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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

OG Access Group Roles

This module extends Organic Groups' bundled Organic Groups Access Control (og_access) module by allowing authors finer control over who can see their private group content from members of a group.

By using this module, authors can allow only those group members to view their private group content, who have specific group role(s) within a group.
(Administrator members of a group still always have access to group contents access controlled by this module.)

Privacy Per User

Privacy Per User provides a simple framework to enable privacy settings per user, similar to the privacy settings on a site like Facebook. Those settings may be used to check access for display of entire pages, elements of a page (such as in a theme), or as an argument validator in a View. This allows individual users to control access to things such as their profile, specific elements of their profile, or lists of content they may have made, e.g. flagged nodes. It offers a flexible API to allow additional privacy states to be added (e.g. friends only) and an exportable set of privacy types.

Chinese Captcha - 中文验证码模块

Chinese Captcha

Chinese Captcha module, provided validation way by input a Chinese characters, this module is mainly developed for Chinese user , aim to prevent spam attack from robot,

I will be keep actively develop for this module, and I will add more functions, such as Ajax refresh feature, stay tuned!

If you have good suggestions or advice can also create a issue, let me know, enjoy!




YouTube Video Accessibility Controls

This module integrate YouTube Video Player Accessible Controls library which add buttons to control YouTube videos, this module requires ytp.js library click here to download the library.

This module depends on the following modules :

Unpublished Node Permissions

Creates permisisons per node content type to control access to unpublished nodes per content type.

One-time File Download

This module allows you to provide single-use URLs to files stored in Drupal's private file-system.

Taxonomy Term Page Access

This module introduces a new permission to restrict access to /taxonomy/term/TID and /taxonomy/term/TID/feed pages. The restriction is global for all vocabularies. If you need more fine grained control, have a look at Rabbit Hole.

The development of this module did not take a lot of time, but was nonetheless sponsored by Whisky Echo Bravo.

Role Access Control

A Drupal module to handle access control based on role references.


Role Access Control (RAC) was developed around the same idea as Taxonomy Access Control. The major difference is the use of Role References Fields instead of Taxonomy Terms. This simplifies the access control configuration on site's who's TAC acls are mimicking the role list.

Block display duration (in days)

Block Display Control Type Listing

This module allow to control the visibility of a block in time duration. The time duration can be set in number of days.

How time duration calculation works.

  • No. of days (If block have the value for start date & and end date)
  • Start date to Infinite time (If block have only start date value)

Why This
Using this module a block can be set as banner for display specified time

Encrypted Text


Encrypted Text provides the ability to store encrypted text field values.

For a full description of the module, visit the project page:

To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or to track changes:


Domain Workflow Bridge Module

This module provides a bridge between Domain module and Workflow module. It makes it possible to have a multisite setup with Domain module and also maintain a consistent and working publication workflow.


Entity Limit

Entity Limit allows administrators to restrict the creation of the number of entities that users may create. Basically, this module provides options to define a creation limit based on user and role.

Currently, entity_limit offers the following functionalities

  1. Per User entity limit settings.
  2. Per Role entity limit settings.
  3. Priority based entity limit configurations.

Important Points

Google+ synchronization


This module allows to authenticate to Drupal using Google+ account.
It includes PHP client library for Google APIs (google-api-php-client).
This module is independent and does not require any other modules or libraries.
This module is sponsored by DrupalSquad

Access Links

This modules builds on the Node authorize link project. It provides view, edit and delete links for nodes. Users with an access link can view, edit, or delete a node without login.

Access links is a small project that might go into the Node authorize link module later.

Taxonomy simple access

Taxonomy simple access provides a simple way to grant access to a term or its children (other terms, nodes) by roles.

Limit Visit


This module will count the number of times an authenticated user visits a page matching a path pattern. If the views per hour reach the established limit the user will be redirected to either an established page or a will be sent to the standard 403 page.

Permissions exist to allow roles to ignore the limits so administrators can browse without limitation.

Use Cases

The use case I initially built this for is to deter users from manually scraping through other user's profiles to build mailing lists.


Nodelocks prevents any user from deleting a node if that node has been added to a list of "locked" nodes.

This module serves as a lightweight alternative to Content Access, which can be configured to prevent the deletion of certain nodes, along with much more functionality.

Total Moderation Control

This module provides integration between Workbench moderation module and Total Control admin dashboard.

  • It provides content panes for the dashboard based on moderation.
  • It changes the view paths so that they work with total control instead of workbench.

Panelizer Variants

As of Oct. 2015 I havent touched the module in quite sometime sadly. Hopefully someone can swing in and assist. Work + D8 initiative + Other contrib modules take up all my time meow, which isn't a horrible thing.

Nov. 2017, It seems a lot of this functionality was ported into Panelizer 6 months ago. Marking this module as obsolete.

Node Access by Field

Allows access to nodes to be determined by a field set on the content.

This is currently hard-coded to utilize a field named field_associated_users, which must be a an entity reference field to user entities. Content types with this field will only be viewable by users referenced by the field, or users with the bypass node access permission.

Content types without the field_associated_users field will be subject to default Drupal node access handling via permissions.

Auth0 Single Sign On

Login Form

Single Sign On for Enterprises + Social Login + User/Passwords. For all your Drupal instances.
Powered by Auth0.

Extended Entity Access for Routes

Simplify per-bundle entity access checking for routes. Example: _entity_access: <ENTITY_TYPE>[:<BUNDLE>].<OPERATION>.

From the developer perspective, this module - just improvement of existing access_check.entity service. Default implementation - \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityAccessCheck - overridden and empowered with possibility to verify entity bundle, if it specified. That's all.

Paragraphs Access Control

Manage access and restriction to edit and view paragraphs.


This module provides a node access type api to allow restriction of access to
paragraph items. Companion modules provide access rules, and grants which are
verified when rendering the entities.


This module was originally built to be compatible with Role Access Control. RAC provides a integration with the paragraphs access module.

Workflow State Configuration

workflow state config page

Workflow State Configuration
- Workflow State Config is a module for the configuration of workflow state as "Publish" and "Default Revision".
- Module is required by "Workflow Moderation" to managing the node revisions.

Configuration Details

  • Published - When content reaches this state it should be published.
  • DefaultRevision - When content reaches this state it should be made the
    default revision; this is implied for published states.

Module Dependency
- Workflow

Better Domain Blocks

This module allows granular control of block visibility on a per-domain basis.

Use this module to set different visibility rules for each domain on your site, as setup by the domain access module. You can use this module in conjunction with the Domain Blocks module to restrict blocks from certain domains.

After installing your module, visit a block edit page and see the extra options added to "page visibility".