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Commerce coupon fixed distributed

Commerce coupon plugin that provides distributed fixed coupons.

The project was written to solve a number of issues, namely:
#1612662: Calculate fixed amount before tax calculation

It is possible that a site has multiple vat rates. For instance in the UK:


This module adds a new CCK field type with 2 text fields.
The use case for this field is to allow multiple instances of this field to be sortable. If there are a variable number of categories that do not need to be indexed/taxonomied that each need multiple associated names, this module is a simple way to achieve that.

Node 1:
My eclectic list of stuff
Authors: K. Vonagut, A. Dumas, G.J. Caesar
Engines: Westerbeke, Bukh, Cummins, Detroit

Node 2:
Your list of stuff
Cats: Garfield, Cringer, Felix
Food: Ramen, lebkuchen, falafel

Things services

Services for Things


Sandbox of the media_captions to build D7 version that integrations Media with Popcorn.js

#1179196: Plan for a D7 version

D6 profile to field

This module provides vbo operations to convert old profile fields to profile2 d7 fields. It convert all $user->profile_foo field to $field[field_profile_foo] item, if the field profile_foo exists in a profile2 type. This makes various fixes and notices, if something is wrong during the conversation. Also able to make a "quick test", which doesn't save the new profiles, but fill the watchdog, if something is wrong.

The following field types are tested and working: text, list, list_boolean, date, taxonomy.

If a taxonomy term doesn't exists, this module create that too.

Forum Move Restriction

This very small module adds an extra layer to forum-select field when editing forum topics.
Adds a new permission,change topic forum, so users without this permission (or administer forums) cannot move an existing forum topic to another forum (taxonomy term) (they still need edit own forum threads or edit any forum thread permission in order to get the edit form that this module alters ).

Views Field Calc

Porting https://github.com/zivtech/views_field_calc to D7

This is a module adapted from Views Calc: http://drupal.org/project/views_calc

The difference is that it doesn't use SQL to do the calculations but does calculations on the fields.

Geslib Import module

Geslib Module settings screenshot

Geslib is a POS software designed for libraries used in Spain and Latin America.

Geslib Module use geslib exported files to keep in sync all POS data in Drupal Ubercart based web.

Light Library (LL)

Light Library (LL) logo

Provides flexible interface for content classification .

Type Access

Type Access is a minimal Node Access module designed for use with testing Drupal core development. At its core, it provides functionality similar to Nodetype Access, which is more suitable for production use.

The module provides a new permission "View all %node_type content" and enforces View, Edit and Delete rules via the Node Access API.

It is only designed for use with Drupal 8.

Questions & Answers


Creates a questions and answers area similar to StackOverflow and Yahoo Answers.

Admins Create Sections, which can then have different Question and Answers. Both
Questions and Answers are fieldable allowing the admin to specify which fields.

e.g. - Admin creates a two sections, Cars and Boats. Questions/Answer in the
Cars Section can have totally different fields than those in the Boats section.

Sections also have the ability to limit by role user that are able to ask a
question and users that are able to ask a question. Users also have the ability
to vote on answers by way of the voting api, as well as the ability to chose the
best answer.


You can configure Sections Entities at admin/structure/qa-sections and new
Sections can be added at admin/structure/qa-sections/add.

Unlike Sections, Question Entities can be broken down into type and each of
these is fieldable. The module comes pre-installed with single default Question
Type but more can be added at admin/structure/qa-question-types. Question types
are then assigned to the Section at the Section add/edit page. Questions can
only be added from the Section view page as each Question needs to be related to
a Section.

Answer Entities function much like Questions. Answers can be broken down into


Statistics for taxonomies - Statno - may not be submitted as full project because its functionalities may be covered by some other module. It is required by Content Clone for A2Q.



This module provides a complete and dynamic way to implement SiteCatalyst Omniture tracking.


  • Possibility of separating tracking by role, per page, per content type or selectors.
  • Parameterized options on administration section.
  • Easy way to add/update Omniture Plugins and modules.

Similar projects


Omniture module for D7

Simple i18n boxes

This is similar to the simple content boxes provided by the Boxes module itself, except that this type of box displays different content depending on the language of the current page.

Development sponsored by Affinity Bridge

The review script at http://ventral.org/pareview/httpgitdrupalorgsandboxraphaelhuefner1748400git has the output of Drupal Code Sniffer:

FILE: .../all/modules/pareview_temp/test_candidate/plugins/simple_i18n_boxes.inc
11 | ERROR | Class name must begin with a capital letter
11 | ERROR | Class name must use UpperCamel naming without underscores
15 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_defaults" is not
| | in lowerCamel format, it must not contain underscores
31 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_form" is not in
| | lowerCamel format, it must not contain underscores
38 | WARNING | Line exceeds 80 characters; contains 92 characters
86 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_submit" is not

Select2 element

Select2 element module integrates the Select2 jQuery plugin http://ivaynberg.github.com/select2/ with Drupal. It is responsible for changing select and autocomplete textfields into corresponding Select2 widgets by changing the form element type.


Created to port the SPAM module to D7
See http://drupal.org/node/1063524
Looking for willing helpers

Realex Redirect

Realex Redirect Payment


Test sandbox project

Date Range


As you can see, my English is really ugly and awkward, so don't hesitate to point out all my obvious mistakes or even send me patches for module messages and documentation. Thank you in advance!


The Date Range module implements a custom field which allows you to enter dates and periods as a text string with an arbitrary precision, e.g.:

1991 - a period, consisted of all days of year 1991;
2012.02 - all days of February 2012;
1917.10.25 - October 25, 1917 exactly;
1941-1945 - a period from the beginning of 1941 till the end of 1945;
1234.05.06-7890 - a period from May 06, 1234 till the end of year 7890.

A general pattern for field input is: YYYY[.MM[.DD]][-YYYY[.MM[.DD]]].

The module also implements a custom filter for Views which allows you to select nodes which are before, after, inclide, exclude or exactly equal to the specified period.


Mandatory: CCK for 6.x branch.

Optional: Views 2.x or 3.x for 6.x and 7.x branches.


You can select would this field will represent a single date in form of YYYY[.MM[.DD]] or a period as described above.



    Randomly swaps values of the variable table around.

    Usage Instructions:

    1. Enable
    2. Use your site a bit
    3. Watch your site slowly explode

    Depends on some extremely Bad Judgement.



    A text scanning and spam detection framework for Drupal.

    Created and maintained by:
    * Felix Delattre (xamanu) - http://drupal.org/user/359937
    * Jens Reinemuth (openweb) - http://drupal.org/user/1294566


    This is a simple implementation of pardot for D7.

    Code taken from http://drupal.org/project/pardot

    Pay API (porting pay_node to Drupal 7)

    Working in progress porting pay_node to Drupal 7.

    Drupal Puppet Up

    Drupal-Puppet-Up is a Drush extension that facilitates building virtual machines for local development of Drupal sites. Drupal-up implements a Drush Vagrant blueprint. This, in turn, builds a virtual machine atop Vagrant and VirtualBox, and configures it using Puppet.

    It is inspired by both drupal-up and vagrant modules, but will be aiming for cleaner puppet provisioning and the default of local side editable drupal source.