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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



Sailthru provide email marketing/delivery services that can be accessed by their API.
This module aims to do a full integration of Sailthru's products and services. It will provide a posibility to replace all the traditional email notifications through Personalized HTML emails, with template synchronization, and much more ...

Bibliography ISBN

This is a Bibliography dependent module that will create Biblio nodes based on ISBN's.

Supports ISBNdb and Open Library.

Data Pool

Sample sandbox

HTML5 media formaters

HTML5 media formaters provides formatters that will render a file using the HTML5 audio and video tags.

graphapi patches

This project only exists to tinker with graphapi and will be deleted once graphapi reaches a stable stage.

OG Audience Field Example

An alternate widget for the OG_AUDIENCE_FIELD provided by the Organic Groups module. Illustrates a solution for the problem described at http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/52907/setting-the-form-value-t....


This module provides shipping estimates from Freightquote.com service.

Node Field Privacy

Screen shot of 'Manage Fields'

This module facilitates fields of entities (of type 'node') to have an optional private status associated with them, so that the field contents are only visible to the node editor and site administrators.

Refresh views

Automatic Refresh Views Module

This is module that allows to set timer to Refresh in the views.

* (optional) Download and install the Automatic Refresh Views module.
* Copy the module's directory to your modules directory and activate the module.
* to set timer , configure themodule at 'admin/config'.

You must name the path for view as same name of view

Block Filed Insert

Allows you to insert blocks into text are fields or multi item fields

Simple Facebook for Drupal

Simple Facebook for Drupal allows users to quickly integrate Facebook into their Drupal site by bootstrapping the JS SDK as part of Drupal, and allowing users to be created from Facebook accounts. It exposes the Facebook SDKs in an easy to use manner to make it easier to add Facebook functionality to your own modules.

This plugin tries to be as out of the way as possible so that developers can write custom Javascript or PHP for Facebook with minimal overhead.

Menu Slice

Menu Slice screenshot

What can I do with this module?

  • Create menus from subtrees of existing menus.
  • Clone menu subtrees to an existing menu.

When should I use this module?

Menu Slice is very similar to Menu Block module.

Content Create Access

Allows you to specify for each user which node types it may create.

Useful if you run a site with a lot of node types and don't want to create a specific role for each node type in order to control access.


Creating payment gateway compatible with drupal commerce that utilizes the various Merchant Warehouse gateways https://staging.merchantware.net/Merchantware/doc40

Starting with Transport.Web


Custom Form Crop Image

You can use image crop in your custom form.

Please following these steps:

>1. Download and install this module
>2. On your custom form, add these code:

  if (module_exists('gameguyz_cropimage')) {
    $element_info = element_info('managed_file');
    $form['crop_image_test'] = array(
      '#title' => t('Crop Image Test'),
      '#description' => t('Crop image after upload'),
      '#type' => 'managed_file',
      '#default_value' => variable_get('crop_image_test_fid', ''),
      '#upload_location' => 'public://',
      '#process' => array_merge($element_info['#process'], array('gameguyz_cropimage_process', 'gameguyz_cropimage_beauty_settings_process')),
      '#file_value_callbacks' => array('gameguyz_cropimage_widget_value'),

>3. In form submit function:

  if ($form_state['values']['crop_image_test'] != 0) {
    $crop_info = variable_get('gameguyz_cropimage_info', array());
    $fid = $form_state['values']['crop_image_test']['fid'];
    $fid = empty($crop_info[$fid])?$fid:$crop_info[$fid]['fid_new'];
    variable_set('crop_image_test_fid', $fid);

>4. Change crop box size: gameguyz_cropimage/gameguyz_cropimage.module

Project page:

The project page can be found here: http://drupal.org/sandbox/meadhu/1870050

Address field Norwegian pid

Adds address field support for the Norwegian personal identification number (PID).
The PID is required by customs when shipping goods into Norway.

The module adds an address format called "Norwegian personal identification number".
The format uses the administrative_area field (not used for Norwegian addresses).

OG Subgroups 7.x-2.x

Porting of OG Subgroups to OG 7.x-2.x

Linked image

Wrap image with an external or internal link.


UserVoice integrates easy-to-use feedback, helpdesk, and knowledge base management tools in one platform that empowers users to speak and companies to understand.

This UserVoice module provides a block to insert the User Voice widget in a Drupal web site. A UserVoice account is necessary besides the widget key that need to be inserted in admin/config/uservoice.

Views Slideshow Swipe

Views Slideshow Swipe integrates the tutorial found on DayMuse into a Drupal Module for plug and play swipe functionality into Views Slideshow.

See admin/help#views_slideshow_swipe after installing for further instructions.



Payment DineroMail

This module implements DineroMail payment methods to use with the payment module.

It deals with :

- DineroMail Buttons
- DineroMail IPN (See install.txt for specific DineroMail side settings)

Spaces OG Book

Replaces book adding of book elements to node form with one that is restricted to the current organic group, with the intent of not loading every, single, book structure on every single node form (which book.module is want to do, if a user has administer book outline permission). To install, do as normal than grant users 'add content to group books' permission and remove 'add content to books' and 'administer book outline' permission.

It does not actually require spaces, just that og_get_context will return the group on both node/add and node edit forms.


Approving comments can be a big pain, especially if your site allows for anonymous comments. Here's a picture of my technical BLOG's unapproved comments screen. I have over 370 comments to review, and they are mostly spam! If I forget to look at this list for a few weeks, I can easily have a thousand to review!

Over 370 Unapproved Comments (Mostly Spam)