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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce PayPal WPP 3-D Secure

Adds 3-D Secure data to the PayPal message.

Alternate field storage

Alternative implemention of field_sql_storage core module:

Commerce Centinel

Implements the thin client needed to communicate with the CardinalCommerce Centinel 3-D Secure service.

Uses the Commerce 3-D Secure API module.

Note for PayPal Web Payments Pro users:

Commerce 3-D Secure API

Important: This is a testing fork of Drupal Commerce 3D Secure Support. This is for testing purposes and should eventually be merged back pending #1764324: Provide an API for modules to define standalone MPI implementations.

This module provides an API for MPI implementations to process on and return standardized values to the payment gateway.

Realex Real Auth Redirect - Drupal Commerce

Real Auth Redirect & Drupal Commerce

This module has been created to support Realex Payments off-site payment service called "Real Auth Redirect". It integrates with Drupal Commerce and allows the commerce checkout page to redirect to the Realex portal where a customer can enter their payment details. This prevents a site having to store customer's credit card details locally and reduces exposure to risk.

Just Giving

Fund raising complete

A module (Needs to be re-written, code not clean, needs API seperating from module) for displaying details of a fund raising project on the website justgiving.com

This is a port of my original module for Wordpress.

Block Title Images

Replace the block title text with an image.


An attempt to provide a very simply validation module for webform that checks some fields against set answers.

Fork of freelinking module

This is a fork of the freelinking module. I'm using it to fix some of the caching problems and recursion problems I find as I try to get it ready for use on a current project.

The issues I am trying to address are

Devel IE

This module tries to smooth out the edges when developing for Internet Explorer.

When IE8 or below is detected it does this (temporarily for that page request):

  • Turns on css compression (To make respondjs work)
  • Clears css cache


Drupal 7 port of the station module

Simple Chained Menu

Simple Chained Menu allows user to use conditional dropdown menu which redirect user to selected menu item.

Module based on menu structure diplays first childs elements as a dropdown list.

JS Spellcheck

Integrates http://www.javascriptspellcheck.com/ spellchecking into node edit forms. When node is submitted the spellcheck is initiated. This ensures a user does not skip spellchecking and ignore the red squiggly lines browsers add by default. Supports enabling/disabling on individual content types and adding additional dictionaries.

Content Analysis Field


This project moves the Content Analysis data into a field for access in templates and eventually in Views.

Sites with GA

The Sites module ( http://drupal.org/project/sites/ ) does not interact with the Google Analytics module ( http://drupal.org/project/google_analytics ) to provide GA tags per site. This module bridges the gap between the two for those websites that need it.

ALERT: This is not ready for prime time yet. I'm working on resolving some concurrency issues for high traffic sites.


My IP Modules displays visitor's current IP address.

Autoload benchmark

Note: This is meant to always remain a sandbox project.

"Autoload benchmark" is a tool to measure the performance of PSR-0 class loading on your site.
Especially, it measures how well the classloader solution scales with a high number of modules.

Typically you want to compare these two modules:
- http://drupal.org/project/xautoload - a rewrite of the D8 class loader with performance and flexibility in mind.
- http://drupal.org/project/classloader - a direct port of the D8 class loader.

The case that we test is
- 300 test modules with a "lib" folder for class loading
- 300 classes to be loaded, one from each of the 300 test modules.

Typical usage:
- Create an arbitrary Drupal 7 site.
- Install autoload_benchmark.
- Disable all modules/themes that have a dependency on xautoload or classloader.
- Install + enable "classloader" module. Make sure that xautoload is disabled
- Run "drush autoload-benchmark"
- Install + enable "xautoload" module. Optionally disable "classloader".
- Run "drush autoload-benchmark". Compare the numbers.
- Play with different settings for APC cache on classloader. I think on xautoload you need to hack around, to disable apc cache? I don't remember.
- Play with the "generate.php" script, to try numbers other than 300. But, be careful which modules are enabled or disabled!

Benchmark result


This module does not work.
This module provides integration between drupal and postfix with dovecot.
And provides an administration interface for managing email accounts.
It also will integrate with aegir hosting system to create a mail account for each web site.

Site availability

Provides configurable set of rule actions to check the availability of predefined sites.


This module provides a new type of field: the panel.

The initial concept for this was to be able to create structured content instead of a simple body field. Wysiwyg is nice, very nice, but the problem is that clients keep messing up their own site, just because they asked for the buttons like table, block styles, colors, ... . Sitebuilder will know what I mean.

fpp components

This is a repository of components or widgets that can be used inside panels. This was initially design to work with Panels as Field (paf) but it can be used in every manager using panels. Every component is in fact a bundle of the entity provided by fieldable_panels_panes.


BlockCT (Block Content Type) utilizes the modules nodeblock and blockcss to create a content type of block which allows users to manage blocks from within that content type. This is very useful if you are creating a site for someone you do not want to touch the actual block settings in the admin menu.


I am learning to use web development tools.

Ubercart Stripe workshop

Temporary fork of uc_stripe until I'm done with my patch for #1467886: PCI-DSS compliance using stripe.js. See 6.x-1.x-1467886 branch.