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Implementazione di una anagrafe delle controparti integrata nel backoffice

Article Image Widget

A module that implements a popup display to select images for articles nodes.

Anagrafe Controparte

Attribuzione automatica della richiesta all'associazione.

Autocompilazione Schede Rilevazione

Modulo per l'autocompilazione dei campi relativi all'utente durantel la creazione delle schede di rilevazione.


Implementazione messaggistiaca stile google groups



Contact Submissions

A module that able users to send a contact submission and display all submissions for each status.

Contextual Search Packed

Ricerche contestuali all'inserimento delle schede problema

Dashboard Comments

Dashboard Comments

Dashboard Richieste e Risposte

Dashboard Richieste e Risposte

Dashboard Views SITCR

A module that contains new statistics and info views for Dashboard.

Direct Registration Role

This module allows administrators to choose selected roles for direct registration and allows specific fields to be shown on different kinds of registration form.

Functionality is near completion.

Automatically assign role for the newly created user based on the registration form used for registering and block the new user. This functionality will be complete in a few days as I am working on a project which desperately needs this.

Dashboard Views Alert

A module that implements views block for alerts.



Richiesta Access

Gestione permessi accesso schede richiesta.

Integrazione social network

Integrazione social network

Search Response Page

Search Response Page

Segnalazione Online

Implementazioni di un flusso automatico di assegnazioni alle Associazioni, qualificazione e risposta per le richieste degli uten

Segnalazione Online Rules

Importa le Rule per la SegnalazioneOnline

Segnalazione Online Workflow

Importa i workflow per la SegnalazioneOnline

Commerce CM CIC Cybermut

Integration with the Crédit Mutuel - CIC payment gateway.

Views Group Limit

This sandbox has been based on Views Limit Grouping , however this requires its own view style.

This module allows you to apply a grouping limit to the default view styles which views provides. (currently only working with HTML list but I am working towards making this apply to any style). This works by using views_plugin_display_extender

Please note that in order for this to take effect, you must set your row limit on the actual view to Unlimited.

Panels Add Styles

This module contains panels style plugins, and its purpose is to provide a place to add reusable panels styles.
This enables site a web editor using Panels In-place Editor to choose a from a selection of style option. As a lot of blocks are configured in a similar way you can keep those configuration settings in one place and just change the style on a theme by theme basis.

Scald Spark

Sandbox project trying to put together Scald and Spark.

This is now longer needed, all the pieces went into their respective projects, which means that as long as you install both Scald and Spark, and follow their installation instructions, everything should just work.