets up preauthorized role, immediate login with self-chosen password, unified login/reg, and login presented on access denied.

Context Daylight

Context Daylight provides a new condition for the Context module to use. The condition is whether or not the sun light is out for a particular location and timezone. A bit of a goof module but it might be useful.

Embedded Google Docs Viewer


The Embedded Google Docs Viewer module adds a new formatter to the File field using the Field API. This formatter displays PDFs, Microsft Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets directly within a Drupal node.


The Embedded Google Docs Viewer is a custom formatter for the Core "Field" module - therefore the "Field" module must be enabled.


Commerce Exports

Commerce Exports is the location for providing various drupal commerce related tables as exportables where applicable.