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This module simplifies the process of converting single site to multisite.

Multisites is a capability of Drupal to run many web sites out of one installation of Drupal.
With multisite setup, you can have different domains and subdomains and paths mapped to different directories within /sites.
So, for instance, while Drupal multisites can support two different websites like example.com and foo.example.com, it can also support different settings and databases for example.com and foo.example.com.


For Drupal 7 multisite setup following steps are required:

1. Install Drupal 7 the normal way on the first domain (example.com).

2. Make your DNS work for the second site's domain (foo.example.com) to point to same IP.

3. Make your Web server work for the second site's domain to point to same directory.
(for apache this can be adding the second domain as an alias in the current host or making a new virtual host that has the same document root)

4. Make a new directory with name equal to the second site's domain in under the sites directory (drupal7/sites/foo.example.com)

5. Copy default.settings.php to the second site's directory as settings.php (drupal7/sites/foo.example.com/settings.php) and then chmod it to 666

Commerce Socolissimo


Provide a shipping method based on French national postal service "La poste" SoColissimo parcel service.
Note that you need a SoColissimo account to be able to implement this solution.


Replacement of username and password to your smart phone. get in touch

whmcs auth

WHMCS AUTH provides a SSO with a Drupal block, using WHMCS AutoAuth

Send Quote-- from every page

Send Quote Form

This module allows users to post their query/quotation from every page to the administrator. This form is working as a block. Administrator can set it on footer of every page and also use it for one page only like a contact us page. Once users submitted their query/quotation through this form, an email goes to the administrator with the inputted details of users and also this information store into the database.

Modules usages

See how many times non-core modules are used.

Scald Gallery Extras

Scald Gallery Extras provides Taxonomy based bulk Atom Reference insertion for Scald Gallery.

It adds a "Tag" autocomplete textfield, and a "Insert items" button to the atom reference widget, which allows to add all image atoms tagged with the specified tag;

Scald IPTC


Scald IPTC provides IPTC tags importation for Scald Image atoms.

Selected set of IPTC tags can be integrated in Scald Atoms during upload/import, namely :

  • ObjectName tag to title;
  • By-line tag to scald_authors;
  • Keywords tag to scald_tags;
  • Caption-Abstract to a field named field_description, if this field exists;

Fields filled by user are never overwritten : they are filled only if they are empty, or set with (useless) default; IPTC actually acts as default settings.

Chosen (koenpunt fork support)

A fork of the Chosen module that simplifies code and supports the option_adding keonpunt fork of Chosen (https://github.com/koenpunt/chosen).


Scald Image Import


Scald Image Import :
  • IMCE support for Scald Image.
  • Migration path for D6 Image bundle.

IMCE support

Scald Image Import allows to create Scald Image Atoms from image files already uploaded on the server.
Images can be :

  • imported at current location
  • copied to default location
  • moved to default location

It's possible to import all files of specified file directory
Care is (silently) taken about handling of managed/unmanaged files, so some combos may not work (for instance, managed files can not be moved).
Scald Authors and Tags fields can be preset once for the whole import set.
IMCE upload feature can of course be used, with control of available locations by usual IMCE profiles;
Bulk upload via plupload is supported, via IMCE_plupload module; IMCE thumbnails should not be used though, as this is (better) done later in scald contexts, via image styles.
Finally, IPTC tags can be imported on the fly, via Scald IPTC module.

D6 Image migration path


Prizm Cloud is a document viewer that enables you to display hundreds of different kinds of files on your website without worrying about whether your visitors have the software to view them and without installing any additional hardware or software. The document files stay on your server, so you can update, edit and change them anytime. Prizm Cloud supports more than 300 file types, including DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS and CAD.

Commerce order management system

Commerce order management system based on user roles.


Integrates crm_core_contact_ui with crm_core_match to actually check matching engines when creating a new contact.


This module provides a webform component which allows selecting a numbered box from an image of multiple boxes. This module places no limitation on the type or number of items which can be used as the selection. Examples of this module's use are theatre seats, restaurant tables and room selection.

Entityreference Tree

Provides a hierarchical form widget for multi-level entity references.

UUID Panel Node Integration

Drupal 6 module to enable uuid export for nodes in panels. The module replaces the ctools node.inc plugin and allows nid and uuid to be the identificator of nodes in panels. The uuid will be exported, which makes uuid nodes in panels exportable.

Module based on D7 sandbox module: https://drupal.org/sandbox/Hydra/1621954

Term Queue Port to D8

Porting the term_queue module to Drupal 8.

Mail Editor Generator

This module extends Mail Editor module. It provides the ability to
add new e-mail templates without using code and generate token for mail
subject and body for any mail template.
These tokens can be used (for instance) to send email using Rules module.

As Mail Editor, on multi-language sites it supports all available

This module already provides Features integration.

PAAS LazyColor

PAAS LazyColor Project Image


This extension for the Lazyloader project enables you to lazy load images using the average color from the image you're going to display. Instead of presenting the user with a throbber or loading animation, a solid colored rectangle will be shown matching the most dominant color of the image. When the image becomes visible within the viewport of the browser window, the placeholder image will be replaced by the actual image.

Primo Search Block

Screenshot of the search form for the Primo search service

Provides a search block following the recommened implementation by ExLibris in Drupal 7.

Exlibris's instructions

Adding the Search Form to your website

This section will describe the supported parameters to use in the dlSearch request. Adding the JavaScript and HTML code to your website. The following HTML code should be wrapped in a valid HTML file on your website:

At the <head> section of your HTML please add the following JavaScript lines:


Creates a method that lets you programatically (through AJAX) increment a node's count in the node_counter table using memcache and cron execution.
This module is for sites with huge volume of visits which need get access content statistics, and can't update database with every visit by a performance question.

CleverReach API

Implementation of the CleverReach API.

Yet Another Previous Next Module

An example previous next module for Drupal 7. There are several other previous next modules but none of them met my needs. Please note that this module is not sufficiently generalized for of the shelf use.

Workbench Moderation Panelizer

This project is a bridge module between Workbench Moderation 2.x and Panelizer 3.x. It adds the "Change State" select list to Panelizer forms within a node context.