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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Fedex Shipping Module

Fedex Shipping Module requires Commerce Shipping 2.x and Drupal Commerce in order to function.

The module provides calculation of FEDEX shipping rates in 2 modes (test and production). Data input is provided by current commerce order and the output is generated through SOAP response from Fedex services. The module posses additional features:

NodeMaker Reviews

General Information

Reviews feature for the NodeMaker distribution.


Plaats Reservation


Plaats Reservation it the place reservation system for Plaats module.
Allowed reservation by Anonymous and registered users (depend of "permissions").


first need install all dependencies:
"plaats" - http://drupal.org/sandbox/fedik/1666468
"colorbox" - http://drupal.org/project/colorbox
"date" and "date_popup" - http://drupal.org/project/date

Then install as any other drupal module.


First need edit Places and set "Allow reservation" if you want allow reservation
of this place.

Then in block Configuration (admin/structure/block) enable "Reservation Calendar".

Go to "permissions" admin/people/permissions#module-plaats_reservation
and set who can make reservation.

Also need set emails who get notification about new reservation, it can be done
in module configuration admin/config/content/plaats_reservation/email
and check other default option/messages there.

For reservation form can add some additional fields if need in

How it works

Default when user navigate trough page with Plaats list he see no reservation link.
User select the date in "Reservation Calendar" for activate reservation system,
then system will check what Plaats allowed/available on this period

Apache Solr Examples

A collaborative project for a variety of small modules that give examples for how you can extend or integrate with the api of the Apache Solr Search Integration module.

Intended to be similar (if not as comprehensive in scope) as Examples for Developers for core.


Webform export

Reuses some webform functions to add support for data export per user. Currently webform doesn't allow users to export their own form submissions.

This includes a new permission and also supports webform_encrypt, checking whether a field is encrypted and decrypts it (given that the required permissions are present).
The module creates a new tab ("Export submissions"), but if preferred a direct link to the export can be used in a block or anywhere on a page (node//webform-export-download).

Rules Plus


Rule Plus module provides some extra events and actions to the Rules module. Refer to Features section for more detail.


Following new events have been added.

  • First time login.
  • Decrease in user login frequency.
  • Change in IP address of the user.
  • Content receives a lot of comments.
  • Content receives a lots of traffic.
  • Failed user login.

In progress

Payment API Stripe integraion

Stripe is a new payment gateway with no setup or monthly fees that allows you to create fully-branded payment pages. Moreover, using their JavaScript API, you can bypass some of the PCI compliance complexities (including the need for an SSL certificate, although they recommend you install one anyways for consumer confidence).

Rules conditionals fork

This is a fork of Rules for conducting work on:

#1698296: [Meta] Merge Conditional Rules

Feeds User Extended Processor

Screenshot of the settings page of an importer showing the UserExtendedProcessor

This Feeds User Extended Processor module extends the regular Feeds module by adding a new plugin for user processing. All users imported through this processor will be emailed notifications about their new accounts, provided that no password is set.

The notification sent out is the regular "An administrator created you an account" type email, which can be edited at /admin/config/people/accounts.

Geocoder Addressfield

An autocomplete field for easily entering data into addressfield using http://code.google.com/p/geo-autocomplete/. See #1604866: Address Autocomplete Using Google Maps API v3?, #2.

Remove Login Tabs

Login screen shown without tabs for Create Account and Request Password

This Drupal 7 module does one basic thing, it removes tabs from the Login / Create Account / Request Password pages. There is no configuration needed. A use case for this would be if you want a more elegant and streamlined interface for these pages and you want to link to the other pages.

Taxonomy fields formatter

Module provides a new formatter for "taxonomy term reference" fields to view term fields into nodes (entities).

* Drupal 7
* Taxonomy module.

* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/70151 for further information.

* Select "Entity" formatter for your taxonomy term reference field.
* Configure view mode "Entity" for taxonomy vocabulary.


Youtube Derivatives Formatter

Provide a formatter for Youtube Derivatives


Note: this project requires PHP 5.3

Which branch is right for me?

Composer - if you want to develop new step definitions

  • Allows hinting in IDEs
  • Allows you to examine the code, especially valuable for the Mink Extension


  • Setting up takes longer
  • Managing dependencies can be finicky
  • Uses more disk space
Phar - if you want to use existing step definitions
  • Setting up is faster
  • It just works
  • It's smaller


  • No IDE hinting
  • Not as easy to examine code

Set up instructions:

Composer Branch

  1. Clone this repository
  2. In the repo root, install Composer, a PHP Dependency Manager:
    wget -nc http://getcomposer.org/composer.phar
  3. Run the composer install command:
    php composer.phar install Note: This takes a little while before you start seeing any output.

Block Position

Block position module screenshot

Allows the developer and administrator to move blocks to other regions and positions.

Drupal blocks have a fixed region and position on all pages in the website. This module allows the developer to make exceptions based on the current page or situation (per request), and allows website administrators to 'drag & drop' movable blocks to other regions or positions on specific pages, or hide blocks on specific pages. This module adds configuration options to the block settings, in which can be configured to which regions the block can be moved to.


An attempt to integrate the online image map editor found at http://www.maschek.hu/imagemap/imgmap

This for now is just a proof of concept. I have looked at how it has been successfully integrated with wysiwyg editors but I needed to use it in a way that would not have been easy to do with all of the code bundled in one field.

My specific use case was to use the relate module to like node of a certain content type and allow a guided search of image maps for you to navigate the assemblies of products.

External Language Interface (ELI)

ELI extends tmgmt to allow automatic translation of selected node types. Nodes in chosen types will be automatically translated and placed into moderation providing a simple way for multi-lingual sites to provide translations of key content. This method of automatic external translation with moderation allows translation teams to move from being full translators to translation validators, vastly simplifying their workflow.

Presently the module provides a minimal implementation, in the future additional translation sources and entity support will be made possible.

Field display list

Simple module which augments the Manage Display UI for entities to choose between some common Field templates.

Commerce Mellat


Commerce Mellat provide Mellat Bank (an Iranian bank) integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Batch Redirect

Batch Redirect was created to automate the addition of redirects to a large number of nodes imported into a Drupal 7 install.

Redirect (http://drupal.org/project/redirect) provides the base for this project.

Webform Prepopulate

Pre-populate a webform with an authenticated user's most recent submission.


Behavior Driven Development for Drupal
featuring Drush, Behat and Mink.

drush @mysite scenario

This one simple command will run features found in the site configuration directory specified by the given alias. All of the dependencies, including behat and mink, will be downloaded on first run.


Domain Control Panel

What is Orderbox? From the Logixboxes' Orderbox homepage it says:

LogicBoxes' OrderBox is a Customizable and Brandable, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-tier platform that provides Billing, Auto-Provisioning, User Management and a comprehensive API for all LogicBoxes Products.

It is a complete Business Process Automation solution or a mini-ERP system to automate your and your Resellers' Web Services Business.

OrderBox allows you and your Reseller network to seamlessly sell all LogicBoxes Products and Services from your own website.

This module is an attempt to integrate some of the functionality of OrderBox into a Drupal site. This can be useful for users who have a Drupal site but also want to run a domain name registration business and a web hosting that uses OrderBox mini-ERP system.

Currently this module consists of:

  • Orderbox Login - This will allow your customer to login to their orderbox domain control panel from within your Drupal site, just go to configuration settings page and then activate the block for the OrderBox Login and your customer and sub reseller can start using it.

Commerce PayPaad

PayPaad Logo

Implements secure Pasargad payment (PayPaad) services for use with Drupal Commerce.

اسپانسر شده توسط کاموا: مشکل طراحی سایت خود را با سایت ساز کاموا حل کنید. کاموا طراحی وب سایت را برای شما آسان میکند