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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



Integrates the Piecemaker 3D flash slideshow into Drupal.

Piecemaker is a 3D flash slideshow similar to Cu3ber (cuber).
This module provides an api for utilizing it within Drupal. Currently the API provides for profiles that determine transitions and general settings for slideshow. The API by itself does not create any piecemaker slideshows, it simply provides the tools for other modules to produce slideshows

Also included in this release is the Piecemaker Blocks module. It allows users to create blocks that will display a Piecemaker slideshow. Currently it is the only way to create a slideshow though more ways are coming (see Roadmap below). The API though allows for easy creation of add on modules to build piecemaker displays (see piecemaker.api.php).


  • Libraries module
  • Media module (For Piecemaker Blocks)
  • Piecemaker Source. Available from https://github.com/arcaneadam/Piecemaker-Drupal
    You must download the source from the above link and not the piecemaker website. Follow the instructions in the documentaion on where to place the library. Alternatively if you enable the module with drush it will automatically download the needed files.



Quantitative analytics

Quant provides an engine for producing quantitative, time-based analytics for virtually any Drupal component. Quant takes raw data about normal Drupal actions, such as node creation, and plots the activity over time, with the selected time being configurable. See the screenshot provided for a better understanding.


Scald YouTube


Scald Youtube is a video provider for the Scald module.
It can handle URLs and video IDs, and pulls meta data directly from YouTube.
If a V3 API key is provided then it is possible to also get the author of
the video and to search videos directly in the add form.


Media RSS

A small module that allows image nodes that use both image module and imagefield module to become media entries in RSS feeds.

Orignal release that turns all site RSS feeds into media feeds. Stand-alone module

Views 2 style plugin. A lot more customizable and media RSS doesn't have to be used on every feed.

Requires either:


Just Another Social Module (JASM)

Facebook Page "Like Box" rendered in a block

Many social modules exist that allow users to share and/or publish your content to various third-party sites and services. In the information age, more and more companies are adopting social media as a means to promote themselves and/or to engage with peers and customers alike. JASM provides a single place to configure and subsequently promote your site's presence on other sites, like your company's Facebook page, or your company's Twitter feed.


Amazon Store

An Amazon Store for Drupal. This is an implementation of the Amazon Product Advertising API (formerly Amazon Associates Web Service, or AAWS) for Drupal. You can install this and right away you have an Amazon Associates Store. Get yourself an Associates ID and then all purchases made through your store will result in a commission going to you. Allows searching, provides product pages, and manages a shopping cart.

Seeking new maintainer(s)! Are you using Amazon Store? I currently don't have it deployed anywhere, so it's not getting any love from me. File an issue in the queue if you're interested in maintaining this module. But FIRST, review some issues and provide some patches!


  • Amazon module.
  • You must have PHP5.2+


  • Panels module. (The 1.x releases work with Panels 2, the 2.x releases work with Panels 3). If Panels is installed, there is a default amazon item detail page and multiple panel panes provided so you can customize it.
  • If thickbox is enabled then you get large-size images when you click on a product image.




Breaks the toolbar of CKEditor in several groups

See: http://drupal.org/node/751196#comment-3689150 for more information.


Google News

Google News

Google News is a simple module to add a block to your drupal site to display the latest Google News headlines on sections you choose.

Stay up to the minute on news with Google News module on your drupal site.

The different news sections settings in Google News module are

  • Top Stories
  • World
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Nation
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Health

The Google News block comes with two display setting.

  1. Medium rectangle (300 x 250) - Default
  2. Leaderboard (728 x 90)


  • You can enter the custom News Section to display.
  • Language support of 40 Languages.


After you activated the module (at "admin/modules"), you can put the block to any region on your page (using "admin/structure/block").

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Apple's podcasting specifications add several channel and item elements to RSS feeds. The iTunes module allows a podcaster to associate the item level information with nodes and the channel level information with a View.


Commerce Node Checkout


Integrate with Commerce in order to allow you to charge users to create nodes. It is possible to have multiple different product offerings for each node type, so the user can pick the product they want to purchase when creating the node. An example use-case would be a classifieds site that charges people to post listings.


RoyalSlider Integration

This module provides integration with the excellent RoyalSlider library.




The audio.js modules provides a cross browser audio player as a field formatter for the file field type using the audio.js javascript library created by Anthony Kolber.

It uses the native HTML5 tag where available and an invisible flash player to emulate the tag for other browsers. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled with custom css. Under your content types display settings you can select it as either a single player or playlist as the field format.

Browser Support

With Flash as a fallback, it should work pretty much anywhere with just a mp3 file.
It has been verified to work across:
Mobile Safari (iOS 3+)
Android (2.2+, w/Flash)
Safari (4+)
Chrome (7+)
Firefox (3+, w/ Flash)
Opera (10+, w/ Flash)
IE (6, 7, 8, w/ Flash)

Note that the audio.js library currently supports MP3 audio only.


