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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Basic Conferences

People interested in a currently maintained solution with similar features should consider the Conference Organizing Distribution. This has functionality to extend to other Drupal features.

Features of Basic Conference module

It creates nodes of conference type content which will contain, sessions, speakers and room content to be used in any conference. Also a view which will provide a conference schedule which can be themed. This can be plugged into any Drupal 6 site easily.

Demonz Calendar

A replacement for date_ical + calendar. More features, simpler to deploy.

Depends on views and date_api.

WebEx Aggregate

WebEx API aggregate

College Board / Inspiring Minds

Jalali Fullcalendar


Jalali Fullcalendar for Drupal

datex http://drupal.org/sandbox/drupalion/1841798
fullcalendar http://drupal.org/project/fullcalendar

Registration Checkin

Integrates with Entity Registration to provide an easy way to checkin registrants. Exposes a "checked-in" flag for the registration and then an easy to use UI to manage checkins the day of the event.

Custom Date Format Examples

This is a basic Drupal 7 example module of leveraging custom date formats via a module with drupal. These formats can then be used for Views, nodes, theming and more. This has come in really handy for some client projects over the past months so I thought I would share this. I have no plans to release this as a full module, it will just stay here in a sandbox.

Webform event

admin page

Webform event

Webform event is a module that provides the following:

  1. Event content type
  2. Administrative tools to manage an event
  3. Event page with current participants, and possible queue to an event
  4. Users can opt to: Signup, queue (If event is full) and cancel their signups
  5. Ending date support: After set date event is closed
  6. Participant limit support: After certain number of signups, event turns on queue and prevents users from signing up.
  7. Queue protection: Queue is protected while administrator is editing it
  8. Event overflow protection: Event can't overflow under situations many users are filling the form
  9. Re-opening event if space is freed up (Queue is protected, signups are enabled only after queue is sorted)
  10. Easy updating from queue
  11. Handling of cancelled users (Will be improved later on)
  12. Events page(view) also administrative tool for quick searching (ajax)
  13. Themeable admin page via template
  14. Slots based registration
  15. Overbooking functionality
  16. Block for user event activity
  17. Toggle to show event activity on user profile
  18. Admin page for defaults and options
  19. Start date functionality
  20. Creates webform base on node creation

Date Set Management

A screenshot of the Calendar-based Date set Management UI


This is a supplementary module to the Calendar, Date and Date Repeat modules. It allows users to own and manage their own calendars, and provides a UI for managing complicated date repeat patterns.

Core concepts

Dates as Entities

A core concept presented in this module suite is "Dates as entities." The dates as entities are referred to "Date sets," and are managed from a user-specific calendar-based UI. An administrative user can create numerous "date set" bundles, which can each have their own fields. The end users then place "date sets" onto their calendars. Each new "date set" bundle automatically has fields attached that help sort the instance onto one or more schedules, and into "repeating patterns." The date sets then utilize entity view modes on the calendar output.

Repeating Patterns as Entities

The Date Repeat module provides a Date Repeat UI for managing a repeating date field. This module provides a Date Repeat UI that manages numerous entity instances that can each be of different bundles. It pulls the pattern out of a field formatter and puts into its own entity. The pattern has a title, is fieldable, and integrates with a user's schedule.

Schedules as Entities

Feeds GCal

Google Calendar importer for Feeds module. Although usually you can import single iCal feeds from Google Calendar, user's united feeds seem to be only available through Google API. Actually, that was the reason for developing the module/plugin.


Clean Calendar

The clean calendar project was created to display a simplified calendar (week view) that is responsive. It differs from the calendar module for views in that it provides only three simplified block displays of event information.

Time of Day

A very simple field for storing and displaying the time of day, i.e. 5:30 AM. The time is stored as ISO time so it will sort correctly and because it's a datetime value it can be displayed using date format strings for a personalized display.



The xAPI (eXperience API) module allows a Drupal site to generate and record statements of experience which will be pushed to a xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS).

Learn Git

Learn how to use Git on Drupal.org.

Registration Reschedule

This module extends Entity Registration (https://drupal.org/project/registration) to allow an admin to move a registered user to a different event.

Currently the module is highly specific to my client's use case; registrations are attached to Commerce products, for example, so I need to modify the Commerce Order details as well as simply attaching the registration to a new entity.

Quiz Rules Integration

This module integrates Quiz module with Rules, making available Quiz events and Quiz answers as Rules conditions.


Calendar Plus is a companion module for Calendar. Calendar Plus runs invisibly along-side of Calendar and converts the output to responsive HTML/CSS. The module is completely self-contained so there are no files to place in your theme directory (except to style the calendar like your site theme). Additionally, Calendar Plus doesn't interfere with the normal operation of Calendar. You still manage your calendars and events using the Calendar admin tool.


Vouchers for everything


An event calendar system


We have an event that people register for as a group. In this case the group is families but it could be other groups like co-workers. When any person in the group registers for the event, they will be presented with the ability to register everyone in the group for the event. There are options that need to be specified for each individual. Each person has a PIN (Personal Identification Number), there is also a family number (address ID).

Rules Import

This module provides an easy way to import previously exported Rules definitions.

video messaging

video messaging this module help us to send video message in video format.Also support broadcasting of video message for site admin and other supported roles.we can also broadcast video from youtube.com.

The video messaging module is sponsored by netzinfotech.

Send to Friends

Send to Friends

This module provides a link into block after click by it will load popup block which allows users to forward a link to a page from your website to friends.

"Send to friends" it is port Spread module from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 with some changes as ctools popup form and added different popup settings.



Chatwee Logo

Need to bring some new energy to your Drupal community? With Chatwee Live Chat, you are on the right track!

Why Chatwee Live Chat?

Because Your Audience Matters!

Chatwee is customizable social chat & comment platform for online communities to boost audience engagement.


Group Event Registration

Experimental Project
This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

We have an event that people register for as a group. In this case the group is families but it could be other groups like co-workers. When any person in the group registers for the event, they will be presented with the ability to register everyone in the group for the event. There are options that need to be specified for each individual. Each person has a PIN (Personal Identification Number), there is also a family number (address ID).

Simple Message Service

簡訊服務 Simple Message Service(SMS)


  1. Every8D
  2. 三竹簡訊


  1. 整合 Rules 事件提供郵件以外的訊息傳送
  2. 紀錄傳送結果
  3. 提供 Ubercart 訂單簡訊通知功能
  4. 提供郵件替代簡訊測試功能