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Omniture module for D7

Simple i18n boxes

This is similar to the simple content boxes provided by the Boxes module itself, except that this type of box displays different content depending on the language of the current page.

Development sponsored by Affinity Bridge

The review script at http://ventral.org/pareview/httpgitdrupalorgsandboxraphaelhuefner1748400git has the output of Drupal Code Sniffer:

FILE: .../all/modules/pareview_temp/test_candidate/plugins/simple_i18n_boxes.inc
11 | ERROR | Class name must begin with a capital letter
11 | ERROR | Class name must use UpperCamel naming without underscores
15 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_defaults" is not
| | in lowerCamel format, it must not contain underscores
31 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_form" is not in
| | lowerCamel format, it must not contain underscores
38 | WARNING | Line exceeds 80 characters; contains 92 characters
86 | ERROR | Public method name "simple_i18n_boxes::options_submit" is not

Select2 element

Select2 element module integrates the Select2 jQuery plugin http://ivaynberg.github.com/select2/ with Drupal. It is responsible for changing select and autocomplete textfields into corresponding Select2 widgets by changing the form element type.


Created to port the SPAM module to D7
See http://drupal.org/node/1063524
Looking for willing helpers

Realex Redirect

Realex Redirect Payment


Test sandbox project

Date Range


As you can see, my English is really ugly and awkward, so don't hesitate to point out all my obvious mistakes or even send me patches for module messages and documentation. Thank you in advance!


The Date Range module implements a custom field which allows you to enter dates and periods as a text string with an arbitrary precision, e.g.:

1991 - a period, consisted of all days of year 1991;
2012.02 - all days of February 2012;
1917.10.25 - October 25, 1917 exactly;
1941-1945 - a period from the beginning of 1941 till the end of 1945;
1234.05.06-7890 - a period from May 06, 1234 till the end of year 7890.

A general pattern for field input is: YYYY[.MM[.DD]][-YYYY[.MM[.DD]]].

The module also implements a custom filter for Views which allows you to select nodes which are before, after, inclide, exclude or exactly equal to the specified period.


Mandatory: CCK for 6.x branch.

Optional: Views 2.x or 3.x for 6.x and 7.x branches.


You can select would this field will represent a single date in form of YYYY[.MM[.DD]] or a period as described above.



    Randomly swaps values of the variable table around.

    Usage Instructions:

    1. Enable
    2. Use your site a bit
    3. Watch your site slowly explode

    Depends on some extremely Bad Judgement.


    A text scanning and spam detection framework for Drupal.

    Created and maintained by:
    * Felix Delattre (xamanu) - http://drupal.org/user/359937
    * Jens Reinemuth (openweb) - http://drupal.org/user/1294566


    This is a simple implementation of pardot for D7.

    Code taken from http://drupal.org/project/pardot

    Pay API (porting pay_node to Drupal 7)

    Working in progress porting pay_node to Drupal 7.

    Drupal Puppet Up

    Drupal-Puppet-Up is a Drush extension that facilitates building virtual machines for local development of Drupal sites. Drupal-up implements a Drush Vagrant blueprint. This, in turn, builds a virtual machine atop Vagrant and VirtualBox, and configures it using Puppet.

    It is inspired by both drupal-up and vagrant modules, but will be aiming for cleaner puppet provisioning and the default of local side editable drupal source.

    Nodequeue Services 3.x

    Integration for nodequeue with the new services 3.x api.

    Defines nodequeue resources:

            CRUD (and index) for nodequeue objects.
            Targeted actions:
                shift_item: Shifts and returns the next item of a nodequeue.
                add_item: Adds an item to a nodequeue.
                delete_item: Deletes an item from a nodequeue.
                items: Lists the queue items for this nodequeue.
                subqueues: Lists subqueues for this nodequeue.

    Varnish Login Helper

    Small module to force page refreshes when authenticated users visit a page that has been cached on the client side prior to login.


    This project builds an integration between Drupal and Singly.

    Ubercart Send Coupons to Best Customers

    This Drupal 6 module can be used to send discount coupons for best customers in Ubercart stores.

    To use this module coupon code should be configured and generated using any suitable ubercart discount modules (eg: Ubercart Discount Coupons or Ubercart Discounts (Alternative) ).

    This module list stores best customers based on their purchased order. From there admin can enter the coupon code and can send to selected users.

    Supersized formatter

    This module allows for integration of Supersized core functionality into Drupal as image formatter.

    The Supersized plugin installed in sites/all/libraries

    Commerce Tenpay

    Tenpay(www.tenpay.com) integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

    WordFilter (sandboxed)

    My sandboxed version of WordFilter module.

    Rules Session

    Simple module that allows to write/read custom values to/from $_SESSION array. Also provides a Rules Condition to check if some value is already in $_SESSION


    Some tools for working with the User IP Log module.

    Ultimately, I'd like to develop a module that can detect if a particular user of a paid membership site had publicly shared their username and password and automatically reset their password or block the user. It should be clear from the number of distinct IPs that logged in within a short period of time.

    But first I need to get a little experience watching user behavior which is what this module is about!


    testing the signup process for newbies

    User Relationships Manage

    This module allows any user with appropriate permissions to create relationships between any two users.
    The creation of the relationship starts from a user which is considered the requester.
    The relationship is automatically approved by the requestee.
    This module use a special AJAX widget "Dynamic Select" to select the requestee.
    The list of requestees to select from is built from a view

    Create a view listing users with the display "Dynamic Select" with some non exposed filters.
    Configure the module admin/config/people/relationships/settings under the vertical tab "Management" by selecting the view created previously and the relevant filters.
    Specify the labels of the HTML controls used by the widget and the display format.
    Assign the appropriate role and permissions to the users you want to use that feature.
    Any users with appropriate permission can go to the edit page of any user and create relationships.
    Under Relationships tab, select the Management tab. The edited user is the requester.
    Filter the list of users in the drop down if necessary with a keyword that will be passed on to the filters selected in the configuration,
    Pick up the requestee in the select box and create a new relationship.
    Only the requestee(s) are listed in the table, unlike under the Relationship Current tab

    jQuery HashBangBoom (Page Transitions)

    Utilizing a modified version of the jQuery plugin, HashBangBoom v0.2 and some basic Drupal module programming, users can now easily add AJAX page transitions to their Drupal website.

    Using CSS selectors, select links to be "hashified" and then a content pane/div where the content will be refreshed. JS knowledge required for advanced callback functions.

    Demo HashBangBoom (my own site, not Drupal) - http://www.james-allen.ca

    Use at your own risk, under development.

    Mediation XHTML Deltas

    Mediation XHTML theme context settings