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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Drupal Refresh

This module adds possibility to refresh or redirect the site after certain number of seconds specified in the 'refresh' parameter ($_GET['refresh']).


When you attempt the URL with 'refresh' parameter, the site will be refreshed automatically after default number of seconds. If you want to refresh the site after specific number of seconds you can specify them in the refresh parameter. When you add 'destination' parameter, the site will be redirected to that destination after the specified number of seconds.


  • An URL http://domain.com/?refresh will just refresh the page after default number of seconds,
  • an URL http://domain.com/?destination=node&refresh=5 will redirect user to http://domain.com/node after 5 seconds,
  • an URL http://domain.com/?destination=sites/default/files/terms.pdf&refresh=5 will start downloading the terms.pdf in 5 seconds.

When you call drupal_refresh() directly in the code the rendered page will be refreshed after default number of seconds. When you call
drupal_refresh(5, 'node') the site will be redirected to http://domain.com/node after 5 seconds.



The PluploadField module provides a browser-based widget to allow users with the appropriate permissions to upload multiple images in imagefield.

Plupload is a GPL licensed multiple file uploading tool that can present widgets in Flash, Gears, HTML 5, Silverlight, BrowserPlus, and HTML4 depending on the capabilities of the client computer.

Plupload Field is base on the Plupload Integration module code.


This is a fork of http://drupal.org/project/jail, only exists so I can work on patches quickly.

Lighty Permissions UI


* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation


Current Maintainer: Adrian Dimitrov

Replace default permissions interface with more responsitive one,
usefule when website operate with large number of roles and permissions.

* AJAX loaded permissions table
* Filter which roles to show


* Drupal 7.x


Awesome backgrounds

Enable user to change and choose where to place different background images.


nato (Node Autocomplete Override Title) is a Drupal module

Poll Cookies

Allows votes on polls based on cookies instead of IP. Based on method described here, http://www.hashbangcode.com/blog/overriding-poll-module-drupal-6-409.html, updated for Drupal 7.

Web site Sygnusconsulting

Pagina web

Entity Complete

Entity Complete: the successor of Content Complete for Drupal 7.

Read more at #1454592: From Content Complete to Entity Complete


This module integrates Drupal with Newsbeat a realtime statistic service for especially suited for news sites.

Section and author variables

The module uses taxonomy to set _sf_async_config.sections variable, and it uses node author for _sf_async_config.authors

Both of these variables can be altered using hook_newsbeat_authors_alter and hook_newsbeat_sections_alter


ReSTructed Text

This project is an Input filter that has brazenly copied the fantastic work of the Markdown module to bring input filter support for ReSTructured Text.

Thanks to the Drupal Markdown team and thanks to the Open Source RST class for PHP


This module will provide dual authentication when logging in, using SMSFramework to send a text message to a cell phone.

This module will most likely merge with http://drupal.org/project/tfa

References Index

Add extra Indexes to the references module to create tree structures and make fast queries possible.


This module allows to compare two Drupal sites for the differences in content/configuration. I hope it will be useful for staging/development.

Image Select CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA module that presents the user with an image of an animal and the user must select the name of the animal to submit the form.

Jalali Popup Date Field

this module defines a new date filed specially for Jalali calendar. you can select date with use of a popup calendar.


This module is intended to connect the SabreDAV Server with Drupal. After enabling the module, users will be able to create personal calendars and address books which can be synced with CalDAV and CardDAV clients. The module will fully support calendar displays using the Fullcalendar module.

BPC Commerce file

a module using the http://drupal.org/project/commerce_bpc api to allow using commerce file fields as combinations. depends on http://drupal.org/sandbox/atlea/1414774

bpc commerce file allows uploading multiple images into seperate products in one clean step. this is especially useful when selling different resolutions of files. with a little addition it would allow to upload a downscaled preview for that image into a public field as well.


Processes data from a supported source (e.g. XML) into targets mapped to entities and entity-like items (via the Entity API). This module presents an intuitive administrative interface for managing and executing data imports. Based on the highly flexible Rules framework, Portables is specifically optimized for data import configuration, simplifying the administrative process for a predictable outcome.

Feeds HTTP Arg Fetcher plugin

Feeds HTTP Arg Fetcher plugin

Works well with selfnodeprocessor.

Commerce Payment NganLuong

Commerce Payment NganLuong integrates Ngan Luong payment method with Drupal Commerce.


simple todo list

Path title

The path title module allows you to override the html title based on the current path.

OG pay

Organic groups payments via paypal

The payment is group specific.

Services Context

A context condition to provide on services calls