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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Testing Sandbox Module

This is a test sanbox module.

Commerce TransFirst

This module adds support for TransFirst as a payment method for Drupal Commerce.

Twig Globals

Provides a bunch of global Twig variables that used to be available in one or more templates in D7 but were, for various reasons, not migrated to Drupal 8. The hope is that this module will move into Drupal 8 core in the 8.1.x release cycle.

Currently supported:

Atlas theme toolbar


This module changes the style of the core Drupal 8 toolbar making it a lot prettier.

This module is made to work with the Atlas admin theme but can be used with any themes.


- Browser testing
- rtl support
- Look into using libraries for web fonts.

ImageCache Punch

When using modules that allow you to focus or crop images you may find that the image dissapears or the changes are not immediately visible to everyone. This can be caused by other external caching such as Varnish, or browser caching outside of immediate control, because by default ImageCache does not generate a new URL for each iteration of the image. Depending on how your environment is configured the old rendering may stay in browsers for weeks, causing much confusion for your content editors.

Migrate source plugin - XML

This module provides a migration source plugin and supporting classes for importing data from XML sources.




There are Submodules in this module:


Youtube Demo

Migrate Source CSV

The basic Migrate framework is going into core for Drupal 8 - but not all of it. The core migrate module will implement the underlying framework, while the migrate_drupal module will support simple upgrades from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. The rest of the migration functionality from Drupal 7 will be left to contrib to implement. This project is the contrib functionality for CSV files.


Watchdog to Slack

This module help Slack addicted people to send website logs into Slack, so that you can get notified instantly about what is happening on your Drupal installation.

On the settings page, you can specify the severity levels you want to be notified.

Probably this module will become useless when Rules module gets stable for D8, as you're probably be able to do this and much more with it.

This module depends on Slack module


OpenLucius News


This extends the OpenLucius distro with a News tab on the Homepage.

  • Post organization-wide news items
  • Let people comment
  • Let people 'Like' it



Single signo on with CAS support

N7 Single Sign On

Single signo on with CAS support

Backup Database

This module provides database backup and export functionality. Thanks to the PHP version of mysqldump. This module is similar to Backup and Migrate without all the bells and whistles.


CKEditor Media Widget

The project started out as trial to understand and use CKEditor Media module. After many hours of learning I found myself rebuilding this module. This is using all the work what has been done on Media WYSIWYG and uses CKEditor widgets support.

This module is NOT duplicate of Media CKEditor module since it uses WYSIWYG module approach.



Collect feedback within pages and content

Simply install the Pulse feedback widgets into your site. You can customise the look, feel and functionality of the widgets depending on the content and context of what you are asking feedback for.

Migrate Source JSON

Drupal 8 JSON source plugin for Migrate

Instructions to use this code:


Search API purge

This module provides an integration for Search API to easily remove those entities that remain in the search indexes even after having been deleted from the Search PI index. Synchronizing databases, custom scripts, etc. can often create this kind of situations, and not always it's possible to delete the full index and reindex everything again. This module works with the entities indexed by Search API, and any kind of search engine plugged in on that module.

Express Theme Picker

This module is used in the University of Colorado Boulder's Express Install Profile to expose specific theme settings to site owners.


Express Help

This module is used in the University of Colorado Boulder's Express Install Profile to provide inline help.


Express Settings

This module is used in the University of Colorado Boulder's Express Install Profile to expose specific administrative settings to site owners.


Profile Version

Small module that appends name and version of install profile to the name used by Environment Indicator


iFrame Resizer

A page with scollbars which iframes in another page which also has scrollbars

This module makes the iFrame Resizer javascript library available on your Drupal site. With it enabled, you can "keep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their content with support for window/content resizing, in page links, nesting and multiple iFrames."

Stanbol Enhancer

Provides pluggable integration to the Apache Stanbol's Enhancer plugin. All entities text fields could be sent for processing to the Stanbol Enhancer and the retrieved information could be saved to the previously selected fields on the entities.

The module provides support to dynamically process and map the retrieved information from the Stanbol Enhancer, check the stanbol_enhancer.api.php .


Leaflet Heatmap

Create heatmaps with the help of the Leaflet and the heatmap.js libraries.