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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Article Discovery for Drupal 7

This is the port of bertrama's Article Discovery module :

git clone http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/tixif/1548508.git article_discovery_for_drupal_7

Mind Games Deltas

Variations of the Mind Games theme for use in different contexts


Creates an iCal file off a given content type, and inserts a field into the node

Webform Email Confirmation

This is a fork of the seemingly unmaintained Webform Confirm Email Address project.

Surely There's a Usecase Functions & Features (STUFF)

Never let lack of a use case hold you back!

The STUFF module provides a number of functions and stuff that seem like they may be useful, but we can't think of any actual usecases at the moment.

Proposed functions include:

  • asplode(array $arg1, string/array $arg2) - $arg1 members are uesd to recursively explode $arg2.
  • plode($arg1, $arg2) - intelligently implode or explode based on the type of $arg1 and $arg2.

Webform Dynamic Confirmation

Directs visitors to a different URL based on the value of a Webform's select field


This module integrate ALCAR Adhoc-EDI Version 2.7 API with Drupal 6 and Ubercart 2.

Alcar module provide block with the select Your car forms and list of products from Ubercart store, using SKU number comparison. List of products have also feature to present wheels on selected car and fivestar widget.

OneLogin SAML Plugin

This SAML plugin eliminates passwords and allows you to authenticate Drupal users against your existing Active Directory or LDAP server as well increase security using YubiKeys or VeriSign VIP Access via OneLogin. OneLogin is pre-integrated with thousands of apps and handles all of your SSO needs in the cloud and behind the firewall.

Product Signup

This module essentially combines ubercart products with the signup module.

This is not the a port of the [uc_signup module on drupal.org](http://drupal.org/project/uc_signup). This module takes a significantly different approach to integration.

To use this module simply:

Views RSS: Content Element

Extension module for Views RSS that provides Content namespace and content:encoded item element.

Imagecache Autocrop

Imagecache Autocrop is an implementation of automatic image borders cropping.
Colors of pixels in image border are considered "the same", if each component of pixel's color is in bound of deviation, specified by tolerance.

A result of http://drupal.org/node/1446410

Multi Field Fix

The trouble with fields in drupal with a limited number of items (cardinality), is they always show all of those field inputs, regardless of whether they are set. This can make form's unnecessarily lengthy.

In drupal 6, the CCK module could be patched to fix this problem, but at the time of writing, there is nothing that exists for Drupal 7.

Flag Invite

Integrate Flag with Invite such that an inviter can choose to automatically flag an invitee when the invitee registers for a user account.


This module provides a field type for powering arbitrarily complex workflows on arbitrary entity types.

Sponsored by Publicis Modem. Developed and sponsored by Commerce Guys.

Field Construction Kit

This was never worked on. And any idea I had was better thought out and implemented by MultiField.

Defacto Search

Module to allow biasing of nodes in ApacheSolr Search based on taxonomy, i.e. setting a taxonomy value of "benefits" to a node would add bias automatically for the search keyword "benefits" to the node.

Defacto lets you mark specific nodes as the default or canonical response to specific search keywords. This means it will be pushed to the top of search results regardless of keywords that appear in the body, title, or other fields.


Subs Authorize.net CIM

Provides an interface to interact with authorize.net CIM.

Including the following methods:

Also automatically detects card type.

This is part of larger subscription system that is in the works.
NOTE: This module is a work in progress and will not work without additional supporting code.


This module adds a form to the user profile that will allow geolocate yourself from the device you are using, or enter an address to geolocate.
Add a theme to receiving the user as an argument, displays a map of GMaps with geoposition previously entered by the user.

The next goals are:
Add a cck field that allows geolocate nodes


Sandbox version of the latest views_datasource 7.x-1.x-dev.
The current contributed module maintainer is looking for a co-maintainer.

Link to original project.
My Views Datasource co-maintainer application.


Provide client side tools for SIGKAT Credential API (www.sigkat.com).

Localization server for YAML files

Manages translatable strings with yaml file uploads.

The purpose of this module is to allow the use of .yml (YAML) files with l10n_server.
It adds a connector for uploading .yml files and extract the strings and also allows to import and export yaml translations.

The connector also works as a scanner for .yml files inside a .tar.gz file and will load any strings found into a new project, similar to how l10n_drupal does it.

This module is under active development and i'ts an alpha not ready for production yet.


gdrive is module support sync data from your drupal site into your google drive account. including backup your data , source code , files.

Menu Select Sandbox

This module aims to replicate this functionality for any number of menu's in the Drupal menu system.

This is mainly for responsive websites, to prevent the user from needing to see all the menu items. You need to add the css yourself though to hide this and display this on certain widths. For now, I'll be presuming all responsivly themed sites have a custom theme, so presuming that isn't so invalid here.

Things on my todo list in regards to this module:

Browser Support II

This module allows you to specify a list of browsers that your website does not support or are only semi-supported.

Unsupported browsers will be shown the sites maintenence page with a custom message while semi-supported browsers will get a javascript alert or a drupal message.

You can allow users to forcefully view the site even if they are using an unsupported browser.

EGD Field

This module will provide some basic integration with the European Go Database (a database of players & tournament results for the game of Go in Europe).

Fields will be provided such that player information can easily be added to any forms etc. Additionally, a method for looking up user information to pre-fill these forms will be provided using the European Go Database web service.