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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Re-form provides an interface for modifying the properties of any existing Drupal form. Numerous individual form element properties can be modified directly from the affected form and sets of modifications can be applied by user roles. This module is young and is not recommended for production sites.


Getting started

  • To begin modifying existing Drupal forms install the module and navigate to administer >> structure >> re-form.
  • To enable form revisions, check the box labeled Enable form revisions and click save.
  • Note: The Re-form revisions interface will only be visible to the currently logged in user account.
  • Navigate to the form you wish to modify and click the Re-form link in the upper right corner of the form to display Re-form revision options.
  • Add a new revision to the form by clicking the +Add revision button and completing the form.
  • Once a revision is active on the form, mousing over a form element will display a small settings icon in the upper right corner of that element. Click the icon to see a list of available modifications.


jqplot is a Views style plug-in for implementing the jqplot charting tool.

jqplot provides accessible charts providing textual information to non-visual users.
It uses a technique with JavaScript to scrape data from an HTML table and generate charts with help of jqplot libraries.

Note: Current version doesn't support preview.


UC checkout review

This module allows site administrator to disable order reivew while checkout process.

Nodequeue Taxonomy

By default, Nodequeue (http://drupal.org/project/nodequeue) allows you to restrict a queue to show nodes of a particular content type. We had a need to further restrict the nodes to ones that had been tagged with a particular taxonomy term.

This module provides term checkboxes for filtering the autocomplete field when adding nodes to a queue. This does not restrict adding nodes by other methods.

Webform Inkdit

The Webform Inkdit module provides integration for the agree widget from Inkdit.


  • Only allow one agree component per form
  • Auto detect form id of the webform
  • Provide an option to select which email to provide to inkdit


stores key-value pairs using one record in variable table

Coffee port to Drupal 6

This sandbox is to hold a port of the neat Coffee module to Drupal 6.

Advanced Forum Basic Subscriptions

This module provides a way to add basic subscriptions functionality to Advanced Forums. It is a very lightweight alternative to installing the 4 modules: Subscriptions, Subscriptions Mail, Subscriptions UI and Taxonomy Subscriptions; if all you want is subscriptions for Forums.

It provides functions to subscribe to:
- All forums (global subscription, on the Forums page)
- Individual Forums (on the Forums page, not on the Topics page where the Subscriptions module puts it)
- Individual Topics (on the Forum Topics page)

Emails are sent to each user who is subscribed at the appropriate level when
- a new Forum is added
- a new Forum topic is added
- a new Forum topic comment is added

An additional tab is provided on the Forum tab menu to view your own subscriptions and optionally remove any subscriptions.

Answers to the usual questions:
Q: Why not contribute this code to Advanced Forum?
A: Advanced Forum 7.x-2.0 has reached RC state so feature set is locked. The maintainer will deal with major/critical bugs only.

Q: Can't this already be achieved with existing modules?
A: Yes and no. If you only wanted subscriptions for Forums then you could install the Subscriptions modules (with their relatively heavy payload) and disable all of its functionality for all content other than Forum content.

Pay With a Facebook Post

This plugin enables the system from www.paywithafacebookpost.com to work with Drupal.
Pay With a Facebook Post provides an easy to use and free system to pay with a facebook post for digital goods, for example ebooks, songs or movie teasers.
All you need to have is an ID from www.paywithafacebookpost.com.


GeoExt for Drupal!
GeoExt brings together the geospatial know how of OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of Ext JS to help you build powerful desktop style GIS apps on the web with JavaScript.

This module provides access to this amazing system inside drupal

Mobile Admin

A series of tweaks to make Drupal admin work on a mobile device

Cache Audit

Provides a Drush command to quickly review cache settings. Currently supports the following modules -


git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-1.0-rc1 http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/WaltHaas/1466474.git fieldexamples

This project is designed to help people who are learning to write code that uses the Drupal 7 Field API programatically. This package contains two example modules which add simple fields to the user object. These are designed to be entry-level tutorials. The code is thoroughly documented and the mechanism used is explained.

Content type search block

Create blocks that search only a single content type through Apache Solr.


Another CCK module to provide a rmeinder field type.


To install, copy the cck_reminder directory and all its contents to your modules directory.
To enable this module, go to Administer > Modules, and enable Phone Number.


Todo Tasks:
- simpletest

Ongoing Tasks:

Views Fields Compare Filter

The Views Fields Compare Filter module provides a filter for use with Views module.
This filter (Global: Fields Comparison) allows the user to choose a comparison operation between 2 of the fields selected for the view.

Provision CDN support


This is a simple module and drush script for that allows you to enable CDN support per site in Aegir. It takes care of setting up a new virtual host that is configured to serve your site's static files over one or more additional domains, eg. css.example.com, js.example.com, cdn.example.com. Use in conjunction with the Drupal CDN module for full effect.

It is specifically aimed towards the Ægir project and therefore depends on the provision backend and expects the Aegir environment to be functional. If you don't know what Aegir is, you'll probably want to start there and come back when you really know that you want to use this code.


There are two parts to the code: - A Drupal module for hostmaster - contained in the /hosting directory. Install this like any other Drupal module into you hostmaster site. - A provision Drush extension - contained in the /provision directory. Copy this into /var/aegir/.drush on your Aegir master server. Now just enable the module in the Aegir frontend, and you're ready to go.


This was built on a Barracuda system, so requires Provision 6.x-2.x



This module will define the "fieldgrid" form element. It will create a table based grid with an arbitrary amount of rows, using a user supplied callback function that defines the form elements for a row as a usual Drupal FAPI array. By default, it will provide AJAX based addition of new rows via an 'Add more' button.

ergonlogic's copy of Hosting

Updated from the code in Hostmaster


We are sort of a d.o project one year in the making. Version 7.x-2.0 should release in Denver.

Node View History

This module records the node access history. Unlike {history} table in core which only stores the last viewing history of a node for each user. It stores all viewing history. It's useful for counting the hits of nodes in a certain period rather than a simple total count in the {node_counter} table of core. We can also find access history in {accesslog}, but we need to extract node ID in URL and it's much slower.


The Autolink module saves users from having to manually enter links for commonly used URLs.

The module scans posts for a set of terms. Any term found is optionally replaced with some other text, and then automatically linked to its corresponding URL.

Autonomy IDOL and external sites search

By using search api and search api pages, search content outside drupal from search api pages UI and also support IDOL search engine integration.

closed site

Этот модуль позволяет "закрыть" сайт от не зарегистрированных пользователей. Только пользователи, которые имеют логин и пароль для доступа к вашему сайту, смогут войти на сайт.

Модуль проверяет находится ли пользователь в системе, и если это не так, перенаправляет пользователя на страницу "access denied", на которой пользователю предоствляется форма входа на сайт.

Sematext Search Analytics

This module integrates Apache Solr Search with Sematext Search Analytics.