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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce iVeri

Drupal Commerce payments for http://iveri.co.za/ (South Africa - NedBank)

Unslider views slideshow

Unslide views slideshow uintegration

Registration URL Actions

Registration URL Actions provides Tokens for the Registration entity. The tokens are replaced by tokenized URLs , that bypasses the normal access control to do actions (edit/delete/state change) on the Registration.

The tokens can be used in the emails that Registration sends out. All URLs have a unique hash, that acts like a 'password' for the selected action.

Field translation widget

Field translation widget

This module provides a widget which displays the source text near the field to help the translations.

It is strong related to the entity override module (http://drupal.org/project/entity_override).

Sponsored by Publicis Modem. First version was developed by Commerce Guys. Development continued by Pitech+plus.


This module allows site builders to easily define new field Formatters without having to write code. Each Formatter is a set of simple configurable components which will be called one by one to generate the output.

It is highly inspired by the core Image module.


The current development version is not functionnal at all. This module is a work in progress and we will release an alpha version as soon as the main part of the work will be done.



  1. Install and enable as usual.
  2. Go to admin/structure/formatters.
  3. Create a new Formatter, fill its name and choose on which field types it will apply.
  4. Add one or many components to your Formatter and define their default settings.
  5. Go to your entity display settings and select the new Formatter you want to apply on your field. You can override components' settings that have been specified previously.
  6. Enjoy \o/


Chess Annotation

Chess Annotation is a chess module that creates a custom content type for displaying annotated chess games. It uses Chesstempo.com 's JavaScript library to parse the PGN. This software is under Creative Commons License. A user manual is attached to the to module. More Information and Download Page.


Provides an user interface to create a module and its associated files for developers.

This is not the same as Module Builder which focus on drush and which user interface doesn't generate the files, whereas this module focus on the user interface and does generate the files without drush.

I also have plans for further modules to connect with this one.

uc recurring quantity

Restricts recurring item quantities to 1.

name (webflo)

Name Field Module for Drupal 8

Geo location debug

This is a module that takes two post fields of json text strings, one of the strings a yahoo location api json result and the other the html5 geolocation data from the client.

The data is then logged in a table and exposed as an entity for use in views.

At the moment there are assumptions about the address data. that will probably not be true for your usage.

At some point there will be an configuration option for mapping the location json text string.

In your javascript:

Accessibility TestSwarm Exporter

An export tool for the accessibility testswarm module.

Joke of the day

This modules aims to give a site's visitor a friendly welcome to the site, with a joke to laugh at.


The xAPI (eXperience API) module allows a Drupal site to generate and record statements of experience which will be pushed to a xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS).

CafePress API


CafePress API wrapper module. Implements no integrations between Drupal and CafePress on its own. You only need it to develop custom integration for your website or as a dependency for other module.

Facebook Event Sync

This module is no longer supported, Facebook Sync should be used instead.


Commerce French Donate

Donation module with formula to calculate defiscalisation amount under ceilling.
Configure your own ceilling and your own formula.
Add a form with your own options of donation, for monhtly or unique donation.
Free amount field available.

Add a commerce line type and a pane.

Location Custom Display

Choose which location fields are displayed for each view mode

Transclusion (Remote content)

A way of managing "Remote content" and displaying it in your Drupal site.

Do not use yet, nothing works - I'm getting to grips with Entity API for this

We've often created "Remote teasers" on our sites, where the content managers want to present external content in a similar way to their normal pages, for instance when a large company provides subsites or remote services on external URLs. Currently we patch this together with link and cck redirect.

Extending this, I also want to be able to pull back content from remote sites, as quotations, excerpts, references or sometimes full pages. But although we have a local copy, the *content* is sourced from elsewhere. And I want to *maintain* that link, not just copy & paste. And, potentially, refresh periodically.

Some initiatives in this area also include :

oEmbed (seen in the tweet embed feature around the web)

Google Gadgets (those those embeds are usually primarily functional)

opengraph_filter.module that can turn offsite links into inline summaries.

ftp connect

A drupal 7 module for connecting mulitple remote locations simultaneously from drupal back end by providing the remote location ,username,password

Default site template

This feature provides ab default site template used with panels_everywhere and zen. I provides a setup of mini panels with the most basic site components in them.


Add CPM Healthgrades ICRM integration


Provides a consistent interface for dealing with subtitles. Instead of having to override the way a field looks with a tpl, configuring Display Suite per field, etc. a simple theme function can be called or a field formatter can be used.


This module can be used one of two ways:

The simplest is to call theme('subheading', array('subheading' => 'This is my text')); directly. Any missing options will have sensible defaults added.

Rules Book

Provides Rules actions and conditions associated with Book nodes.

Jump Tabs

When enabled this module turns tabs into a 'jump menu'


More info will be added after initial push.