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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


This module integrates Drupal 7 with your mail2 account. You will need the API key for that account in order to configure and use this module.


Download, install and enable the module as usual. Then navigate to /admin/config/services/mail2 and configure it.

Once you have entered your API key and saved, you can make any newsletters that you have configured on your mail2 account available on your site as simple blocks with sign-up forms.


Defer Image

Speed up page loads by skipping images.

The purpose of this technique is to keep image resources from blocking the initial load and render of a page, which greatly speeds up time to page loading and improved UX... especially on limited bandwidth on mobile and abroad.

This technique works best for images that are "below the fold" or otherwise not shown in the viewport immediately on page load so that users don't notice the images coming into the page late.


Hosting Variables

This Aegir module allows you to set arbitrary custom Drupal variables for each site, such as site name and slogan.

These variables will be put in settings.php, and so can't be overriden (or changed) through the site interface.

This module is only compatible with Aegir3.


Organic groups counters

The Organic groups counters module keep track of per-user new posts and comments in each subscribed group. Counters are updated in an efficient way, and are also exported as entities, so that they can be used in other modules such as Views and Rules out-of-box.


DocRaptor PDF Library

This module is a PDF Library addon for the Print module that allows you to generate the PDF version of an HTML page using DocRaptor's HTML to PDF API.


Font Awesome SVG


The Font Awesome SVG module allows you to display the famous Font Awesome icons
as inline SVG images. There is much debate about the merits of icon fonts versus
using SVG vector graphics. For an introduction on the topic, see e.g.

To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or to track changes:



This project will host various PHPStorage backends. For now, it contains a version which writes to cache and reads it in a way that the Zend Opcache (included in PHP 5.5+) can opcode cache the code.


Web Experience Toolkit 4 (wet_boew) Panel Layouts

OPIN Software Inc.

What is the Web Experience Toolkit (WET)?

A front-end framework used to build accessible, mobile friendly, and multilingual websites. It is open source and led by the Government of Canada (http://wet-boew.github.io/wet-boew/index-en.html).

Project Overview

This module Implements a variety of accessible and responsive layouts leveraging the WET grid system.


Libraries CDN API

Libraries CDN API is an API module to query CDN services to automatically provides libraries on your site.

It is bundled with two CDN plugins: CDNJS and jsDelivr.
Check the very simple API to understand how to query a CDN and how to create your own CDN plugins too.


Panels Substitutions Access

Determine Panels Access by substitutions values used as Selection Rules and Visibility Rules.

It is actually a Ctools Access plugin

If can check if substitutions matches a string literal or another substitution. It can also use Regex match.

It can also check if a substitution is empty.

Ideas for use

  • Show a pane if a field is empty
  • Don't show a pane 2 entity reference fields reference the same entity.
  • Show a Variant if the node title matches a regex pattern.


Apple News

Responsive Tables Filter

Make tables within content fields responsive by applying a Drupal text format filter.

This leverages the Filament Group's Tablesaw approach to responsive tables.

  • Implement responsive tables site-wide or per field, using text formats.
  • No manual addition of CSS required.


Yandex Money (Kassa)

Source code, documentation & issues:


forWhereiAm - Standard

Quick Overview

This module creates a widget for displaying all the latest announcements made on the forWhereiAm platform by your organisation (and any of its associated branches) for a given user's location. This module interacts with the forWhereiAm API and implements the server-side flow.




This module allow to override Drupal's core pager with defined preset as link or input for any single page. It is very useful when there are over 100 pages.

Paginate uses standard Drupal pager classes to render the pagers, so styling is preserved.

- Control whether to display links to pages.
- Direct input of the page to go on particular page.

paginate_standard - alike standard Drupal pager theme.
paginate_istandard - alike standard Drupal pager and direct page entry by input box.


Disable Field


* Disable Field module help(s) you to disable the field of any content type and
commerce product too based on Role selected By Admin.

* Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module. See:
for further information.


User data wrapper

This is a module that allows you to use the $account->data in a structured way. The use case for this module would be if you need to store small amounts of data against a user that needs no UI, then this would be a good fit. Do not user $account->data as a replacement for fields.

You can then use entity meta wrappers to get or set your defined data as properties.

You define properties using a user_data_info hook:


Google Product Taxonomy


Google Product Taxonomy module provides the following features:


Fast Autocomplete

The Fast Autocomplete module provides fast IMDB-like suggestions below a text input field. Suggestions are stored as JSON files in the public files folder so that they can be provided to the browser relatively fast.

When the JSON file with the suggestions for the entered combination of characters does not exist yet, suggestions are retrieved and returned by Drupal (and stored in a JSON file for future use). The JSON files are periodically deleted after a configurable expiration period.


Location Views Filters Ajax

Provides the ability for location views exposed filters to work with ajax.

NOTE: You will need to patch the view module in order to allow #ajax for exposed filters.
Here you can find the patch:

After you enable to module and create a view with exposed filters (Country, Province),
the selection of Country -> Province will work with ajax.



SmartQueue is a robust yet lightweight framework for queuing and processing long-running and resource intensive operations.


Views Contextual Filter Filter

This module allows you to use the contextual filter value when filtering. So if you add a filter criteria, that form will get the contextual filter value options on the form.


XHProf FlameGraph

XHProf FlameGraph

Provides flame graph generation as an addon to the XHProf Sample module.


XHProf Sample

Provides integration with the XHProf PHP extension and a simple interface for viewing and downloading XHProf samples and profiling information.


Data integrity checker

By default Drupal provides ability to describe foreign keys through the Schema API, but it doesn't create them on database physical level. So data integrity could be corrupted.

This module checks database for data integrity issues.


1 Download and install this module.
2 Open page: Reports -> Data integrity (admin/reports/di).


Module provides hook_di_checker_info() hook, so other modules could provide their data integrity checks which will be shown on Data integrity report page. See di_checker.api.php for details.