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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

CTools URL variable access rule


Provides CTools access rules based on URL variable existence or if it has an specific value.

For example,


This module is currently in development. There is no release yet.



Development is sponsored by Web Partners.


The Audio & Video media module provides a custom content fields for audio and video files and support of media libraries like MediaElement.

Views Collapsible Group

Adds an additional collapsible functionality to the views group by option.

Image Node

Create nodes from images


This is a sandbox feature for the Abatoii project in the Sanitation Hackathon Uganda



The module "Raa-FM" creates a block with the radio on the site.
Based on a script raa , project Аэотика.
developed by the project Service Triolan Kharkov
Install the radio section block.

radiofm v.1.0 (14.12.2012)
* Added ability to add stations from the admin panel.

Views Filter Comment Depth

Provides a views filter on comment depth.

With this filter, a view may be created of just top level comments, for instance. Useful in a freemium model, allowing free access to comments and limited access to replies.

Funny Pics

This is about funny animals

Feeds Simplepie MRSS

Exposes MRSS from simplepie parser to feeds.

Filefield MRSS

Places filefield images and videos into MRSS

XAPI Openstreetmap API

Pulls data from Openstreetmap. Developed for the Kampala sanitation hackathon. Currently contains hardcoded stuff (but works)

Purl Domain or Path

Purl Domain or Path is a smart Purl plugin that attempts matching both, domain and path, which allows to mix the two types of modifiers in given Drupal installation.


Feedback Form from Kampyle


It´s a simple alternative to dsm function of Devel module. I called it print_die,

because the execution is terminated after variables are rendered.


*Print objects, arrays, and simple variables.

*Format and highlight sql statements

*Accept multiple parameters

*Terminate the execution, and avoid Drupal do nothing more.



or using the mask 'asd':

Sandbox Git Practice

This is a experimental project for Git access


This is a rewrite of the drupal core function theme_image.
It adds a cache busting query string to the path of each image based on filemtime.

Many user access

Many user access

Embed Countdown

Provides script to export embed to content displaying jQuery countdowns.

File relative path

The File relative path module creates the "Relative path" display option.
It can be used for a file and an image field.

If will generate a relative path to a file, and force file download.


* Create new file of image field.
* Go to display settings and select the "Relative path".



Sailthru provide email marketing/delivery services that can be accessed by their API.
This module aims to do a full integration of Sailthru's products and services. It will provide a posibility to replace all the traditional email notifications through Personalized HTML emails, with template synchronization, and much more ...

Bibliography ISBN

This is a Bibliography dependent module that will create Biblio nodes based on ISBN's.

Supports ISBNdb and Open Library.

Data Pool

Sample sandbox

HTML5 media formaters

HTML5 media formaters provides formatters that will render a file using the HTML5 audio and video tags.

graphapi patches

This project only exists to tinker with graphapi and will be deleted once graphapi reaches a stable stage.