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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Salesforce Outbound Messaging

This module creates an endpoint for the Salesforce Outbound Messages. It will run the hook_salesforce_outbound_messaging_notification(string $type, array $output) and send the object type and content.

Its configuration allows for IP whitelisting of Salesforce addresses, a debug mode, and an freely editable endpoint.

Views AZ Filter

This module provides a block per view that has glossary enabled. The block contains an A till Z list with the link set the the URL of the view.

There is also code to support a selection of all the numbers. As an example, the URL /node-list/0-9 will select all the nodes where the title starts with a number. To make this work, the option to supply multiple values have to enabled.


A module to help make using 'mentions' easier for end-users - adds auto-complete suggestions while typing.

PS. In case this happens to affect anything, please note that in my drupal site, I altered the values in mentions_defaults(), using:

array('input' => array('prefix' => '@', 'suffix' => ''));


Navobile is a jquery plugin for making responsive, touch enabled mobile menus easily. More info will follow with the release.


This module is an UberCart payment gateway which allows customers to pay by invoice. No payment information is captured at the time of checkout. The module is intended for companies which would like customers to pay with terms such as Net 30. It is often the case that orders would be processed offline after 30 days. This is helpful when your customers are large organizations or institutions which typically don't make on-line or on the spot credit card purchases. Users can manually mark orders as paid and indicate how it was paid. (cheque, EFT, cash, etc)

Google Analytics Aggregator

Allows you to aggregate information from google analytics for several sites in one place. This module will most likely be somewhat constrained in terms of which analytics it caches (general metrics, monthly, yearly).

The immediate goal is to have something reusable that can power a public comparison of high level analytics data from a large number of university, college, and department websites. This way we can more easily benchmark ourselves against each other and track performance.

Helping Text for Quiz Module

This module is helping text for Quiz module.

COD Extras

A package of Features relating to the Conference Organizing (COD) distro that provides commonly needed extra functionality not packaged in the distro.

doh.org emergency sandbox

descript this.

Taxonomy hierarchy utility

This module has a generic name, but it provides one utility function for website administrators: it can undo the 'multiple hierarchy' structure of a vocabulary, by cloning all terms with multiple parents, into multiple terms, each having one parent.

As an example:

Say you have a vocabulary consisting of cars;

  • Chevy
    • grey
    • red
  • Ford
    • black
    • brown

...and a content editor on your site wants to add 'white' to both car brands... and decides to be quick by adding one term called "white", with two parents.

This has the following effects:

  • You lose the ability to rearrange terms using drag and drop on the 'list terms' page;
  • The several 'white's you see in the list cannot have different properties - since they are actually the same term.

Also, if the vocabulary has a lot of terms with equal names, there is no good way to see which exact term has multiple parents.

This module gives you a simple admin screen showing whihc terms have multple parents, and an option to split the one 'white' term that appears in two places, into two separate 'white' terms.

Module status

Another Book Block

Another book block

Search API Domain Access filter


This module adds an extra field "Domain Access Information" to the Search API index "Fields" tab.
When checked, the returned search results will be filtered based on the Domain Access settings.
I.e. a node that is published to a certain domain, will not show up in the search results of other domains.


Also check out this sandbox for similar functionality: https://drupal.org/sandbox/raf/2244229

Vnexpress News


Text Token Formatters

Provides additional token-izable field formatters for text fields. This allows you to easily and fully customize how fields are output.

Supported text field types only. Take a look on Token Formatters for other types.




Drupal 7 driver for ODBC databases, with the primary use target being the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver 1.0 for Linux, as an alternative to the DBLIB module.

WARNING: This module is currently BROKEN, as prepared statements aren't working. This appears to be an issue with PHP's PDO_ODBC module, but it could be a problem further down the chain.

clean cache

Lets cron clean all cache tables.

Context Menu

This module extends the context module by providing a conditions plugin that activates the menu if the node has a menu_links entry in a chosen menu.

External Authentication Service

The authentication_service module provides a framework for integrating remote authentication services into Drupal. When a user attempts to log in they are authenticated against the remote service; if they do not yet have a local user account one is created for them.

OpenAM and Drupal plugins are included, but it is extensible to other authentication mechanisms (OpenId, Oauth, etc.)

This module was developed by Capgemini UK, and is a work in progress.


Configuration settings are available at Configuration >> System >> Authentication service.

Here you can activate the plugins you want to use. If more than one plugin is active, the system will fall through them until it finds a successful login.

Each plugin has a separate tab with plugin-specific settings.

Cache expiry is the maximum length of time attributes pulled from the server are cached. (Only the user's email address is currently used by this module, but all available attributes are cached.)


OpenAM plugin settings are available at Configuration >> System >> Authentication service >> OpenAM.

Base URI

Enter the base URI for connecting to the OpenAM server. (The trailing slash is REQUIRED.)

Communication with the server is done via JSON.

Ignore SSL certificate errors

Do not enable this unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Related Node

Related node configuration screenshot

This Drupal module attempts to provide context for content items by displaying a block with links to other similar content. Related items are based on the taxonomy terms assigned to content.

This is module will generate a block accessible to all or select use set by the administrator . This will show the list of related link of other node that are look similar by their taxonomy term and show the hyperlink of resultant nodes.

Zurb Foundation Styleguide

Styleguide that contains all the zurb foundation elements.

This creates a block similar to styleguide.

Module created by Freelance drupal developer, Chris Lee.

Media: Wistia for Drupal 7

Sandbox project for a Drupal 7 version of the Media: Wistia.

This is actually based on the Media: Youtube module.

It currently works by using the Wistia API to get the videos and also includes a browser in the module to browse your videos from the media popup.

Time of Day

A very simple field for storing and displaying the time of day, i.e. 5:30 AM. The time is stored as ISO time so it will sort correctly and because it's a datetime value it can be displayed using date format strings for a personalized display.