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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Omnistar Affiliate

Omnistar Affiliate Module Configuration Page

This module provides an easy way to setup Omnistar Affiliate tracking code to your site, including to your drupal's footer the Javascript code for the integration.

What is Omnistar Affiliate:
It's a SAAS software that give you the tools and resources you need to successfully grow your business with affiliate and online marketing.

This module includes:

  • Configuration interface to enter your Omnistar Affiliate account information.
  • Automatically includes the Javascript to all your pages to track your user's activities.



Documentation Entity


Drupal needs better tools for managing help/documentation. A better help system and a "Curated/Official Documentation System" would both be an answer. Making use of the entity system introduced in Drupal 7 combined with the concepts of DITA it is possible to upgrade the help system and make the life of both documentation creators and consumers easier. This project is meant to contribute to this matter as part of GSoC 2012.

Description will be expanded as the project goes on. See the full Help System proposal and the Help Topic GSoC proposal and the announcement by jhodgdon for additional details.


The BIRT Drupal module allows a BIRT design's HTML contents to be displayed as its own content type in a Drupal website. It allows dynamic content from any data source to be displayed. As it's own Drupal content type, the title and BIRT design file can be set to include as many BIRT designs as needed. Anyone with the need to add dynamic, data-driven BIRT content to their open source Drupal content management system will find the BIRT module extremely valuable. BIRT is an open source Business Intelligence program with possibly the most free features of any BI application.


Xu is an evolving set of developer utilities for working with Drupal (like Chaos Tools).

Drupal 7

Xu for Drupal 7 is a PSR-0 compliant library of common functionality. None of the D6 functionality has yet been ported and it is limited and evolving. Ctools is no longer a dependency.

Drupal 6

These are mostly helpful functions which I have found cause to reuse in multiple modules, and are organised into libraries (of functions) and helpers (classes). Individual libraries are documented in the code.


Proposal Generator

Allow users to build a library of proposal line items that can be used to quickly create new proposals while continuously improving the level of detail provided as well as the accuracy of line item quotes.

Field Link List

Creates a field display formatter that displays a list item as a link.




DIBS Payment Window for Ubercart

This is the official payment module for the DIBS payment gateway - http://www.dibspayment.com.

This extension provides integration of DIBS Payment Window and Mobile Payment Window with your shop. Option "Auto" is available to automatically use Mobile Payment Window when your customer is browsing with mobile device. Separate package and installation/configuration manual are available for downloading from the official site.

RightNow API

This module provides basic integration with RightNow API for SOAP.

Admin UI for Rightnow Configuration options:

  • WSDL
  • Username
  • Password
  • AppID

You will need to look at the example provides to build you own Create, Get, Update, Destroy Operations.

Context Debug All

When debugging relatively complicated pages with multiple Contexts set, I've often wondered "What Context is *that* block being enabled by?" Rather than laboriously set the "Debug" Reaction manully on every Context, this simple module modifies every Context that gets loaded and sets the "Debug" reaction automatically.

Drippy - the drupal assistant.

This offers another path for messages to go through (instead of drupal_set_message) so they are rendered as cartoon speech bubbles by a mysterious avatar.



What is Correct.li?

Correct.li is a new website service that lets your users correct your mistakes by selecting text on your website. All you need is to register at Correct.li, add your site and configure module correctly.

This module provides configuration panel for Correct.li connection. You can also specify roles and pages that can use Correct.li feature. Of course, it includes Correct.li script code implementation.



JTypo module makes your texts look nicer, applying configurable set of typography rules (45 rules altogether grouped into 6 sets called "tof"s).

It provides:

  • Input filter 'Jare Typograph' which can be used with any Text Format.
  • Theme-layer filters which applies to different titles and captions of pages, nodes, blocks, panel panes, menu links, menu local tasks, form_labels and form_fields.


  • With the aid of source_popup module you can get clear view of what text was "jtyped", and how it was - via Shift+click. Give it a try, it is handy.


Nothing special, just unpack into /sites/all/modules and you're done.


To make use of input filter, visit admin/config/content/formats page and enable the filter Jare Typograph. Below in vertical tabs you can configure which tofs should be used.

To make use of preprocess title filters visit admin/config/content/jtypo and enable things you want to process and tofs you need.

Jare Typograph

Jare Typograph PHP library deals with text transformations,to make texts look nice. The library was initially developed for Russian texts formatting, but might be useful for other languages either.


Shift-click on a page fragment to see its source code in a popup with HTML escaped.
For example, you can configure source_popup to detect Drupal messages (errors, warnings, fatals) to open them in a popup and you will see message source, as it was formatted initially, with line breaks and etc.

Jare Typograph sandbox module uses this module for easy and quick analyzing the result of texts formatting.

Commerce taxonomy catalog

Every on-line shops needs a product catalog easy to set-up and configure. Commerce catalog provides a simplyfied interface to taxonomy module to build catalog for Drupal Commerce module.




Cloud Zoom - Testing Only

Sandbox - development and test from the Cloud zoom module http://drupal.org/project/cloud_zoom

1. Complete port to D7 (Complete configuration system)
2. Create a template system

Only for testing!

menu sitemap testing

Menu sitemap testing por to Drupal 7.
Original idea http://drupal.org/project/menu_site_map


VK login

Russian social network login integration


Cancamusic Logo

This module uses oEmbed to retrieve data from URLs and create song nodes into Drupal.

It also searchs for duplicated content and will add more features for the Cancamusic website.

Statistics reset

Allows for resetting statistics trough the UI.

Download Monitor

This module tracks downloads and warns administrators if someone is downloading too many files within a given timeframe.

Field group panels integration

This module provides fieldgroups as renderable content_type in panels.


ctools 7.x-1.x-dev
Unfortunately a patch has to be applyed against the newest dev version of ctools to make this work: http://drupal.org/node/1259430#comment-6058352 (or newer)
field group 7.x-2.x-dev or 7.x-1.x

Commerce Credit Voucher

Commerce Credit Voucher provides a credit voucher payment method for Drupal Commerce. It works in a very similar way as the Commerce Coupon module, except it is a real payment method and the users can make transactions using their credit vouchers.

With Commerce Credit Voucher you can:

Node Hierarchy Extras

Extra functionality related to the Node Hierarchy module for Drupal 7. The module contains the following sub-modules:

  • Node Hierarchy Recursive Pathauto
  • Node Hierarchy Feeds Mapper