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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Buckaroo

This sandbox will be used to setup a Drupal Commerce module for the Buckaroo Payment Gateway.

ApacheSolr Search Blocks

Apache Solr Search comes with the ability to create new custom search pages with specific parameters e.g. you can create a new search page to search only one content type. This is pretty awesome, but I had a use case where we needed the search form on an existing page. This module provides a generic solution for doing that from any search page you create, simply by ticking a checkbox on the search page form, and positioning the new block wherever you want it. When a search is performed, the results appear on the search page you created.

Media: Kewego

Creates a Kewego PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.
This project is inspired by the Media: Youtube project. It use kewego API to get thumbnails and embed code from Kewego (http://www.kewego.com).
As Kewego don't provide a url for videos, the module use a fake url : kewego.com/v/[video_sig] to create a streamwrapper.

Youtube Player


This module, based on Youtube APIs, provides the possibility to create Video galleries, using Youtube Playlists. In the playlist are showed video thumbnails, titles, duration and views for every video


  • Create a block for every youtube video or videogallery
  • Embed single Youtube videos
  • Embed Youtube playlists
  • Show thumbnails, titles, duration and views for every video of the playlist, near the video
    . With a click the video of the playlist can be loaded and played in the main video
  • Configure the max number of videos of the playlist showed in the youtube_player playlist
  • Autoplay can be configured
  • Loop of single videos or entire playlists can be configured
  • Player dimensions can be set
  • Max title length can be set. If the title of the song in the playlist exceed this value it will be truncated
  • Jcarousel can be enabled to guarantee better scrolling of the playlists for mobile devices
  • Requirements

    Recommended modules

Hidden field

This module allows to create hidden fields.

$field = array(
  // Set up your field array as usual.
$field['settings']['hidden'] = TRUE;

Hidden fields are removed the administrative interface, as well from editing and viewing screens. They use a special 'hidden' widget and the special 'hidden' formatter provided by core.


It provides the possibility to embed a configurable Youtube player, which can also show a playlist (queried with Youtube API).
It works also with mobile devices

Drupal executor

Drupal executor creates a form page which allows site administrators to run custom PHP code.

It helps not only to debug code, but also to build faster your code.

It is also extremely useful for executing database queries or shell commands in production environments, in cases where the development team has no access to the console shell.

In order to activate it, just enable it from modules list, and give permission use drupal executor to any role you want to use it. Then, go to Site configuration -> Drupal executor page.

Document Revolution

A Document Management System for Drupal
base on Document Project
New Features:
+ Integration with Node Privacy by Role.
+ Integration Linkit.
+ Private Download.

Affiliate Injection

Module Description

Adds the ability to inject affiliate or referral codes into links that are submitted by users of your site, and optionally you can allow Affiliate Injection to create a local site redirect to the affiliate site.

You manage the list of affiliate sites, and your affiliate codes are only injected into links from sites you have configured. You can also remove affiliate code from submitted links.

Example App

This is a simple example app to highlight what you need to do in order to create apps for use via the apps module. This module doesn't even try to do anything worthwhile when installed, but should provide a fairly straightforward example of what you can and should do in order to create an app.

Tycoon Remote Client

This is a remote client that can help integrate with the Tycoon WebAPI system

Ultimate Cron Serializer

Add on module for Ultimate Cron. Run different cron jobs serial in the same thread.

Blank It

Allows you to add target="_blank" to menu items.


www.amcharts.com drupal 7 module.
this module will provide easy access to amcharts barcharts.


This is placeholder page for the future module of html2theme. I aim to release the first development version within a week.

The html2theme module will help developers with a flying start converting static HTML pages, either hosted on web or uploaded as file, to a drupal theme.
It generates a wysiwyg like interface where the user can add and remove regions and theme variables visually into the static HTML imported.

This module is a greate tool for:

Hide forms elements

This module aims to hide some elements located in the user's editing account form and content creation form. These elements have little or no use in sites that have only one content editor, or have several editors but there is no need for version and authorship control.

The module will also add permissions, allowing you to display hidden elements for certain user roles and content types.

Use this module when you need to:

Contextual toggle

This module adds a link to admin menu that highlights contextual link regions. This can be useful for administrators so they can get an overview where to find configuration settings for parts of a page.

When clicking the link (which currently looks like the contextual link trigger) all regions gets a dashed border, same as when hovering a specific region.

This module depends on Contextual and Admin menu.


A module for collaborative work on a drupal site versioned in RCS. Displays a warning about a site being checked out for local edits.

Node autosave

This module provides auto-save functionality for nodes. The idea is similar to http://drupal.org/project/autosave but this project doesn't use jquery.field plugin and supports autosaving of any form fields including:

  • Filefeilds
  • Fields with attached WYSIWYG editor
  • References fields
  • Autocomplete fields

Here is list of currently supported features:

Live Comments

Live Comments converts normal node comments into a real-time chat. It adds a property to a node, with which the node editor can choose whether (s)he wants to use chat-like commenting instead of the normal comments. Useful for example in a node that contains a video displaying a live event.

The development of this module is sponsored by Exove Ltd (www.exove.com).

Demo ttest

Tänä on demo sandbonx for cast

Media upload directory

Extends the Media module by allowing you to specify a default directory for files uploaded via the media browser. Defaults are set per media type, and these defaults apply to uploads from both the admin/content/media page and the WYSIWYG Media plugin. The defaults will also be used for file and image fields that use the media file selector widget, unless the field's "File directory" option has been set.

See the following issues for more information on problem that this module addresses:

Linkit menu support

Allows you to search to defined menu items in linkit autocomplete

MTurk Sandbox

Testing for MTurk.