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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


simple todo list

Path title

The path title module allows you to override the html title based on the current path.

OG pay

Organic groups payments via paypal

The payment is group specific.

Services Context

A context condition to provide on services calls


OpenTok TokShow

This module allows you to create OpenTok TokShow's, customize, them, and include them as pieces of content on your site.

Visit here to learn more.

Display Suite ID Argument


Display Suite allows you to add Views block displays as fields to view modes. However, one problem is that you can't pass arguments to the view.

This is a very limited scope module designed to pass the node/term/user id to views included as block fields.



Implements a compound field that consists of:

  • title
  • body
  • optional node references (yes, multiple.. unlimited number in fact.)
  • optional view reference that accepts tokens to pass in arguments

Additionally, by calling a theme function, you can get an unordered list of 'jump-links' to each content sub-section.

Simply by adding this to the node template:

Ubercart Image Overlay

This is a project to allow image overlays on products. Think logos on clothing when the logo is the product and the clothing is made up of different attributes.

VoIP User Number

The VoIP User Number module provides phone numbers to Drupal users and manages auto-login and registration based on caller ids.

This module has been originally designed and implemented by the MIT Center for Civic Media (http://civic.mit.edu/) as part of the VoIP Drupal (http://drupal.org/project/voipdrupal/) initiative.


VoIP Views

The VoIP Views module creates views that can be read out on a phone.

This module has been originally designed and implemented by the MIT Center for Civic Media (http://civic.mit.edu/) and Terravoz (http://www.terravoz.net/) as part of the VoIP Drupal (http://drupal.org/project/voipdrupal/) initiative.



Compare products build through the drupal commerce module.

Visual VoIP Drupal

Visual VoIP Drupal workspace

The Visual VoIP Drupal module provides a graphical programming language that facilitates the creation of VoIP Drupal scripts.

Visual VoIP Drupal is built on ScriptBlocks, a JavaScript/HMTL5 library specifically designed by MIT to support the creation of online blocks-based programming GUIs.


Z-payment Merchant

Z-payment logo

Полнофункциональный самостоятельный модуль для приема оплаты через Z-payment.
Поддерживает как прием оплаты через встроенную форму, так и с использованием внутреннего API и хуков.

Ключевые функции:

  • быстрая установка
  • встроенная форма для приема оплаты в ручном режиме
  • поддержка API и hooks для взаимодействия с другими модулями
  • настраиваемый список валют
  • страница-пример для быстрой настройки модуля и https://z-payment.ru/cabinet_shops.php
  • все платежи хранятся в отдельной таблице
  • просмотр созданных платежей в админ. интерфейсе с возможностью применения
    к ним действий зачисления и удаления
  • возможность скрывать server_url
  • темизируемые страницы "Успешная оплата" и "Оплата не совершена"
  • поддержка дополнительных полей формы (через API)
  • поддержка MySQL и PostgreSQL
  • защита от множественного зачисления одного и того же платежа

English description

Full featured stand-alone Drupal module to accept Z-payment payments on
your website. Supports payments both directly via embedded payment form and using internal API & hooks.


  • quick installation
  • embedded payment form for manual payments


DNA microarrays access control interface

This module is designed for extracting certain information about DNA microarrays from GEO database. Then it filtering and classifing on site and user see some result of those operations.


MoodleConnect will provide a possibility to add moodle servers to drupal together with a moodle plugin called "DrupalConnect" (on github).

This is not only a SSO Solution. Drupal is handling user creation in Moodle and connecting this users to moodle courses managed by access rules to course nodes in drupal.
Together with a module in moodle (DrupalConnect) this module is authenticating the moodle users in drupal with onetime/shorttime - login links.

In the first step of programming MoodleConnect was a clone of DLSconnect . But there some main changes. The main difference is: We don't need LDAP. Everything is handled withe REST webservices in both systems.
Currently this module is for drupal 6 but it will be upgraded in near future when some code cleanup is finished.


This module was developed to provide offer users of Q-Online joining assigned groups on Moodle servers.


Day Tripper

Day Tripper is for displaying a number of events on an agenda along with a routing map. The drag-n-drop events are simultaneously rendered as locations on a Google Map with corresponding directions. If the user re-arranges the events on the agenda (via drag-n-drop), then the order of the corresponding locations on the Google Map (the rout), along with the appropriate directions from point to point, update to match the newly arranged events.


Imports articles from borger.dk, save them as nodes and autoupdates the stash on cron. Developed by Headnet for ballerup.dk. May need some tweaking in order to work on other sites.

Requires the rules module (version 7.x-2.0) and the entity module (version 7.x-1.0-beta11).

ImageCache Import

This module allows you to import imagecache presets in a easy and simple way.

Powered by Javali

Malo (Insecure code)

This is a module plagued with security issues and its only purpose is to teach about security vulnerabilities in web applications in general and in Drupal.

Do not install. Do not use. Do not cry.

Social Networks and Google Analytics (SNAGA)

This project is a drupal module based on the work of Mat Clayton and Tom Anthony. (See http://www.seomoz.org/blog/visitor-social-network-login-status-google-an... for more information).



PreCSS (pronounced precess) is a CSS preprocessor framework designed to handle files based on extension.


Google Calendar Node Synchronization


This module is designed to sync information about your nodes to a Google calendar. There are site-wide settings for your Google Calendar account information and node-specific configuration settings for exact values such as dates, timezones, event location and event information. Each node type can have different field settings to suit your needs.


-Date and Date API
-Date Timezone
-Zend Framework

You may also require:

The Zend framework must be accessible on your server, either included in your system PHP path or by using the Libraries API with the Drupal Zend Framework module.
-Libraries API
-Zend Framework 1.10+ installed in your PHP path


Global configuration settings allow the user to specify which content types on their Drupal install they wish to use the module with. Only selected node types will see Google Calendar settings on their /admin/content/node-type/type-name page or be included in node processing for synchronization.

Future Goals

-Adding events on non-default calendars

Day Tripper G Map

Day Tripper G Map configures the Day Tripper module to work with the Google Map API and the Google Directions API.

Commerce NewLeaf

This module integrates Drupal Commerce orders with the New Leaf Distribution Company (http://www.newleaf-dist.com/) fulfillment service.

Current Features

  • When and order is completed, a .txt file is uploaded to the New Leaf FTP servers

Missing Features