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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Facet API Context

Facet API module integration with Context

lndex - language index

The module interface with two enabled languages.

lndex - language index

This tiny module allows site administrators to define own paths for language switch links.

The reason I created this module is that Drupal by default only changes the language prefix ('en' for English, 'sv' for Swedish, etc.) when you select a different language with the Language switcher block. Instead of doing this and hoping the node has a translation for that language I wanted every change of language to return the user to the <front> page. Of course, this can easily be achieved with a single line of jQuery. However, I felt that this was such a basic feature of Drupal that it should be done in Drupals own admin interface.

While creating lndex I decided it would be best to allow site administrators to set their own specific paths for each language.

lndex offers:

  • return users to <front> when changing site language (default)*
  • specify node path of choice per language
  • specify an alias of choice per language

* = Using Language switch block in Dashboard keeps you there while language changes.


As with the Language switcher block in core, this module requires at least two enabled languages and language negotiation to be either URL or session.

Drupal version

Created for Drupal 7.x


A payment module for UberCart for the use of ABN Amro InternetKassa.

Taxonomy edit permissions

In Drupal Core it´s only possible to either give full access to taxonomy and vocabulary pages, or give the permission to create and edit terms for different.

This module is intended to give a more fine grained access control to the different parts of taxonomy and vocabulary editing.

For now this module enables permissions to list and order taxonomy terms of a certain vocabulary without having to give him full 'administer taxonomy' permissions.

In the future we will add more permissions. Please leave your request in the

Materialization Plugin for Views

This project aims to write a materialization plugin for Views. It creates a "materialized view" for a "view", and then materialize the results into temporary tables. And then, the following Views calls would be redirected to the materialized view. The changes would be made to the materialized view, when data in the view changes (or sometimes even drop the entire materialized view)

Photo Flow

An add on for Media (2.x) and the Media Browser Plus module to handle a somewhat specific image publishing workflow. When JPEGs are uploaded via the FIle Entity module, the entity id is written into the JPEG IPTC metadata. If the image is then downloaded from the site for post-processing and uploaded again, the original image fields are transferred and they are replaced where used in other entities' file fields. Filters are also added for the Media Browser to assist in the workflow.

Formstack (Official)

The Formstack module makes embedding your Formstack web forms as easy as clicking a button. All you need is a Formstack account and this module. Signup for free at Formstack

The Formstack plugin will add an option to select a form from the forms that you have built using Formstack. Once a form is selected, a shortcode will be inserted into the content, which will be converted to the selected form once your page is rendered.

This plugin requires a Formstack account and an API key.


This module helps avoiding basic typos when filling a civicrm powered form than contains an email field.

For instance if I'm trying to make a donation with the email john.doe@gmail.cm, it will suggest "Did you mean john.doe@gmail.com".
If the user clicks on the (correct) suggested email, it automatically updates the email field.

jCarousel responsive Skin

This modul will provide a fully responsive Skin for the jcarousel module.
It is tested with the responsive omega theme and handles only the css needed to get the images in your gallery responsive.
It should work with the jCarousle build-in views display plugin or any other solution wich uses jCarousel skins.


Commercial CRM for business

MeSH Auto-Import

MeSH Auto-Import retrieves all MeSH terms that are associated with a publication's PubMed ID and attaches them to a node's term reference field upon node add/edit.

Book Path Rebuild

Provides an option to rebuild the URL aliases of all pages in a book on the node edit form of the top page of the book.

Drush utilities for Emacs users

This project consists of Drush utilities for making the daily life of Emacs users easier.

Currently the project provides two new Drush commands:

  • drush etags
  • drush gtags

They will run etags/gtags in your DRUPAL_ROOT and generate tag files for use in Emacs and it will help keep them up to date.

ChiliProject API

ChiliProject API module provides a Drupal API to the REST API of Redmine, a project-management and issue-tracking web-application and open source software package.

Chiliapi.module provides a class and several API functions to index, load, save and delete issues, time entries, projects and users.
Redmine User Access Keys module manages a profile.module field for user's Redmine API Access Keys, and integrates with REST API Query to use the current user's API Access Key.

Og_panels D7

This is a sandbox project to port og_panels into drupal7.


Connects to btnapi

QM voting

This module shows the popular ideas selected from voting.

Ajax menu

Provide ability to set a menu as ajax menu. Links in an ajax menu are rendered without page load.

The render of ajax menu could be targeted to the #system-main-block, or you can set to show own block.

Active-trail, active-menu setting:
In ajax menu blocks, the core's original active-trail settings is imatated. It means, both node/add/page and ajax-menu/no_js/node/add/page the "Node add" menu item will be active, and in active-trail.

The ajaxified items (loaded into the ajax-target) get the ajax-menu-active and ajax-menu-active-trail class.

RESTful Web Services - GSoC2012 Fork

This is a fork of Restful Web Services for the Google Summer of Code 2012 Project Improving RESTful Web Services..
All the development that is done here will be later delivered as patches.

Cookie Compliance


This cookie compliance module is in response to the the EU cookie law (http://www.cookielaw.org) and provides both opt in and opt out consent mechanisms. Messaging and location of the mechanism is completely configurable.


* Opt in/out of cookies option
* Configurable acceptance cookie name
* Configurable user text and links for consent/acceptance/rejection
* Messages exposed as blocks you can easily position on your site
* Extendable to any modules cookies via hook_cookie_compliance
* Includes sub-module to make google analytics module compliant

Road Map

  1. Complete sub-module to make sharethis module compliant
  2. Port to Drupal 7


The current D6 version of this module depends on JSalter


  1. Copy the module folder to your server.
  2. Enable the module via the modules page.


1. General:
a. the configuration page is at /admin/settings/cookie-compliance (accessible to accounts with the 'administer cookie compliance' permission ONLY).
b. choose opt in/out mode.


TwitBot turns your site into a mean Twitter machine. In a nutshell TwitBot allows drupal to react to mentions on Twitter. This is done by tracking mentions from one or more Twitter accounts and firing a hook or an event when a mention is being processed.

Ubercart Postal code lookup

This module will hook on to Übercart`s checkout form and provide an AJAX callback for the postal code fields.

Supports Ubercart 3.

Integrates with Bring API and supports the following countries;

  • NO - Norway
  • DK - Denmark
  • SE - Sweden
  • FI - Finland
  • NL - Netherlands
  • DE - Germany
  • US - United States
  • BE - Belgium