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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Here's a brief description of Evernote from the source:

"Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer, phone or device you use. For free."

Evernote is a note-taking, idea-saving application that has been adopted by over 3 million people. It syncs up your notes with a remote server, so accessing your latest notes on multiple devices is automatic. When you upload images, Evernote will OCR them to make them searchable. You can embed files as well, though only PDFs, .txt and images with the free version. The premium service enables a few additional features such as embedding any kind of files and increasing the amount of bandwidth allotted to you per month.

The idea behind the Evernote module is twofold. The first goal is to leverage the Evernote API to make it a blogging platform. Because Evernote is a great way to gather ideas and information, the next logical step is to make sharable information accessible on the web. See here for more background. The result of bringing Evernote and Drupal together is a rapid blogging tool that will integrate into many people's workflow.

Here's what a typical workflow would be for setting up a feed:

    Gallery Assist X Formatters

    Example of GA-XF using the  JQueryTOOLS - Carousel

    What does Gallery Assist X Formatters?

    GA-XF allows to apply to Gallery Assist galleries third-party solutions concerning images galleries

    Currently supported third-party solutions

    • JQueryTOOLS - Carousel
    • JQueryTOOLS - Vertical-scrolling
    • JQueryTOOLS - Some slide variants




    Comment join

    This module is designed to solve a simple task.
    If you post a comment, and the previous comment (to the same node or comment) was also yours, it looks better, if those comments join together. So that's what the module is supposed to do.
    At the moment (6.x-1.0-beta1) it has no almost no options. You just turn it on and get the result. I am using it on my Drupal forum, and I am happy with it.
    However, I am ready to hear your requests and ideas!

    6.x.1.0-beta2 - enable by content type


    The Couchbase module provides integration with Couchbase 2.0 and above. This module
    consists of helper functions to instantiate couchbase connections from the $conf['couchbase']
    variable in settings.php.

    The module also provides a REST interface to Management REST API provided by Couchbase.
    The Management REST API is described here

    Finally, the module provides an api for accessing creating and deleting Couchbase Views.
    *These functions will probably go away once the php-ext-couchbase matures. Currently, the php-ext-couchbase library doesn't support creating/deleting views.*

    The module couchbase_watchdog is an example implementation of watchdog in Couchbase.
    It serves as an example of what can be done with the API.

    Since Couchbase 2.0 is in active development, this module will not see a stable release until such time.

    Please help test and report bugs back

    The couchbase_watchdog module is a sample implementation of using Drupal with Couchbase.

    Please help solidify the development release into a full 7.x release by logging issues and testing the module out.

    Data Visualization Wizard


    The Data Visualization Wizard provides a fast way to get data visualizations online using Drupal. It provides the following visualizations after a quick upload of a spreadsheet:

    • Geo-spatial map - Geocoded data can displayed on an interactive map with each data element as a point on the map (with optional pop-ups).
    • Pie and bar graphs - Any individual factor can be displayed as a pie or bar graph.
    • Summary listings - Each data row is listed in a sortable table below the maps and graphs.
    • Detail pages - Each data row from the summary listing links to a customizable detail page to provide a full view of each data entity.
    • Searchable and filterable listings - The data can be searched and filtered on a configurable amount of factors you choose for the listings. All elements on a data visualization respond to these filters creating an easy-to-use analysis tool.
    • Downloadable data - Data can be offered to the user in CSV, JSON, GeoJSON and XML formats.
    • Lightweight API - The downloadable data formats respond to the search and filtering abilities, so this can provide a lightweight API for uploaded data sets.


    Giant Bomb

    Integration with Giant Bomb and compatible API's.

    The primary module imports data from Giant Bomb objects into fields of local entities. A User Friendly™ interface to map remote object data into fields is provided for administrators.

    An API module is provided if an abstraction to the Giant Bomb API's is all you need.

    NodeMaker Announcements

    General Information

    Announcements feature for the NodeMaker distribution.

    NodeMaker Blog

    General Information

    Blog feature for the NodeMaker distribution.

    NodeMaker Events

    General Information

    Events feature for the NodeMaker distribution.

    NodeMaker Galleries

    General Information

    Gallery feature for the NodeMaker distribution.

    Webform Redirect

    Provides option to redirect the user to different page/URL depending on the submission data.

    Git Clone

    What this module does

    Clones, manages and synchronizes a specific git repository reference from a remotely hosted git repository. This allows the cloned repository references to be consumed in a Drupal environment. Consumers of cloned git repositories are tools that perform certain functions like parsing or building from several repository references.

    An example of a consumer: the API module

    Link to this

    Link to this

    This module adds a block whose function is to provide easily accessible embed this in your own web page links (fields). When enabled, users with permission to access the Link to this block will see three self-populated form fields; each field will have within it a pre-formatted, self-highlighting text area containing HTML code with a link to the page being viewed.


    Compete logo


    Provides seamless integration with Compete analytics tools. Simply add your CompeteXL Tracking Code and you're ready to go!

    What is a CompeteXL Tracking Code?

    To use Compete, you need to register with their service at: http://my.compete.com/plans



    This module can make your text fields blurry.


    1. Install this module
    2. Go to 'admin/config/content/blurry' and choose the fields

    Drupal 8 version

    I have started a Drupal 8 version of this its early days, but if anyone is interested in this being properly ported to 8.x then let me know.

    Person node

    I have been informed that modules such as my vision for this one are not desired and will change my designs to monolithic modules.

    Allows creating and administering nodes of a type called 'person'. This type of node holds data that describe a human person like: first, last and middle name. The content type provide some basic fields but you can use CCK to customize as you like the person node.

    Quote plus

    No time, no further development. If you want to take over or fund the required time, drop a line!

    Quote plus is a suite of modules extending the core comment functions with a set of quoting capabilities you would expect primarily, but not only in forum systems as well as format filters to display custom formatted quotes. All extensions can be configured per node type/per filter format.

    User Forms Help

    This module allows a site user who has the appropriate permissions to change the page text
    that a user sees after following the reset password one time email link.
    Options allow for html tags, tokens, and a site representative picture (chosen by autocomplete field populated by site user names) which
    may also be added by custom token created by this module.

    Future plans include options for modifying other admin forms that currently lack gui

    Case Tracker Ticket

    Casetracker Tickets provides a pre-configured content type to use with Case Tracker, Nodes of this content type (casetracker_tickets) are only accesible to:

    Nodequeue Menu Mapper

    Nodequeue menu mapper is the product of developing a website in which menus and nodequeues needed to be synched up. There was simply no out of the box or comparable solution, and while Menu Node API fills in a noticeable gap in Drupal, the relationship simply couldn't be easily mapped.

    Views COntent SCroll from EVerywhere

    Display content on a very special way.
    This module provides a views plugin to display content items form 8 different locations and 4 directions while scrolling. Can be used to display a single page or to build a whole website with multiple sections, and an optional top navigation bar.



    This module provides the functionality to export webform submissions to a secure SFTP server.

    RSS 2.0 Content Importer

    This module will download all images in the description or content:encoded tag of an RSS feed and replace the images' src with the path to the local copy. This is necessary when the content body has relative image paths pointing to its own server, and a good idea if you don't want to depend on external servers for serving images.

    It depends on feedapi_eparser's RSS 2.0 type plugin and feedapi_mapper


    Wayback module archives site front page and adds a menu entry to get quick snapshot of how the site looked at a particular day in past.
    This modules optionally caches images, css and js files and maintain sites historic look.
    Use this module to archive your site for Future Generation.