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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics now tracks mobile websites and mobile apps so you can better measure your mobile marketing efforts. If you're optimizing content for mobile users and have created a mobile website, Google Analytics can track traffic to your mobile website from all web-enabled devices, whether or not the device runs JavaScript. This is made possible by adding a server side code snippet to your mobile website. Of course, you can still track visits to your regular website coming from high-end, Javascript enabled phones.

Google Analytics Service is a Services addon module and allows you to track traffic made to the endpoints set up for your Drupal site.

For web based Analytics module, please check out the Google Analytics Module.



Fixes are actively made to this version. You need Services 6.x-2.x to use this version. Services 6.x-2.x is no longer activly maintained as they have made a rewrite since.



Watchdog digest

This module sends watchdog entries by email in a digested format.



Add Adform tracking to your site.

Provides basic page tracking and API for tracking product views.

This module was created for a specific project, so it might not be plug and play in all cases yet.

Module is developed at Reload! and sponsored by Stofa.


Yandex.Metrics Popular Content

Provides Popular Content view that displays the most popular urls of the site.


Search Keywords

An another statistics-style module for extracting search keywords from referers to show in table.


Feedback & Suggestion Tab

Screenshot of the Feedback & Suggestion Tab module in action on Drupal.geek.nz

Feeback & Suggestion Tab adds a tab to the viewport, next to the scrollbar, which solicits feedback and suggestions from website visitors. GetSatisfaction.com, UserVoice.com and other similar services use a tab like this, and are the source of inspiration for this module. The webpage in the modal dialog that appears after clicking the tab is configurable, but only pages in an <iframe> are supported for now. Contributions for AHAH content are encouraged.

To set the URI for the iframe, add a line like the following to your settings.php file.

$conf['feedbacktab_iframe_uri'] = 'http://example.com/';

The animation settings are also not yet configurable or over-ridable. A UI for these settings is needed. Contributions welcome.

Animation is slightly different in each of Safari, IE7 and Firefox, due to browser bugs with the position: fixed layout and jQuery UI Bounce effect library. This needs to be better debugged and patched, possibly to jQuery UI. Contributions welcome.

There is some support for placing the tab on the left or at the bottom, but this needs to be completed. Need I say that contributions are welcome? :)


jQuery Mobile Google Analytics Plugin


Reporting of page hits using Google Analytics is wrong when using jQuery Mobile
if AJAX is enabled. This module adds an AJAX friendly script to your pages.


Google Analytics


Copy the 'ga_jquerymobile' module directory into your Drupal
sites/all/modules directory as usual.


Semi Anonymous

Profile anonymous users client-side!

Use in-browser localStorage to track people by stashing rich data about client-side activities. This is great for building front-end UX and user intelligence on top of heavily cached pages. This module is an integration/config utility for several dependency tools.

Full Groucho docs on GitHub

Lookie what you get...


Webalizer Integration

There are a variety of web statistics collection and analysis packages around. Webalizer is one of the fine old traditional (and free) ones. This module provides a mechanism for configuring webalizer, instructions on how to configure your (Apache) webserver to gather the statistics in the proper format, and the necessary (U*x) shell scripts to process the log files via cron.

Support is provided for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6.



Visualize is a Views style plug-in for implementing the jQuery Visualize charting tool.

jQuery Visualize provides accessible charts providing textual information to non-visual users.
It uses a technique with JavaScript to scrape data from an HTML table and generate charts using the HTML 5 Canvas element.

This plug-in is tested in the following browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9.


WOW Analytics

WOW Analytics

This module adds WOW Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website.

WOW Analytics is a platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. It identifies and names prospects visiting a corporate website, tracks their visits and helps build up a lead score for them. Move prospects from cold all the way through to hot leads.


Piwik API

Piwik API module is a simple wrapper for Piwik Web-Analytics API.



Xstatistics is a module meant for extendability. It offers basic statistics as summaries at the momement, but any features are welcome for review.



Geckoboard screenshot

Geckoboard is a module to show stats on your www.geckoboard.com dashboard.
It shows the amount of posts, users and comments posted to your website, grouped by the last day, last week and last month.

How to use:
When installing this module, a random API is set. You can edit it at admin/settings/geckoboard.




Morris graph created with views.

Drupal implementation of Morris.js. Provides an API, example module, views style plugin, and admin dashboard. Under development.


Geolocate Logs

Geolocate Logs screenshot


Provides geographical location for Drupal log event's hostname (Recent log messages and
Recent hits) and whois lookup for hostname using any free external site offering whois
service of your choice (like http://whois.sc or http://whois.domaintools.com). This module uses the
IP to geographical location (longitude/latitude), country, region, city and postal code


User Recording


User Recording module lets you record what your website visitors are doing on the website in form of mouse movement, clicking, typing and scrolling. It's a simple version of functionality similiar to services like mouseflow.com or Crazy Egg.

It's meant to be used to get a knowledge about how your visitor percieves your website. So what it does is track your visitors mouse movements, clicks, typing and scrolling. With that data you can playback any session of any visitor.



A small module to configure and initialize the Riveted Google Analytics plugin.

The module assumes that you are already loading your analytics tool with another module or by hand (Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager).

To install:



webalizer is a simple and basic module for display a block of the statistics generated by webalizer. parsing the file webalizer.hist that contains information about the visits.

Using cron, it read the statistics from webalizer and update the webalizer block.

For more information about webalizer: http://www.webalizer.org/



Provides basic integration with Mint, a proprietary traffic logging and statistics tool.

This module is in early development phases, but should be simple enough to use. Please test and report any issues.



Heatmap preview

Reinvigorate is a simple, real-time web analytics + heatmaps solution that measures your influence on the web. This module provides an easy to use interface to adding reinvigorate tracking to your Drupal site.

Read more at their website.

Maintained and developed by: devkinetic.


Comment Count Notify

Comment Count Notify is easy to configure module that sends a periodic mail with count of comments there in approval queue.
For advanced configuration of mail sending intervals, UI of Elysia Cron can be utilized.
This module does NOT provide summary or any other information about the comments posted - for that you can check Notify, Comment Notify and Comment Mail modules.

This module is basically of use for site administrators/moderators.

Sample Mail

***Please do not reply to this mail***

Dear Admin,
You have 119 comments pending for approval.
To clear the pending comment approval queue, kindly login at http://example.com with your admin account and clear the comment approval queue at:


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Elysia Cron

Development & Maintenance


Node Accessibility Statistics


Extends the node accessibility module, providing centralized statistics information pages. The Phplot API is used to add charts and graphs of the validation problems derived from the node accessibility statistics information.

This module has the following dependencies:
- Node Accessibility
- Phplot API
- Common Functionality


Zurb Apps

ZURBapps helps you quickly design great products through rapid prototyping, iteration and user feedback.


Tether Stats

Collects site statistics such as hits, link clicks and impressions by tracking events on the front end with Javascript and tethering that data to your back end Drupal structure.

An AJAX style call is used to record events thus preventing most bots from polluting the data. On the server the activity is stored in local tables that, if applicable, relates directly to nodes or other entities using Drupal's entity concept. Tether Stats is intended for intermediate to advanced Drupal developers.