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SASS Variables

What is SASS Variables?

Provides the ability for site administrators to update theme layer SASS variables through a admin form. The intension of this module is to provide the a basic form that can then be customised to specific fields through other modules (eg. hook_form_alter to set a field as a color wheel instead of textfield).

How do I get started?

This module requires 3 simple steps.

Allocated Seating friendly fork (deprecated)

I've been made co-maintainer of Allocated Seating so there's no need for this.

This is a friendly fork of Allocated Seating which I'm fixing up in order to use it for a client.

Tournament League

League Module for the Tournament Module.


The future home of:

  • A Drupal 7 implementation of eCSSential by Scott Jehl
  • A Drupal 8 CSS preprocessor that will completely swap out the default CSS request markup

Wysiwyg syntaxhighlighter integration for D7

Update the Wysiwyg syntaxhighlighter integration module for D7

Install the preelementfix module to make tinyMCE behave nice with <pre> tags: http://drupal.org/node/1445984#comment-6345316

Tested in

Mac 10.8 Firefox 14.0.1, Safari 6.0 (8536.25), Chrome 21.0.1180.77
Win7 IE 9

Problem in Opera 12.01: show double space line inside the syntaxhighlighter pre block.

Taxonomy Mapping

# Information
name = Taxonomy Mapping
description = Allow a taxonomy term as a placeholder term, reference to another term.
github = http://github.com/kolier/taxonomy_mapping

# Feature
* taxonomy_mapping field
- Configure in the vocabulary edit form.
- Field bases on Entity Reference.
* Cascading mapping
- Loop to find the final destination.

Translation Own Content

Set per Translation Onw Content for User

Organic Groups Vocab for Drupal 7

This is a sandbox for OG Vocab for Drupal 7 to be merged later into OG Vocab module.

Feeds XPath Parser + XMLReader

This is an extension of the Feeds XPath Parser module that uses a simplified XPath expression to iterate over an XML file using XMLReader. This means that the parser can chunk the import file with much more efficient use of memory, but it does mean that you cannot user the full power of XPath for your 'context'.

Domain reference

The Domain Reference module defines a field type you can attach to entities, like nodes and users. The field references domains managed by the Domain Access module.

Note: Domain Reference fields are not connected to Domain Access subdomain assignments.

Sponsored by Dolfinity Learning.

Domain reference roles

This module uses domain reference fields to control user roles on domains. Privileged users can assign roles to users on their own domains. The same user can have different roles on different domains.

The project consists of the following modules:

Mediation Roles

Store config settings for default editing roles required for Mediation

Devel Yandex.Referat

Devel Yandex.Referat

Russian lorem ipsum.

Заполнение материалов из Devel Generate рефератами яндекса.

1. Зайти на страницу admin/config/development/generate/content
2. Включить опцию “Use Yandex.Referats as content creator”.

Или через Drush:

Commons Follow (Groups)

Provides the ability to follow groups as part of #1710688: Activity stream & Email notification system.

Date Format Help

How often have you been creating a custom time format and couldn't remember which code does which. Is it 'g' I want, or is it 'H'? Is 'm' for month, or minutes, and is it the long or short form?

Sure, you could follow the link to the PHP manual and look it up there, but why can't the docs be on the same page where you're typing it out?

Date Format Help does just that.

Login Redirection

This simple module redirects the user to the page it was before logging in from [yoursite]/user.

If a user is in [yoursite]/admin/settings, and then go to [yoursite]/user/, after login, he will be redirected to [yoursite]/admin/settings.

It works on any URL that does not contain "user/" path.

It is useful when you have a multi-tab login form, and you want to redirect the user to the page it was before. (Multi-Tab login forms will make "Login Destination"'s module act strangely).

Message_notify and Mailcomment integration

In drupal 7 message_notify module will be used for notifications sending to users. This module is rewritten now to add more methods of message sending like sms, fax etc. Now User should be able to post comment via replying mail, This is done by mailcomment module. So Now message_notify and mailcomment can work together to handle all notification workflow of drupal notifications.

PhpStorm templates

THIS IS NOT A MODULE, but Drupal-specific "Live Templates" and "File Templates" for PhpStorm.


Manager script has been moved into another repository.

One Button

Replaces the multiple upload buttons on file upload fields with a single button.
One button to rule them all.

Bring Newsletter

This module provides a newsletter subscription block for Bring. It requires a Bring API key, and can be used to subscribe/unsubcribe users.


Module development sponsored by Front Kommunikasjon.

Style External Images

Note: This module is deprecated in favor of imagecache_external, which provides additional functionality such as support for image files from other servers and custom permissions.

Provides a simple mechanism for module and theme developers to use image styles on image files not stored in the files directory. For example, images supplied with a module.

UTF-8 mb4 node save

Module to "upgrade" the database connection to allow utf8mb4 requiring characters to be passed over to MySQL.

In it's current state, it's not generally applicable, as there is a hard-coded content type in the module, and it only acts on node entities. It's published mostly to show others with the same requirement how it can be implemented.

Patches accepted in case anyone is interested in making it entity-generic, add bundle settings, or other related functionality.


QuickEdit module

Arnold environment

Utility module for environment specific settings. Created and used by Team Arnold.