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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Hidden Author

Anonymizer module

With Post anonymously module you can post anonymously nodes and by having the right permissions. Once you post anonymously other users may not see your ursername because of this awesome module.

My First Test Module

This is my first test module


What is ASCII Art?

ASCII Art is a module to allow for easy insertion of ASCII Art code signing. The art is automatically added to all pages via a custom post-render hook that prepends the art prior to the HEAD tag.

ASCII Art Settings

The settings page is located under the store menu at /admin/config/development/ascii-art

Notice: This project has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

ApacheSolr Grouping

ApacheSolr grouping support module.

Obsolete in favor of ApacheSolr Sort module



Promote module is made for sites, where certain members use the site primarily as normal users but sometimes they have tasks that require additional privileges.

What does it do

Promote creates an 'acquire role X' permission for each role. The block provided by this module contains a form with a list of checkboxes of all the acquirable roles of the current user. The user can now acquire and revoke the roles.


Vegas is a jquery plugin to add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages, you even can create amazing slideshow

This module provides user friendly interface to handle any configurations of jQuery Vegas. By enable this module and add some good images you can get beautiful fullscreen backgrounds on your website.

Taxonomy Mindmap

Shows a taxonomy herarchy using a visual graph which nodes you can navigate.

Based on the script and the demo at http://kenneth.kufluk.com/google/js-mindmap/

Translation overview Revamped

This is a revamped version of Translation Overview (http://drupal.org/project/translation_overview)

Added features for now:

  • "Missing translation" filter: retrieve all items without a translation in language X
  • Translation status filter: retrieve all nodes with an outdated/updated translation flag


small demo module using a IRC-bot to show how dnode.module can be leveraged.

Redactor WYSIWYG bridge

This module create a fake plugin for WYSIWYG to provide drag and drop upload functionality for the Redactor editor.


Result of saving form in CKEditor using CKGeshi plugin

A javascript-plugin for CKEditor, enhancing it to incorporate support for the GeSHi Filter module.

This module provides the included "ckgeshi" javascript-plugin the current settings from GeSHi Filter, so that CKEditor can create code-regions that will be highlighted by GeSHi Filter module. It supports both WYSiWYG mode and Source mode of CKEditor.

Sure you can switch to Plain-Text mode (exit CKEditor) or use your own Input Format without using CKEditor.
However this module enables CKEditor's WYSIWYG and Source modes to interact with GeSHi code-regions properly.

See the attached images for a quick overlook.

Security Graphs

Security Graphs


Have you ever wanted to add autocomplete functionality to a text field, wanted autocomplete but didn't want to write a module to make that happen? Autocomopleteinator utilizes the power of views to allow you to output any content (users, taxonomy, search results etc) as an auto complete for any Drupal generated text field.

tl;dr: Create a field, create a view, turn that field into an autocomplete without having to write any code.

This module requires views_arguments_in_filters until http://drupal.org/node/357082 is in Views 3.


  1. Enable the autocompleteinator module (make sure you install views_arguments_in_filters too)
  2. Enable the autocompeteinator_helper module
  3. Create a feed view display and set it to Autocompleteinator (the RSS one is selected by default)
  4. Add whatever fields you want to the view
  5. Change the settings for the feed and select the fields you wish to be shown
  6. Add in a Global: Null argument (and only this)
  7. Add in a filter for the field(s) you want to search. For the value put in %1 (this is what views_arguments_in_filters actually does)
  8. Save your view and make note of the feed path

Door Prize


This module allows the site administrator to conduct drawings among users with a given role or set of roles. When a user's name is drawn a variety of actions may be performed using triggers.

Mobile Blocks

Light weight mobile context for block visibility - will provide point/click block visibility settings to hide/show blocks in mobile devices. Requires the Browscap module.

NOTE: the module was split into two and they are:

http://drupal.org/project/browscap_block (for normal blocks)
http://drupal.org/project/browscap_ctools (for panel panes)


Small module that does feed aggregation in nodejs.

Multisite Views

This project utilizes the cURL php extension to transfer views results across sites (in multisite environments). It is best if used with views in features, as the remote and local names must be the same. This way, data transferred across is guaranteed to match up by column, as long as the view isn't overriden.

UC Xend

Integration of Xend Web Service API to Ubercart payment method using SOAP.

Favorite nodes to Flag

Module to convert the 6.x Favorite nodes instances to flag.

Simple Donations - Auth.Net

Accept simple donations with a configurable block and auth.net support.

It is as it sounds! Very simply, download this module for easy to use donation acceptance for those organizations that live and thrive on donations and need an easy way to integrate via drupal.

vat number tests

vat number tests for drupal commerce

Display Suite Custom Node Layouts

Screenshot of 'Manage Layout' tab on node


The Display Suite Custom Node Layouts module extends the 'View mode per node' functionality provided by the Display Suite Module (via the included DS Extras submodule), allowing individual nodes to use a customized instance of the view mode layouts available for the content type.

UC Cart Quote

Let customers quote their current cart contents.

Drush Usersets

Provides Drush commands for adding, updating, and deleting users from a CSV or JSON file. This allows you to quickly and easily create users, update their information, block users, and delete users, all by selecting a JSON or CSV data file.