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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

My First Dmodule

This is a demo sandbox project for our screencast.

Mediation Editor

Editor settings for Mediation

File icons

File Icons

An advanced version of Media's "Large file icon" file formatter. First of all - it is able to output file icons through Image Style.


  • Remove the dependency from Media module.
  • Add a layer of abstraction of a generic Icon Library to support both local and remote icon libraries.
  • Make selection of icon configurable with defaulting to MIME
  • Add Rules support (selecting proper file icon)


The goal of this module is to directly accept and process DMARC reports.

Support OG

The Support OG module allows for co-existance between the D7 Organic Groups module and the D7 Support module.


There is a problem when both modules are enabled that the node access permissions do not allow for Organic Group members in the same Organic Group group to access each others content.


HTML Sample

A Drupal 7 module that gives a user with permission a page [example.com/html-sample] for testing theme renders of elements common in most Drupal sites, including many basic drupal interface freatures (tabs, messages, help) and Form API elements.

Address Field Poland

This module is a plugin for Address Field module that enables polish address formatting.

Tabs dropdown

This module will show the default drupal primary tabs as a dropdown menu.

Selected Menus

Lets User can select the menu which they want to display so that only those menu and its child will be displayed in menu block.


A very basic implementation of twitter cards as a submodule of the metatag module (http://drupal.org/project/metatag). Code inspired from the metatag_opengraph module.

Ubercart Custom Stock Updater

Based on the "Bulk Stock Updater", it allows to update stock of products searched by sku (maybe in conjunction with a barcode pen scanner), with the support of a large base of nodes/products (1000+) using ajax calls. It's supposed to be in used in a real retail shop to keep stock values updated on the e-commerce site after a real sale. (it replaces Advanced Stock Updater http://drupal.org/project/uc_advanced_stock_updater)

Ubercart Setefi payment gateway (v2)

This module integrates Setefi / Moneta Online payment gateway by Intesa San Paolo Bank (http://www.setefi.it/) with Ubercart. (new v2 version after strong change of gateway APIs)

Ubercart Financing Payment

Add to ubercart the ability to receive a request for and calculate a preview for a financing payment

Drupal Meta Content Type

(D)rupal (M)eta (C)ontent (T)ype

As Clone Content for A2Q evolves it becomes (D)rupal (M)eta (C)ontent (T)ype. DMCT is Drupal n-order logical basis for managing content types, and types of content types recursively. See cca2q for history and the Storyboard below for insightful details.


Fantastic WYSIWYG editor on jQuery
Create word-processed text on the web using a reliable, fast and unbelievably beautiful editor.

Node custom head html

Node custom head html
by Sergei Tarassov

This is a small and efficent module that allows you to set custom html code into head section (like meta, script, link tags or else).
You need to set proper permissions to admin module and edit form field "Custom html code for head section".
Enable any node type to allow custom html for head section on settings page admin/settings/node-custom-head-html

Drupal Sudoku

Suduko game for Drupal

IDS API Module

This module provides a Drupal 7 interface for the Institute for Development Studies (IDS)'s Open API (http://api.ids.ac.uk/).
The goal of the module is to allow retrieving data from the IDS Collections (Eldis and Bridge) for use within a Drupal site.

Simple Media

Simple Media module is part of Simple Editor module.

Biblio Book Lookup


Quickly create biblio nodes using an ISBN.

This module integrates with third-party resources to populate the biblio node add form based on ISBN. The Biblio module utilizes separate modules to handle this type of form population from other sources (e.g., PMID, DOI), but it does not currently provide such a module for population via ISBN.


  1. Google Books API: Since the ISBN lookup call does not require an API key, the module is able to access ISBN information quickly and without any configuration.
  2. Amazon Module: If the Amazon Module is installed and properly configured, then the tools are readily available to look up an ISBN either in the local database or in the web service.
  3. No extra configuration required! Simply enable this module. It will always check with Google, and it will check with Amazon if you use that module.

Why Use the Amazon Module?

Text Summary Options

This module provides additional options for the "Long text and summary" field widget. Additional options include being able to set the "Summary" to required or not, as well as being able to show or hide the "Summary".


This is simple module for integrate Web Service IP2Location (http://ip2location.com/web-service)


Enable the module and configure at admin/config/ip2location


$result = ip2location_get_country();
echo $result['code']; // CO
echo $result['text']; // Colombia

Views View Filters

Configure a text-based view filter (e.g. string, numeric) to display its value form (in Views UI) and exposed form as a list.


Implementation of App.net

Commerce coupon fixed distributed

Commerce coupon plugin that provides distributed fixed coupons.

The project was written to solve a number of issues, namely:
#1612662: Calculate fixed amount before tax calculation

It is possible that a site has multiple vat rates. For instance in the UK: