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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

VK OAuth

Experimental module, which makes an integration between Drupal site and VK OAuth 2.0 service.

Media Tokens

Under contruction


Keep track of patches on Drupal.org.

When you patch a module on a site, track it as a node with this module, and you will be alerted when patch has been committed, and you will know which sites to update.

Requires Drupal.org issue importer

Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio

This module is a simple wrapper for the audio.js library, making it easier to implement cross-browser MP3 audio on your Drupal site.

Audio.js provides a flash fallback which essentially allows you to use the native HTML5 tags anywhere, without having to worry about browsers that don't support HTML5 tags (i.e. older browsers) or lack support for MP3 playback (i.e. Firefox, at least as of now); these browsers will automatically degrade to the flash player, allowing you to avoid writing extra code for cross-browser compatibility.

Addressfield Autopopulate

Simple module that auto populates the address field with the logged in users address

Git helper hooks

A collection of useful git hooks during Drupal development.

Seemingly similar project: DCQ.


This is a utility module useful as a realm constructor to create reusable realms and saved in data base

Key Imagefield

This module installs a new field type called key_imagefield_image that is a reference field that must refer to a multi-value imagefield on the same entity. it was inspired and partially draws from the Field Reference module. The module allows you to choose a single image out of a multi-value imagefield that can act as a representative image for that entity, and stores the delta. Additionally, the module allows this selection to be overridden by a file-upload.

Bean Hello World

Provides a Hello World example for the Bean module.

Media: Imgur

Will allow users to use link to imgur and provide the streamwrapper for them to do so.

Crowd SSO

A more active version of the Crowd SSO module for Drupal 7.x.

Active fixes will be made here (with some patches ported over from the Crowd issue queue). Any changes made will be logged as issues within the Crowd issue queue as well ('pull requests' in essence).

This shares a namespace with the Crowd module and cannot be installed in tandem.

Twitter Bootstrap Front Page

The Twitter Bootstrap Front Page module adds the iconic static top content box from the Twitter Bootstrap main Hero theme to any Drupal site using the Twitter Bootstrap theme. This module was created to kickstart more Drupal-Bootstrap integration.

This module is a theme enhancement module for the Twitter Bootstrap Theme.


This module does not require installation, only front-end WYSIWYG configuration. After download, turn on the module and a static block will automatically be added to the top of the content with the same theming as in the Twitter Bootstrap Hero Theme. The block can be customized through Structure > Blocks > Configure. You have the option to change the Title text, Sub-Title Text, and the URL that the Learn More button points to. On the configuration page, you might also want to set the pages the block is displayed on to to indicate only to display on the front page. The default is to display the block on all pages.



GraphMath CAPTCHA is a graphical version of the well-known Math CAPTCHA, which is part of the CAPTCHA module. In this case the mathematical equation is hidden in an obfuscated image. The amount and types of distortion
and noise can be configured along with the image type, the types and sizes of the fonts used, and color settings.
This module is intended as a submodule of the CAPTCHA module. This module was built using the Image CAPTCHA submodule of the CAPTCHA module.

Commerce Immediate Login

This module will be deprecated if #2009986: Add capability to require login for existing and new users is committed. There is also now a Commerce Checkout Complete Registration project. Please check it out to see if it would better suits your needs.

Facebook Field

Provides a FB field for the Field API.

The FB field can be used to link a facebook profile/page to an entity using the FB API. This then gives the ability to pull user/page data and streams into the entity.

Http Client Custom Delegates

Adds 2 custom delegates to the http_client module:

  1. Core delegate, uses drupal_http_request instead of curl_exec to run requests
  2. Http Parallel Request delegate, uses httprl module to run requests

Views Content Cache Taxonomy Term

This adds a new plugin for Views Content Cache to support taxonomy terms by ID via Views arguments.

This has been created as a sandbox, because this module is based on Views 3, which is not supported by Views Content Cache for Drupal 6.

Library Catalog Administration

Base administration capability for a library catalog site.

Cron Last


Creates a /cron/last menu path which outputs simple text (no HTML) status of cron.

Example output should have not run in the specified time.
FAIL - cron was last run at Tue, 10/07/2012 - 13:23 - [1150] seconds ago

Example output if cron has run within specified time.

Installation and setup

Check the version control for instructions on how to clone the repository, be sure to select the relevant branch to work from, from the dropdown.

Mail Statistics


The module gathers statistics about outgoing emails and provides several reports. This includes:

  • how many email (by which module, when) was sent,
  • how many times an email was opened (by which user, when),
  • what links was clicked (how many times, when),
  • charts for reports.


Email Update on Login

This module allows you to create user accounts (using LDAP for example) with a fake email address template and then have the user update their email address on login. It was developed at the University of Ottawa.

Change theme

The changetheme module creates a block that can be activated in any region
of all the themes that will be used.

Parent Child Menu

About the Parent Child Menu module

The Parent Child Menu module is a simple way to create hierarchical menus on a site. Go to the settings page and include one or more content types. These content types will then have an extra field in which you can enter the name of a parent page.

A block is provided which can display a page's parent, siblings, and/or children. Go to the blocks configuration page to enable the block. The block will appear on any page which is either a parent or a child of another page or is both.


PHPUnit Runner to run unit test in Drupal


Provides Unit test to Drupal Modules unsing PHPUnit. This modules provides a custom
runner to run PHPUnit test in Drupal. Also include some features to mock functions using the test_helper extension created
by Sebastian Bergman.

Actually is tested in Drupal 6 only, we will include support for Drupal 7 also in the future.


Previous to the module instalation you need to have installed PHPUnit, Xdebug and Test_Helpers

In order to install PHPUnit do the following steps

  pear channel-discover pear.phpunit.de
  pear channel-discover components.ez.no
  pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com
  pear upgrade PEAR
  pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

Install Xdebug in Debian (or debians likes).

apt-get install php5-xdebug

Install Test Helpers

pecl install phpunit/test_helpers

At the end include the extension in your php.ini


Test if the extension was loaded

$php --info|grep "test_helpers support"
  test_helpers support => enabled

Once you have all that installed you can proceed with the instalation of this module as
any drupal module.

Copy the module in some reacheable location by your drupal site.

drush en phpunit2 -y