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Colorbox Swipe Gestures Support

Adds swipe gesture support for Colorbox.


Adds swipe gesture support to the well known Colorbox module for mobiles. Just swipe left or right on galeries to show the previous or next element!


Views RSS: Media (MRSS) Elements

Extension module for Views RSS 2.x, providing additional set of Media (MRSS) elements and field formatters.


For the moment it provides following set of feed item elements:

  • <media:content>
  • <media:group> - grouping <media:content> elements from fields containing multiple items
  • <media:title> - available for image fields, based on their title attribute
  • <media:description> - available for file fields, based on their description attribute
  • <media:keywords>
  • <media:thumbnail>
  • <media:category>

More elements planned to be added in the future.

Please read module documentation if you experience any problems with settings up your feed.

Recommended modules


    Media: BlipTV

    Media: BlipTV

    Drupal 6 version
    Provides support for BlipTV videos at http://blip.tv/ to the Embedded Media Field module, available at http://drupal.org/project/emfield. Install that and the included Embedded Video Field module.

    Drupal 7 version



    Kaltura - OpenSource Video

    Kaltura’s Open Source All-in-One Video Module for Drupal

    Kaltura is the leading video technology provider and creator of the world’s only Video-Platform-as-a-Service. Kaltura VPaaS is a highly reliable, scalable, and flexible open video platform, powering hundreds of thousands of video experiences and workflows across industries in over 100 countries worldwide. A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura is used by thousands of global enterprises, media companies, service providers, educational institutions, start-ups, technology platforms and cloud providers and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The company is also the initiator and backer of the leading open source video management project, home to more than 100,000 community members. For more information visit corp.kaltura.com, Join the community discussion board and explore Kaltura on GitHub.

    Download the User Manual and Install/Config Guide (PDF)

    What is Kaltura’s Video Module for Drupal?

    A standard Drupal Module that integrates the Kaltura video platform capabilities into Drupal, allowing you to instantly enrich your Drupal site with video, audio, and images. Kaltura’s video platform and video module for Drupal is an enterprise grade solution that offers comprehensive powerful functionality and full control over content ownership, without the need to run your own video operation. The module handles every aspect of rich-media, including uploading and importing content, transcoding, content management, syndication, monetization, distribution, and more.


    Field tokens

    The Field tokens module add two additional types of field tokens; Formatted fields and field properties.


    Formatted field tokens

    Formatted Field tokens are tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

    The format is:

    (e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


    Field property tokens

    Field property tokens are tokens allowing access to field properties on one or many fields.

    Properties are dependent on the field type.

    The format is:

    (e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0:uri]).



    Gallery Assist Lightboxes

    Now with a better overview of the supported Lightboxes

    What does Gallery Assist Lightboxes?

    Gallery Assist Lightboxes allow to use a lightbox on Gallery Assist images.

    This package does not contain lightboxes. You should download them from the respective homepages.


    CKEditor Media Embed Plugin


    The CKEditor Media Embed module adds support for CKEditor plugins Media Embed, Semantic Media Embed, and Auto Embed to Drupal core's CKEditor.


    CKEditor Image2 - Enhanced Image plugin with HTML5 caption support

    CKEDitor Image2 captions and alignment

    This module is an extension to the CKEditor module.

    It also supports CKEditor installed through the Wysiwyg module.


    RoyalSlider Integration

    This module provides integration with the excellent RoyalSlider library.


    Google QR Code Generator

    This project leverages the Google QR Code Generator from their charts API to display a block containing a QR code for the current URL you are viewing. It is simple, straight forward, and should largely work right out of the box. The Drupal 8 branch is under semi-active development. The D7 isn't so much as it's so simple it just works. If you need further development help with this, feel free to open an issue. If you need your issue resolved promptly, reach out to me as I can probably find a developer for hire to help with your specific issue.


    Hi-Res Images

    CSS px are not intended to be mapped 1:1 with screen pixels. They are actually defined as an angular measurement: http://inamidst.com/stuff/notes/csspx

    Web browsers running on modern hi-res screens need to be calibrated by "zooming in". This happens automatically with Apple Retina Display. For images to fully utilize hi-res screens, image dimensions need to be twice the CSS dimensions.

    Interestingly, the JPEG quality setting of images on hi-res screens can be reduced dramatically without compression artefacts becoming visible, meaning that filesizes are not much larger; it is even possible for the filesize of hi-res images to be smaller: http://blog.netvlies.nl/design-interactie/retina-revolution/

    Without Hi-Res

    Dimensions: 300x179
    JPEG quality: 80%
    Filesize: 13.53 kB

    With Hi-Res

    Dimensions: 600x358
    JPEG quality: 30%
    Filesize: 17.59 kB

    This technique does not use JavaScript.

    Unlike Retina Images, this module will work with effects provided by other modules.


    Views Slideshow: ImageFlow


    This module will display a view of images using the ImageFlow JavaScript plugin available from http://finnrudolph.de/ImageFlow.

    ImageFlow is a picture gallery, which allows an intuitive image handling. The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. That intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.

    This solution is known as the Cover Flow technique, which has been developed by the artist Andrew Coulter Enright. Now - after it has been bought by Apple - it is used in iTunes and the file browser of Apples OSX.

    Please see the important note when installing; it will break when you turn on CSS aggregation otherwise.


    Node Images

    Adds an Images tab to the node page, allowing users to add images to the node using the upload.module. Images may be displayed as thumbnails in the node view, below the node body or in a custom position set in the node.tpl.php template. All images are available in a gallery page, on a Polaroid style.
    Note: Images are not saved as nodes. When a node is deleted, all associated images are deleted too.


    Media: Node

    This module will interface with both Embedded Media Field and Media to offer embedded nodes as media file objects. This will expose nodes to the editorial browser, allowing administrators, for instance, to specify article posts to be allowed to be referenced within the Media browser.

    Note that the Drupal 6 version will only work with version 3 of Embedded Media Field (still in development).


    Scald Vimeo


    Scald Vimeo is a video provider for the Scald module.
    It can handle URLs and video IDs, and pulls meta data directly from Vimeo.


    Scald Vimeo depends on Scald. For specific installation instructions
    related to Scald, check out its documentation at:


    Views Photo Grid

    This module adds a responsive photo grid display style to Views. The photo grid style arranges photos such that the height in each row is consistent, and the photos always fill up all the available width.

    The photo grid adopts the arranging algorithm of jQuery Sortable Photos. Try a demo here:


    File MIME

    MIME types

    Drupal determines the MIME type of each uploaded file by applying a MIME type mapping to the file name.


    Resumable Download

    Drupal does not support download resume , meaning that downloading large private files can be troublesome because if for any reason the download fails , there is no way to continue downloading from where it stopped and the whole file should be downloaded again.

    NOTICE : This module does not need any patch to work


    Views Foundation

    views foundation drupal 7 module

    Views foundation help you convert any view into Zurb Foudation features (orbit slider, tabs, accordion, etc.).


    Imagecache Proportions

    This module provides a CCK formatter for imagefields that allows the user to select between three different imagecache presets depending on the proportions of the original image. So you can use this module for altering the display proportions of a image field or similar in the display field screen, in Views, etc.
    If the image is more or less squared (you can set a looseness in pixels) you will be able to select a squared preset, if the image is wider than higher, you can select a more "horizontal" preset and if it's higher than wider, a more "vertical" one.
    It's integrated out of the box with thickbox, colorbox, shadowbox and lightbox2 for displaying full links.

    Drupal 6.x



    • Create presets for the wider image, the higher and the squared one.
    • Edit the field settings for your image field, select which imagecache preset you would like to use for each proportion and the looseness for the squard ones.

    Drupal 7.x



      Dynamic Banner

      Dynamic banner list demonstration

      Dynamic Banner is a module that lightens the load on web developers from creating many blocks for pages with different banners.
      This module will read from the database to automatically decide which banner goes on which page based off of the rules and administrator sets.
      This module has many different usage patterns and is extremely reusable.

      There is various usage notes in the help section of the module

      This module supports



      This module is now a lightning_features manifest!

      This module uses the lighting_features module (7.x branch) to set up all of its functionality. It is a working example of a manifest module. It was not originally this, but evolved over time into that.


      Bulk File Nodes

      Bulk File Nodes allows a user to upload or import many files at once, and have many individual nodes created, one for each file . Where this module significantly differentiates from other modules like Bulk Media Upload is that after uploading/importing the file(s), the user is given the opportunity to edit all of the fields for each node in a single form.


      Field Collection Bulkupload

      Images being bulk uploaded into field collection

      Provides a way to bulkupload (using plupload) files into a filefield / imagefield located inside of a field collection. This allows photo galleries and file lists to be built out easily by admin users.

      This module will automatically attach a bulkupload area to each field collection which contains either a file or image field. Users may then use this widget to bulk upload photos. Plupload also has the benefit of doing concurrent uploads, which makes uploading a lot of photos significantly faster.

      This module relies on:



      Mediabox cropping capabilities

      Mediabox is a universal image library which out of the box provides easy to use UI, aggregated control of library images, inline cropping and extended flexibility of the data model.


      • 2014-Mar-12 - Latest dev commits changed to some degree backend structures of mediabox. Upgrade process is partially tested and should work but problems are possible if you are upgrading from previous dev version (as reported in #2212791: Unable to add items). As always backup your db before doing upgrade.
      • 2013-Sept-19 - We are organizing mediabox BOF on DrupalCon Prague, if you are interested in this module this is a great opportunity to find out more about it and help in future development.
      • 2013-Aug-30 - Issue #1948216: Move contrib js libs is done which means that users who are doing upgrades from older versions needs to donwload Jcrop and jquery.fancybox plugins and put them in sites/all/librarires read more.


      • Field widget
      • Just In Time - cropping of images from/to desired image style in context of widget
      • Easy to use library - creating, editing, removing, selecting an existing (multiple) images in the context of a widget
      • Bulk upload of images using plupload
      • Library display
      • Integration of library, and administration with views
      • Text Filter integration - inserting token in text which will be replaced by actual view of a Mediabox Display
      • Integration of formatter with views. This option allows you to create gallery displays accommodating various needs. ( Views slide show plugins, etc. )