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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Makes minor UI improvements to webforms that you only want people to respond to once.

Named Contact Info Fields

Fields for storing contact information (phone, email, location) with a name value associated with it (i.e. home, work, cell).

Location Toll Free Phone Number

This module adds support for a Toll Free phone number within the locative information group for the location module.

SMS Registration

This module extend SMS Framework, and allows users register, login to site & reset the password by using they phone number. Module has flexible settings for the phone number and user redirection depending on user phone number status (not confirmed, pending, confirmed).

Value Selection Field Formatter

Screen shot of VASE's form elements applied to an image formatter.

Note: As of 15-01-2014, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, please reply to the issue.

A tiny helper module that allows you to select which field values should be displayed by a field formatter by specifying a value selection start and length.


node chat

module provide a chat room per node


This module will allow users to compare drupal commerce products.

The initial plan is to do the following:

  1. Install the module -- success message will contain a link to the comparable products page
  2. Configurable product types page lists all product types that can be compared
  3. Create views of products or edit existing views of products -- Add to compare is a field that can be added to the view
  4. When the view is displayed (in block or in page) -- the “Add to Compare” checkbox will appear against products that are comparable
  5. Clicking on Add to Compare will take you to the top of the page where through JS you’ll see a compare box with a smaller image of the product and the title of the product.. this section will have 3 more slots free and a compare button (Number of items that can be compared at a time will be configurable)
  6. Clicking on Add to Compare for a product with a different product type than the one which is already added to compare, a new row will be created
  7. Each item added to compare should have a cross button to remove it from compare list
  8. Each row of comparable products can be cleared via a “Clear/Remove” button/link

Login one time mail to all

Send one time login mail to all registered users except admin.

Traffic Pop

Traffic Pop for Drupal 6.x

This is module will show a modal(popup) with Facebook like button to all new visitors.

Responsive admin menu

This is an experimental module based on administration menu. Don't use on production site! This is created for the Redesign navigation for smaller screens issue.

  • This is a quick change of admin menu module.
  • UI focused.
  • Menu cache disabled

Note: To use the module you need to disable the toolbar and shortcut modules.



Copying the description of the Centova Cast from the website http://www.centova.com/pages/cast
"Centova Cast Streaming Radio Control Panel is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Manage a single station with ease, or automate a stream hosting business with thousands of clients. Centova Cast can handle virtually any stream hosting scenario!"

Centova has many features! One among those is a list of 5 html+javascript snippets to show information about your radio station on your webpage. Implementation of these code snippets in your webpage is not really much of a difficulty as proper guidelines exist to help you. In Drupal though this procedure is better implemented with a module. Centovacast module!

Drupal 6
After installation, go to admin/settings/centovacast and fill-in your CentovaCast username and your CentovaCast server IP.

Drupal 7
After installation, go to admin/config/media/centovacast and fill-in your CentovaCast username and your Centovacast server IP.

In both Drupal6 and Drupal7, after installation and configuration, all you have to do is to go to the block administration page and set the CentovaCast blocks you want to the proper regions.



Content GMap

Content GMAP allows API3 Google Maps to be attached to any Content Type, as well as making a default Map available as a block.
Selected Content Types have a simple Draggable Map and input field based interface to configure how the Map will display on the individual Content.

While there are and have been a number of Google Map based modules, Content GMap grew out of the need that none could be found to satisfy a simple need.
To just display maps easily and individually on chosen content, using the Google Maps API3.

Quote Field

CCK field that consists of:
Text area & 2 text fields to represent data type for Quote

Project sponsored by Design & Creative studio Asketic Labs


Notification system for SITCR project

Minimalistic Aloha Editor

Minimalistic Aloha editor (http://aloha-editor.org/) implementation with floating toolbar & easy form for enabling it.

It also comes with characters counter/limiter.

Project sponsored by Design & Creative studio Asketic Labs

CCK Mixer

Extension of standard CCK functionality.

It adds functionality for selected content types to have various CCK fields in mixed order & have easy UI for managing it.

Then on template you can get fields in order using code:


Ambiente per l'attribuzione automatica della richiesta all'associazione.

Overlay Style

Overlay Style

Translate own content

A module that creates permissions assigned by role to allow users to translate their own content

This feature was added to Drupal 8 but is so useful it should be backported to Drupal 7.

See issue #253157: Add "Translate own content" permission, rename "Translate content" to "Translate all content".

Feature Partners

Like Deput link this feature provides a content type "Partners". The main difference is, this feature is designed for using panels.

The content type contains the following fields:

  1. Title
  2. Image
  3. Link
  4. Body

There are a view with some subview:


This is intended to be a fun little module of no Core or commercial use.

A standalone module for creating and assigning Rank and Decorations. The module relates to gaming groups or clans that want to organize their members and assign awards pins.

The module is intended to be administered by a superuser who can add and remove clan members to his Clan Roster. Manage the definitions of 'ranks' and 'awards' that can be assigned to clan members.

Authorized non-superusers may see their clan's roster as accessed from a navigation link.

From README.txt

A simple module for creating a relationship between your site's users and their
clan affiliation. Information related to when the user entered the clan, his/her
(a military like) 'rank', awards and accommodations (think pins, badges, or

In concept we assign a 'rank' to a user (i.e. 'Private') and award a medal for
participation in a certain activity (i.e. 'North Africa Campaign').

The module has two major view types.

1. Maintenance. The maintenance view exposes the ability to create, modify, and
delete 'ranks' and 'awards'. Both rank and award definitions contain a name,
description, and an (optional) image. Award definition contains a priority
value field for sorting purposes.
2. Clan Member. A listview to display all users that have been assigned a rank

OG Color

This module integrates the color module with organic groups so if the group has a colorable theme the color scheme can be controlled on a per-group basis

SES-friendly Contact Forms

Amazon SES and several other hosting providers require that the "From" address of email sent from the host not be forged but the default Contact module sets "From" to be the form submitter's email address.

This module simply intercepts the site and user contact forms and modifies them to send email "From" the site's declared email address with the "Reply-To" header set to the contact form submitter, so form receivers get the usability benefit and do not need to manually create webforms in order to send email on these hosts.

Extend Content list Title

This module allow user to add more field in title column in content list. The problem is that some time we need to search node based on a value which stored in CCK fields, and we have to open node form by clicking edit link. This module allow user to add fields from content type table of node to the title column and selected fields value will be display with the title in content list separated by pipe(|), This is module is also useful when we have choose value for title field that not relevant and we want more info in the title field.

Output Styling On Input

This module aims to apply the output styling of a field when inputting data non-wysiwyg enabled field. Kind of like a wysiwyg light.