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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

SubmenuTree NG

Submenutree NG - refactored Submenutree module.

Submenutree Adv

Advanced Submenutree node edit tab.

Advanced Submenutree - allows you control how to display each item in the Submenutree list.

Requires Submenutree NG module.

OG Token

This module adds the token [node:og-group-audience] to Organic Groups. This can be used to retrieve the names of the groups to which a node belongs.

For example if you have a group type called 'Department' and a group content type 'Meetings' you can put the token wherever you need to get a list of the departments to which a meeting belongs.

This is an array token so you can use things like:

Nice Node Add

Overrides the node/add page. Each content type has an icon and content types can be grouped.

Image attribute defaults


Deprecated! I've move the code into the 7.x-1.x of: http://drupal.org/project/imagefield_tokens

Adds default values for core Image field Alt and Title attributes. Supports Tokens. D7 only.

CMF 7.x

CMF is useful, has 7500+ installs. I can't see why some people think a module with 150 installs and that requires Views is better than CMF, but I'm going to stick with what is *useful* and *used* by people.

This is work on a 7.x branch. Hopefully, it will get merged into the main CMF branch when it ready to run.

Search & Replace

This module provides a search and replace functionality in form of a pluggable filter. By this you can do a profanity filter, a glossary, automatic linking and enhance the user experience of your website.



Select anything as source. CSV, Views, feeds you name it.


Choose from different replace methods.
Basic string replace, a regular expression or DOM parsing.


Rewrite the found string to your needs.
Make it a link, different CSS styles or mabe popups.

Permission Control

Permission Control Settings

This module is a Drupal Permission Redistribution System, so when you are using permission control module, there is a permission assignment page which has limited perms you selected, and an administrator who is not Drupal Admin could grant perms to others.

It is very good for an sub-administrator who is not drupal admin, but who needs privilege to grant some perms to some role. Such as OA admin, Department Admin, etc.

Similar project: Custom Permission

RPX Extras

-- Needs testing -- not ready for production sites --

Janrain Engage Extras module containing some (temporary) addons/tests for the Janrain Engage module.
Most of these will probably be integrated in the Janrain Engage module.

What does this module contain?

Social Sharing widget as a Block
works, but needs cleanup
Provides a block that lets you put Janrains Social Sharing widget everywhere on the page you like.
Credits go to 7wonders and geokat. I've wrapped 7wonders' code and geokat's suggestion in a simple block.
Be sure to add your (test) domain to Janrains Domain Whitelist, or else the share widget will show up, but the Social Share widget will not (if you click share).
The Domain Whitelist settings can be found at https://rpxnow.com/relying_parties/YOUR-JANRAIN-APP-ID/settings

Social Login icons as a Block
Not yet included in this module.
Trying to put some form of Benk's code in a block. Suggestions / solutions are welcome.
the issue about this:
#1315726: Social Login icons as a Block


A small utility module to enhance the WYSIWYG experience by adding a node class to the editor's body tag.

Further customizations to follow.

See http://bit.ly/ideograph-wysiwyg for more information.

Gnome Planks

Currently under active development (including this description)!

Allows management of custom blocks in a sidebar


placeholder for the new pan european ecommerce payment method standard being established (end 2011).
see: http://twinklemagazine.nl/weblog/2011/06/banken-werken-toe-naar-europese...

I intend to do work on this module once specs get out and provide integration with ecommerce solutions.
Contact me if you're interested.

Views Skip replacement option

This little module extends every datafield wich uses the standard views_field_handler with a replacement option, to skip a defined number of characters.
Its quite the oppsoiteeffect of the trim function in views.

"This is my data value"
trim 10 characters: "This is my"
skip 10 characters: " data value"
or with ellipsis
trim 10 characters: "This is my..."
skip 10 characters: " ...data value"

Commerce Buckaroo

This sandbox will be used to setup a Drupal Commerce module for the Buckaroo Payment Gateway.

ApacheSolr Search Blocks

Apache Solr Search comes with the ability to create new custom search pages with specific parameters e.g. you can create a new search page to search only one content type. This is pretty awesome, but I had a use case where we needed the search form on an existing page. This module provides a generic solution for doing that from any search page you create, simply by ticking a checkbox on the search page form, and positioning the new block wherever you want it. When a search is performed, the results appear on the search page you created.

Media: Kewego

Creates a Kewego PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.
This project is inspired by the Media: Youtube project. It use kewego API to get thumbnails and embed code from Kewego (http://www.kewego.com).
As Kewego don't provide a url for videos, the module use a fake url : kewego.com/v/[video_sig] to create a streamwrapper.

Youtube Player


This module, based on Youtube APIs, provides the possibility to create Video galleries, using Youtube Playlists. In the playlist are showed video thumbnails, titles, duration and views for every video


  • Create a block for every youtube video or videogallery
  • Embed single Youtube videos
  • Embed Youtube playlists
  • Show thumbnails, titles, duration and views for every video of the playlist, near the video
    . With a click the video of the playlist can be loaded and played in the main video
  • Configure the max number of videos of the playlist showed in the youtube_player playlist
  • Autoplay can be configured
  • Loop of single videos or entire playlists can be configured
  • Player dimensions can be set
  • Max title length can be set. If the title of the song in the playlist exceed this value it will be truncated
  • Jcarousel can be enabled to guarantee better scrolling of the playlists for mobile devices
  • Requirements

    Recommended modules

Hidden field

This module allows to create hidden fields.

$field = array(
  // Set up your field array as usual.
$field['settings']['hidden'] = TRUE;

Hidden fields are removed the administrative interface, as well from editing and viewing screens. They use a special 'hidden' widget and the special 'hidden' formatter provided by core.


It provides the possibility to embed a configurable Youtube player, which can also show a playlist (queried with Youtube API).
It works also with mobile devices

Drupal executor

Drupal executor creates a form page which allows site administrators to run custom PHP code.

It helps not only to debug code, but also to build faster your code.

It is also extremely useful for executing database queries or shell commands in production environments, in cases where the development team has no access to the console shell.

In order to activate it, just enable it from modules list, and give permission use drupal executor to any role you want to use it. Then, go to Site configuration -> Drupal executor page.

Document Revolution

A Document Management System for Drupal
base on Document Project
New Features:
+ Integration with Node Privacy by Role.
+ Integration Linkit.
+ Private Download.

Affiliate Injection

Module Description

Adds the ability to inject affiliate or referral codes into links that are submitted by users of your site, and optionally you can allow Affiliate Injection to create a local site redirect to the affiliate site.

You manage the list of affiliate sites, and your affiliate codes are only injected into links from sites you have configured. You can also remove affiliate code from submitted links.

Example App

This is a simple example app to highlight what you need to do in order to create apps for use via the apps module. This module doesn't even try to do anything worthwhile when installed, but should provide a fairly straightforward example of what you can and should do in order to create an app.

Tycoon Remote Client

This is a remote client that can help integrate with the Tycoon WebAPI system