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Page Manager Node Revisions (deprecated)

This is no longer needed as #1820882 was committed to CTools.

Original description:

Commons Message Subscribe

Sandbox for Commons Message Subscribe module.

Hardware Info Blog

Hier befassen wir uns mit Hardware.



The Commentry module allows admins to prominently display selected comments alongside node content.

Comentry was created to address the issue many newspapers, publishers, and bloggers face when dealing with comments, which is that valuable and insightful comments are typically lost in the noise of lower quality comments.

Good quality, pertinent comments can enhance your content by adding additional relevant information, showing opposing viewpoints, and provide additional coverage of a topic.

Highlighted comments are also a great way to reward your community. For example, even with a technical post, there are often comments that contain additional useful information. Highlighting these comments has the benefit of enhancing your content and rewarding high quality contributors.

project_solr D7 port

D7 upgrade sprint. 7.x fork of project_solr.


This is a simple module that takes the search results from an ApacheSolr search and uses them to generate a CSV file. The CSV file and a basic control (on / off checkbox) is displayed in a custom block that must be placed on the search page. When the box is checked, all searches result in a new CSV. The files are saved in the default/files/ folder and are named with an MD5 hash of the ApacheSolr Request string used to generate the search results.

The results saved into the CSV aren't just what you see on the page, they are ALL results for the query. Because of this, some queries that return large numbers of results can kill the server. That's why the checkbox was implemented. To further aid the user, I threw in some simple code that displays the total number of search results next to the search field after a search has been performed. I've also extended the PHP time limit for the function that does all of the work.

I'm hoping that, with the help of others, the above problem can be mitigated more gracefully. I'd also love to see some new features added to this, like permissions control, for example.

Please test, use, and enjoy!



This is the issue for project approval

This is the code link:

Commerce Coupon by Terms

The machine name of this project is commerce_couponterms.

Allows coupons to apply to products tagged with specific taxonomy terms.

This module uses Commerce, Commerce Coupon, Commerce Coupon Percentage, and Rules to do things like, "Create a 15% off coupon that applies to any product tagged with XYZ" (where XYZ is a taxonomy term). It will work with multiple taxonomy terms, and the coupon will work if *any* of the terms match.

Please see README.txt for a detailed project description as well as setup instructions.

Commerce StoneEdge

Commerce Stone Edge provides integration between Monsoon Stone Edge and Drupal Commerce.

Commerce Supplier Stock

This module adds some rules actions to deduct not only simple stock, but also what I'm calling Supplier Stock. Sometimes you may want to be able to sell a product even though you don't have the item in your possession. So, in this case we'd track two stock values (local stock and supplier stock). So, when local stock runs out we would switch over and sell supplier stock, which are items we don't currently have but could dropship to the customer.


Add the BShare widget on your site.

Library Catalog Search

Apache Solr and other search integration for Library Catalog.

Created by Agaric for eLCe 2.0 Library Catalog by Digital Lance.

MC Hammer MailChimp

This module creates a bridge between MC Hammer newsletter composer and MailChimp.

Beanstalk sandbox

This sandbox is outdated. The work made here is now in the 6.x-2.x branch of the original Beanstalk module.

DrupalEasy Slideshow

A full-featured, adaptive slideshow feature for Drupal 7.

Full details at: http://drupaleasy.com/blogs/ultimike/2012/09/anatomy-full-featured-respo...


Content types can be made published or not. If not published, the content is not lost. The opposite is true for terms in a taxonomy.

Once a term is created, it is always published or visible. If you decide to no longer use it, you have no other option than to delete it. It then is also removed as from all content thet previously was tagged with this term.

This module's aim is to provide a similar type of visibility to terms.

Addictive Points plug and play rewards platform.

Addictive Points drives customer loyalty and engagement for businesses.


addictivepoints drives customer loyalty and engagement for businesses by rewarding customers with addictivepoints, which are exchangeable for thousands of products and services on a local, regional and national level, all of which are fulfilled by us.


Devel Menu Router

This project provides a UI interface to view entries the menu_router table. It is intended only as a development module for reference and should not be enabled on production websites.

Organic groups deploy

Deploy the whole content of a group to another site.

Formstack submissions

This module let you to save into drupal database all the submission from your Fromstack forms.

The idea is simple, bring to Drupal ddbb the form submission and them make what you need with the information.

Commerce Multibanco (Ifthen Software)

Provides a payment method using Ifthen Software Multibanco platform.

Easy inline

Allows textfield, textarea and image cck fields to become inline editable very easily.

Content master

Content migration is always a pain with drupal. You can try feeds or migrate module but for me they take far to long. This approach follows the rule that only one database has content added to it (the content master) and all other databases are slaves. Using Amazon s3 we can push and pull database and file changes very quickly and avoid content migration.

If you wish to have content in staging which one data you export just the content to live this isnt the module for you.

Taxonomy services

Taxonomy services for Services 2.x

APC Flush

APC flushing example with Drush

This module is intended to be used as an APC opcode cache flush automator for high performance Drupal-setups.

If you have setup PHP with apc.stat=0 in production and you deploy code updates (with version control or CI or whatever) you need to either restart your webserver or restart php-fpm to flush the opcode cache. You could also execute apc_clear_cache() with a script.

This task becomes more complicated when you have multiple webfronts. All servers need to flush in sync - or they will execute different code, which will mess up everything. Also, doing webserver restarts theorically might abrupt current http requests, while apc_clear_cache() doesn't.

How to use

This module integrates with standard Drupal cache clear and drush. To flush caches (for one or more servers) with drush, you can run:
drush cc all or drush cc apc

When to use

This module is useless for you, unless you have configured your production PHP server(s) with apc.stat=0!

Code deployments to production should usually/always end up with a global cache clear, and the cache clear integration makes things work mostly out of the box. There are some special cases such as when the site is in maintenance mode, but those challenges can be circumvented.

Why to use