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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Rules Math

A contrib for rules to add a math expression action (as it is known from the views math field).

External tables and fields invoked views with custom module

Step 1) Create module info file " mymodule_views_table.info ".

name = mymodule_views_table
description = Create external table view.
package = Custom Drupal 7 Development
core = 7.x

Step 2) Create module file " mymodule_views_table.module ".

function mymodule_views_table_views_api(){ // Register view API information
$view = array();
$view = array('api'=>3,
return $view;

function mymodule_views_table_views_data(){ //Describes data tables
$table = array();

$table['custom table']['table']['group'] => t('custom table');
$table['custom table']['table']['base'] =>array(
'title'=>t('Courses'), //Courses is Custom external table
'help'=>t('Contains courses, departments, and descriptions'));

$table['custom table']['title']=>array(
'title'=>t('Course name'), //Custom external table field
'help'=>t('Course name'),
'field'=> array(
'handler'=> 'views_handler_field',
'click sortable'=> TRUE,),


This is a temporary repo as none of the patches from http://drupal.org/node/1954912 will apply with drush make. This repo incorporates those additions.

Time zone field populate from Geofield

Populate Time zone field from Geofield and Google Time Zone API.

Module merged with tzfield. This sandbox closed.

ScalD Brightcove

New ScalD provider supporting Brightcove Videos and player.

Features :

  • Import Videos from embed code or video Id.
  • Configure a default player for your videos (under development).
  • Configure Rss import lists (under development).


A simple file browser for Drupal 7.

Requires the wysiwyg module and the OFC library.

custom module add drupal_add_js and drupal_add_css

Step 1) Create module info file "mythemescript.info" .

name = My theme Script
description = Developed by gajendra.
core = 7.x
engine = phptemplate

scripts[] = mythemescript.js
Using a preprocess_page function

To conditionally add js to the theme, you can use a process_page function:

Step 2) Create module file " mythemescript.module ".

Views Result Context

This is a Context plugin which allows you to set a condition when a chosen view returns any results, because sometimes you use the context module, and some of those times you maybe use views, and perhaps some of those times you want to set a context condition when a given view returns a result. This is a module for those times.

Slider Popup

This is a joint Educational project of the Drupalista's group to implement a panel that 'slides' out from the left or right, over the content of a page. In the initial version, the content of the panel is entered through the administrative panel and there is one trigger block that can be positioned in a region. Later versions will support multiple trigger blocks and panels. The Link below describes our initial project. The feature to implement the animated buttons within the panel will be implemented in a separate CKeditor plugin.

HubSpot Blog Integration

Configuration Screen

HubSpot provides advanced targeting marketing and lead nurturing features including workflow campaigns, landing page forms and a CMS for blog and web content. This module uses the HubSpot API to retrieve blog content through the HubSpot API and saves the content in the content type 'HubSpot Blog Content' (hs_int_blog).

The configuration settings include number of most recent postings to retrieve, cron interval timing, user assignment, HubSpot Portal ID, and whether to allow the content to be search be the core search module.

Term Value

Term Value provides a new compound field type allowing entry of term reference and textfield pairs. The use case for this is to use a vocabulary to define types of values that can be provided, leaving it up to the content author to choose what values are provided.


Currently we only have a select list for term reference and textfield for value. This module could potentially support autocomplete term reference and textarea etc but not at the moment.


This is an integration of Westpac's PayWay gateway as a method for the Payment module.

Currently it only handles PayWay Net (Not PayWay API).

UC Simple Bank Transfer

Simple Bank Transfer payment method for Ubercart

Current Version:
- Multiple account from one single settings

- Create capability to support multiple bank account
- Create bank transfer report page
- Create bank transfer confirmation page

Payment Arbitrary

A standalone form for creating arbitrary payments with the payment module.

  • Very useful for a webmaster who needs to log payments against users (sponsorships, taken cash, etc).
  • Also good for donations.

Conditional Avatar

Use case
It is a field formatter based on custom formatters module.
It is useful when you have users with a imagefield empty and you want to display an standard avatar (male or female) according the values of another field (sex field).

Demo meetme sandbox module

This is a demo sandbox module for my test


When an accessibility problem is on a page, the user gets an error message.

This project has moved

This project has moved to the Accessibility module project page.

OpenLayers Zoomswitch

This module enables you to define on which zoom level you should see what layers. This module was initially build to be used with the Google Maps base layer.


Enable the module and configure this on the Behavior tab of your map.

Invoice views

This module enables Views integration for the Invoice project. Some basic fields are integrated, contributions are more than welcome.


dreditor companion for use at http://drupalmentoring.org/

Install user script http://drupalcode.org/project/doheditor.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/doheditor.u...

Important! Please remove and reinstall user script if you have installed it from the sandbox link, otherwise you'll get double buttons


[mailmime] sandbox

Webform Ajax Validation

This module provides simple ajax integration between the clientside_validation module and arbitrary validators
written for the webform_validation module. It does nothing on its own, and is intended only to
simplify the process of validating webform components via ajax.

Clientside Validation provides javascript implementations of many Webform Validation validators, and in general
this is far preferable to validating via ajax. However, there are some cases where validation must
be done on the server side (e.g. those involving web-services with private API keys). This module allows
you to perform those validations via ajax, seamlessly integrating them into an existing clientside
validation user experience.


Page Blinder

Adds a full-screen element to the page during build that hides the entire page until it is loaded, then gracefully fades away.

Skinny TAC

This module is another Taxonomy Access Control (TAC) module. The module works on shared taxonomy fields between the user and nodes. The only bit of configuration is to check a box in the taxonomy reference field settings to say that it should control access via Skinny TAC.

If the user and the node share this field, and they're pointing toward the same taxonomy term, the user is given edit rights on the node via node grants, which work nicely with views, etc.

More information, including a comparison table against TAC and TAC Lite is coming soon..