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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Multiship

Allows multiple recipients for shipping

Merci/Ubercart Integration

Incomplete payment screenshot

This project is running on an actively used intranet site as of October 2013. I don't plan to update this page much, but if you'd like to use this module send me a message and I'd be more than happy to answer questions & help you make it work. It will need a bit of work, in the interests of full disclosure.

This module will integrate MERCI and Ubercart as flexibly as possible.

This is already accomplished by AGReservations but this module aims to be simpler and more flexible by accomplishing less. Essentially, this adds a "Payment status" field to your MERCI reservations and exposes an Add to Cart button to users looking at the MERCI reservation page.

Morris Omniture

Integration with Omniture site catalyst. This module goes way beyond what the omniture integration provides. It provides a means of mapping different plugins to dynamic Omniture properties though a powerful AJAX based interface. Not to mention allows different variable settings to be overridden based on a path or term condition due to full integration with the context module.


Coming soon, subsonic.org integration app!

wallcovering calculator

This is a custom calculator module created for a wallpaper store. It has a class for creating calculator objects and passing them the node (product) object and using product dimensions to recommend a quantity to order. I hope to abstract this module into a contextual calculator. With an admin form to choose which product fields to use to calculate individual product dimensions and subclasses for different calculations. For now the calculator.class can be useful with only minor tweaking in your custom module and the block and form code should be pretty versatile too.

WebEx Aggregate

WebEx API aggregate

College Board / Inspiring Minds


ReferenceIt Design Sketch

Reference entities, files and extend with whatever you need for your project.

Reference content easier than before

With a better autocomplete and some better UX this module helps users find and link content together. But also opens for the possibility to inline editing and creation. But not like the Inline entity form, instead by using a ctools dialog.

In short this module tries to combine with great design and interaction design:

  • Reference Dialog
  • LinkIt

See sketches for inspiration!

Will work with:


The sandwich module provides an extendible way to inject arbitrary markup into the content of text fields. It can be used to inject banner ads into long texts or to place floating figures. Beside content injection the sandwich module is also capable removing or replacing parts of rendered markup.

CTools URL variable access rule


Provides CTools access rules based on URL variable existence or if it has an specific value.

For example,


This module is currently in development. There is no release yet.



Development is sponsored by Web Partners.

Views Collapsible Group

Adds an additional collapsible functionality to the views group by option.

Image Node

Create nodes from images


This is a sandbox feature for the Abatoii project in the Sanitation Hackathon Uganda



The module "Raa-FM" creates a block with the radio on the site.
Based on a script raa , project Аэотика.
developed by the project Service Triolan Kharkov
Install the radio section block.

radiofm v.1.0 (14.12.2012)
* Added ability to add stations from the admin panel.

Views Filter Comment Depth

Provides a views filter on comment depth.

With this filter, a view may be created of just top level comments, for instance. Useful in a freemium model, allowing free access to comments and limited access to replies.

Funny Pics

This is about funny animals

XAPI Openstreetmap API

Pulls data from Openstreetmap. Developed for the Kampala sanitation hackathon. Currently contains hardcoded stuff (but works)

Activation Code

Activation code provides an entity type that is fieldable called activation_code. This gives you an entity with the following fields:

  • acid - Activation code ID - this is the primary key for the site it's implemented on
  • code - A Universal Unique ID that is the code to unlock access
  • created - date / timestamp of when its created
  • used - date / timestamp of when its used
  • name - user name of who used the code
  • granted - Can store a UUID (36 chars) or any other value for what access was granted to

This module is implemented in the Course information system distribution. It is built for use as a registry for other sites to provide the access granting. CIS uses Activation code along with the RestWS module in order to allow for access of a certain role to be granted to users of a certain role. The MOOC distribution implements activation code (optionally) to allow for locking user access after a certain date (listed in CIS).

Spaces OG Login / Logout

This module compliments more popular and better known Login Toboggan and Login/Logout Destinations. It performs similar functions, but is specifically targeted at sites, running Spaces and Organic Groups.

The typical use of Spaces and Organic Groups is to segregate sections of the site and associate users with these sections. It is not unusual to use Spaces and Organic Groups to create an appearance of multiple, independently running sites on top of single Drupal deployment. In doing so, site owners often encounter a problem, related to user's login/logout experience: the standard Drupal implementation takes users to user's profile page upon login and takes to the home page of the overall site upon logout. This module provides a feature, which, if enabled within given space and organic group, alters the flow as follows:

a. The user visited a page within the organic group and he/she is not logged in, while the page requires login. After successful login the user is taken to the home page for the space/group.

b. The user is logged in and clicks the logout link on a page within the organic group - after the logout she or he will be taken to the home page for that organic group.

Purl Domain or Path

Purl Domain or Path is a smart Purl plugin that attempts matching both, domain and path, which allows to mix the two types of modifiers in given Drupal installation.


Feedback Form from Kampyle

Sandbox Git Practice

This is a experimental project for Git access


This is a rewrite of the drupal core function theme_image.
It adds a cache busting query string to the path of each image based on filemtime.

Many user access

Many user access

Developer controls

Provides a set of helpers for developer.

Main features

  • Main feature is that it provides a dashboard for developers, allowing to flush a set of caches very quickly (form, locale, theme, autoload, file registry, views, etc..) one by one or grouped.
  • Another quite interesting feature is that all the developer's function access respond to a encrypted (secure? If not, please tell me!) cookie that only people with a specific permission can acquire: this means that you can browse your site with any user account without it being altered and still be able to access developer functions.
  • It provides a themable menu bar (displayed at the bottom of the screen per default) which allows a quick access to most functions of the module.
    This bar will show up with no buttons for everyone as soon as the module is enabled (this is meant for development environments) containing only the environment name (machine name per default or manually set if desired).
    Most of the functions are quickly reachable in this bar as soon as you have the developper access (the magic cookie) independently on the user logged in.
  • The bar embeds a quick user masquerading feature, which allows you to come and go from to any user account quickly, allowing you to retrieve your original identity from the magic cookie.

Embed Countdown

Provides script to export embed to content displaying jQuery countdowns.