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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Useful formatters

Implementations of useful formatter for custom field types.

Studyroom Sandbox


Studyroom is a family of modules to create an online system by which users can reserve administrator-defined spaces of an organization for set periods of time. Users can create, edit, and delete their own reservations, as well as peruse a gallery of all spaces that can be reserved at a given location(s) and view calendars of all reservations.

Its primary audience is universities/colleges and libraries.

Issue Reporting

About Issue Reporting

Issue Reporting is a set of modules to help with Usability Testing and Feedback Aggregation.

Issue Reporting

The base module provides a toolbar for users to report issues with pages or elements of pages. These anonymous reports are sent to a web service.

The configuration for this service is available at: admin/config/development/issue-reporting

This provides a few options:

  • Webserver
  • Project
  • User

These optional fields allow the simple setup of tracking feedback by a project or user and allows the user to set up a custom webserver for certain testing scenarios, such as a local test.

Note: Users will need the permission to submit an issue. Setting the "Report Issues" permission for a role allows those users to use the toolbar.

Issue Reporting Admin

An administration module is also provided that allows for viewing submitted reports.

The configuration for this service is available at: admin/config/development/issue-reporting-admin

Note: Users will need the permission to view an issue. Setting the "View Issues" permission for a role allows those users to use the admin toolbar.

Issue Reporting Server

Vim plugin for Drupal - Vundle compatible

This is a copy of https://drupal.org/project/vimrc that tries to be compatible with Vundle for easy installation and updating.

Original discussion here: #2005150: Installation with Vundle

All development happens at the original module and all credit goes to the maintainers of the original module.

Views single table

This should some day be a display plugin for Views
(or even better, a proof of concept on how to patch the original table plugin)

It renders like the standard table plugin, except for the case when grouping is used, where this will render a single table with multiple tbody parts, as opposed to an independent table per each row of the grouping field.

I am not really a coder and not sure if/when i will really do this, but my starting-point is in this issue here: https://drupal.org/node/1365112


A drupal project to allow easy entry of sourced genealogical data.

Azure Table Storage

This is a feeds plugin that saves results from Feeds source to Azure table storage. Azure table is one of the services that Windows Azure offers.

1. Feeds
2. Ctools
3. Data
4. Features

Accordion Node Field


Accordion Node Field provide a jQuery Accordion within the node itself without unnecessary overhead.


Download and install the file as usual (Drupal 7).


This module is sponsored and developed by Bruno Waßerer


Paytrail is a new payment system from Finland that will replace the older system, Suomen Verkkomaksut. The development of the service is still ongoing. Once it's ready, Drupal integration will be provided. The plan is to create a general, API-like implementation and a commerce sub-module.

If you need to integrate the system to your Drupal-site, get in touch with us. All non-Drupal integrations are handled by Fraktio.

Commerce Store Credit

This is a payment method for Drupal Commerce. Users prepay an amount -eg €20- and an administrator adds this amount to the user's store credit.

At the moment following features are available:

Lexicon Cacheback

This small utility module restores correct caching to the https://drupal.org/project/lexicon module. It does this by sacrificing the lexicon module's option to allow the users to disable lexicon links.

Module sponsored by http://www.codeenigma.com/

Fitbit API Integration


I am working on this module for integrating Fitbit API in Drupal 7.
So, that user can fetch their fitness activities and other health records from Fitbit server.
More information about Fitbit API you can see hereFitbit.

Currently what is working in module:-

All In One Facebook

Facebook social plugins together with option which to be display or which you don't want to display in your side bar or widget area, and by the plugin you can set short code for each and every thing what you want to put in your post on your website .

Admin menu Toggle modules

Extends admin menu functionality by adding possibility to turn on and off every module, not only those listed in admin_menu.inc file.

Menu block Jump

Menu block Jump settings

Converts chosen menu block into select form element which goes to selected option URL on change action.


Breda-Netwerk.nl is een lokale community website voor de stad Breda.
Breda-Netwerk.nl is a local community website for the city Breda.

Checklist FF

Checklist Field Formatter

A field formatter for list (list_text, list_integer, list_float) field types. Without this module, only selected list items are displayed as the field value. This formatter will display all the available values for a list field, and has two methods to indicate which of the available values are selected for the current entity.

The first method is a 'checked' class added to all selected list items.

The second method is a user-configurable string that is added before the list item, displaying results like:

Drush Résumé

Downloads and retrieves the latest version of your resume from REST based service or from scraping. More to be figured out later.


Provides possibility to update webform text field with autoincrement id.

Open Library Books API

You have to give an ISBN, module gives you back the book's description including

Provides simple client to Open Library Books API.

Inline Editor

Inline editor provides a way to edit any field on any entity.

For Long text fields Ckeditor is used (if available).

This is a more light-weight, configurable module than other modules available for in-place editing.


1. Download and install like any other Drupal module.
2. Go to /admin/config/content/inline-editor and select entity which will be editable.
3. Go to /admin/structure/types/manage/%type/display and select for each display fields which will be editable.

Commerce Views Product in Cart filter

Views filter handler for filtering products by "in cart" state.

Mongo Node

Why Mongo Node?

This module is supposed to be a performance boost replacement for the standard Node in Drupal!

Advantages over node:

  • performance: faster saving and loading
  • no tables for entity types or bundles in MySQL (too many tables already)
  • creation of new entity types and entity bundles (node only lets you create bundles)
  • similar content administration to the node (no coding required as you have to in custom entities)

No base table:

The base entity is without a base table, all the properties and fields attached
to the Mongo entities are stored directly in Mongo.
This leads to faster saving and loading of entities, and less tables in Drupal.

No automatic revisions for every node created

At this moment mongo nodes revisions are not supported.
For use cases where revisions are not needed the module is better than the
standard node because it doesn't save a revision for every item.

Create new entity types and bundles

You can create new entity types with multiple entity bundles via interface or
code configuration also. You don't need a new module for every new entity.


  • Entity Api
  • MongoDB



    This module intends to manage all the Marketplaces with Drupal Commerce


    This module is a connector between Drupal Commerce and Priceminister