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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Domain TAC

This module combines node access settings of the Domain Access and Taxonomy Access Control modules into a new access realm. This module is based on the Domain Access OG bridge code by BrightBold. See http://drupal.org/node/1355272 for more info. Thanks for the help and input to agentrickard and BrightBold.


Drupal Turkiye için deneme projesi

Typo Correction

People make typo everyday, we don't have so much time to check or ask users check their posts. But we can provide a way to let others to point out the typo.

I have a prototype for this module already, but not very well yet, suggestions are welcome at this time.

Some Scenario:
* user points out a typo and post as a comment
* user points out a typo and post as an independent entity
* author notifications: mail, message, activity etc.
* user awarding for successfully typo correction

CoderDojo Views Dojo List

Features package of CoderDojo Views Dojo List

CoderDojo Menu Links Main Menu

Features package of CoderDojo Main Menu links

Commerce Shop

Provides a shop entity, suitable for a marketplace.

Tuktuk Block Class

Allows users to add classes to any block through the block's configuration interface.

This module is forked of http://drupal.org/project/block_class to improve block administration page.

Fields Added

  • Free field to add classes
  • Number of columns width
  • Number of columns offset
  • Show/Hide blocks on devices (screen, tablet or phones)

CoderDojo Node Export Wiki Pages

Features package of sample CoderDojo Wiki pages

Item Blur

This sandbox project will incorporate the item blur plugin into a Drupal module.

Date link

This module gives you a link on the display of most entities (nodes, users, taxonomy terms, and field collections) which lets you update the value of associated date fields to the current time. This is useful for marking things as complete and triggering other remote updates / Rules to fire based on the "approval" (timestamp) given to a field. Works with multiple date fields (single value) as well as all three date field types provided by the Date module.

Set It Now

The module provides an easy call to action link to set a Date field's value to 'now' on the node view page.


Fork of a fork of cod_support. Based on http://drupal.org/sandbox/twardnw/1706942

Election DrooPHP

This integrates the Election module with the DrooPHP STV vote counting package. DrooPHP is a new PHP implementation of STV counting, written experimentally by the same author as Election. It's very basic, and under development.

Name day reminder


This solution provides Cloud full of Name Days. You cal show in sour drupal site Name Days for today and inform your visitors!

Drupal is one of the ways how to use it. Also there is iOS App for iPhones, WordPress for bloggers and complete API for developers

Works on drupal 7


Frequently updated Cloud keep Name Days from:

Weight Language

Allows you to keep the default site language to English (or whatever other language you want) while providing a secondary default interface and content language.

This is useful for when you don't want or can't change the default language of a site (it is a mess to do so when content exists already) but you do need to change the default language the site is displayed as.

It will return the first (the one with the lower weight) enabled language as per the language list (admin/config/regional/language).


CyberJapan provides Digital Japan tile map layer provided by GSI, Japan onto the openlayers. The OpenLayers Module and its submodules bring the OpenLayers JS library into Drupal.
You can show Digital Japan map on your site using the OpenLayers module and the CyberJapan module.


CyberJapan now only support a tile map image for base map.


  1. Install as usual. You can place files at /site/all/modules/cyberjapan/
  2. Place javascript libraries

    You need to place 'cyberjapan.js' onto /site/all/modules/cyberjapan/js/
    or modules/cyberjapan/js/

    You can get recent zip archive from
    cyberjapan-js.zip file


A documentation for this module can be found at REAME.md of the module.

RoadMap & Current State

* 1.x current: first public version. Only support for basemap. It support only map image.
* 2.x overlay support, ability to select map data collection for layers, photo image layer.

Related Modules

* OpenLayers - bring the OpenLayers JS library into Drupal.

LEGAL notice


Wiki System.

VKontakte Oauth

The Vkontakte Oauth module provides authentication method and an API to perform different actions against russian largest social network - VK.com (formerly vkontakte.ru).

It allows users to login to Drupal through the VK connect service using its newest API, based on Oauth standart

Out of box it provides login services and an API for performing any other actions you may want to write yourself to query against VK's APIs. This module is built with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

Poker Features

Poker is a group of modules to create custom poker-related features.

Current modules

Poker blinds

A compound field widget and formatter to create poker games' blinds levels with name, Small Blind value, Big Blind value and Ante value (Level name, SB, BB, Ante).

Feed Loader

Feed Loader

This Module was build using the Drupal Core Aggregator Module. This Module will create a new keyword field for all content types that exist. Once you enter a keyword the module will create an google news feed link for that keyword and grab all the news feeds related to that keyword which will be related to the node that created the keyword.

In addition the comments that are placed for this node will also be considered as feeds for this keyword and will be displayed in the feeds block for this node.

The module requires comment, views_ui and ultimate_cron to work.


This module provides a simple Text Filter that identifies HTML Headings (h1, h2, ...) and makes it possible to link directly to their position on the page.

This allows you to toss around references to specific sections within a long article.

Google Data Visualization

Google Data Visualization
Introduction to Using Chart Tools

Google Chart Tools provide a perfect way to visualize data on your website. From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps, the chart galley provides a large number of well-designed chart types. Populating your data is easy using the provided client- and server-side tools.

A chart depends on the following building blocks:


jsTree Document

Document jsTree Sample

The document project allows to have a DMS like module inside Drupal, it works really good, but was missing a component, a better way to browse through the available documents hierarchy.

This module adds a special block to browse the documents hierarchy and be able to go to directly to any specific document. Works with the jquery library jstree.


SLiMS on Drupal Screenshot

SLiMS/SOD module is useful for those who want to publish bibliographies
listed on the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) of SLiMS (Senayan
Library Management System) using Drupal interface.

Below are some reasons why using Drupal interface to publish SLiMS OPAC.

  • Publish SLiMS OPAC but not allowed the public to access SLiMS application directly.
  • Enrich display or content of OPAC with existing of features in Drupal such as articles or news in addition to basic page. Or just want to use Drupal's themes.



A Site where people can choose which companies they want to have news from.