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Commerce Packing Old

Based on a discussion in the commerce_ups issue queue, this is an attempt to get more accurate shipping estimates by figuring out how an order should be packed.

Qm Obituary

Obituary page prayers


This plugins helps navigate in tables, highlighting the hovered rows and columns,
and provides ability fo fix highligh by clicking on a cell.

To install just enable the module.

There are 3 optional versions of .js files to use with this module:
1. Uncompressed - 13.8K
2. Minified - 3.2K
3. Packed -2.9K

By default the minifed version is selected, you can change to other types from:

Block Order

Allows site administrators to control the ordering of blocks on a per-page basis.


  • Install the module
  • Configure the permissions
  • Configure what regions you want to control: admin/config/user-interface/block-order
  • Go to a page with blocks in that region and you will see a form at the bottom of the region that allows you to set the order of those blocks for that page.
  • Click save to save the order, or default to reset the blocks to the default order.


This module is a Context plugin, where gives you a new Condition for the term depth.

You can use it at the taxonomy pages, where it list all nodes that use a term.

The new condition need 1 parameter, the depth.

This plugin was sponsored by Felipe Fidelix.

Address book

Simple address book based on custom entity.
CRUD implementation.

Entity = 'contact'
Entity bundle = 'contact'

Entity bundle are fieldable.
Default fields are deletable.

Install and uninstall

On module installation there is once creation of all fields (category and photo) and taxonomy vocabularies for that fields.

On module uninstallation there is deletion of all fields and their data from database.
Vocabularies do not deletes.

Future plans:

Integration with views and rules.

Commerce Pay2Pay

This module provides Pay2Pay payment gateway for Drupal Commerce. Pay2Pay allows you to perform payments using various payment services like PayPal, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, RBK Money, LiqPay etc

Domain menus

There's also domain_menu_block which doesn't need a Menu Block patch, but it creates new blocks with new config and too many new menus.


Allows you to configure menus per domain and creates those automatically.

Requires a Menu Block patch! Add

drupal_alter('menu_block_view_config', $config, $delta);

to menu_block_block_view() after the first line.

Entity services

Entities services

Context block performance tweaks

Attempted tweaks to context reaction block

Uniteller payment for Ubercart


The module is designed to accept credit card payments through Uniteller (uniteller.ru) payment system.

Bootstrap menu

Represent Drupal's multi-level menus in Twitter bootstrap markup.

Examples views

A series of small modules to demonstrate how you can use the views 3.0 API


Im trying to do a basic module for support the spanish invoice in drupal. I dont saw another proyect like this.

Initial proposal feature:
* Easy generation of xml invoice since a php array.

YouTube Video Uploader

A standardised solution of integrating Youtube APIs with Drupal. Provides a YouTube CCK field which can be used with Youtube URL or uploading a video directly to Youtube.


  • Creates a CCK field "YouTube" to upload Youtube videos.
  • Provides Video Upload and URL extract formats.
  • Creates a youtube Engine settings form to add youtube credentials
  • Creates a module specific permission so only users having permission can add/update youtube credentials.

This is a D7 module



CoderDojo Content Type Dojo

Features package of CoderDojo Dojo content type

CoderDojo Fields Node Dojo

Features package of fields required for CoderDojo Dojo content type

CoderDojo Fields Node Media Gallery

Features package of fields required for CoderDojo Media Gallery content type

CoderDojo Wysiwyg Profile

Features package storing the Wysiwyg editor configuration profiles

CoderDojo Taxonomies

Taxonomies required for CoderDojo project

Menu2 (m2)

The project has moved here: Menu2

CoderDojo Content Type Wiki Page

Features package of CoderDojo Wiki Page content type

Heartbeat Twitter

Instant integration between the Twitter module and the Heartbeat modules.

Status updates imported by the Twitter module are added to the site's Heartbeat activity stream as well as a Twitter stream.