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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Core development a la' chx

Collaboration in various core patches.

Services Login Limiter

Limit your users to only being able to login to your drupal site through a Services Resource. This option is needed by many mobile application developers creating applications on Android, and iOS. Drupal is an excellent option for a mobile application server in conjuction with the Services Module but frequently the application developer wants to limit local logins and only a login via their mobile/remote application. Enter Services Login Limiter Module. This module creates a new service resource called 'remote_user' with two actions, 'login' and 'register'. Login through these resource actions is limited to your mobile application. This is accomplished with the use of an application key passed from the remote client, to the Drupal installation. Roles can be granted to users to allow for local log in for administrative purpose. Users who attempt to login via browser or register via browser are logged out immediately.


Main EAN config


This module allows you to offer hotels on your website.
It provides travel related sites to make some extra money if people actually book a hotels.


  • Hotel searches, for a particular city.
  • Hotel information pages, provided by the EAN network.


You need to have a EAN affiliate account.
If you don't have one you can apply for one here: https://developer.ean.com/member/register

Ubercart Ajax Attributes List Price Calculations Module

Ubercart Ajax Attributes List Price Calculations Module is a enhanced version of Ubercart Ajax Attribute Calculations module

Ubercart Ajax Attributes List Price Calculations Module gives you an extra option of list price on the options page per attibute. Hence on the product page, the list price as well as the sell price changes per attribute.

PHPMailer Contact

PHPMailer Contact

This module is intended to be an alternative to the core Contact module. It is recommended for those who have been unsuccessful in getting the Drupal 7 Contact module to send messages and other contributed modules have not worked to their satisfaction. Many who are on shared hosting have experienced this as well as those who are having trouble configuring up their own servers correctly.

This module uses the PHPMailer library, a rock solid object oriented program that makes sending smtp emails very simple. Users are allowed to store multiple smtp contacts each with their own settings and passwords. Passwords are stored in the database using 128bit encrytion. A block is included which can be optionally enabled.


  1. Download the PHPMailer library at THIS LINK
  2. Install the PHPMailer library so that class.smtp.php can be found at sites/all/libraries/phpmailer/class.smtp.php
  3. Install PHPMailer Contact (this module) unpacking it to your Drupal sites/all/modules directory if you're isntalling by hand then enable it.
  4. Set the permissions for PHPMAiler Contact.
  5. Rebuild access permissions if you are prompted to

Toolbar Paths


The Toolbar Paths module provides a simple settings interface which allows you to
control the display of the Drupal 7 Toolbar, by simply invoking path conditions.
This module may come to use, while using internal iframes and such.
Also handy to tidy up on unique necessities.


This module will show/hide the toolbar due to the settings configured.


Toolbar module - Drupal 7 Core.
The module itself has no particular PHP, database, or Drupal requirements, other than it only works with Drupal 7.x.

Delayed publication

This module adds two fields to nodes of a chosen type or types (a configuration page allows you to choose which types of node are impacted).

Taskbar activity rules

This project integrates Taskbar activity with rules.

Commerce Line Item Edit

Allows you to edit line items after they've been added to your shopping cart within Drupal Commerce.

Commerce Order Details

Allows administrators to see the details of the line items in an order.

Feeds Archive Fetcher (fork)

Forked from theduke's sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/theduke/1705330 to extend it to allow fetching from multiple files in sub-directories of the archive, and possibly more additions to come.

From theduke's project description: This simple module provides a feed plugin to fetch an archive from either a remote or local location, extract it and then act upon a file inside that archive.

Commerce Partial

Allows partial payments to be made within Drupal Commerce

Chrome PHP

This module is now obsolete, the Devel module offers its own dcp() function.

Implements Chrome PHP by Craig Campbell into Drupal for use in your own modules for debugging purposes. When installed the module sets itself a very low weight so it should be available to any custom code.

The following functions are provided;

Commons Tooling

A set of for creating a virtualized Commons environment and running tests on it.


Commerce Shipping Report

Commerce Shipping Line Item report. This module provides a VERY simple report.

This module adds a page at Store > Reports > Shipping which displays a summary and list of all Shipping type line items for orders with a status of Completed or Pending.


Solr Nutch


UPDATE: This work has been moved to apachesolr_examples.

The module enables searching Solr indexes that were crawled by Apache Nutch.

This configuration has been tested against:


provide an alternative url input filter that adds rel="nofollow" to created links

Simple Image Gallery

Small demo of the Simple Image Gallery

The Simple Image Gallery is the first module I've created. I am publishing it as a way for other Drupal developers to learn some of the basics about module development. This can be used in a production environment, but isn't recommended since it has a few redundant areas.


git clone http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/KurtKnudsen/1858534.git simple_image_gallery

What it does:

Upon installation it creates a Content Type with an Image field. It sets the Image Field to 'Hidden' so it doesn't show up on the node. It also sets the field's Image Style and Image Link via code, but since it's hidden, it's rather pointless. It also creates an Image Style of Scale&Crop at 75x75 pixels. Lastly, it creates a Views page to display the content at ?q=image_gallery.

You can upload an unlimited number of images when you Add New Content. When you click on a thumbnail image, it will open a larger version next to it in a display div. It uses simple Javascript to accomplish this. I was going to use AJAX but that was far more complex than it needed to be. The JS hooks into the click() event and grabs the image source from the anchor tag.

What you can learn from it:

  • How to create a content type
  • How to create and setup fields for a content type
  • How to display the content type in a Views page

Adobe(Omniture) Test&Target Integration

This module help end editors to wrap content with Test&Target mbox. The module includes following features:

  • A fliter test format: MBox
  • Create HTML Offer
  • Define new location

Blank User Roles

To ensure users don't have roles on certain domains.

Background Carousel

With this module you can upload a set of background images. These images will then be used as the background for the site. On a adjustable interval the current image fades to the next one.

Find Replace

** DRUPAL 7 **

- "Settings > Settings" define the name of the tables where symbol search will be implemented.
Please start the name of the table in a new row.
For example:

- "Settings > Characters" define the needle strings with a replaced string delimiting it with |||.
Each condition has to start in a new row.
For example [needle]|||[new string]:



Geolocation Module is depends on php Geolocation library, Geo.Dat file needs to be updated whenever the provider is updating the file. the file can be downloaded form http://www.maxmind.com.

Supports drupal 6

Dependency with i18n and lightbox2


Very simple module which integrates salesmanago.com tracking code with Drupal.