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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Background Audio playback

Background Audio player

Allows to play audio files on your site pages ;)


Background Audio for Drupal 7


If you have Plupload integration then you will be able to add several audio files to playlist at once.



Responsive Background Images

Responsive Background Images is an easy to use, simple helper module for making your background images responsive. It can be used with either static or slideshow background types, and will always fill the full window space with your image(s). The slideshow background effect is automatic with this module if you enable more than one image.

The module achieves this by first recognizing the screensize with which a user is viewing your site, then loading the best file size (image style) for that screen. For example, a 320x480 image will load for iPhone viewers, and a 1600x1200 version for those on a large desktop.

Responsive Background then resizes the image dynamically to match the browser width exactly, maintaining the proportion of the image even if the user resizes the window. If the user were to view your site first on a small screen and then maximize the window, the module will automatically load a new image size so that the background does not become pixelated. If a user were to zoom in or out while viewing your site, the background image will stay the same and not resize with the rest of the page.

This solves theming issues with sites that have standard responsive features, and offers an enhanced user experience for all browser sizes. (description by Jenna Colbaugh)



    Insert Video

    Inserting a youtube video into WYSIWYG

    This module adds an Insert button to video fields managed by the Media module. It allows you to insert video markup into your WYSIWYG by choosing a pre-defined formatter.

    Depending on your input filters and WYSIWYG setup, you may need to override the theme function which generates the embed code.

    Sofar, this module has been checked with Media: YouTube and Media: Vimeo.


    Wysiwyg Fields

    Wysiwyg Fields is an Inline field management system, a module that bridges the gap between Drupal fields and CKEditor, giving the power of Drupal's field system via the simple usability of a CKEditor dialog.

    What that means is that Wysiwyg Fields allows for any Drupal field to be embedded directly into CKEditor and behave as a native CKEditor plugin, removing unnecessary clutter from your Drupal entity forms.



    Enterprise Rotator

    Enterprise Rotator is a complete rotating banner solution. It is build as a feature with a content type for each banner item and all the pieces needed to make the rotating banner work. It should not be confused with modules like views_slideshow or viewscarousel.

    Check out OpenEnterprise for a great distribution to install Enterprise Rotator.


    • It is a feature module. This means that it was built using exported features configuration and can be easily modified with the Features Override module.
    • It is a app module. This means it can be installed using the very awesome and easy to use apps system.
    • It contains a content type and view for entering and displaying banner items.
    • It contains Image Styles for automatically scaling each of the images..



    Upload previews


    Adds image preview thumbnails to the file attachment section on node editing pages.


    WYSIWYG CKEditor Nice


    Breaks the toolbar of CKEditor in several groups

    See: http://drupal.org/node/751196#comment-3689150 for more information.


    Media: TED

    TED logo

    Media: TED adds TED as a supported media provider.

    You can use


    Google News

    Google News

    Google News is a simple module to add a block to your drupal site to display the latest Google News headlines on sections you choose.

    Stay up to the minute on news with Google News module on your drupal site.

    The different news sections settings in Google News module are

    • Top Stories
    • World
    • Business
    • Politics
    • Nation
    • Entertainment
    • Technology
    • Sports
    • Health

    The Google News block comes with two display setting.

    1. Medium rectangle (300 x 250) - Default
    2. Leaderboard (728 x 90)


    • You can enter the custom News Section to display.
    • Language support of 40 Languages.


    After you activated the module (at "admin/modules"), you can put the block to any region on your page (using "admin/structure/block").

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    VideoField provides an video upload field for CCK. VideoField is a CCK-based alternative to the legacy media projects available in Drupal modules including Video etc.

    Idea behind this module is to have a simple field for uploading video content, something similiar to imagefield for images


    Static Map

    Provides a static map formatter for the geofield and (soon) location modules. Both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap are supported.

    Currently, the only settings that you can change are the map size and type, but map API's seem to have the ability to play with all kinds of changes, which can and should be added to this project. Patches welcome. :-)


    Pinterest Hover button

    A simple module to allow the Pinterest On Hover Pin It button to be added for images on the site.

    The hover button can be enabled per content type. You can also exclude images with jQuery selectors.


