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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

MS Active Directory integration with the help of Likewise

Binding the Drupal (7) with the MS Active Directory while Likewise and Apache doing all the hard-n-dirty work. Drupal user accounts are stored in the local database and are automatically created if necessary when user authenticates session with web-server. Inspired by the "IP Login" module.

Nodestream Gallery

An image gallery built around a "Feature" and a wrapping module. Primarily intended to work with NodeStream.

Facebook likebox field


Drupal 7
This module provides a field widget for the facebook likebox plugin. More info to come.

Perfecting Permissions: Editorial Workflow

This is home of the issue queue that accompanies the OpenSourcery test kitchen recipe for building editorial workflow. Our recipes use Drupal modules and, when required by those modules, third-party libraries to provide detailed instructions in their use.

The recipe itself is available at http://training.opensourcery.com/recipes/moderation


Jimmy Ahuja is my personal module for my basic updates.


Vardot utilities is a set of functions that will ease the development environment for teams.


JavaScript based semantic services

Course Provider

This module provides a way to automatically generate courses (which have forums associated to them, user roles for students, TAs and professors).

Course Notes

Module which provides a way for students to take and share course notes

Photo API

Not been worked on.

The idea was to build a module that would provide a generic Photo API allowing you to switch between photo services like Flickr or Open Photo while retaining the same kinds of features.

Commons group homepage sandbox

This sandbox is to facilitate development towards a patch at #1419150: As a Commons user, I would like a more useful default group landing page.

OpenLayers Demo Map Feature

demo feature for my presentation at drupal austria meetup feb 2012
Mapping - A Quick Intro to OpenLayers & Leaflet in Drupal 7

Social Comments

This module currently provides a block that lets users leave comments via Facebook. This is NOT an implementation of Facebook's Comments social plugin.

The destiny of this module, in my dreams, is to become a framework for plugging in social network to Drupal's pre-existing comments functionality... we'll see.

Selective Cache Bust


This module was created to allow for selective cache clears in highly cached Drupal environments where clearing the entire cache at peak traffic times could bring down the site.

Because of the complexities of the Drupal cache system, use of this module is only recommended for experienced developers who are familiar with how the Drupal cache system works.



Integrates Drupal with XCAP to provide contact lists for VOIP software based on users and user roles.

Commerce WorldPay Business Gateway

NOTE: This module has now been released under Commerce Worldpay.

WorldPay Business integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

This module is still going through a good amount of development but a site using this module has been approved by WorldPay so I believe this module is now ready for wider audience testing. No estimate on when a release will be made yet.

The module implements WorldPay's Payment Response/Notification system which allows Commerce to update the order status as well as serve the Shopper response for the success and cancel result pages.


WorldPay's MAC Sig and callback password are fully supported and WorldPay's communication can be done securely over SSL (recomended for protecting the callback password. Note an SSL certificate is not required) while still allowing your users to return to a non-ssl version of the site.


The payment notification shopper response pages are theme-able using templates.

Resource Library Management system

This module is a Library (books etc) management system. This module, in combination with views module, can act as a full management system for a library.

Ubercart Catalog Accordion

This module will transform the Default uc_catalog block into a Accordion Style menu.


Many customizations unique to my personal website, xaqrox.com.

VoIP User

The VoIP User module extends the VoIP Extension API to provide phone extension functionality to Drupal users.

For Drupal 6 the module is a feature requiring the voipnode module using content profile.

Drupal 7 will have a stand-alone user VoIP extension.

Mixed session

The Mixed Session module enables mixed HTTP(S) sessions for a site, securely and without loss of session data. The phrase "mixed sessions" refers to providing, with respect to a user visiting a site, some content over an insecure (HTTP) connection and other content over a secure (HTTPS) connection. For example, a shopping site may prefer to display product content in insecure mode (HTTP) while being able to protect sensitive content (e.g credit card details and authenticated user account information) using secure mode (HTTPS). The use of mixed sessions adds complications such as preserving session data (e.g. a cart ID) across session mode and protecting against session hijacking (with tools such as Firesheep). This module addresses both concerns.

The Mixed Session module protects against session hijacking by regenerating session IDs on step up and step down (i.e. switching between HTTP and HTTPS), providing a configuration switch to stay secure once having entered secure mode, and exposing more built-in, configurable redirect rules. This module also declares two API hooks through which a developer can incorporate more complex redirect rules. Protection applies to anonymous and authenticated users.

How is this different from...


    This is a Drupal 7 field module upgrade of CCK iCal.

    This module is intended to be a drop-in solution to format a simple date as an .ics download.

    If your needs are more complex have a look at iCal Module which is designed to tackle all of the elaborate use cases you are bound to come across. This project does not intend to meet anything but the most simple requirements.


    Provides a simple command to get stats about APC from the command line.


    kmvc is a micro MVC framework that have a convention over confiugration approach which will save you from registering urls for different actions you want to create in Drupal and it will provide you an object oriented approach to handle your module.

    It attaches itself to the menu_hook and create custom on the fly routes for the controller classes you have defined in your library.

    It's completely Object Oriented and provides a very simple structure for developers new to the Drupal. You have to define some small configurations in your .module file which are pretty easy and you will be ready to go in no time.

    It does not override the current routing of Drupal but it comes around right before a 404.

    Usage of Controllers and Actions are similar to the Zend Framework, where each controller should be defined with a Controller suffix and each action should have an Action suffix. These classes should be managed in an app and controllers folders. It has a support for modules too where controllers can be grouped into modules.

    Rules Workflow

    This project is an exported feature (Features module).
    It contains workflow that is build with Rules and Rules Links modules as an example for session on DrupalForum 2012 in Zaporozhye.

    Here is some features: