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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Batch Content

A small module that is able to publish all content or certain content types.

UC Netcash (Drupal 7)

Netcash Logo

This is a module port done for the UC Netcash module to Drupal 7. This module is to be used for Ubercart using Netcash.co.za as a credit card gateway.

Usage / installation:


custom module

Views Languages Field

The Views Languages Field module provides a Views field displaying the languages a node is already translated in or can be translated in (i18n_node).


SoPro - Outil de brainstorming collaboratif pour Drupal

Notre application a pour objectif de proposer aux utilisateurs un outil de brainstorming en ligne à des personnes réparties entre plusieurs endroits, nous avons fait le choix de l’appeler Réseau SoPro en référence aux Réseaux Sociaux d’Entreprise.

Elle a été pensée dans un premier temps pour des consultants répartis entre plusieurs endroits qui ont besoin d’un outil de collaboration pour faire émerger les meilleures idées possibles d’une réflexion.

Node Reference Add New

Widget to allow the user to create a new node form the node reference field.

Export Orders for Commerce

Export Orders for Commerce module allows admin to export orders to csv file.

To export you need to go to Store -> Export Order. Select a range and click Eport.

Paioo user

Drupal 7 module that splits the User edit page into separate

  1. "Edit Account",
  2. "Edit Profile",
  3. and "Change Password" pages

This borrows the idea/code from the Edit Profile module, specifically for separating out the account and profile (field) info.

I'm also borrowing from the "Password Tab" submodule in the Password Policy module.

Aside from combining this functionality together, this module also remaps the menu to create a single "Edit" tab on the user pages with sub tabs for the profile/account/password form pages.

Pathauto UUID

A lightweight attempt at creating a UUID from the page title of a node using the pathatuto token rules.

Watchdog Log Analyzer

The aim of this module is to provide a set of tools to the administrator
that analyze Drupal's watchdog log records, identify and analyze patterns and provide intelligent suggestions to the site administrator.


This is a module to send emails out to dropship accounts when their products are ordered through your store. This will require commerce_email.

Commerce Amount Coupon

Generate your fixed amount coupons for drupal commerce

This is a simple module to get coupon codes for Drupal Commerce shops, without the use of any rule.

Search API Date Toolkit

This is a sandbox that is going to collect some useful bits and bobs for working with Search API dates and facets of them.

Dates are hard, so this code is probably broken, sorry.

Drush Scenario Builder (DSB)

DSB is a Drush utility to automate project setups. It defines the concept of a "scenario", a named setup consisting of a certain amount of systems (drupal instances) with individual setup and configuration.

The scenario building process is split into several phases:


Search API Statistics

Integrates with Search API and Facet API to log search queries and facet clicks.

This project was originally developed as Google Summer of Code 2012 project.

File edit


This module simply adds an Edit button to upload files (next to the Remove button) to open a modal to edit the file using File entity.


Backwards compatibility

Use modules written for older Drupal core, with minimum or no change in the source code.
Minimum intent is to allow D7 modules to run under D8, next step will be D6 modules under D8.

Drush Feeds Import

If you are familiar with Feeds module, you know you can import all feeds executing the Drupal cron. This approach works, but if you have a site with thousands of feeds imported, could be a problem.

The module Drush Feeds Import was created to help Drupal administrators with this situation. This module have 3 commands.

Content type services

Services resource for content types

sandbox demo

demo sandbox module


VEFKUP - views exposed filters keep URL params

At the current moment views exposed filters do not respect other params in the URL except for their own. This causes conflict when using facetapi or search_api_sorts. For example if you choose some filters first and will change some exposed filters afterwards and submit the form - all the chosen facets will be lost (unselected).

So this module is aimed to fix this problem. It puts all the facets into the exposed form so when the form is submitted - all the facets GET params are in place.

Views numeric filter for lists

This module provide Views numeric filter handler for List (integer) fields.

Standart list filter handler support only 5 operators:

  1. Is one of
  2. Is all of
  3. Is none of
  4. Is empty (NULL)
  5. Is not empty (NOT NULL)

Numeric filter handler support 11 operators:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Provides integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ubercart Domain Rules

A glue module between UC Rules and UC Domain.

Provides a new Rules condition that checks if a given order is part of a specific domain.

Also adds domain tokens to orders.

Read Time Field

This module provides a "Read Time" field for a node. This is essentially a piece of text at the beginning of an article stating how long it will take to read it; i.e., Read Time: 4 min 30 sec. This module provides a custom field and a formatter for the field that contains settings that let you specify the fields from which to calculate the read time, the words per minute and text format.