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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Simple Legal

Adds a simple summary box to the legal module.



The original intention of this module is to quickly browse the node structure of a website. So I choose to display the node in the taxonomy structure.


Accordion module used a lot Render element with Ajax effect, so that all the content will be loaded dynamically.
Will add cache in the future version.

ST jPlayer

The ST jPlayer provides a popup player based on jPlayer JavaScript library.

Open Digital Badging

This module has been specifically designed to provide Mozilla OBI compliant badge empowered learning system. The aim of this badging system is to provide a visual demonstration of achievement to enhance accomplishment in eyes of the student as well as college admission officers.

Intel along-with, one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in the U.S., Society for Science & The Public (SSP), were seeking for a Digital Badge System. The aim of this badge system was to enable and reward independent research and encourage participation in science fairs for middle school and high school student researchers, teachers, mentors, judges, volunteers, and the community at-large.

“OpenBadges” uses Achievement module and has its own entity UI to handle achievements as an entity. It has 3 entity types:

Badges – This entity type provides an interface to create badges. Adding fields gives it a flexible data model.

Issuer – This entity type provides UI interface for admins to define issuer information.

User Group – This entity type provides UI interface for users to manage their badges in the backpack.

“OpenBadges” provides all the features of a Badging system. It allows badge management at creator/issuer level as well as badge management at earner/receiver level.


Cookie Law Server side popup

The European Cookie Law in the Netherlands requires the users to opt-in for websites that are setting tracking cookies.
This is sometimes tricky or even impossible to accomplish using javascript. Therefore this module uses server side script to accomplish the same thing.

Imagine the case when the user has javascript disabled and you have a Facebook iframe on your website which wants to set 3rd party cookies. Or maybe you just want to be absolutely sure that your website will comply with the law and will not set any cookies if the visitor enters it and agrees to your terms.

According to the EU Law (opt-in version) you must ask permission before this can be done.

This module is able to generate a pop-up (which is based on a theme template) with the question to accept the cookies. After the acceptance you are redirected back to the homepage.

The OPTA authority in the Netherlands also require that you keep track of all users that have accepted the agreement. This modules does create this log.

The code in the GIT repository is for Drupal 6. To be in compliance of the cookie law dictated by OPTA (with Drupal 6) you must also install No Anonymous Sessions module.

Authnet CIM

This is a Drupal Commerce Authorize.net CIM payment gateway, while using drupal Commerce Authorize.net payment gateway. We havn't found a good solution for Authorize.net CIM, Hence decided to create own module. Currently this module is fullfilling our project requirements and we trying to make it fully compatible and contribute to drupal modules. If found any issue or any suggestion you can directly contact us at solutions at rhaasoft dot com

Field server

Field server

With this module, you can easily attach to any content type the parameters of a server.
After that, you can work in your content with this parameters (retrieve data, files, etc.)

Gestion de Socios

Las funcionalidades básicas del módulo a desarrollar serán las siguientes:

Creación de socios o clientes dentro del sistema

Dentro de esta funcionalidad estará la toma de datos básicos o complejos, en función de la necesidad de cada cliente, pudiendo incluir elementos como foto personal, detalles bancarios, modalidad de socio, etc.

Creación de modalidades de socios

Simplenews Views

Allows you to prepopulate a simplenews newsletter with data from a view.


http://drupal.org/project/simplenews_content_selection might be a suitable alternative to this.


  • you have a view which shows all nodes published after a given date
  • You go to create a new simplenews newsletter
  • The system allows you to prepopulate the newsletter with the contents of the view, using as a "date" argument the last time a newsletter was sent.

Flickr Galleria

A Drupal 7 module that adds a custom field with a field formatter to allow the display of Flickr photo sets in a Galleria plugin. Also adds a field formatter to display the primary photo from the photo set.
Only local images are allowed.


This was merged directly into the Mixpanel module per #1874942: Include the mixpanel_rules module?.

Civil Rights CAPTCHA

Civil Rights CAPTCHA example

The Civil Rights CAPTCHA module uses the Civil Rights CAPTCHA free anti-spam CAPTCHA service. The Civil Rights CAPTCHA provides a fact about a human rights issue or event and requires the user to select a word that matches how they feel. The CAPTCHA is passed if the answer showing empathy is selected.

Hidden Summary

A new widget for the body field that does not expose the 'Edit summary' link.

My content editors keept clicking that link thinking "what does this do?" On most content types, I want the automatic summary splitter to work it's magic anyway. Unfortunately, every content type has a body field already, and 'Long text with summary' fields in Drupal 7 don't let me change the widget to get rid of the link to 'edit summary'. (edit: but I think it may be a checkbox on the settings form?)

I wanted a widget instead, so, I wrote this.

Enjoy :)




This project defines an input filter that uses special tags to insert the contents of an external web page into text. You may use [transclude:url base] tags in the body of a node or anywhere that Drupal\'s filter system runs to display the contents of an external web page at url. The base specifies a base path that should be used to convert relative URLs in image tags to absolute URLs.

Custom Login Block

Custom Login Block

Implements a custom Login block for Drupal 7 without any restrictions. See #893868: Login block not shown on user/register

Download latest snapshot here


Google Analytics support
Support for Custom Content Types
Support for CMS-like Drupal installations
Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
Generates META tags dynamically
You can set any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
Google site verification support

Netcore SMS Gateway

The Project aims at integrating Netcore as a SMS Gateway for SMS Framework.

Netcore provides SMS Services in India and hence the coverage is specific to India Only, but can be extended if needed.

Current Status:

*The Module have been tested with sms_user, sms_bulk, SMS List

SMS Framework


Parsing XML and HTML


Options None

Allow field instances with option widgets to override the options_none value.

Integrates with i18n.

How to use
A new textfield "Empty option value" will appear on the field instance setting form. Enter the new value or leave blank to use the default Drupal values.

Translating with i18n
Follow the procedure to translate other field settings on the Translate tab when editing a field instance.

Real Estate Manager

A module that converts your website into fully-featured Real Estate Portal.

Restaurant Reservation Calculator

This calculator allows your visitors to prepare estimation of reservation for your restaurant/cafe.

Sendblaster newsletter subscriptions for Drupal

This module provides subscribe block for Sendblaster e-mail sender.

Taxonomy Tree Block

Taxonomy Tree Block

Taxonomy Tree Block is a module that generates blocks of formatted taxonomy menu blocks (in a tree format) on a vocabulary basis. A block can be created for each taxonomy on the site if the user wishes.

AgileZen API

Provides an internal Drupal 6 API for the Agile Zen project management tool (http://agilezen.com), using the REST API Query API (http://drupal.org/project/rest_api_query) as the basis for integration. This is currently experimental code for demo purposes only.