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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Spider - Drupal Spider module

Spider is Drupal Spider module.


SMACSS: Scalable and Modular CSS for Drupal

An experiment in creating SMACSS-style class names for core templates and stylesheets.


This module will be a Drupal 7 module to create and manage autorespond services.

What will happen is the following:
1. A user registers that he want a 7 day course or something.
2. The site will respond by sending him a message.
3. The next couple of days the site will send messages on specified intervals.

That is basically it.

Restricted contact

Restrict the contact form so that logged-in users cannot change their sender e-mail address or name on the site and personal contact forms. This stops logged-in users from spoofing e-mail and/or using the "Send yourself a copy" feature to send spam.

Also, add the text "(Unverified)" to the sender name of messages sent from the contact forms by anonymous users.


Display a webform block in a modal. Currently using thickbox.

See http://drupal.org/project/modal_forms and http://drupal.org/node/1326716 for Drupal 7 options.

CT Class

Content Type Class module allows specifying custom CSS class to the body element of the content type document (node).

Once this module is installed, it adds extra field to the content type creation and edit

Notifications Group tags

This module lets you Manage Subscriptions of Tags groupwise. User can see and subscribe any tag using single page.


This module contains new date/time field that supports other calendar systems.
There is also a views integration module.

Calendar systems

OG Analytics

Provides an analytics infrastructure for displaying statistics reports using Google Charts API (the new one).


Broken tests

Provides varyingly broken test classes for testing the test runner. See #1700682: run-tests.sh attempts to run abstract/base test classes.


Which Server

A small module to add the server name (as in machine hostname, not the name of the website host) to administrator reports:

  • Update status page (/admin/reports/updates)
  • Update status email notifications
  • Status Report page (/admin/reports/status)
  • Module list page (/admin/modules)

This module can be useful where Drupal sites are installed on different servers, so you can easily find which server a particular site (especially a site needing updates) is installed on.

Feeds Archive Fetcher

This simple module provides a feed plugin to fetch an archive from either a remote or local location, extract it and then act upon a file inside that archive.

Taxonomy Pivot

Screenshot of configuration form for x-axis, y-axis and filters

Module Description

The Taxnomy Pivot module generates a pivot-style Table with vocabularies as dimensions on the axes. As values in the cells of the table it shows the number of nodes attached to the terms of the vocabulary.

The nodes in the system are classified by the vocabularies Voc1 (with Terms a,b,c) and Voc2 (with Terms x,y,z). If Voc1 is chosen for the x-Axis and Voc2 is chosen for the y-Axis the resulting table will look like this:

      a     b     c
x    1     5    13
y    0     4      3
z    4     5     6

In this example there is 1 node classified with a & y and there are 6 nodes with c & z.

Another more demonstrative example of a car resale site:
Each node is a car and the dimension describe different properties of the cars.

Dim1: Transmission (Vocabulary): Automatic,  Manual (Terms)
Dim2: Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
Dim3: Model: Ford, VW, BWM, Mercedes

In the pivot table now filters and the values for axis can be defined. For the filter the "model" (or multiple dimensions) could be set and the terms VW and BMW are selected. On the x-axis is the color and on the y-axis the type of transmission. Each axis can have 0, 1 or multiple taxonomies assigned. The described setup results in the following pivot table:

Model: VW, BMW
           Red Blue Yellow
Automatic   5   7     3
Manual      2   3     1

Which means there are 5 cars of red color with an automatic transmission of the models VW and BMW.
Further options are the presentation of this table as a chart, the export to Excel or displaying the nodes "behind" the values. A click on the "5" would load a list of the 5 node titles and link to the contents.

In contrast to a view not only the output as a pivot table differs, but also the configuration of filters. Not only the filter values (terms) can be selected by the user, but also the configuration of the filters (vocabularies) is made available to the user.

Vocabulary Term Reference

Work similar to the regular term reference, however allow the user to select more than one vocabulary to create the reference.

Basically create a field on an entity of type select and on the field configuration settings you establish what vocabularies you want on that particular field, allowing N vocabularies on the same field.

Test sandbox Module123

This is a test for a new sandbox.

Sites Locale

When using URL language detection with path prefix, links that link to content that is published in a subsite will lose their purl prefix. This module fixes that issue.

Workbench Moderation Extras

Adds some extra helpful functions to the Workbench Moderation module.


Commerce SecurePay is a payment gateway module for Drupal Commerce that allows you to process credit card payments on your site using SecurePay payment service. It supports the SecurePay XML API. In order to use this module, you must have an account with Securepay.com.au

Please note this is for Australia only - it will not work with securepay.com

This project is based on the http://drupal.org/project/uc_securepayau project.


Milyennap CAPTCHA

This is a hungarian CAPTCHA, that asks the user "What day it is today?". In english this isn't a good solution, because better robots can answer this - as you can think, this is not the case in the hungarian language :)

The module offers 3 different questions:

  • What day it is today?
  • What day it is going to be tomorrow?
  • What day was it yesterday?

Limit Timezone

Limit Timezone
This will filter the list of selectable timezones from the giant list.


* Setup your default country timezone and save it by going to "Admin -> Config -> Limit Timezone Settings"


* Right now, it's small and it's only limiting on user profile page (seeing as that's initially what I wanted).
* It can easily modified to work on ANY form though, simply remove the conditional statement.

Future Development


Mythemes adds a block to allow users :

  • to enable and set a default theme.
  • to switch themes on the fly.

The module provides a list of all themes and allow users to choose between them.




It is not recommended to use this project for your conference site

Due to the tight timeline the DA had for the COD upgrade project, we have a need to create a forked codebase for creating DrupalCon sites, until the COD project has reached a mature enough stage that we can use it in it's entirety.

If you do want to use COD for your conference site, check out the cod_support project and talk with japerry.

Webform Commerce

A Drupal 7 Webform Component which does the following:

  1. Creates a commerce line item type: "Webform fee"
  2. Creates a Webform component: "Commerce product"

Creates rules which do the following:

Rules Permissions

Module to set default CRUD permissions against all rules and the opportunity to override for specific rules.

The main use case will be to lock certain rules and components from being edited by lower level admins.