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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Qiwi

This project integrates Qiwi Wallet into the Drupal Commerce payment. It currently supports off-site payment via Qiwi Terminals and on-site Qiwi money and credit card payment via Qiwi Wallet.


Module based on Qiwi protocol description. It is not required SOAP on your server.

Commerce QIWI actively uses transactions statuses. It means you can control post-paid transaction via terminals and credit cards.

Library Catalog Book

[libcat_book] Functionality related to creating a content type for and being able to save books in the library catalog. This module does not rely on libcat_collection or libcat_order but has functions enhanced by them.



The Xbox Achievements module was created to display a user's Xbox achievements on a drupal website in as nice a way as possible. The module started off as a module which had the user upload the data via XML.
The data would need to be taken from Xbox.com. Later on the Project was changed by the arrival of xboxapi.com which allowed changes to be made to take advantage of the webservices xboxapi provide.
There are number of issues with the module in it's current state.

Book chapter link

Creates a way to link to any page in a book from the long text widget of the edit page of any other page.

This module creates a WYSIWYG gadget and an HTML filter. It creates titled links in long text using decimal outline notation. It applies the outline also to chapter lists (but not page titles).

Currently it is designed for Drupal 6 and TinyMCE but will be updated for Drupal 7 (and possibly the Aloha editor).

Simplenews Farm

This is an attempt at a multi-user simplenews implementation. It provides a single access controlled list per logged in user, creatable on user creation.

Note that I consider this a bad idea™. If you are thinking of using this unsupporteded, experimental module, I suggest you get to know the mailman and sympa applications.

Mailman integration for Drupal 6 exists:

Holiday Notifier

Holiday Notifier module is a feature displaying holiday information for various countries. The module is meant as an easy way to get pre-assigned holidays for certain countries for any website needing a holiday module, this includes e.g. schools, travel websites.

Views Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 upgrade

You will need to install this module to migrate your Drupal 7 Views data to Drupal 8, because the Views module is now in Drupal core.


Tentative upgrade instructions (these may change):


Context Cookie

Exposes cookie ($_COOKIE) variables to Context. Works similarly to Context Session and also allows to check wether a cookie has a specific value.

A useful usage of this module can be for flagging a context to enable or disable based on some event by simply setting or unsetting a cookie.

This is a sandbox project so get it using Git:

Developer toolbox

While developing websites using drupal I have the need to run a snippet of php, show form ids, etc etc. I've build a toolbax with some ajax to help em do this. Not very keen on devel module as I have had it break things before.


Slick checkboxes

Check boxes done in the style of iphone.

Slick popups

Using fancybox created slick popups to display forms etc.

Git version

Adds a git_version_render() which can be added to a block or direct to page template to show current git revision number.

Scroll to fixed

Implements scroll to fixed js and adds an admin page to easliy use css selectors to define scroll to fixed properties.


How to

In Views3, choose 'Format > Show > Grouped Fields' and give it the following wrapper config:

user/avatar: field_user_name, field_user_image
user/info: field_user_comments, field_user_rating
post: field_node_title, field_node_body

You'll get the following output, with fields HTML code inserted:

MongoDB Statistics

Logs access statistics for your site using MongoDB & provide a replacement for the core statistics module.


Apachesolr ByDomains

Filters the Apache SOLR search results for current domain or subdomain. Apache SOLR usualy retrieves the results regardless the domain and subdomain. That module uses Organic Groups for filtering the content by setting domain/organic group association, so it checks the current domain/subdomain for corresponding organic group and retrieves only those records that match that organic group.
Depends on: apachesolr and og modules


Project created to learn git.


A module for the at_biz theme of adaptive themes which adds social sharing buttons.
Included are now:

  • facebook
  • google+
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • rss

As this is my first module to go online I'm not sure everything is written as it is supposed to ( the right Drupal way )
Implementation of the module can be seen on sub sites of branche-vacatures.nl

Picturefill Formatter

This module creates a field formatter for image fields which will output the field to be used with the Picturefill JS Library to give a site responsive images. The module also includes an shortcode that can be used for inline images.

DB Compare

Compares two databases on the data level. This module is raw - it assumes you have done everything right, otherwise it will beat you down with errors.

Note: This module will change the active DB connection several times during execution, but revert it to "default" afterwards.

ePay recurring payments

Module that enables recurring payments for ePay

Full Functional Multisite

A full functional multi-site module

First time visit

This module sets a cookie the first time a user comes into the site and exposes a function called first_time_visit_is_first(); This is done via javascript to guarantee the code executes even if a proxy reverse is implemented.

Realtime commander

Provides a simple way to call php functions on server via ajax in browser.

Drush commands for Feeds

Simple-to-use Feeds commands for Drush.

List all defined feed sources

drush flist

Import a source (using HTTP fetching only)

drush fim my_article_node_importer http://example.org/xml/articles.xml

Delete feed items from a given source