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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

ImageCache Import

This module allows you to import imagecache presets in a easy and simple way.

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Malo (Insecure code)

This is a module plagued with security issues and its only purpose is to teach about security vulnerabilities in web applications in general and in Drupal.

Do not install. Do not use. Do not cry.

Social Networks and Google Analytics (SNAGA)

This project is a drupal module based on the work of Mat Clayton and Tom Anthony. (See http://www.seomoz.org/blog/visitor-social-network-login-status-google-an... for more information).



PreCSS (pronounced precess) is a CSS preprocessor framework designed to handle files based on extension.


Google Calendar Node Synchronization


This module is designed to sync information about your nodes to a Google calendar. There are site-wide settings for your Google Calendar account information and node-specific configuration settings for exact values such as dates, timezones, event location and event information. Each node type can have different field settings to suit your needs.


-Date and Date API
-Date Timezone
-Zend Framework

You may also require:

The Zend framework must be accessible on your server, either included in your system PHP path or by using the Libraries API with the Drupal Zend Framework module.
-Libraries API
-Zend Framework 1.10+ installed in your PHP path


Global configuration settings allow the user to specify which content types on their Drupal install they wish to use the module with. Only selected node types will see Google Calendar settings on their /admin/content/node-type/type-name page or be included in node processing for synchronization.

Future Goals

-Adding events on non-default calendars

Day Tripper G Map

Day Tripper G Map configures the Day Tripper module to work with the Google Map API and the Google Directions API.

Commerce NewLeaf

This module integrates Drupal Commerce orders with the New Leaf Distribution Company (http://www.newleaf-dist.com/) fulfillment service.

Current Features

  • When and order is completed, a .txt file is uploaded to the New Leaf FTP servers

Missing Features

Random Crash

The Random Crash module randomly whitescreens your site when you are displaying nodes.
It will not affect admin pages. An admin screen located at admin/config/random-crash allows
you to set the frequency of the whitescreening. Options are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Ophir ODT Import


Ophir ODT Import is a module for Drupal 7 that imports ODT files directly into drupal nodes (articles, pages...).
The base drupal module is a port of odfimport module to drupal 7, but the script that converts ODT to HTML has been written from scratch by myself, and is available here: Ophir.php ODT to HTML converter.

OpenID Helper

This module extends the functionality of OpenID module. OpenID is very useful, but not very user-friendly. OpenID module expects users to know what their OpenID provider URL is. This module makes it a more user-friendly by giving the user a dropdown list well-known OpenID providers to choose from. Furthermore, the site admin can manage that list and add/remove options to/from it.

Zip Field

A field that allows a user to upload a zip, gzip or tarball. The archive will be extracted into a folder named the same as the archive file name in the files directory. An example of where this could be useful would be if you needed to create a presentation content type, and the presentation was a pre-packaged collection of files that you needed to upload. Rather than breaking out the FTP client, just upload the zip as a field.


PHP 5.3, Drupal 7

Media Metadata

1) What it is?
This is a module which was built on the Drupal platfrom. This module is built to meet the need for automation of data input format with the use of by Adobe XMP standard. And automation to facilitate the input logic to the database. to produce a stable and consistent data. Remember! This is only for input data, to regard the subject in a different documentation.

Search API OpenSearchServer

OpenSearchServer logo

This module is the OpenSearchServer extension for the Search API module. The backend uses OpenSearchServer for indexing and searching content.

Ctools Social Plugins

Under Active Development, don't use it in production just yet!!a

This module exposes social plugins as ctools content types, which can be added as panes in panels.

Social Plugins supported:
1> Facebook Like
2> Tweet
3> Google Plus

If you would like to use just facebook social plugins, then I'll suggest using fb_social as it exposes various fb plugins as ctools content type.

Why this module:

There are many modules that provide twitter, google_plus widgets but I couldn't find anything that exposes them as ctools plugins and are light weight. For facebook like, fb_social does provide the like button as ctools content type but it doesn't cover other plugins for the right reasons. To use this module, all you need to do is to add the relevant plugin in your panel. Currently, plugins are not configurable and non themable, supporting that will be the top priority.

How To Use:

  1. Enable the module
  2. Go to any panel and add content
  3. You should see Social Plugins category on left, select then and add the plugin of your choice

Views Integration:
Use views_ctools_field to use these plugins in views.

To Do:

    Hierarchical Nodequeues

    This project provides the ability to leverage nodequeues with taxonomy based menus. It's advantage is that the nodes in tied to each taxonomy level can be ordered with nodequeues.

    Each tree level is flattened into a subqueue, which keeps its namespace from colliding with identically named node levels names.

    Node IP Restriction


    This simple module provides client IP based node access restrictions.

    In Detail/HowTo

    Each node gets two additional fields to add a list of IP addresses that are allowed to update or see the node. The module does not allow access to a node when the client IP address matches one of the allowed IPs but rather denies access if there is no match:

    Blog Migrate

    Blog migration script using Migrate. D6->D7.

    PDF Watermark

    a basic module for adding a textual watermark to PDFs using Ubercart's file download. This module is appropriate for adding copyright and personalized information to downloadable PDFs.

    Drupal Test

    This is a Test run, my first Drupal attempt



    This sandbox project is a fork of webform2sugar to test improvements.

    Desk.com Multipass

    This is essentially a module wrapper for the Desk.com multipass API. It will provide automatic single sign-on links for your users and, with a little configuration, seamless user integration with Desk.com.

    Layout Overlay

    Layout Overlay allows you to put an overlay image on top of the page. This way it's easy to compare HTML page to layout image. Overlay image is not displayed on admin pages.

    This module is heavily inspired by 'Design overlay' feature found in Sasson theme.

    Github Flavored Markdown

    Works in conjunction with the Markdown module to provide additional functionality to the Markdown syntax as per http://github.github.com/github-flavored-markdown/


    Hard Wrap Single Newlines
    Treat single newlines in paragraph-like content as line breaks. This is more intuitive for most users than the way in which Markdown normally handles single newlines.

    Escape Underscores in Words
    It is not reasonable to italicize just part of a word, therefore words containing multiple underscores have their inner underscores escaped. This foo_bar_baz does not turn into foobarbaz.

    Fenced Code Blocks
    Markdown supports delineating code blocks by beginning each line with four spaces or a tab character. This can be cumbersome when entering longer snippets, so GFM implements fenced code blocks -- text encapsulated by '```' (three backticks) are treated as if each line began with four spaces or a tab character.

    Auto Linking of Raw URLs
    Github Flavored Markdown attempts to find raw URLs within the text and format them as Markdown style links so they are later transformed into HTML anchor tags -- clickable links -- by the Markdown processor.


      Locale Bulk

      This module allows you to import and export translations (.po) files in a bulk mode.

      Drupal by default allows users to import and export translations individually (one language -> one group of translations).
      If you manage a multilingual site with different groups of the translation process can be long and tedious. With this module, the import and export, including the use of drush, is fast and suitable.

      Commerce Taxonomy Reference

      A simple module that add functionality to Views.

      If you want to add the Contextual Filter 'has taxonomy term ID (with depth) to a Commerce Product View this module will accomplish that.

      I'm new to developing so so far there is only one version for Drupal 7.x

      Any Comments are appreciated!