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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Comment on anything

This module allows commenting on entities that are not nodes, such as users or media entities.


Social Speech

The Social Speech module allows users to interact with your site content by highlighting and clicking individual sentences within a block of text. It also provides options that permit users to submit feedback about that sentence and share it via social network services.

This module was built by the White House for the State of the Union Address in 2013. Please see whitehouse.gov/sotu2013 for a demonstration.


Simplenews Test Subject

This module provides a clearer subject to test newsletters send by the simplenews module.

simplenews_test_subject.module requires the simplenews module.

1. Place the entire simplenews_test_subject directory into your Drupal modules/

2. Enable the simplenews_test_subject module by navigating to:

administer > modules



Optify configuration page.

The Optify module allows Drupal website owners to quickly and easily integrate the Optify digital marketing platform. The module exposes javascript tracking code on all website pages. In addition, the module lets website owners set pages that should not be tracked by Optify. Drupal website owners will need to sign-up at Optify before being able to complete the module's configuration settings.



Coming soon.


Entity Basic

Basic Entity

Required Modules

Entity API

Optional Modules

  • Rules
  • Views


  • Copy the entity_basic directory to the modules folder in your installation.
  • Go to the Modules page (/admin/modules) and enable it.

Coin Address - Deprecated

This module is now available as coin_addr -- Coin Address This project, coin_address can be deleted, it is not in use.


OG Delete

OG in Drupal 7 does not delete content of the group when the OG content type is deleted.

This module is an extension to OG that allows the group owner/admins to delete associated nodes when the group is deleted. This module provides following options which were available in Drupal 6.

1. Delete all the content associated with group.

2. Delete the group and make the content public.

3. Move all group posts and memberships to the different group. This option is visible only to site admin who has access to 'administer nodes'.


Views Result Once

Using this module you are able to restrict results/output from views to be presented once (and only once).

This is useful when generating incremental reports, or sending out subscriptions, and other kind of updates, which you want to be sent only once to users without any duplicates.

How to test:
1) Enable views result once module
2) Go to admin/config/content/views-result-once
3) Select which views you wish to be extended with this functionality.
4) Run views to observe results being presented only once (administrative views "preview" also counts).


Image Style Views Embed Effect

Using this module's image style effect you are able to use views module to render any content onto an image.

You can do fun things like render user submitted captions onto an image, or user's profile image as a watermark onto user submitted images, or really anything that comes to mind (I've created a simple Dressup Game).


Facebook Event Sync

This module is no longer supported, Facebook Sync should be used instead.


Commerce clone product variation

This allows you to clone a product variation in vanilla Commerce and Commerce kickstarter.

It currently copies across:

  • the details of the product variation
  • All the fields attached to the original product variation
  • All the display settings for the fields

Known issues:

  • Currently in display settings Sku is already visible regardless of original state

This module is sponsored by Styalways Saddlery


Facebook Album Sync

This module is no longer supported, Facebook Sync should be used instead.


Drag and Drop

This is the placeholder for the Drag and Drop (dnd) module. Namespace is taken to avoid collision.

Drag and Drop was an independent submodule in Scald D6, thus it was not under scald_* namespace. However in D7 branch, to simplify the module, it was refactored to depend on Scald. In the future D8, it is possible that Drag and Drop will be refactored again to support multiple media solutions like Media, Scald, etc.


Facebook Sync

Sync content from Facebook.
Note: This module merge the two module facebook_events and facebook_albums.


Webform Ajax Select

This module adds ability for webform to load select() element with ajax and then render it to your form.

PHP 5.3
Drupal 7.x
Webform 4.x

1. Copy the entire webform directory the Drupal sites/all/modules directory.

2. Login as an administrator. Enable the module in the "Administer" -> "Modules"

3. Edit webform and check `Load with ajax` option


Spider Facebook

Spider Facebook is a Drupal module, allowing you to integrate your website with Facebook. This includes adding Facebook social media widgets and social plugins. As a result you will have an updated website with social integration and personalization.


Demo Admin

User Manual

Support Forum

This module allows the users to use different Facebook features, including liking specific pages on your website and sharing them on their Facebook walls, as well as sending it to friends. The users will be able to make comments on different pages of your website, like your Facebook page and view the stream of your page straight from the website. And all of this can be done with a single click.


Saplo Text Analytics

Saplo provides services that extract and refine valuable information from large quantities of text. This module enables tag extraction and similarity analysis by connecting to the Saplo API. Use it to e.g. fetch relevant content or suggested tags.

Some use cases

This module is under development.


Awesome Inline Reference Formatter

This module provides a field formatter for entityreference fields. The formatter can be used to peform quick changes of the view mode for each row/referred entity and the order of the referred entities. Per entity basis. It was developed for the Konzilo project, sponsored by KNTNT.



Provides integration with the content collaboration tool Konzilo.


Konzilo features

Some useful features to be used with the Konzilo kickstart profile for integration with the Konzilo tool.


Comment verify

Forces anonymous commenters to verify comments via email before they can be published.


PP Demo Beans

Beans for demoing bean_wysiwyg module. Used in PP project profile.

Creates two bean types: Content and Gallery.