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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

FE Block2

This is a sandbox some fe_block rewrite, which is part of the features_extra-Package

  • Reformatted $export array (so already exported block settings are hidden from feature create form)
  • readable theme specific settings
  • added block roles settings
  • added menu_block support

Dependency: fe_block.module from features_extra-Package

Open Deals Module

This is the module that accompanied the Open Deals Distribution before it was made with Features.

After the alpha4 release of OpenDeals Dristribution, this module is not needed anymore.


dnode integration for drupal.

this integration module integrates drupal with the dnode RPC/RMI library (nodejs) optionally using bergius' PHP5.3+ dnode-php implementation.

Search Page Submit Button Text

This module allows the user to change the text of the submit button on the search page and on the search block.
Simple navigate to admin/build/search_page_submit_button_text and fill out the input fields and submit.

Submit button text changed. Its that simple!

Mail Scheduler

Mail Scheduler is an email module that allows site administrators to upload a csv (comma separated value) file to schedule emails that will be sent by Drupal during cron runs.

  • configure batch size for cron
  • option to send HTML email
  • mail queue tab, with filters, shows status of scheduled messages
  • customizable template file for HTML email message wrapper

Uploaded csv files are stored in a configurable directory location, while imported schedules are stored in the database.

Paste Image

Allow user to paste an image directly instead of upload it in the usual way.


A contant based website, about the services this organization provides.

Demo project.

This is a demo module.


Replacement for includes/menu.inc, split up into three parts:

Everything related to hook_menu() and its routing process.
Basic navigation elements; tabs, actions, breadcrumb, primary and secondary links.
A menu element, moved into theme.inc. All other menu functionality is moved into menu.module and menu_ui.module.

VT Commerce Product Reference Widget

PART OF VTCART Commerce Distribution

Better Widget for commerce product reference field.

The new widget is a double table widget with one table for selecting the product reference and the other table is for keeping the selected product reference.

The widget has :
1. Ajax features
2. simple pagination
3. SKU / Title filtering
4. Button to open + add new product entity wrapper in ctools modal wizard form

Future Features :
1. search by title / sku
2. ability to view attached image field view
3. configuration gui

VT Commerce Node Reference

PART OF VTCART Commerce Distribution

A simple textfield widget to act like a node reference for referencing product catalog, this will be useful to create "a similar product" or "recommended product" in the commerce product display node.

A node reference field widget formatter to display the referenced node that is set as a product display node.

The module provides a custom node view style that can be configured from the field GUI.

Status as of initial commit :

Organic groups token

Until og supports entity token here a module dependent to the token module

Varnish simple purge

Note: All work on this module will continue at Varnish Manual sandbox, since there is D6 functionality there. The D7 code from here will be merged.

Very basic functionality to purge individual URLs from Varnish.


This module is a field formatter for the Link module with additional settings on the formatter form. Now you can select a completely different markup (H1, H2, H3, span, p etc) and also apply classes to the link. You can even select the link title from another field in the content type/bundle or even set a custom text. This module is experimental and were created to work with our new idea in NodeStream to render multiple fields with minipanels instead of using views where you do not have the same flexibility to use tokens.


Will become CCK File Field formatter that plays MP3 files using the jsmad libraries on compatible browsers with a Flash fallback (using WP Audio Player) for other browsers. Until I get a section of my own website devoted to this project, look at the library's page at http://jsmad.org/.

Random API

Random API provides hooks to display random content wherever the user wants.

It can be a block, a single string or more than one views results. Random API will automatically display the content randomly.

Random API is inspired by the Futurama Module.

deleted sandbox #12

Paybox integration for the Drupal Commerce payment system.

Geocoded proximity filter

Proximity filter for views 2 and location module.
Using google maps geocoding api (http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/geocoding/) to retrieve coordinates derived from user input text.


This is a ckk display formatter for pdf.js

Custom Macros

Provides token-like macros that accept parameters withing the node body field or block markup that are replaced by functionality provided by submodules.

Varnish Manual

Provides a manual method for clearing Varnish based on various criteria (including filetype, Drupal menu etc)

Test Sandbox for John_B

A sandbox set up just try out the git environment.


patches and quick fixes for taxonomy breadcrumb project

Path Access Inline Login


The Path Access Inline Login module is designed to prompt users to login before following a link which the Path Access module will block them from accessing. The module uses some simple javascript to rewrite the blocked URLs on the page and will display a login form using the Ajax Login/Regiser module.