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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

ergonlogic's copy of Remote import - Provision

This sandbox is just to hold a hacky harcoded fix to http://drupal.org/node/1663066, since I'll be deploying this via Puppet for AegirVPSs.

It'll be nice when we can delete these sandboxes, since this'll essentially be junk once a real fix lands in the project...

Epsilon Greedy

So far it's just an idea,

I'd like to see what it takes to implement an Epsilon Greedy content strategy on a Drupal site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-armed_bandit#Semi-uniform_strategies . Theoritically it should be possible to do if the implementation is based on Context.

California Sales Tax Calculation

uc_tax_ca is a custom module that we have created for calculating Sales Tax of California. It consists a default csv file to calculate the Sales Tax.

UC Gift Certificate (D7)

Beginning work on updating the uc_gift_certificate module to D7.

Please note that all functions reference uc_gift_certificate rather than uc_gift_certificate__d7_, to keep the possibility of a merge back to the uc_gift_certificate project easy.

Library Catalog Mail

[libcat_mail] Provide a wrapper around Drupal's mail API (so modules don't need to implement it themselves) with a hook for providing default parameters."

package = Library Catalog

Sites Access

Access control for sites module.

Comment Antispam

Simple antispam solution.
Module check comment's text and if strings '

Ti Mama

Site de recettes de cuisines étrangère, de la cuisine chinoise à indienne, en passant par la cuisine des îles.

MediaElement Poster

About this module

Allows a Poster (thumbnail) to be set for the MediaElement Module

Thanks to TomiMikola for writing this code and posting to the MediaElement issue queue.


Assuming the following fields on node:


Payment gateway for , National Australian Bank

SecureTrading STPP Payment Pages - UberCart 2/Drupal 6

SecureTrading Logo

This is the official SecureTrading STPP Payment Pages module for Drupal 6/UberCart 2.

Commerce Shipping EU

This module adds a new condition to rules that allows you to check if an address is in the EU.

It's a very simple module, but a very common use case.

This allows you to easily set up different conditions if you want to have alternative shipping for EU / Non-EU countries.


An attempt to add helper functions, depedencies, and modularity to frontend Drupal code.

Adds the following function (backend):

  1. drupal_add_js_dependency(stack, name) - ensures a dependency is in effect before pages load to sidestep race conditions.

Adds the following function sets (frontend):

Dependency functions:

  1. Drupal.modules.init_dependencies() - initialises all dependencies that were present in Drupal.settings on load.
  2. Drupal.modules.init_dependency(stack, fallback = true) - create a dependency stack, optionally making it resolve after page load. May switch to a timeout in future.
  3. Drupal.modules.add_dependency(stack, name) - adds a dependency to a dependency stack, which must be marked as resolved before the stack marks as resolved
  4. Drupal.modules.resolve_dependencyname - resolves a named dependency on all stacks.
  5. Drupal.modules.dependency_status(stack) - checks the status of a dependency stack
  6. Drupal.modules.get_dependants(name) - lists stacks that depend on the named module.

Hook handling functions

    Library Catalog Barcode

    Add unique barcodes to books.

    Add barcodes to books without barcodes very quickly by providing an Add Barcodes form that will auto-increment the barcode field and allow Ajax autocomplete Book title form field that only autocompletes for books without barcodes for the current user.

    Email Login

    This module allows users to login with either their username or the email address associated with their account. The module requires no configuration -- once installed, users can log in as usual with their username (the only noticeable difference is that the username textfield says "Username or Email Address:" rather than just "Username:") or enter their email address.


    A more generic implementation of Stanford University Webauth module for Drupal. Webauth is an authentication system used for Single Sign On and used in a number of educational establishments.

    This module was built by Olamalu Web Development for University College Oxford, and is being developed/maintained with members of the Oxford University computing community.

    iOS startup image

    Extends theme settings to show a startup image on iOS devices like iPhones etc.

    This sandbox is temporary; the module will either become a full project on its own, or else included as a sub-module of touch_icons.

    Splunk Storm

    Splunk is a powerful tool for log analysis, log management, and much more.

    Your IT infrastructure generates massive amounts of data. Machine data - generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and the like.

    By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity to call records, Splunk turns your machine data into valuable insights.

    Commerce External Payment

    This simple module allows you to enter payments for orders that were received outside of Commerce. You can select the type of payment (Visa, MC, etc..) and enter a reference note for the payment. This module was made by making minor modifications to the example payment module provided with the payment module.


    this small module sends sms messages in ubercart system


    timelinejs module

    This is a simple module that use timelinejs jquery plugin to display a timeline content in a nice way.
    Actually this module only support the plugin JSON option.

    It comes with 3 themes and create a timelinejs content type to insert timeline information.

    Maybe some code optimization needed, and any help will be appreciated.

    Powered by Javali

    Responsive images and styles demo

    Responsive images and styles demo

    Dual Image Styles

    This module pulls out the image formatter that is included with Ubercart, which formatted an image field so that the first image was large, and the rest were rendered as smaller thumbnails.

    Services user login form

    This passes the user login validation handling off to a local Services user.login resource instead of Drupal form handling.


    PROJECT: Enhancing Drupal's Scheduler Contributed Module.

    You may already know about the contributed Drupal 6.x and 7.x module named Scheduler: http://drupal.org/project/scheduler

    The Scheduler contributed Drupal module is quite useful and often implemented: http://drupal.org/project/usage/scheduler

    In a standard web publishing workflow, an audit trail regarding when nodes have been published is a staple.

    LEGACY: Publish date was simply not recorded at all in Drupal core.

    Created date is helpful, but approvals and publishing controls / audits are lacking.

    CURRENTLY: The Scheduler module installs 'scheduler' table with three fields (nid, publish_on, unpublish_on) for scheduling auto publishing on given future date.

    By enabling these two date fields (publish_on, unpublish_on) on the create/edit form for any given content type, scheduler provides us a way to 'schedule' publishing in the future for one single time window.

    A cron job runs nightly that checks current date against publish_on and unpublish_on dates and automatically selects/deselects the publish checkbox when appropriate.

    Maintainers for Scheduler Module

    => Eric Schaefer - 130 commits - last: 34 weeks ago, first: 4 years ago

    => skiminki - 10 commits - last: 4 years ago, first: 4 years ago
    => AjK - 43 commits - last: 4 years ago, first: 5 years ago