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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Support OnePay payment gateway in VN for ubercart


Ubercart Yandex.Money

Yandex.Money payment method for Ubercart 3.1 Drupal7

Browscap UABlock

browscap_uablock configuration page

This module allows for hiding blocks for certain browsers or operating systems. With this module you can easily hide blocks for the browser "Internet Explorer 6" or the operating system "Windows XP" or any version of "iOS".

Browscap_uablock utilizes the the module browscap to retrieve the browser and operating system from the user agent string. Any browser or operating system recognized by Browscap can be used for filtering.


This is an experiment for exploring possibilities to integrate the third party PHP Code Coverage library into Drupal Simpletest. The goal is to provide a module capable of generating test coverage reports without having to patch core.


Install PHP Code Coverage using PEAR:

pear config-set auto_discover 1
pear install pear.phpunit.de/PHP_CodeCoverage

Enable simpletest and cover_simpletest modules.

Disable defaults


The module provides a way to disable some hooks for specific modules via the
settings.php. So defaults of views or panels can be removed and can be exported
to a feature with the same machine name.

The module can also be used to disable other hooks, like form_alter.

A general rule for using this module: Only use it if you are aware of the

Stalker 7

A new 7.x-1.0 release for Stalker module.


Provides a way to display modal windows containing call to actions buttons/links.
The logic is similar to the one implemented by drupal_set_message() and drupal_get_messages(): invoke modal_cta_set_message()to 'trigger' the visualisation of a call to action message within a modal window, which will be dinamically 'injected' in the page render array.

Open Badge


Based on features, this module implements the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI).


Add a wiki like header above content. Info like author, creation date, contributors and a call to edit.
Just print wikiheader_get_header($node) in your theme.

Accessibility TestSwarm

Note on this module

This module has become part of the Accessibility project, further development will be done there.

Youtube dl

youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.3+), and it is not platform specific. It should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.

see the documentation on http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/documentation.html

MockJax for Drupal

Mockjax is a very useful JQuery plugin for mocking Restful API responses. Mockjax with Drupal will add a manageable sample responses.

Page-template Picker

Enables per node overriding of page.tpl.php from select list on node creation/edit -form. Templates are scanned from default theme's folder by matching page--content-type--tp*.tpl.php pattern.

Fork from Template Picker which enabled only node.tpl.php. Combination of both gives tremendous flexibility.

Entityreference External

Relate entities through Entityreference fields based on external IDs stored in another field.

Think of content imported from an external source where pieces can be related to each other. When importing to Drupal we can store the ID the piece of content has on the external platform, and also the external IDs of the related items. With this module it is possible to automatically create and maintain entityreferences based on this external data.

The module is currently in development phase and used for data synchronization with Salesforce.

Commerce Interkassa

This module integrates Interkassa payment gateway into Drupal Commerce.


Install as usual.

Currency Conversion

Currency change without using any Drupal commerce module

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
** Implementation of hook_permission().
function currencycode_permission() {
// Restrict access to either of your new URLs.
return array(
'access currencycode' => array(
'title' => t('access currencycode'),
'description' => t('Allow users to access currencycode'),

** hook_block_info()
function currencycode_block_info() {
$blocks['executive_sidebar'] = array(
'info' => t('curr del'),

return $blocks;

** hook_block_view()
function currencycode_block_view($delta) {
$blocks = array();
//delta is your block name. then just set it equal to your return functions.
switch ($delta) {
case 'executive_sidebar':
$blocks['subject'] = '';
$blocks['content'] = drupal_get_form('currency_form');
return $blocks;

function currency($from_Currency,$to_Currency,$amount) {
$amount = urlencode($amount);
$from_Currency = urlencode($from_Currency);
$to_Currency = urlencode($to_Currency);
$url = "http://www.google.com/ig/calculator?hl=en&q=$amount$from_Currency=?$to_Currency";
$ch = curl_init();
$timeout = 0;

Views columns

Pictures of Porsche 911's shown in three columns.

This module adds a new display mode to views. It renders views results in a configurable number of columns.

The items can be a ordered horizontally or vertically.

------        ------
| 1 | 2 |     | 1 | 3 |
------        ------
| 3 | 4 |     | 2 | 4 |
------       ------

RoundVoting (deprecated)

Allows for a voting on nodes to control voting on a node within a specific date range, and with an optional number of votes per user.

Credits / Contact

Currently maintained by Damien McKenna.

All development sponsored by Sandusky Phoenix.

The best way to contact the author is to submit an issue, be it a support request, a feature request or a bug report, in the project issue queue.


This modules integrates the commercial ImagePaste CKEditor plugin. This allows you to paste images directly into a CKEditor field and attach those images to the node. This module does not contain the code for ImagePaste although you can purchase it here.

Note: I did not write ImagePaste, I am simply providing a module for Drupal integration.

Performance And Scalability Helper

This is a site builder tool for performance tweaks and alerts. This module will guide you and make suggestions about performance enhancements that will make your site scale better.

This module is in the prototype phase, but it already has some simple views + panels support.

I'd love to hear some feedback about the usefulness of a module like this, and I'm also open to discuss what this module should and should not do.



Geofield GEOS

Decided to drop this module because my client didn't need something this nuanced, so I stuck to building something custom. Sorry!

Mixed Language View Block

This module creates a block that allows admins to select a view and will try to match each result node with a translation equal to the current users language. If no translation is found the default language will be displayed.

Deciphered's Provision sandbox

Deciphered's Provision sandbox

Context condition node : taxonomy with depth

A context condition to support hierarchy matching when looking for tagged nodes

A minor form of contexts node-taxonomy support.

I had a large tree hierarchy of terms, and needed to set the condition "if this term or any under it applied to the current node then ..." (add a special footer block)