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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

OpenLayers Zoomswitch

This module enables you to define on which zoom level you should see what layers. This module was initially build to be used with the Google Maps base layer.


Enable the module and configure this on the Behavior tab of your map.

Invoice views

This module enables Views integration for the Invoice project. Some basic fields are integrated, contributions are more than welcome.


dreditor companion for use at http://drupalmentoring.org/

Install user script http://drupalcode.org/project/doheditor.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/doheditor.u...

Important! Please remove and reinstall user script if you have installed it from the sandbox link, otherwise you'll get double buttons


[mailmime] sandbox

Webform Ajax Validation

This module provides simple ajax integration between the clientside_validation module and arbitrary validators
written for the webform_validation module. It does nothing on its own, and is intended only to
simplify the process of validating webform components via ajax.

Clientside Validation provides javascript implementations of many Webform Validation validators, and in general
this is far preferable to validating via ajax. However, there are some cases where validation must
be done on the server side (e.g. those involving web-services with private API keys). This module allows
you to perform those validations via ajax, seamlessly integrating them into an existing clientside
validation user experience.


Page Blinder

Adds a full-screen element to the page during build that hides the entire page until it is loaded, then gracefully fades away.

Skinny TAC

This module is another Taxonomy Access Control (TAC) module. The module works on shared taxonomy fields between the user and nodes. The only bit of configuration is to check a box in the taxonomy reference field settings to say that it should control access via Skinny TAC.

If the user and the node share this field, and they're pointing toward the same taxonomy term, the user is given edit rights on the node via node grants, which work nicely with views, etc.

More information, including a comparison table against TAC and TAC Lite is coming soon..


Using Estelle Weyl's "Clowncar Technique" ( http://www.standardista.com/responsive-images-clown-car-technique/ - in which "we are including (or stuffing) many images (clowns) into a single image file (car)" ) this module offers one (slightly hacky) solution to the problem of serving appropriately sized images in responsive themes.

Database Automaton

Automation for Object Oriented database access for all your external databases.

It is supposed to:

  • create objects for databases, tables and rows, for use in other modules
  • Short notation to avoid multiline db_select calls
  • provide basic CRUD API
  • provide basic CRUD GUI
  • provide Views integration
  • allow export database's classes and forms to external "static" module for future development


This is eCommerce project.

CRM Integrator

Module to easily map webform submissions to CRM actions.

Rules Variable

A simple rules action to retrieve a variable value.

Captcha Sandbox

Just a sandbox test

Bulk File Upload


Bulk File Upload Module provides user interface to upload multiple files in with a zip format & extracts it to any folder within public folder.


Issue Queue : https://www.drupal.org/node/2597211

TaxCloud Sales Tax Module

TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax calculation and remittance service for retailers.. This module integrates UberCart with the TaxCloud system.. You can create a free TaxCloud account at TaxCloud.net.

Clean Calendar

The clean calendar project was created to display a simplified calendar (week view) that is responsive. It differs from the calendar module for views in that it provides only three simplified block displays of event information.

Craig Warsaw test module

This is Craig Warsaw's test module

Date validations

Date 1 field
Date 2 field
Date 3 field

Date 1 must be lesser than Date 2
Date 2 must be lesser than Date 1

Drug and drop


Allows reordering of nodes within a taxonomy term.

This module does not modify the taxonomy listing pages, it simply adds a weight to nodes that can be used when creating views.


A new field to handle Romanian Personal Identification Codes (Cod Numeric Personal). Their function is similar to the US Social Security Number.

Webform Multiset

This sandbox module is an extended module of Webform Add More http://drupal.org/project/webform_addmore.

It's using Drupal AJAX API instead of approach in the original module.

VK api

Vkontakte API
Import posts

Open Graph Fields

This module provides new field types for entering Open Graph data in the format specified by the Open Graph Protocol. These can be used to provide default share text, urls, images, etc. for various social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.