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custom solr

The custom solr module provides a way to get solr record count for a given request.


The following are pre-requisites for Custom solr module version 7.x-1.x

Sponsorship and Development

Commerce Auto Product Display

This module automatically create/update/delete product display after create/update/delete product entity.

At the moment module no any settings and work only for default product type "product" + default node type "product_display".

This module alternative for rules-based module Automatic product display. Module uses hook_entity_(create/update/delete) and trick with hook_commerce_product_can_delete.

Waiting feedback.

Field Default Behavior

This module allows you to change the behavior of displaying an empty field (that otherwise would not be rendered).

On a per-field instance basis, you can:

  • Render the empty field
  • Render the default value of the field
  • Render the label of the field
  • Render a custom text string

This is designed to assist in the creation of consistant page layouts, where Drupal's behavior of hiding a field with no content may not be desired.

Features default image styles

This module will make it possible to export the default image styles, provided by the image module, into a feature.

OG Group Audience view

Add a formatter for group_audience field to display group audience as a rendered entity (like entityreference 'Rendered entity' formatter).
User is able to choose the view_mode.

CU Shortcodes

A set of shortcodes for CU-Boudler Drupal sites


This is my very own sandbox #1. And I like it that way.

advpoll instant

Modifies the Advanced Poll form to instantly vote upon selecting an option. This is only really useful for polls which only offer one response and cleans up the amount of user interaction required.

Planned Features

  • Allow greater control over which specific forms are Instant Submit and which are not to accomodate sites with multiple poll types.


Sandbox for Agreement module

Views Nodes With Fields

Views currently only allows for node displays or field displays, but not both. Sometimes there's a need to display full nodes, but also use specific field values from a query.

Imagine a situation where one piece of content references three other pieces of content. If the view needs to show those three pieces of content as full nodes, but also needs to use the values in the first field to make the title, its not possible. This module helps solve this problem by providing a full node display that also allows you to chose fields to show.

When enabled, your views will have a new display option called "Content with Fields". Just like the normal content screen, the view results will display in either full or teaser mode. If you are using content relationships, you can even chose which side of the relationship content will be rendered from.

The added bonus comes in that you can also select fields you want to specifically work with. These fields won't display on the screen, but can be used wherever view tokens are used. this could be the title, arguments headers, footers etc.

Rules Add Child

This module will add a child page under a newly created node.

You will need the following modules.

Book made simple

Follow these steps to install and use this module.

1. Install the module.
2. Install the Dependance modules.
3. Configure add child module.
4. Configure the Book Made simple node.
5. Read the Readme file.
6. Create a Rule Component ( see Readme file)
7. Create a Rule to add Child to a parent node. ( See Readme File)

Wysiwyg html5

This module integrate wysiwyg with wysihtml5 library http://github.com/xing/wysihtml5 and redactor library http://redactorjs.com/

Code will comming soon.

Execute Query

Execute query home page

What is Execute Query?

The Execute Query module allows you to run queries on your database using the Drupal interface.

You can save your queries for future use and execute them whenever required. It also displays the number of rows selected and the execution time for each query. It also records the number of times a query is executed.

It displays the list of queries, number of times it is executed along with option to edit delete and execute.

CiviCRM API connect

Helper module providing a connection layer to get data from a CiviCRM installation through the REST API interface.
You should write your own module that depends on this one, and leverages its API functions.

Forum Export

This module allows to export containers, forums and topic content from Drupal core forum (or Advanced Forum) into CSV files.

You may optionally filter posts you want to export by date.

Caution: when NOT using Advanced Forum, you may experience a double "Export" link on topics. This will be fixed (one day).

Views query save

Save exposed filters settings (a bit like redmine does).

Email Image Display

and extension to the email module to allow for links to emails address contact form as an image with the email address in it

Import Doc

A very simple module to import HTML sites to Drupal.

Switch Mobile

Multiple swtiching options for mobile devices / domains.
- Switch to mobile domain for mobile devices (minimal UI to switch back manually)
- When on mobile domain:
- Switch View modes for content (Display Suite)
- Switch Variables,
- Switch theme.

dgis maps

Double gis maps and geolocation module development

Field Group List

General Description

Fieldgroup List adds an ordered or unordered list as an html wrapper for the FieldGroup module.
It will wrap all the elements inside this group with an <ul> or <ol> and it will render all the elements inside the group inside a <li> element.

Form Reference

Form Reference add's the possibility to reference a node, via views in a select option.
The module add's the node's from the selected view, to the select option i a webform.

Needed modules:

The module has been tested with Webform 3.x and Views 3.x, and are working.
Please report if you find an issue, or if you have an idea for a feature.

Mozilla Popcorn Fields

Under active development (sample here http://tiptoes.ca/drupal-popcorn

PURPOSE: leverage Popcorn.js / web native video editing integration into Drupal for content editors
REQUIRES video.js module

Potentially leverage code from Popcorn Maker http://mozillapopcorn.org/popcorn-maker/

1. Field Definition, that includes 'groups' of fields as a representation of each Mozilla Popcorn Plugin
2. User uploads a video.js
3. user enters start/stop time and other plugin-relevant information as an 'events'
4. Node-specific JS is generated based on user entry (see field_plugin_popcorn.js) as an example/stub of what should be generated


Rework as an entity
This needs to be an entity type, I think although the field type seemed great at the time...it's not the right direction
Someone to take on recreating an entity type based on the ideas expressed here in code . (this will be me, in November if no one else is interested in helping by then :)
Popcorn Maker Sandbox (butter etc) needs to go up so we can play (and learn)
I'll try to do this before end of Aug

Media: Wistia for D7

This is a D7 version of the Media Wistia module. It is designed to work with Meda 7.x-1.x. It is largely based on the Media Youtube module.