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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Virtual Merchant

This module integrates with payment services provided by Virtual Merchant. It currently supports VM's merchant provided form service in Ubercart, allowing you to accept credit card payments through Ubercart that are processed through your VM account.


Commerce Recommender

This module provides two default views:

  1. Users who ordered this product also ordered.
  2. Personal recommendation based on your previous purchase.

You can modify the default Views to meet your purpose.

The personalized recommendation view requires to read the user's purchasing history. If a user hasn't made any orders, it displays nothing. In that case, you might consider using the Browsing History Recommender to make recommendations based on users products viewing history.


iDEAL For Drupal Commerce

Version 2

This module provides additional itegration between iDEAL and Drupal Commerce by using the order number as the iDEAL purchase ID (which appears in the transaction overview of your bank), rather than the payment ID.


Version 1

This module makes all iDEAL merchants available to Commerce. Within Commerce, every merchant can be used just like any other Commerce payment method.



These parties purchased iDEAL for Commerce and in doing so, sponsored past and future development and support.



Omnikassa is a payment method from Rabobank. The main idea is to bundle all sorts of paymentmethods and transfer them through one paymentcompany, in this case Rabobank.

This project consists of 2 modules.


This module gives you a settings form to set your Rabobank Omnikassa accountdata.

Omnikassa Commerce

This module is a payment-module for the Drupal Commerce module. It implements the settings from the Omnikassa-module and uses it for all the payments.

Payment methods included.

  • iDEAL
  • Minitix
  • Visacard
  • Mastercard
  • Maestrocard
  • Debit
  • Acceptgiro
  • Payment on delivery


How to use

  • Create a website with the Drupal Commerce module
  • Make sure the Commerce Payment module is enabled


Rooms Package

Rooms is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs.

This module adds functionality to Rooms which enables accommodation owners to create packages.

The definition of package in this specific case is a pre-defined price for a bookable unit over a pre-defined period of time that overrides any other pricing rules.


pgapi - Payment Gateway API

PGAPI - was built for unification purchases (or payments) through diffirent payment gateways. Currently, it supports purchases (or payments) through
- paypal
- linkpoint
- RBK Money
- webmoney
- roboXchange
- Account balance peer drupal user payment gateway systems. It is separated project now. Check it out here

Also, simple module pg_simplepay is included in the package. This module takes payment from pgapi and allowes users to view full node content. Simplepay will be available here


SugaronDrupal: Drupal connector for SugarCRM

SugaronDrupal provides the connection link between the SugarCRM and Drupal applications. With this set of modules Drupal could be set as a Self Service portal for a company customers, or serve as a lead capture engine of the website users. Within the scope of this project you will find two kind of modules providing a very good level of integration: for the Drupal site, to be able to understand and feed the SugarCRM information and for the SugarCRM site, to be able to query the Drupal site about information.

These modules will be an extension and mature version of the sugarondrupal concept code published at sugarforge. Promising features will be:

  • Convert any Drupal site in a Self Service portal. Customers will be able to communicate and share information with the company using a fashioned and sexy web.
  • Use your current Drupal site to capture leads, through registration, subscription or many other user actions.
  • Convert any Drupal content in a campaign or oportunity and track its status in SugarCRM
  • Even more sexy features to be revealed soon


Commerce remove tax

Provides a rule to remove all taxes that are applied to a line item. Also offers the possibility to increase the base price amount by the amount of the taxes removed.

The rule was designed to solve the problem with prices entered inclusive the european VAT. Therefore it wasn't possible to recalculate price e. g. on checkout forms based on pricing rules.


EBA: Entity Block Attachment

Use the standard Configure block form to select which entity types/bundles to place the block on.

Based on the EVA module, this module provides site builders with a way of 'attaching' blocks within the content of any fieldable entity in Drupal (e.g. nodes, users, listing pages of taxonomy terms, etc). The same block is shown on any entity of that type/bundle (unlike Block reference).

Here's an example of the kind of thing that EBA allows site builders to do easily:


Commerce Login Step

Commerce Login Step Screenshot

Provides a separate step in the commerce checkout workflow, which allows existing users to login.


Please refer to README.txt for installation instructions.


Xero API

Provides methods, theming, connection, and validation tests for the Xero Accounting System with the PHP-Xero library (or XeroBundle for Drupal 8).

The PHP-Xero library is published under the MIT license, which means you must download this library separately as per drupal.org policy. Xero.com uses a RESTful approach with oauth using an RSA encryption method. This method is not currently compatible with oauth, and you should not use that module with Xero API.

This uses Xero's private application model. You will need to follow their instructions to setup your private application for your organization.


  • Methods: Query data, cache data, and build forms around data.
  • Make API: Create array structures for various Xero data types.
  • Theme API: Theme functions and templates for basic data types.
  • Field API: Xero reference field stores Contact, Payment, BankTransaction, Account, and Invoice Xero types (7.x-1.0-beta2 or greater)
  • Tests: Connection test and validation assertions using SimpleTest.
  • Example: See included Ubercart Xero example.


Path image

This module allows site administrators to add a "block" to their site the contains of which is a predefined image (uploaded separately) dependent upon the current path.

