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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Chatroll Live Chat Drupal 7

Chatroll is an easy to use and flexible Drupal chat module. It can be used as a live chat or shoutbox, anywhere on your site.

- Install in 60 seconds
- Customizable colors and size
- Real-time Streaming Ajax technology - No Flash!
- Single Sign On integration with Drupal logins

Find It's drupal 6 version module here

Path Breadcrumb

Path Breadcrumb module generates breadcrumb based on the current path. E.g. if user accesses about/employees/john-doe page, he will see following breadcrumb: Home » About » Employees. Where Employees will link on the about/employees and About will link on the about correspondingly.

Taxonomy Node Order

The taxonomy node order module allows you to order the nodes associated with a term by affecting a weight to each node.

This weight will be added to the default sorts criteria of Drupal (date of creation, sticky node).
By activating the module a new tab appears on the term page. By clicking on the tab you get the list of nodes associated with the term, you can then order by drag and drop.

A button lets you return to the default sorting.



Notifier allows you to direct notifications to users. The base module gives you the ability to send notifications to a user. It creates a Notifier content type in which you can then create the notices and direct them to specific users. There is also a notifier view that provides a block and a page for users to view their notices.

Notifier uses the Twitter Bootstrap library to display the notices. There are four different notification levels: error (red), warning (yellow), success (green), and info (blue). When a user "x"'s out of a notice, via AJAX it will mark the user as having read that notice, and it won't show up on the block anymore. The view page by default will show the user all previous notices.


Notifier OG

Notifier OG adds to the notifier the ability to direct notices to groups. It adds its own view with its own block and page, identical to the regular notifier view, except it is directed in a group context. Also, within groups, you have the ability to show the notice to only group members or to anyone.

Notifier Rules

Notifier Rules adds rules conditions and actions, so if you use Rules you can easily set it up to create notices based on certain events.


Campaign countdown

Provides a flexible countdown block to your site.

Set the date for the timer to end then just add the block to your desired region.

Configuration options

  • End time
  • Remaing time prefix
  • Remaing time suffix
  • Expiry message

There will also be theme hooks to change the output html to your liking.

Similar to the Countdown project however there isnt much option in terms of HTML output.


The simplepapiphp_auth module makes it possible for Drupal to support PAPI for
authentication of users. The module will auto-provision user accounts into

Spexe — Live Support solution on site

Spexe: is an communication system for all your websites, branch offices and employees. Your customer service representative communicates via a regular chat application, for example: Pidgin or Adium, and site visitors via web-chat.
Your customer communicates via chat on your website, and your customer service representative via Jabber IM.
The customer service representative’s online status updates without reload the webpage.
No additional load on your website, hosting service or server.


This is a module that allows project managers and reporters on projects to be able to create "live" documentation rather than stagnant documentation with repeatable data (i.e. risks, project phases etc.) that needs to be updated each time there is a change to the project. This encourages a much more agile approach to documentation.

The data architecture that has been created is based on the JISC Project Management framework. This framework is highly suitable for educational projects.

Connector 3scale

Provides the connection files and the administrative interface that will support the interaction with the 3scale API management authorization and analysis services.

No Book Outline

The problem using Drupal book module and book pages as wiki is, the book page module adds book outline form part and the book outline menu as node/x/outline to all node types. All the node types do not need to be part of a book/wiki page. So this is the awkward part. I had to develop an application that had a wiki as a part with blogs and events as other services.


Will provide taxonomy list with the hierarchy which are associated with the current node.
Very usefill for navigation and the terms will be associated with the node link.

Usable Error Pages

403 and 404 pages should not be dead ends for site visitors. This module replaces the 403 and 404 pages and adds functionality to help a visitor access proper content. The 403 is augmented by a login form. The 404 is augmented by a search form and suggested pages.

This module is inspired by this article, this module and this module.

Deduplicate Nodes

Scans all nodes for duplications of node titles and removes all but one.

By design, it only scans nodes for titles that are exact case-sensitive matches, including whitespace.
The one with the lowest ID is taken as the original, all others are queued for deletion.
Both the scanning (which finds all duplicates) and the actual deletion are performed via batch processing.

This *will* destroy content. Because that's what it does.

2013 - Deprecated in favor of Remove Duplicates

This sandbox will not be getting a full release. It's a one-off tool that has the potential for a lot of support headache for me (solving other folks unique mistakes), and as I've learned not to make this mistake again, I won't be actively testing it going forwards. Please look at "Remove Duplicates" for feature requests.

Slide Presentation

The Slide Presentation module provides the ability to have a content type that is presented as slides.

The module provides the ability to load pptx slides as html content, utilising custom tags separate each page. Manual slides can be created by utilisation of the [page][/page] tags within the content.

The current implementation provides:

UC Freightquote

Drupal 7 and Ubercart 3 Freightquote (freightquote.com) shipping calculations.

Quick Create Content Link

Quick Create Content Link module add a "create new [content-type-name]" tab on the full page display of a particular node.

The user can configure on which content types this should appear in the admin interface. This module also provides views handlers to add create content link in the fields section of the view.

To Do:
1.) Create a block with the same functionality rather than a tab.
2.) Create floating links on the page display with similar functionality.
3.) Return to create content page once a new node has been added.

Light Statistics

Site statistics module, based and inspired from early radioactivity module version. Module counts all node and taxonomy term displays, have 2 built-in views to monitor statistics data.

For traffic saving, Light statistics module can use radioactivity ajax request, if radioactivity is enabled.

Commerce Suomen Verkkomaksut

This module integrates Suomen Verkkomaksut with Drupal Commerce.

What is Suomen Verkkomaksut

Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy is the leading e-payment method provider in Finland. Suomen Verkkomaksut is the only company specialised in epayments with an Payment Institution authorisation licensed by Fin-FSA under Payment Services Directive.


Please see included README.TXT


CSS Grid

Adds a CSS grid layout plugin for views. Views preview uses a basic layout but you will need to use your own css style.

Safari Upload

Fixes hanging Ajax Uploads in Safari.

Modalframe Classy

Resolved as a duplicate of Automodal

Apache Solr Views 3.X Backport

Backport of the Apache Solr Views 7.x code to work with Apachesolr 6.x-3.x.

Currently being tested with schema drupal-3.0-beta14-solr3 and Solr 3.5.0.


Allows the easy installation eKomi widget's

Full description follows soon.