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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

User Preference

Add a lightweight API for modules which would like to store and reuse users' preference in their module. It's different from user profile that the preference here will not show up in user profile page and only usable by modules.

ND Genotypes

Module Description

This module provides a more specialized interface to genotypic information
stored in the chado natural diversity module tables including adding summaries
of this information to feature pages and providing a powerful marker by germplasm


GitHub Feed

GitHub feed field and formatter to display recent activity for a specified GitHub repository

GitHub feed field has 3 columns for username, repository and branch. These details are used to pull in latest activity using JSONp.

An example field--example.tpl.php is provided to help customise the feed display



This module allows you to add JavaScript code to pages within your site to enable the use of Loop11 within it. Loop11 is a remote usability testing tool that enables you to test the user-experience of any website and identify navigational and usability issues.

Js Clock

Implements a Block that contains prints the current date from the drupal installation and calls a dynamic clock that changes based on the server time.


Additional module for fb_social to view Facebook wall using
jquery plugin http://neosmart.de/social-media/fb-wall

The reason for this plugin is the fact that fb_social_likebox
presents content in the iframe and it is not possible to control items.
fb-wall plugin loads each item in DOM, where it can be properly controlled.

Drupal Instructional Videos

Creates a Content Type and View for admin's to display video's to Customers/Site Admins.

Galleria Commerce


This module provides a Galleria Node Reference gallery with Drupal Commerce integration, so that users can add gallery images to their shopping cart via an integrated 'add to cart' commerce form.


  • Ensure your Galleria module version can support a basic nodereference image gallery before getting started. At time of release, the latest 7.x-1.x Galleria version appeared to be broken.
  • This module includes some minor patches to the Galleria module code, to support inclusion of the image file id inside the Gallery.
  • The module supports displaying multiple 'add to cart' forms with a single nodereference gallery, and each will be dynamically updated as long as they contain the required line item fields. So you can have multiple add-to-cart forms, each representing a different product type (such as prints, greeting cards, etc.)

Non-typical Installation Steps

After installation you will need to perform these additional steps:

  1. Go into the gallery display options, click the operations icon for the Gallery Images field, and click 'update' to detect the appropriate image field (remembering to save the changes). Failure to do so will result in 'The referenced field does not contain any image fields' warnings, and a 'load failed: no data found' message in place of the gallery.


Commerce Alipay

AddThis Pane

AddThis in a pane with simple configuration.

Views direct link

Provides a link one can copy-paste to share a link to filtered results of a view. Especially useful when using Views with AJAX enabled, where the "real" URL is hidden.

This module currently works with exposed filters only.

How to use

1. Enable the generation of the direct link somewhere in the views process, like in hook_views_pre_build()

GraphicMail - Email Marketing Solution

This GraphicMail Module allows our clients to easily integrate our newsletter subscription form into their Drupal-created websites, so their GraphicMail mailing list can be automatically updated. It makes it easier for you to manage your contact list and ensures that you are able to adhere to the industry best practices of opt-in email marketing.

Reply fork

This sandbox serves as a fork for additional development on the Reply module. All development has since been merged into Reply, so this fork is obsolete.

Extend Drupal Commerce Products

How to clone Drupal Commerce Product Types, that's the question.

Trying to solve this question, i came accross http://drupal.org/project/bundle_inherit, that intends to solve the question in a generic way, allowing any type of Entity to be cloned. This is a really great thing for the evolution of Entity ecosystem and Drupal itself.

Rocketship - a drupal.org issue scraper and display tool

User contributor cloud
This module is used to power http://drupal8multilingual.org/ issue summary pages (and used by several other initiatives).




Github Import

This module will hierarchically import a github repo as content. This is particularly helpful when documenting a software project. If installed, the Markdown or ReSTructured Text input filter will auto recognize the .md and .rst files and store them as native format.

In addition, the process can be added to the cron and triggerd to update with new commits.



Adds the ability to display fields on Media audio or video elements as time-synchronized scrolling divs.

persian date picker widget

this module provide a popup datepicker for persian date for text field as a widget.
for more information about this module please see this page.

Archive node

This is an experimental module. It is used to provide a simple checkbox field (named archive_state). To switch on or off the archive state you will have a views field that consists of a button and a archive status string in a view.
Every time this button is pressed the archive_state field will be toggled between archived and unarchived state and it will create a new revision for the content.


Simple CDN is as you can guess a very simple CDN module. I wanted one that didn't need a core patch and it appeared writing it myself was the best option. It supports only Origin Pull CDN so keep that in mind.

Once installed, just set your CDN host in settings and your DOCTYPE (the HTML parser strips it from the theme; it defaults to HTML5).

If you're using Boost it'll be enabled right off the bat for cached pages.

Entity wall

Implements a wall of messages for entities in Drupal 7.

Notifications Utils


The notification_utils module is an "add-on" to the Notifications module. It adds various features and formating options that make managing sites using Notifications easier.

NOTE: Despite the sandbox status, this is being used in production 6.x servers with Notifications 6.x-2.x. Waiting to have a Notifications 6.x-4.x version and a start of 7.0 before going to a full project.


Modules Supported:

  • Notifications Content module (part of notifications project)
  • Notifications Taxomony module (part of notifications project)
  • OG Notifications module (part of Organic Groups project)
  • CCK Manage Fields support (part of CCK's content module)

Feature Descriptions

Views Bulk Operations Subscription Actions

This module supplies Views Bulk Operations actions to subscribe and unsubscribe multiple users to various notification events. The supported events are:

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a content type (nodetype events)



Drupal implementation of TMDb API using TMDbPHP library at its heart.


This module is in an early development stage, It is not intended to be used in production.


Integrating Facebook, Twitter and Google+ IFrames with a 2 click privacy solution.

Stripe Webform

The form components added to the webform

Integrates the Stripe and Webform modules so you can accept payments during webform submissions. Perfect for dead-simple donation pages or accepting payments online for invoices.