This module was originally sponsored by www.ixis.co.uk


Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners invite users to install or open a native iOS mobile app if the site provides one; available in iOS 6. Mobile Safari includes the following features:

  • Invite the user to install your app.
  • Link from your web site to your app.
  • Maintain the user's current context. (available in an upcoming release)

Why are Smart App Banners better than custom pop-ups?


Custom Order Number

The main idea was taken from the Commerce Billy module, but this module is only for the generation of order numbers.
Also this module can generate order numbers for all commerce order bundles, BUT for this you need to add:


UC Crowdfunding

UC Crowdfunding - configuration

Defines an Ubercart product feature to turn any product into a "crowdfunding style" donation product, in which users may donate towards a goal before a dateline is reached.
Two options are available:

  1. Disable donations if current date is after dateline OR if target amount is reached.
  2. Disable donations if current date is after dateline (allows donating past target amount).

Defaults can be set at global or node type level, but the feature can also be added or edited for every product node.


Download Verify

Download Verify Added Form Detail


Module for adding a form for collecting email addresses from website visitors before a download can be completed.

The module works by using JavaScript to inject the form into the
websites theme files by searching for specific hooks in the CSS.

The CSS hook used can be set from the modules administration panel.

The data submitted is emailed to an address specified by the site
administrator within the module configuration panel.

When a user successfully completes the form and the download begins, a cookie is also set on the users machine so that they can download subsequent files without the need of filling out the form again.

The cookie will be set depending upon a selection within the modules administration panel.

View the demo at:


1. Place the entire Download Verify directory into your Drupal
modules directory (normally sites/default/modules).

2. Enable the module by navigating to:

Admin > Modules

3. If you want anyone besides the administrative user to be able
to configure the Download Verify (usually a bad idea), they must
be given the "administer download verify" access permission:

Admin > People > Permissions

When the module is enabled and the user has the "administer


Entity reference plus

This module provided plus features for entityreference fields.


  • Support ajax after select and value of field entity reference.
  • Limit entity reference choice



Invite Discount

This module enables Ubercart stores to encourage existing users to invite other people. To do this this module grants a discount coupon to inviter each time invitee make a purchase.


IDEAL Lite | Ubercart Payment

This module has been superseded by https://www.drupal.org/project/idealubercart. This one gets no love anymore, sorry ;-).

Sponsoring & Development

Development was sponsored by:
Drupal development



Exchange Rate Blocks & Charts

Exchange Rate API is an extensible module that allow users to display and manage the exchange rate in countries from around the world.

Is common to see tools that present the official exchange rate, the problem is that each bank has his own rate, for this reason it is important to have a tool that can show the different variations across multiple financial institutions.


1. Install exchange module . i.e drush dl exchange_rate; drush en -y exchange_rate
2. Select what submodules by country do you want to enable i.e Costa Rica, Genosha , etc
3. Go to settings page admin/config/regional/exchange_rate to configure:

  • Currencies enabled per Country
  • Banks enabled per Country

4. Enable blocks per country modules enabled in step 2. Each block will present a table for each currency enabled in that specific country.

5. If you want to use the information stored in database in an external application, you must enable the module Exchange Rate Services and fetch the data via GET Method i.e:


costa_rica : country code


Commerce Estonian payments

This module provides Estonian online bank payment methods (banklinks) for Drupal Commerce.

Supported bank gateways:

For testing You can use Pangalink.net service.



"Other users also viewed..." provided by RecommenderGhost

RecommenderGhost is discontinued as of May, 1st 2014

This module provides integration with RecommenderGhost.

RecommenderGhost is a free hosted Recommender System that makes integration into websites as simple as integrating Google Analytics. There is no need to setup, run and maintain a Java based server - all complex computations are done on the infrastructure of RecommenderGhost. While tools for recommendations running on your own server, like Recommender API, are great, they lack the sophistication and ease of use of hosted recommendation system providers like RecommenderGhost.

RecommenderGhost provides the following personalization services:

  • unpersonalized recommendations of the form "other users also bought/viewed/..."
  • personalized recommendation depending on individual preferences
  • rankings such as "most bought items", "most viewed..."
  • manual clustering of the items (e.g. XMAS SALE 2012)
  • using item types (e.g. BOOK, DVD, MP3) for in type-specific recommendations

This package contains 3 modules:

  • RecommenderGhost - Core: Tracking page views and providing 2 ready-to-use blocks for recommendations like "Users also viewed..."


Commerce Pre-order

Commerce Pre-order provides a framework to allow pre-ordering products utilizing Drupal Commerce's checkout.

Sponsored by Nack Creative LLC


  • Special product pricing for pre-order period
  • Automatic pending order creation to capture funds once the product is available


SimpleAds HTML5 Banner

HTML5 Banner Maker is the first HTML banner creator app on the web, you can make banner ads, website banners and website headers online that will display across all modern Internet browsers and mobile devices.

Our online banner generator web app is a unique one-of-a-kind web application.

HTML 5 Banner Maker is simple to use, has more features than any other online banner generator and more importantly it makes animated HTML5 banners for your website that look great and perform better than any other banners online!