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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



JTypo module makes your texts look nicer, applying configurable set of typography rules (45 rules altogether grouped into 6 sets called "tof"s).

It provides:

  • Input filter 'Jare Typograph' which can be used with any Text Format.
  • Theme-layer filters which applies to different titles and captions of pages, nodes, blocks, panel panes, menu links, menu local tasks, form_labels and form_fields.


  • With the aid of source_popup module you can get clear view of what text was "jtyped", and how it was - via Shift+click. Give it a try, it is handy.


Nothing special, just unpack into /sites/all/modules and you're done.


To make use of input filter, visit admin/config/content/formats page and enable the filter Jare Typograph. Below in vertical tabs you can configure which tofs should be used.

To make use of preprocess title filters visit admin/config/content/jtypo and enable things you want to process and tofs you need.

Jare Typograph

Jare Typograph PHP library deals with text transformations,to make texts look nice. The library was initially developed for Russian texts formatting, but might be useful for other languages either.


Shift-click on a page fragment to see its source code in a popup with HTML escaped.
For example, you can configure source_popup to detect Drupal messages (errors, warnings, fatals) to open them in a popup and you will see message source, as it was formatted initially, with line breaks and etc.

Jare Typograph sandbox module uses this module for easy and quick analyzing the result of texts formatting.

Commerce taxonomy catalog

Every on-line shops needs a product catalog easy to set-up and configure. Commerce catalog provides a simplyfied interface to taxonomy module to build catalog for Drupal Commerce module.




Cloud Zoom - Testing Only

Sandbox - development and test from the Cloud zoom module http://drupal.org/project/cloud_zoom

1. Complete port to D7 (Complete configuration system)
2. Create a template system

Only for testing!

menu sitemap testing

Menu sitemap testing por to Drupal 7.
Original idea http://drupal.org/project/menu_site_map


VK login

Russian social network login integration


Cancamusic Logo

This module uses oEmbed to retrieve data from URLs and create song nodes into Drupal.

It also searchs for duplicated content and will add more features for the Cancamusic website.

Statistics reset

Allows for resetting statistics trough the UI.

Download Monitor

This module tracks downloads and warns administrators if someone is downloading too many files within a given timeframe.

Field group panels integration

This module provides fieldgroups as renderable content_type in panels.


ctools 7.x-1.x-dev
Unfortunately a patch has to be applyed against the newest dev version of ctools to make this work: http://drupal.org/node/1259430#comment-6058352 (or newer)
field group 7.x-2.x-dev or 7.x-1.x

Commerce Credit Voucher

Commerce Credit Voucher provides a credit voucher payment method for Drupal Commerce. It works in a very similar way as the Commerce Coupon module, except it is a real payment method and the users can make transactions using their credit vouchers.

With Commerce Credit Voucher you can:

Node Hierarchy Extras

Extra functionality related to the Node Hierarchy module for Drupal 7. The module contains the following sub-modules:

  • Node Hierarchy Recursive Pathauto
  • Node Hierarchy Feeds Mapper

User-generated Maps

Rendering map results


This module allows users to generate maps based on the contents of your Drupal site. This visualization is based on content date fields assigned to content types on your site.

Users can also save generated maps to easier find them later.


This module has the following requirements:

User-generated Timelines

Display of timeline


This module allows users to generate timelines based on the contents of your Drupal site. This visualization is based on content date fields assigned to content types on your site.

Users can also save generated timelines to easier find them later.


This module makes use of the timeline module: http://drupal.org/project/timeline/

Change Pass

Provides a block containing a form for the current user to change their password.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts is an API with submodules to track when a user has agreed to a contract.

This module differs from similar modules like TOS and UC_termsofservice in that it supports different contracts for different products and scenarios, as well as optionally requiring users to agree to an updated version of a contract before accessing content.

This module is in heavy development at the moment, but is going to production on a couple sites now.



While it's possible to give a specific attribute option combination an alternate SKU, you can not give it a fixed price. This module makes it possible to give each attribute option combination a fixed price. This can be done in the 'Adjustments' tab when editing a product.

jPlayer Audio

This is a Features module that adds and creates a basic "Audio" content type and view using the jPlayer module.

e-Commerce Mailcheck

This module adds mailcheck support to the Drupal Commerce checkout page - to help you get your customer's details right - first time.

Ubercart Guest Checkout

Tries to provide a more truly anonymous feeling checkout experience in Ubercart.
In early development.

Node redirection

Creates a nodetype for redirection nodes - i.e. nodes with a link to an internal or external resource that will be the destination for this node.

For e.g. nodequeues with frontpage items where you want a "click-friendly" title, image or summary, but retain another title and other content on the actual node.

Or in order to share (links to) content between several sites, you can create a redirection node on one site that points to the content node on the other site.



A drupal commons and voip integration.

Feeds Date Changed

Feed Date Changed add the possibility to import the changed date of entities with the module Feeds.

When you import data with Feeds, changed date of the entity is defined with the current timestamp when importing.

With Feeds you can import the published date of the entity. Sometimes it is also important to be able to import the changed date of the entity.

Whith Feed Date Changed you will have available a new target when mapping fields that allow you to import the changed date in your feed.

Front Plus

Front Plus extends the Front Page module. It seeks to make it easier for a non-technical website owner to easily select a front page from a set of pluggable options. This allows developers the ability to create commonly used front page plugins that can be selected by the site owner from a visual list, making the process of setting a front page more straightforward and intuitive for people that are not as well-versed in Drupal.