You must first download the audio.js library here:

Extract the audiojs archive and copy the contents into your Drupal
libraries directory, so that the audio.min.js file can be found at

Co-Maintainer Needed


IMCE Kama Style

IMCE meets CKEditor Kama

A tiny module that styles the 2.x branch of IMCE to match the Kama theme of CKEditor. It provides a more unified experience for content managers.

There's no UI. To use, just enable the module and start using CKEditor with IMCE.

Feel free to recommend alternate styles or submit patches in the issue queue.

This module comes from Smirk Studio with love.



MIME types

Drupal determines the MIME type of each uploaded file by applying a MIME type mapping to the file name.


jQuery Lightbox

jQuery Lightbox (jLightbox) is a port of the Lightbox project using jQuery instead of prototype and script.acolu.ous libraries. It is based on the famous Lightbox v2 script by Lokesh Dhakar, but will soon be even more reduced in file size by leveraging the full jQuery framework and enhanced with Drupal specific customizations.

Primary benefit (as of now): Implement jQuery Lightbox with just ~5 KB of JavaScript.

Please note that jQuery Lightbox module is a very simple and lightweight implementation. See Lightbox2 module for advanced features.


Wysiwyg Fields

Wysiwyg Fields is an Inline field management system, a module that bridges the gap between Drupal fields and CKEditor, giving the power of Drupal's field system via the simple usability of a CKEditor dialog.

What that means is that Wysiwyg Fields allows for any Drupal field to be embedded directly into CKEditor and behave as a native CKEditor plugin, removing unnecessary clutter from your Drupal entity forms.



Media: Image Flotsam

This module contains Embedded Image Field providers (i.e. emfield's emimage module) that don't currently have their own "Media: " module yet (see the emfield project page for more information on the move towards the new and vastly improved Media Module).


FLV Media Player

FLV Media Player

This is a helper/configuration module to work with JW media player FLV flash player. It is designed for integration with XSPF Playlist to make it easier for configuration and setup. To use this, you need to download the player and place it in this module directory. You can then configure the display options you want.

This module has support for recommendations and integrates with views to allow administrators to select what kinds of content they want to recommend after a video has been watched. This module also integrates with Trackit and XSPF Playlist for tracking and playlists. This module also integrates with Views to provide recommended content via special views created by an administrator. This module will produce embedded code for users to insert your video onto their site. Recommended content as well as playlists are supported in the embedded code. Additionally, this module can create an external configuration file which allows the administrator to change content as well as display options to already embedded players.


Responsive Background Images

Responsive Background Images is an easy to use, simple helper module for making your background images responsive. It can be used with either static or slideshow background types, and will always fill the full window space with your image(s). The slideshow background effect is automatic with this module if you enable more than one image.

The module achieves this by first recognizing the screensize with which a user is viewing your site, then loading the best file size (image style) for that screen. For example, a 320x480 image will load for iPhone viewers, and a 1600x1200 version for those on a large desktop.

Responsive Background then resizes the image dynamically to match the browser width exactly, maintaining the proportion of the image even if the user resizes the window. If the user were to view your site first on a small screen and then maximize the window, the module will automatically load a new image size so that the background does not become pixelated. If a user were to zoom in or out while viewing your site, the background image will stay the same and not resize with the rest of the page.

This solves theming issues with sites that have standard responsive features, and offers an enhanced user experience for all browser sizes. (description by Jenna Colbaugh)




    The Drupal tutorials module embeds contextually relevant tutorials into your Drupal site. It integrates with Tutr.tv to instantly provide access to hundreds of tutorials. You can also use it with the Tutorial Server module to add your own help tutorials into your site.


    PageFlip: Book, Magazine, Comic Viewer

    PageFlip simulates "flipping through the pages" of books, magazines, comics, flyers, or other "book"-like content.

    PageFlip includes two viewers: PageFlip MegaZine3 Viewer and PageFlip HTML/JavaScript Viewer. The former uses the open-source Flash-based MegaZine3 page flipping engine while the latter is a custom viewer written with jQuery.


    Insert Video

    Inserting a youtube video into WYSIWYG

    This module adds an Insert button to video fields managed by the Media module. It allows you to insert video markup into your WYSIWYG by choosing a pre-defined formatter.

    Depending on your input filters and WYSIWYG setup, you may need to override the theme function which generates the embed code.

    Sofar, this module has been checked with Media: YouTube and Media: Vimeo.



    Gallerix sample


    The Gallerix module is a simple gallery module allowing you to easily upload images and display them on a page. The Gallerix pages are called Album.


    Image FUpload for Gallery Assist

    From now the feature "multiple uploads" is available in Gallery Assist.

    What does Image FUpload for Gallery Assist?

    This module extends Gallery Assist with the "multiupload" functionality from module Image FUpload.


    Block Video



    Block Video enables custom block to set up a small, customizable video player. Module utilizes JWPlayer.

    Sample file

    To test this module, sample video file can be downloaded: Sample FLV file