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GitLab Field



Create and edit system wide variables.


Create and edit variables that are used in defined CSS files.

Remote image

When building a site which leverages 3rd party APIs with images, you don't want to store those images locally, but still be able to use all the goodness
of Drupal's field system.

Therefore this module provides a custom field type, which allows you to store the URL to the image, as well as a formatter to render out the field using an image tag.


Entity notification

This module allows you to send out mail notifications everytime entities are created/updated/deleted while having one central UI to configure that

module configuration page

For more advanced usecases please use Rules


Comment advanced

Drupal 8 finally supports multiple comment types, so you can for example distinct between normal comments and reviews, with some additional fivestar field.

There are though some UX problems in core, as a couple of strings are not configurable, so that 'Comment' still appears all over the place.
This module tries to fix that.


Taxonomy Mappings


Let your users create taxonomy individually based on vocabulary check.

Date, Date Popup (https://www.drupal.org/project/date).


Contact Tweak

Drupal 8's Contact module, fully featured as it is, doesn't let you change the labels & contents of the core fields on the Contact form. This module allows you to tweak these settings (and even hide them).

This should probably be changed to manipulate Contact's entities in some way, but I wanted to get something out the door quickly. It probably doesn't adhere to Drupal 8 best practices, but somehow it works. Probably need to muck around with the form alteration some more though.


Token Panels Link Style

Wrap a region in a link. Originally written by /u/benjy.

Submission management

A suite of modules to manage the review and revision of structured user content submissions, much in the style of editorial systems.

Bootstrap Tour Library

This solves the same problem as the patch in https://www.drupal.org/node/2537400

Anti Spam by CleanTalk for Drupal 8

Anti spam module by CleanTalk to protect your Drupal sites from spam bot registration and spam comments publications thru comment and contact forms.

Invisible antispam without CAPTCHA, questions, puzzles, counting animals, math and etc. Just install and forget.

CleanTalk is a SaaS spam protection service for Web-sites.

CleanTalk uses protection methods which are invisible for site visitors.
Using CleanTalk eliminates needs in CAPTCHA, questions and answers, and other methods of protection, complicating the exchange of information on the site.

Page Cache Clear

Page Cache Clear was built as a simple way to flush a page's cache when working with Varnish and Workbench moderation.
Uses Rules integration to fire the action and adds a 'Ban' to Varnish.

This module was originally developed to allow for cache clearing with Workbench moderation states, however it will work with other Rules conditions.

Json field

This module allows you to store data, probably coming from some 3rd party source, as pure JSON>

Once it is in Drupal you can render it as JSON, using a nice jquery library, validate that the json itself is fine,
and also render out the json field inside rest views as subpart of the main json.


Test Entity Flag

The problem

Creating test content is a standard part of developing a new site, but removing all of that test content before launch can be error-prone and tedious, especially once you've added some real content.

The fix

This module adds a checkbox to entities which allows content creators to flag the entity as test content. It also provides an admin UI which can be used to bulk unflag or delete test content items.

Token Environment

The Token Environment module allows you to define an environment of the site and use it how a token. This token can be interesting if you need create dynamic paths with environment to save files. And it can be added to body classes.

Tiny Pass



Field Before Title

Adds an option to field display to allow a field to be rendered above the entity's title. Configurable on a per-bundle, per-view mode basis.


Symlink is a module that solves a problem that many people are experiencing when they add more then one menu items pointing to the same link. This will cause the menu trail to act erratically.

Symlink will create a custom content type that will create a node which will in turn render any menu path or entity at display time. That way, from the Drupal's point of view, this will be a completely different node every time even if it is always pointing to the same link.

XML Cleaner

Cleans invalid XML directives from feeds which prevent many of Drupal's XML modules from working.

Currently supported:
Views XML Backend

Work in Progress:
XML Import



This module enables the export of Books to Leanpub format.

Prerequisite knowledge

What is Leanpub?


Amazing Comingsoon: Maintenance-page template

Coming soon screen shoot 1

It will provide a amazing maintenance page with animation & time countdown.