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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

External Language Interface (ELI)

ELI extends tmgmt to allow automatic translation of selected node types. Nodes in chosen types will be automatically translated and placed into moderation providing a simple way for multi-lingual sites to provide translations of key content. This method of automatic external translation with moderation allows translation teams to move from being full translators to translation validators, vastly simplifying their workflow.

Presently the module provides a minimal implementation, in the future additional translation sources and entity support will be made possible.

Field display list

Simple module which augments the Manage Display UI for entities to choose between some common Field templates.

Commerce Mellat


Commerce Mellat provide Mellat Bank (an Iranian bank) integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Batch Redirect

Batch Redirect was created to automate the addition of redirects to a large number of nodes imported into a Drupal 7 install.

Redirect (http://drupal.org/project/redirect) provides the base for this project.

Webform Prepopulate

Pre-populate a webform with an authenticated user's most recent submission.


Behavior Driven Development for Drupal
featuring Drush, Behat and Mink.

drush @mysite scenario

This one simple command will run features found in the site configuration directory specified by the given alias. All of the dependencies, including behat and mink, will be downloaded on first run.


Domain Control Panel

What is Orderbox? From the Logixboxes' Orderbox homepage it says:

LogicBoxes' OrderBox is a Customizable and Brandable, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-tier platform that provides Billing, Auto-Provisioning, User Management and a comprehensive API for all LogicBoxes Products.

It is a complete Business Process Automation solution or a mini-ERP system to automate your and your Resellers' Web Services Business.

OrderBox allows you and your Reseller network to seamlessly sell all LogicBoxes Products and Services from your own website.

This module is an attempt to integrate some of the functionality of OrderBox into a Drupal site. This can be useful for users who have a Drupal site but also want to run a domain name registration business and a web hosting that uses OrderBox mini-ERP system.

Currently this module consists of:

  • Orderbox Login - This will allow your customer to login to their orderbox domain control panel from within your Drupal site, just go to configuration settings page and then activate the block for the OrderBox Login and your customer and sub reseller can start using it.

Commerce PayPaad

PayPaad Logo

Implements secure Pasargad payment (PayPaad) services for use with Drupal Commerce.

اسپانسر شده توسط کاموا: مشکل طراحی سایت خود را با سایت ساز کاموا حل کنید. کاموا طراحی وب سایت را برای شما آسان میکند

Anonymous Chat

This Module will convert your Drupal system into an anonymous chat service like Omegle(www.omegle.com)

Ubercart Extendend Legals

Ubercart Extended Legals (UCX) brings a solution for international legal requirements into Ubercart.
The UCX package includes several submodules.
Just select a country and the appropriate legals get into orders.

For the moment this module focusses on german legal requirements on orders.

UCX Invoice:
- Cerate configurable invoice number for orders
- Auto-creation of invoice date for orders
- invoice number and date are added to the order template.

UCX Shipping:
- Create a shipping for orders
- Shipping date is added to the

CiviCRM Group Roles Remote

Same functionality as the civicrm_group_roles included in CiviCRM, but using REST API for sites not connected to CiviCRM databases. If you use Bakery for SSO, CiviCRM Group Roles Remote can manage access to roles based on a CiviCRM group in a remote CiviCRM install.


GDLC Messages

GDLC Messages

Spider - Drupal Spider module

Spider is Drupal Spider module.


SMACSS: Scalable and Modular CSS for Drupal

An experiment in creating SMACSS-style class names for core templates and stylesheets.


This module will be a Drupal 7 module to create and manage autorespond services.

What will happen is the following:
1. A user registers that he want a 7 day course or something.
2. The site will respond by sending him a message.
3. The next couple of days the site will send messages on specified intervals.

That is basically it.

Restricted contact

Restrict the contact form so that logged-in users cannot change their sender e-mail address or name on the site and personal contact forms. This stops logged-in users from spoofing e-mail and/or using the "Send yourself a copy" feature to send spam.

Also, add the text "(Unverified)" to the sender name of messages sent from the contact forms by anonymous users.


Display a webform block in a modal. Currently using thickbox.

See http://drupal.org/project/modal_forms and http://drupal.org/node/1326716 for Drupal 7 options.

CT Class

Content Type Class module allows specifying custom CSS class to the body element of the content type document (node).

Once this module is installed, it adds extra field to the content type creation and edit

Notifications Group tags

This module lets you Manage Subscriptions of Tags groupwise. User can see and subscribe any tag using single page.


This module contains new date/time field that supports other calendar systems.
There is also a views integration module.

Calendar systems

OG Analytics

Provides an analytics infrastructure for displaying statistics reports using Google Charts API (the new one).


Broken tests

Provides varyingly broken test classes for testing the test runner. See #1700682: run-tests.sh attempts to run abstract/base test classes.


Which Server

A small module to add the server name (as in machine hostname, not the name of the website host) to administrator reports:

  • Update status page (/admin/reports/updates)
  • Update status email notifications
  • Status Report page (/admin/reports/status)
  • Module list page (/admin/modules)

This module can be useful where Drupal sites are installed on different servers, so you can easily find which server a particular site (especially a site needing updates) is installed on.