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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Mailchimp OG

This module provides some intergration between Mailchimp and Organic Groups. It is just a sandbox project and is unlikely to be further built out.


Nodemoter is an exceedingly simple module that demotes nodes (or sets nodes as not promoted to the front page) after a user-configurable time interval, e.g. one month.

git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-1.x http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/jce/1819064.git


user mail actions

This is a very small module to expose mail options to the admin users dropdown operations. It enables site admins to re-send activation, pass reset and other core e-mails sent on registration and other events from the admin users page.

It's very small and still needs a bit of work, see the README.txt for more information, but it does get the job done for my case.

Module Test

My first Drupal 7 module.

Node Import (with update support)

This module is the extended version of the Node import module that has the following extra functionalities that are not support by the original Node Import module.

  • Allow user to do quick import without going through the annonying steps. User just need to copy/ftp the csv file to the 'import' directory, then the file will be detected and available for quick import.
  • Node import update support.

Test User

As a developer I am often asked to create functionality for a certain user role, accessible by this role but not by that. In a world where several sites are maintained at once, it can be a time consuming business creating users for each role.

This module automatically creates users for each non anonymous role, and allows for their easy deletion when testing is complete.

Bullseye Search

The Bullseye Search module is an easy to implement store locator plugin built on the Bullseye Store Locator API that finds nearest locations and displays them on a Google map.

Ideal for Drupal developers and designers looking to add a store locator, dealer locator or directory service to a Drupal site. This module integrates completely with the website without the use of frames. The built in admin page offers turn-key configuration options. Full look and feel customization can be achieved through the API.

Ubercart Payflow Pro Integration

This module adds Payflow Pro integration to Drupal 7. It allows for up to Level 3 processing.

Update: Issues with what Payflow Pro accepts as Level 3 processing has stalled development. Development will continue as soon as their support can official make test transactions level 3 (so far its failing and they don't know why).

Term Autosuggest

Searches for term names in body content, and suggests any matches found.

To do:

  • Make vocabularies configurable
  • Remove dependency on term field widget

Avy Hazard Ratings Filter

Avalanche centers rank the hazard in their region according to LOW, MODERATE, CONSIDERABLE, HIGH, and EXTREME hazard. This module introduces an input filter to colorize these words, when used in CAPITALS. This can save avalanche center staff the hassle of colorizing them by hand, using, say a WYSIWYG editor.

This project is sponsored by Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

UC Braintree TR Payment

This module utilizes Braintree's transparent redirection technique to transmit credit card information from the user's browser directly to the Braintree vault. Tokens are substituted for credit card data within the merchant's website to avoid costly audits related to the storage or transmission of credit card information.

Taxonomy Extra

Provide extra functions useful for working with taxonomy terms.


Provide rules integration with the scheduler module.

This adds 2 event:

  • After a scheduled node is published
  • After a scheduled node is unpublished

Server ID

Provides a line ($_SERVER['SERVER_SIGNATURE']) on the Status Report identifying the server. Useful on load balanced servers when you need to know which back-end server is generating the page. Also provides an optional block to display the same signature.

PHP Unit Testing Framework

The SimpleTest framework no longer has the same level of maintenance than the PHP Unit framework. PHPUnit has become the standard; most frameworks use it (ZF1 & 2, Cake, Symfony2, ...) and is actively maintained, stable and works great for every codebase, scenario.

Replacing the testing framework with PHPUnit will allow better consistency in the drupal 8 codebase, by aligning ourselves with Symfony2 testing tools. Moreover, it integrates better with IDE (NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA), Continuous Integration servers such as Jenkins/Hudson, and with Sonar for static code analysis as well. It has also code coverage which is a huge +.

This module intend to bring Drupal 8 PHP Unit powered tests. It may remains as a separate module or being included into core.

The D8 version can be found in sun's Platform sandox and you can have more information here: #1801176: Deploy a PHPUnit system with a bottom-up approach.

The D7 version is work in progress only and depend strongly on #1693398: Allow PSR-0 test classes to be used in D7 (followups) or http://drupal.org/project/classloader.

Version Compatibility Matrix



A field for uploading a ZIP with flipping book data.


YouTube API coming soon to Drupal 7.

This module is currently in unstable developmental form.


Pinwall provides for each user a "Facebook-like" pinwall, where every user can write posts and reply to them.

Media Mixcloud


Media Mixcloud module is a plugin for the Media module that allows you to embed mixcloud tracks.


Provides a text field formatter to display about.me profile information.

The output of the profile can be customised using template files and theme pre-process functions.

Page Manager Node Revisions (deprecated)

This is no longer needed as #1820882 was committed to CTools.

Original description:

Commons Message Subscribe

Sandbox for Commons Message Subscribe module.

Hardware Info Blog

Hier befassen wir uns mit Hardware.



The Commentry module allows admins to prominently display selected comments alongside node content.

Comentry was created to address the issue many newspapers, publishers, and bloggers face when dealing with comments, which is that valuable and insightful comments are typically lost in the noise of lower quality comments.

Good quality, pertinent comments can enhance your content by adding additional relevant information, showing opposing viewpoints, and provide additional coverage of a topic.

Highlighted comments are also a great way to reward your community. For example, even with a technical post, there are often comments that contain additional useful information. Highlighting these comments has the benefit of enhancing your content and rewarding high quality contributors.

project_solr D7 port

D7 upgrade sprint. 7.x fork of project_solr.