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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Workflow buttons

This is a sandbox module which may never get off the ground at all. I'm currently looking for feedback to gauge interest.

The Workflow module supports changing workflow state in either the node edit form or under the Workflow tab. This module streamlines the state-change process by providing buttons (for users with sufficient access) directly in the node content, which will allow the user to change the workflow state to the next or previous available state.

Akiban Database Driver

akiban logo

A database driver for the Akiban database.

Amazon Web Services Console


This package is a suite of modules for managing AWS environments.

Primarily, the focus is on Elastic Beanstalk and deploying code from git directly to Elastic Beanstalk environments.

Drupal Beer Module.

The name is intentional - leave it alone.


StackEdit is a WYSIWYM text editor and filter with support to Markdown syntax. It was inspired by WDM editor in StackOverflow site

CollegiateLink API


Exposes the CollegiateLink API to Drupal.

The following CollegiateLink API resources are accessible:

  • organization/list
  • organization/roster
  • user/memberships
  • user/position
  • event/list

Sky Texture Changer


This is a simple module that randomly changes Sky textures each time a node is loaded.


A simple profiler focused on giving an overview of various central parts of drupal.

To install:
1. Download to your modules folder as usual.
2. Add include '[path to dprof module]/config.inc'; to your settings.php
3. Enable the module (and ensure overrides get written under /files/default/dprof)

Drush command dprof-rebuild for build/rebuild required override files if needed is also included.

Debug Tools

A simple debug module for personal use.


Todotoday is a todo list. It is a Feature module with some custom code in the .module.

It has been developed to teach important concepts in the book, Master Drupal 7 Module Development.

First Module

It has been developed to teach important concepts in the book, Master Drupal 7 Module Development. It is intended to be the first module that new developer write in order to practice.

I'll keep adding to this and try and keep good comments so anyone can use it to learn.

Devel Library Ipsum

Library Ipsum (http://libraryipsum.com/) for the devel module!

Block Cache Audit

Audit of the block caches on the site


Tiq is a series of tools for filtering messages and testing sites.

Who Am I services resource

Trivially simple services resource action that returns the currently logged in user.

Core install script

As drush si breaks all the time, I am going to write my own install script, this is untenable and given the complexity of drush, also undebuggable.

Status Pushover

Provides Pushover.net API integration that can send push notifications if errors are found on the status report page (/admin/reports/status).

Big events

Full featured events system with flexible event management, scheduling and registration.


This is a simple module that moves all JavaScript

CRM Core Contact vCard

This module generates a vCard for CRM Core contact, it supports address, phone number, websites, etc.

Please configure the module at admin/config/crm_core/vcard

The vCard path will be at crm/contact/[contact_id]/vcard


Need views integration
Need better field type support for different types of contact fields
Need better standardization of the vCard format

Content Notify

Playing around with a subscription module.

General design is to have subscription types that have categories that users subscribe to. The categories have optional conditional parameters associated with these (only entity type and flags supported). If the subscription type is targeted towards an specific entity type, administrators can push out a notification about that entity from the entity edit page or a custom block (for nodes).

Message to the Studio

This module was developed for use in a TV company. It allows users to send messages from the web to be received in the studio.

The idea is that TV presenters can ask for submissions during live broadcasts, then read out the submissions as they appear.

There are two levels of access to the submissions; administrator (role to be filled by the producer) and normal user (the presenter).

The administrator can grant access to each submission as it appears, then the message will appear on the screen of the presenter.

Basic Conferences

People interested in a currently maintained solution with similar features should consider the Conference Organizing Distribution. This has functionality to extend to other Drupal features.

Features of Basic Conference module

It creates nodes of conference type content which will contain, sessions, speakers and room content to be used in any conference. Also a view which will provide a conference schedule which can be themed. This can be plugged into any Drupal 6 site easily.

EPSCoR Reporting Core


This module aims to provide a generic platform for Universities to collect information about research and funding outcomes including: publications, proposals, collaborations, external engagements, etc. The module is being developed specifically to meet the reporting requirements of NSF's EPSCoR Grants.

This module is not intended for general purpose use, though you are welcome to try it out and adapt it to your own use.

The module is currently being developed primarily by undergraduate/graduate students from Hawaii, Alaska, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Utah.

Using the module

Download the most current version from the link provided below. Extract the files using a tool like 7-zip. Open the included folder, and find the INSTALL.html file for further instructions on how to set up the system.

Change Log

Version 2.01 (alpha)

Download Version 2.01 (Alpha)
Release date: October 2nd, 2013
New features:

  • More bug fixes

Version 2.0 (alpha)

Download Version 2.0 (Alpha)
Release date: September 2nd, 2013

Annotatable Image

Annotated image

Adds new image field type that is having the possibility to be annotated. This will be achieved by using the jQuery plugin of ZURB - http://www.zurb.com/playground/javascript-annotation-plugin