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ckplayer -- 全能解析播放器

official website: http://www.ckplayer.com/

【传说】Drupal猎人(498023235) 11:01:48

ckplayer是一个核心,灯哥做一个插件,可以全能解析各大视频网站平台的上的视频,这其中也包括了一些云存诸平台,比如乐视云,所以,我们就可以用drupal来调用乐视云的api,做成模块(集成:ckplayer + 灯哥插件 + 乐视云API ),就可以在drupal后台管理上传,删除,播放视频,是不是这套逻辑?

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Views Templates

Creates the views templates functionality which was removed in D8 views.
#1796182: Remove the remaining "template" code


XMLRPC Page Load

xmlrpc_page_load Provides a simple XMLRPC call that can simulate a page being accessed as a certain user. This can be used in two ways:
To simulate accessing a page when other mechanisms prevent a traditional user login
To seed caches by having apache / nginx handle the request as if someone actually accessed the site


Usersnap Integration

This module integrates the Usersnap feedback widget with your Drupal website. Before you install, be sure you have a Usersnap account and API key.

Installation instructions

Install and enable this module like you would any other module. Once you've successfully installed the module, navigate to the configuration page at /admin/config/services/usersnap. There, you must enter your Usersnap API key.



Colorpicker form element

This module provides the colorpicker form element to be used in custom forms.

NP Media Flickr

A cheeky fork of the Media_Flickr module, so that I can get some fixes stored somewhere whilst I work on them.

The plan is to:

  • Make OAuth work enough to allow one global Flickr account to be used by the site
  • Create a basic Media Browser Plugin, so that we can browse (and search!) Flickr photos in the Media popup
  • Allow selection of photos from the browser plugin
  • Make importing of private photos via URL work, by using the Rest API with OAuth

CKEditor Entity Link

This module allows to insert entity links when using CKEditor. The idea of this module is based on D7 version of CKEditor Link, however implementation is quite different.


Stop Broken Link In Body

The Stop broken link in body module detects defunct links from your content right when the content is being created.
While user creates a node, the module detects broken links in the body by checking the remote sites and evaluating the HTTP response codes. It shows all broken links in the content's body section and on the content edit page, if a link-check fails. If a broken link is needed, the content cannot be saved.

Simple Entity Translation

Provides entity multilingual support with the same approach as "Translation via node translation method (multiple nodes)". This way you have 1 entity instance per language (multiple entities).


The module adds tracking pixel functionality to show external parties that a conversion has been made.


Email Manager


Avanser admin config form

Integrate with Avanser call tracking functionality.

Avanser is an Australian company providing a technology to track calls made from a website. This module outputs the tracking code required to track these calls.

D6 -> D8 Migrate content profile

Drupal 8 module to migrate Drupal 6 content_profile fields and values into a Drupal 8 core user entity.

Implements the Drupal 8 core migrate, migrate_drupal modules (migrate API in Drupal 8). And works together with the migrate_upgrade contrib module which offers an UI.

Colombo Stock Exchange Connector

This module provides a ticker block to display CSE rates according to a specific user

Book an Appointment

Appointment is a highly customizable module that allows your customers to book appointments via the web.


The module was designed to be flexible and reliable so as to be able to meet the needs of any kind of enterprise. You can the read the main features of the system below:

Commerce Wechatpay

weixin payment icon

Wechat (Weixin) payment solution for Drupal Commerce

This module is currently under maintenance and keep updating in Github


  1. SDK package overtrue/wechat


    Please download SDK package and put inside "libraries" folder before install this module

Twig Input Filter Sandbox

This is a simple input filter that runs the text as if it's an inline Twig template.

Currently the only context data provided is the langcode.

Testing Sandbox Module

This is a test sanbox module.

Commerce TransFirst

This module adds support for TransFirst as a payment method for Drupal Commerce.

Twig Globals

Provides a bunch of global Twig variables that used to be available in one or more templates in D7 but were, for various reasons, not migrated to Drupal 8. The hope is that this module will move into Drupal 8 core in the 8.1.x release cycle.

Currently supported:

Atlas theme toolbar


This module changes the style of the core Drupal 8 toolbar making it a lot prettier.

This module is made to work with the Atlas admin theme but can be used with any themes.


- Browser testing
- rtl support
- Look into using libraries for web fonts.

ImageCache Punch

When using modules that allow you to focus or crop images you may find that the image dissapears or the changes are not immediately visible to everyone. This can be caused by other external caching such as Varnish, or browser caching outside of immediate control, because by default ImageCache does not generate a new URL for each iteration of the image. Depending on how your environment is configured the old rendering may stay in browsers for weeks, causing much confusion for your content editors.

Migrate source plugin - XML

This module provides a migration source plugin and supporting classes for importing data from XML sources.





Youtube Demo about how this module works.

There are Submodules in this module: