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iDEAL For Drupal Commerce

Version 2

This module provides additional itegration between iDEAL and Drupal Commerce by using the order number as the iDEAL purchase ID (which appears in the transaction overview of your bank), rather than the payment ID.


Version 1

This module makes all iDEAL merchants available to Commerce. Within Commerce, every merchant can be used just like any other Commerce payment method.



These parties purchased iDEAL for Commerce and in doing so, sponsored past and future development and support.



This module helps organize a group of nodes into a publication, such as a newspaper, magazine or newsletter. Each publication can have multiple editions. Within each edition, the E-Publish module also makes it possible to organize content by topic, similar to the way news websites such as the New York Times categorize their content using topics such as "international," "national," "sports," etc.


Commerce Yotpo

Commerce Yotpo is Drupal Commerce module that integrates the Yotpo free plug-and-play product reviews solution for eCommerce sites into your Drupal Commerce shop.

Yotpo helps store owners generate tons of product reviews and makes it easy for them to leverage these reviews to increase traffic and sales. Yotpo is serving over 20,000 store owners across 15 different eCommerce platforms in 35 different languages.

Interested in Yotpo?

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About Yotpo

Yotpo is a free plug-and-play product reviews solution for eCommerce sites. Yotpo helps store owners generate tons of product reviews and makes it easy for them to leverage these reviews to increase traffic and sales.

Yotpo is serving over 20,000 store owners across 15 different eCommerce platforms in 35 different languages.

Why Yotpo?


Entity reference plus

This module provided plus features for entityreference fields.


  • Support ajax after select and value of field entity reference.
  • Limit entity reference choice





This module provides support for international banking standards and identifiers such as BIC (ISO 9362) and IBAN (ISO 13616).

Current features include CCK field types for BIC and IBAN identifiers, as well as an API to parse and validate those identifiers (with specific IBAN support for 52 countries, up to date as of Release 13 of the ISO 13616 IBAN Registry).


Commerce Notification

This module allows you to notify your customers by email about their abandoned cart.

Abandoned Shopping Cart mailings generate more than 55% more conversion compared to regular email campaigns. –SeeWhy research (2011)


Rooms Views

This module provides a "Rooms availability" filter and a "Booking form" field to improve the Views integration for Rooms (https://drupal.org/project/rooms).

Rooms Views allows to filter Bookable units Views by their availability providing a exposed filter to enter the Arrival and Departure dates.

Booking form field displays a booking form out of the box to book each unit. This field requires the availability filter to be able to determine the Arrival and Departure dates for the booking.


Liqpay payment gateway for Ubercart

This module provides Liqpay payment gateway through Liqpay website, when using Drupal Ubercart.



Commerce Recommender

This module provides two default views:

  1. Users who ordered this product also ordered.
  2. Personal recommendation based on your previous purchase.

You can modify the default Views to meet your purpose.

The personalized recommendation view requires to read the user's purchasing history. If a user hasn't made any orders, it displays nothing. In that case, you might consider using the Browsing History Recommender to make recommendations based on users products viewing history.


Views Random

Enables you to show cached views randomly.


commerce static checkout url

This module changes the default functionality of Commerce to use a static url in checkout instead of dynamic one that changes in every order.
It is supposed to be a helper module for banking institutes that don't accept dynamic urls.
It simplifies development of redirection-payment modules, by allowing developer to deal only with each bank and not with the static url needed.

All Greek banksm and probably many other banks, that offer a redirection payment method require static urls to work. This is where commerce_static_checkout_url comes in, it creates the static url so the bank can accept and validate requests from your site.

Greek Banks Modules

Modules for the greek banks Alphabank, Eurobank and Winbank - Peiraius are already available while a module for NBG is under development but there is no scheduled release date.

Multilingual support, for the dev revision

In order for a site to be multilingual, you have to set all prefix paths for all availiable languages, do not use domain for language identification, and finally enable the Session detection method.



Commerce Gift Aid

This module adds support for the UK gift aid process to Drupal commerce.

A product can be defined as being eligible for giftaid. If an order contains any gift aid products then the declaration message is shown on checkout for the whole order. Each line item that is eligable for gift aid then gets its gift aid field ticked.

There is a simple view included which adds a link under the store -> orders menu that lists all line items which have the giftaid flag set. That is, every line item referencing an eligible product which the user clicked yes to.


Commerce Add To Cart Filter

This module provides a simple text filter which can be used to provide Drupal Commerce "Add to cart" buttons within your node content.

Syntax is simple (at the moment):

[product-button:PRODUCTID title=BUTTONTEXT]


[product-button:1 title=Become a subscriber]


Output example



PayEx logo

PayEx online payments API integration module.

This module implements the standard credit card payment methods from PayEx.
It currently offers integration with Übercart (for Drupal 6) and Drupal Commerce (for Drupal 7).

Reveal IT maintains this module in partnership with PayEx, and can be contracted for help with customisation or integration.


Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners invite users to install or open a native iOS mobile app if the site provides one; available in iOS 6. Mobile Safari includes the following features:

  • Invite the user to install your app.
  • Link from your web site to your app.
  • Maintain the user's current context. (available in an upcoming release)

Why are Smart App Banners better than custom pop-ups?


Commerce Username Update

This is a companion module to the Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.10 release. Not every site can process the username update immediately, and the update process baked into the release is necessarily limited in what it can do to help manage the change of usernames.


SugaronDrupal: Drupal connector for SugarCRM

SugaronDrupal provides the connection link between the SugarCRM and Drupal applications. With this set of modules Drupal could be set as a Self Service portal for a company customers, or serve as a lead capture engine of the website users. Within the scope of this project you will find two kind of modules providing a very good level of integration: for the Drupal site, to be able to understand and feed the SugarCRM information and for the SugarCRM site, to be able to query the Drupal site about information.

These modules will be an extension and mature version of the sugarondrupal concept code published at sugarforge. Promising features will be:

  • Convert any Drupal site in a Self Service portal. Customers will be able to communicate and share information with the company using a fashioned and sexy web.
  • Use your current Drupal site to capture leads, through registration, subscription or many other user actions.
  • Convert any Drupal content in a campaign or oportunity and track its status in SugarCRM
  • Even more sexy features to be revealed soon


Text Link Ads Integration

With the Text-Link-Ads module:

YOU can choose to approve or deny any Text Link Ads sold prior to the links being published on your website. This ensures that only quality and relevant links appear on your website.

You make money. Sales, invoicing, and customer service are all handled by TLA. You can receive payment via check or PayPal. Payments are sent to publishers the first of every month with a $25 minimum payout.



Omnikassa is a payment method from Rabobank. The main idea is to bundle all sorts of paymentmethods and transfer them through one paymentcompany, in this case Rabobank.

This project consists of 2 modules.


This module gives you a settings form to set your Rabobank Omnikassa accountdata.

Omnikassa Commerce

This module is a payment-module for the Drupal Commerce module. It implements the settings from the Omnikassa-module and uses it for all the payments.

Payment methods included.

  • iDEAL
  • Minitix
  • Visacard
  • Mastercard
  • Maestrocard
  • Debit
  • Acceptgiro
  • Payment on delivery


How to use

  • Create a website with the Drupal Commerce module
  • Make sure the Commerce Payment module is enabled


Commerce Currency Field

This module provides a Commerce field to be used on various entities. It uses the currency list as provided by Drupal Commerce, so it requires DC module to be installed and enabled.

The one use case for this module is to maintain local currency field on Country entity.


Commerce Mollie

Drupal Commerce Payment module for Mollie Payment Services

Implements Mollie payment services for use with Drupal Commerce.

Accept iDEAL, Mister Cash, Creditcard, bank transfer, PayPal, and paysafecard online payments without fixed monthly costs or any punishing registration procedures.


Commerce Estonian payments

This module provides Estonian online bank payment methods (banklinks) for Drupal Commerce.

Supported bank gateways:

For testing You can use Pangalink.net service.


Commerce MIGS Merchant

A payment method for Drupal Commerce for the MIGS payment gateway.

MIGS is used by ANZ eGate, CommWebb, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Bendigo Bank, and other banks worldwide. Payment gateway for EFTPOS in New Zealand.

Based heavily on Ubercart MIGS.

Merchant Hosted Only

This module implements the "Merchant Hosted" method ONLY, where a customer enters their credit card details and these details are sent to the payment gateway for authorisation.


Commerce IATS

iATS Payments integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.


Commerce Default Tax Rate


You can select one of your tax rates as the default for your site. This sets your chosen rate to the default value in the 'Include tax in this price' field when you create a new product.
Basically, it will save you a couple of clicks per product - but that's nice to have if you've got lots of data entry to do.