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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Ubercart Services 3

Fork of http://drupal.org/project/uc_services, for Services 3.x support and more standard naming conventions for CRUD operations and actions.

Commerce Discrete Quantity Discount

Commerce Discrete Quantity Discount quantity select widget on product view

This module is a Drupal Commerce extension that enables discrete quantity discount for commerce products.

It enables discrete quantity select widget on the display views of the products it's enabled on. It also replaces the quantity textfield input on the shopping cart with a discrete quantity select input thereby restricting quantiy choices only to those defined for that product.

Site Navigation Module

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<param name="movie" value="http://www.netkismet.com/flash/vertical_menu.swf" />


Invoke is a drupal module intended to give end-users the ability to create petitions, view the status of other active petitions, and define the recipients of those petitions.

The goals of Invoke are to engage people in social activism via the internet, promote social justice and political movement issues, and provide a handy UI and API that can integrate with other movement-oriented CRM/ARM (Constituent/Association Relationship Management) drupal modules such as Redhen and CiviCRM.

Media Vbox7

media vbox7 screenshot

Media: Vbox7

Creates a Vbox7.com PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various
formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.

Big Medium Migrate

Module to migrate sites built on Big Medium CMS to Drupal.


Testing Drupal modules



About Onki (the ontology service is now called Finto)

The FINTO service (previously ONKI) contains Finnish and international ontologies, vocabularies and thesauri needed to publishing your content with support for linked data. Ontologies are conceptual models identifying the concepts of a domain. They contain machine "understandable" descriptions of the relations between the concepts.

In-Place Editing

Project disambiguation page.

You're probably looking for either:

  • Panels IPE (In-Place Editor): allows the user to change the content of a Panel. It comes as part of the Panels module.
  • Spark's In-Place Editing for content (fields & entities). See the Edit module.

Commerce External Links

This module can be used to display a custom message to customers leaving the site with items in their shopping cart/basket. It integrates with Drupal Commerce and External Links.


It won't work without this patch from this issue applied to External Links.

CT - Plan d'action v0.2

le type de contenue plan d'action pour la version 0.2 de l'outil

Webform Simple Quiz

A Webform extension that enables the abillity to post quizes with a admin score board.

CT - Action privée v0.2

type de contenu Action privée pour l'outil

CT - tâche privée v0.2

champ cck du CT basic case pour l'outil

Commerce ajax cart edit

Provides a views handler that produces a product and line item edit form for an item in the cart.

NOTE: at the moment this module depends on patch in http://drupal.org/node/1211278#comment-6007340.

Prerequisite: apply patch listed above to latest commerce dev.

Jobvite Careers

The Jobvite Careers module is a simple module to integrate the Jobvite ATS system with Drupal. This allows Developers to fully customize the way career listing and positions are displayed in their websites, making it easier for companies to recruit.

The module grabs the XML file provided by Jobvite to generate a careers page with a categorized careers listing, which links to an individual Drupal page for each position.

SES Contact Form

This project is a from of Mail Headers, which does not work with Amazon SES.

It does one simple thing, which is to set all emails to have the site's from address.

Any other "From" address is changes to a "Reply-to"

That's it.


This module has moved to drupal.org/project/xu.

If you would like to claim this namespace, please message the maintainer.

Developer Custom Search


I am here to share about Drupal's Search Module limitations & solution to overcome it.

Limitation:- Drupal's Search Module provides search results on the basis of exact keyword match. i.e. when we search a word like 'what' in our website, it give results only where the word 'what' exactly matches & it doesn't include words like 'whatever' in search results. It concludes that Search module executes search query with a EQUAL(=) condition in WHERE clause but we always require results from a search query with a LIKE condition in WHERE clause.


What is Calendar+

With this module your calendar module support other calendar systems that implemented in calendar_systems


Role user autocomplete

The drupal system user autocomplete lists all the users. This module will provide a custom form element that will autocomplete and list users based on the user role(s) provided.

Spreadshirt API

Sprd_api is a module to provide access to your partner shop via Spreadshirts RESTful API (learn more) and is required by the modules sprd_articles and sprd_assortment.
Note that sprd_api module doesn't provide any visible functions to the user on its own, it just provides handling services for other modules.


  • Create and get baskets
  • Add basket items
  • Checkout at Spreadshirt or in your Shop
  • Sort and cache articles by departments and product type categories
  • HTTP Requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)


  • Drupal 6
  • Token module
  • Nodewords module
  • Page Title module
  • Spreadshirt Shop


  1. If you have not already done so, get and install the Spreadshirt API module from the drupal project page.
  2. Place this module in your modules directory and enable it at admin/modules.
  3. Add your Spreadshirt ShopId in /admin/settings/sprd_api

Project Information

  • Maintenance status: Actively maintained
  • Development status: not under development anymore as we plan to create a Drupal 7 version

Useful Modules

  • Spreadshirt Articles

wysiwyg (webflo)

WYSIWYG API Development Sandbox


  • jQuery Update 7.x-2.x-dev (jQuery 1.7)

Spreadshirt Assortment

The Sprd_Assortment module is a useful extension for your shop to provide the customers with further product information like size charts, available colors, product pictures and descriptions.