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Pushover app logo

Drupal integration with Pushover.


  • Actions integration
  • Rules integration
  • View recent Pushover notifications
  • Provides API access for other modules

Pushover API documentation

Ubercart eWAY Rapid 3.0

Ubercart integration with Rapid 3.0 -- new service provided by eWAY.

Rapid 3.0

Rapid 3.0 offers complete control over the look and feel of your payment pages while taking merchants out of scope for PCI DSS compliance. For enhanced security, you can POST credit card data directly from the customer's web browser to eWAY, bypassing the merchant's website.

Download the security review of Rapid 3.0 from BAE Systems Stratsec, an external qualified security assessor (QSA).

Linking to eWAY

Sample code is available from within MYeWAY, along with many other resources for our development partners. Register for free today!

Beagle (free) and Beagle Alerts Integration

Payments sent through Rapid 3.0 will pass through the Beagle system, and for those with the service enabled, also through the Beagle Alerts system (powered by ReD).

Using ReD's vast neural network of transaction data from around the globe allows eWAY to validate the transaction against a broad range of risk factors.

Form Maker

Drupal Form Maker is an advanced and easy-to-use module for creating submission forms and is one of the best form builders available for Drupal. The back-end interface of the Form Maker is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the users to easily create forms without being familiar with scripting and programming.


Demo Project

A demo project to get to grips with Drupal development, using Git.


This is an exploratory project that more or less replicates the standard Drupal issue tracking mechanism, but adds ways to track and manage "design elements" through analysis and design. Design elements are broadly defined features, about which the project manager must make decisions before being moved into implementation.

Mailpro Email Marketing - Create Newsletter

Email Marketing Mailpro Drupal

This Drupal MailPro module uses MailPro API to interact with the user's MailPro account in order to manage their newsletter. You can open a free account on www.mailpro.com to try our email marketing solution. For now, it provides a form block which takes the input from users and add the customer's data into configured MailPro Account.

Popcorn Kernals

Kernals are the atomic level elements of a popcorn chain.

Projects link

Adds an input filter to allow case tracker in Open Atrium to link to other cases in the same style as on drupal.org issues with a shorthand token [#nid].

For example, to mark a case as duplicate of node ID 5557 Open Atrium's case tracker, change the status to Duplicate, then type as the body simply [#5557]. This could then translate in the case output to a themed output with a CSS background, as a link, and the full nid and title of the linked case.

MMW Agenda

A small agenda module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution.


Developed by Makemeweb, sponsored by Fedict.


Popcorn Strings

Chains of popcorn kernals

Popcorn Poppers

Target elements for popcorn strings. Has definable events and event handler functions.

SLC - Shared Learning Collaborative


Events - niejadewciemno.pl

Allows to import events directly from niejadewciemno.pl service into custome content type.

Entity Rating Addon

This is supporting module to Entity External Rating module. Entity External Rating module allows you to rate any thing based on sharing on facebook and twitter.

This module Entity Rating Addone allows you to rate entities based on their access statistics. It gives 30% weigh to each statistics, facebook and twitter.

It also provides in detail view in chart also.


Like all facebok count on content

LimeSurvey Integeration

This Module allows the user to sync the users from the Drupal front end website to the LimeSurvey (http://www.limesurvey.org/) survey taking web application. As soon as a user is registered on the drupal website, the user can configure it's limesurvey installation at admin/config/lsintegeration/config and test the settings by clicking save configuration, if the configurations are not correct a error will be show , else on every cron run the user information will start going to the Limesurvey Installation using it's API.

Favicon paths

Provides an administration interface to define custom favicons related to a url path. For example. mysite.dev.com (dev favicon), mysite.stg.com (staging favicon). I find it easier to see the favicons for the different site environments, there is another module the creates an area down left side of page but I found this a bit too intrusive and the QA's hated it ;O)

Any suggests welcome.

REST services

Custom web services implementation.

Youtube Comment Count

This module sync youtube comment count for a particular video with the drupal interface.

Commerce Kickstart Scenario

A set of performance testing scenarios for Commerce Kickstart.

Cache Cron

Clears cache on each cron run.

Hudson - status report

This module was put together in order to provide access to the status of current Hudson builds without ssh tunneling. Since administrators are usually logged on to the site, they might as well be able to access that data here. Hope it's useful for somebody.

UC ePay.kkb.kz payment method

Module allows to process credit cart payments using epay.kkb.kz.
For now it can receive payment at order checkout step only and send payment completing request on order status change.

Also planned any time payment (after order confirmation) and payment revert.