    Feeds: Files

    This module adds a feeds processor that can directly create files from feeds.

    If you also have the 2.x version of the Media module installed, it will attempt to parse a URI into a media entity. This means that you can import things like YouTube feeds (requires Media: YouTube) directly into file entities.


    Scald Vimeo


    Scald Vimeo is a video provider for the Scald module.
    It can handle URLs and video IDs, and pulls meta data directly from Vimeo.


    Scald Vimeo depends on Scald. For specific installation instructions
    related to Scald, check out its documentation at:



    Easy content staging and editorial workflows.

    The Curate module provides tools for content editors. It provides in-place content editing via the Quick Edit module and WYSIWYG Editing with CKEditor. Curate is fully integrated with File Entity and Media. It also enables content staging using the Site Preview System and leverages Workbench to provide powerful editorial workflows.


    Teaser Thumbnail

    The Teaser Thumbnail module allows you to automatically generate thumbnails for your node teasers and RSS feeds from the pictures included in the body or the attachments of the nodes. This module depend on ImageCache 2 and works with views.


    ImageCache Reflect

    Credit for this goes to SteffenR for porting this action from drupal 6 and imagecache_effects. All I did was clean some things up and put it in this sandbox.

    What it does

    Creates a "reflection-like" image effect.


    This module leverages the power of the drupal image module to create a new "reflection-like" effect that can be added to any image style.

    It's reusable

    The effect can be applied to any image via the image style UI.


    Media entity image



    The Drupal tutorials module embeds contextually relevant tutorials into your Drupal site. It integrates with Tutr.tv to instantly provide access to hundreds of tutorials. You can also use it with the Tutorial Server module to add your own help tutorials into your site.


    Video Embed Field Overlay

    What is it?

    Allows videos embedded using the video_embed_field module to be displayed in a DOM Window overlay.

    How does it do it?

    Well, first it defines a new format for the video_embed_field fields called overlay. Then, using a pretty standard theme function, combines the preexisting display modes into one, thus producing a thumbnail that is linked to the embed code (inline hidden div) which will be displayed in an overlay window using the DOMWindow jquery plugin

    Using image styles, you can overlay a play button on top of your video thumbnail:
    Notice this requires downloading the imagecache_actions module and enabling the imagecache_canvasactions submodule.

    When rendered the thumbnail is displayed and linked to the embedded video player that will be displayed in the overlay

    All the settings are intuitive and provided in compliance with the Field API

    Anything else I need to know?


    PageFlip: Book, Magazine, Comic Viewer

    PageFlip simulates "flipping through the pages" of books, magazines, comics, flyers, or other "book"-like content.

    PageFlip includes two viewers: PageFlip MegaZine3 Viewer and PageFlip HTML/JavaScript Viewer. The former uses the open-source Flash-based MegaZine3 page flipping engine while the latter is a custom viewer written with jQuery.


    Responsive Image Maps

    Enables easy use of the jQuery RWD Image Maps plugin which:

    Allows image maps to be used in a responsive design by recalculating the area coordinates to match the actual image size on load and window.resize


    To install jQuery RWD Image Maps:


    Nivo Lightbox

    Nivo Lightbox provides an easy and eye-catching way to display content in a lightbox. Nivo Lightbox comes with a number of useful features:

    • Automatic Content Detection
    • CSS Powered Effects
    • Small, Semantic, Responsive & HiDPI Compatible


    Nivo Lightbox has three dependencies:

    Drupal core modules

    • Block

    Contributed modules


    Just Another Social Module (JASM)

    Facebook Page "Like Box" rendered in a block

    Many social modules exist that allow users to share and/or publish your content to various third-party sites and services. In the information age, more and more companies are adopting social media as a means to promote themselves and/or to engage with peers and customers alike. JASM provides a single place to configure and subsequently promote your site's presence on other sites, like your company's Facebook page, or your company's Twitter feed.


    Cincopa.com Multimedia Galleries

    Some exmaples of Cincopa galleries

    New products are constantly being built by developers on the Cincopa platform, covering all sorts of things you can do with your media - like posting, sharing, synchronizing, listening, mobilizing, uploading, viewing and all-together-socializing.

    You can find the full and updated list of available options here: