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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

calendar sandbox

A sandbox with my calendar fixes

Vash integration

Integrates Drupal with the Vash project.

This module provides a simple API to generate Vash images and storing them in Drupals file_managed table. The example file demonstrates an example usage of using Vash images as default for users that don't have any other profile picture.

Drupal Database Cache That Respects HTTPS

The caching layer nor the database caching implementation respect https through the system. This is important because parts of Drupal (core included) generate absolute URLs. These URLs can be cached with a protocol of http:// and then embedded in a page (through nested caching) where the protocol should be https://.

This contains a Drupal database caching alternative that attempts to respect caching via https. The default Drupal database cache doesn't think about https (aside from the page cache). That means you could have html cached with absolute urls generated by Drupal using http in caches like the block or filter cache. This data can then bubble up into the https version of the page cache.

This cache is a small layer of logic on top of the current database cache. So, if changes happen there (non-API changes) they will be inherited in this as well.

How to use this cache

In your settings.php file include this cache backend:

$conf['cache_backends'][] = 'sites/all/modules/database-cache-respecting-https/db.cache.inc';

Then set the default caching class to the one included here.

$conf['cache_default_class'] = 'DrupalDatabaseCacheResepectHTTPS';

The cache includes a whitelist of cache bins (tables) that skip checking and
enforcing https. You can alter this list by adding a variable to your settings.php
file like:



Exposes an Iframe formatter for Drupal 7 Link Fields, and an Iframe content type for CTools aware applications like Panels. Translation: Drop IFrames into your panels willy-nilly.

Smartqueue Per User D7 migration

This is the sandbox area for doing the development work to migrate Smartqueue Per User.

Text Encrypt

Provides encrypted text and long text fields and includes a feeds mapper for import.

Requires the Encrypt module.

Module is adapted mainly from the core Text field module.


The purpose of this module is to expose the top node type posters/contributors as blocks in a list format.
It comes with settings at admin/settings/topxcontributors - set what content/node types will have blocks exposed
and the numbers of contributors to show for all content types. The module is depened on blog module.


Sandbox for todo.ly basic form conections.

Services Data

Services data 7.x development sandbox.
Start with features necessary in our current project.
I will work towards porting 6.x Services Data module and contact maintainer of that module asap.


Project Web is an easy to use project management and task management software. It has a minimalistic set of features required for organizing of effective project team work. It simplifies collaboration between team members and is designed for people online.
The application has a lightweight ajax design that finally opens out to full featured screens but initially do not load all the information.
It supports roles of system administrator, project manager and team member.
The application allows creating a knowledge base consisting of project, task, and risk attributes.

Pirobox Limit

Example of use Pirobox Limit

The Pirobox Limit module extends the Pirobox module with limiting and access functionalities.


  • Limiting the display of image groups.
  • Define a user role can see full image groups.
  • Configure a bypass to allow content owners to see full image groups.
  • Limits are configurable per content type and per Pirobox image field. In other words: per image group or respectively per gallery.
  • The limiting works also with multiple galleries for example on teaser pages.

The limiting-action is possible in 2 ways:

  1. Quietly
  2. Busily


  • Image groups are limited and no other actions.

It is possible to inform the visitor.

  • Display one, two or three limited images.
  • Use different image styles for the limited images in the content and the Pirobox.
    It is recommended to use the ImageCache Actions module.
  • Use an different Pirobox caption text for the limited images.
    The different caption text is configurable.

The quietly and busily settings are generally configurable for all limited galleries.

Required modules

Custom Mailer

Send mail using editable template with user's profile information and custom variable substitution.

Reddit API

Reddit API

Reddit API seeks to integrate the reddit.com API functionality with your Drupal website. Currently in the early alpha stages of development, it provides the following:

Offsite Content Frame


offsite_content_frame captures all external links on your site and redirects them to a page, on your site, with the external content in an iframe. A link back to your site is included in the header, along with an option to dismiss the frame.

Dynamic Order

Form with autocomplete and dynamically add/remove texfields. When form is submit email is send to the site administrator.

In Field Labels


This module creates integration with In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin (http://fuelyourcoding.com/scripts/infield/)


This is a simple plugin that turns properly formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. Labels fade when the field is focussed and disappear when text entry begins. Clearing a field and leaving brings back the label.


This project contains functionality to maintain a persistent, logged in connection to a remote Drupal REST service. The remote Drupal system is assumed to be running the Services module (REST server).

Everything is done transparently. So you don't need to worry about session expiration, re-logins etc.

All functionality is implemented through the SessionCachingClient class. See README.txt for a usage example.

UC Payone

This is a payment gateway for Ubercart to process transactions via the PAYONE payment service.

Integrated payment methods

  • Bank debit
  • Credit card
  • eWallet (via PayPal Express)
  • Sofortueberweisung.de

This project is maintained by Kommune3

Sponsored by XLcontent GmbH


Provide a tooltip box that shows up when user scrolled down the page. It can contain anything, from views to little kittens. You can use this to build read more recommendations for example.

Adaptive Evaluation

Trying to get a evaluation/Testing Framework

Drush moduleinfo

With the Drush modueinfo you will be able to see some information about the selected module.

Normally if you want so see some info about an installed modules version, you would do something like

cat sites/all/modules/contrib/views/*info

With Drush moduleinfo, you can do a

drush mi views

And you will get something like

Youtube link

Miserably simple module which creates a new text field formatter called Youtube link to create embed video from Youtube.
All you need to do is to create a simple text field and set "Youtube link" formatter for it and you will have embed video. The only setting you can change is video size.

There is a lot of space for further development such as thumbnail preview or multiple settings for video or field validator or even uploading video directly to Youtube from drupal (using Youtube API), but it wasn`t necessary for me. Maybe I will make something on request.



This module allows nodes to be mirrored into an existing instance of SMF Forum. You can map content types with SMF boards, so that each time nodes (of the choosen types) are inserted, a new topic in the selected boards will be created.


  • Map every single content type to one or more SMF Boards
  • Themable node title, so that you can customize the way it's rendered inside SMF
  • Themable node body

Multilevel Select

Multilevel Select adds a form element that uses ajax and multiple select element to allow quick and easy selection of values in large trees, by expanding them only one level at a time. This makes for a much friendlier user interface when dealing with large, deeply nested taxonomy trees on term reference fields.

The included Multilevel Select Taxonomy Widget module creates a widget for term reference fields that uses the Multilevel Select form element. Once you have enabled the module, edit or create a term reference field. Then select ''Multilevel select widget" from the widget drop-down box. The widget includes an option to restrict selecting only leaf terms (terms with no children).

This widget also gives the ability for the user to manually reorder multiple value term reference fields whether they are hierarchical or not, which is a feature that is useful but can't be done with core term fields.

Saving of a full lineage (all parent terms of the selected term, right to the root of the tree) of a term field can be achieved by using this module in conjunction with the taxonomy index lineage module http://drupal.org/sandbox/Monochrome/1388316

The Multilevel Select Taxonomy Widget only queries the database for one level of a taxonomy tree at a time and is suitable for use on extremely large vocabularies.