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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.




This module is being developed and maintained by DANEnet (http://danenet.org/), a non-profit located in Madison, WI. It provides a simple and powerful way for organizations to track attendees of events/activities using on-site kiosks and a central server running Drupal. The server can either be restricted to a local network or be open to the internet to allow off-site sign-ins.


Event Webform

Allow associating Webforms to events for collecting information

This project sponsored by Trellon


Cvent Signup

This module uses the Cvent API to register and mark users attended automatically for signup-enabled nodes when they are marked attended in Cvent.


RNG Quick

Provides a faster method to register for events.


Changed Fields

Simple module which allows developers to react on changed fields in node when node is saved.


Open CRM

Open CRM is a fully featured native Drupal CRM solution based on the Party Module with the aim of having a comparable feature set to other popular CRM systems such as CiviCRM.

A Party is record in the CRM system, a contact like an individual or

This module is aimed at developers who might be looking at integrating CRM systems such as CiviCRM into their existing website. If you're making a new site and want to use Open CRM, we reccomend you try the install profile here.

Party Dashboard

Party Dashboard allows you to easily navigate and control the records in your database. By making use of Search API, SOLR and Facets it is quick and easy to find the record you want, even in systems with 100,000+ contacts. Our largest client currently uses Party Dashboard to manage 225,000 contacts!

The Party Dashboard looks the cleanest with our admin theme that uses flexbox to generate a web application style layout. We hope to make this theme available shortly.


Open CRM - Provides basic CRM functionality and the Party Dashboard. This uses the Search API to provide search facets which is a incredibly easy way of obtaining simple reports from your data.



A module that reminds users of upcoming events. They can choose to subscribe to individual events or events that have a taxonomy term assigned to them.



This module allows visitors to the site to volunteer for an event and provides the site administrator with comprehensive Volunteer management tools to keep track of Volunteers, tasks and communication.


Shooting Events

A small, quick and dirty module to manage shooting events in a simple list. The entries are displayed in a block and on a page. Users can add and manage their own items. Old items removed by cron.


Views Scheduler

Allows users to schedule views. A scheduled view can then be linked to any number of actons.

This module makes use of Views.module, Schedule.module and Actions.module


SMS Email

This module is an API module for sending SMS messages via email gateways. It can be used by other modules or by PHP snippets. The module itself gives you an administration page where you can set up your email gateways.
Developed by ARDAS group - Web site development, Drupal services, Software development, IT outsourcing.



This module allows an event web site to charge fees for attendance.

The module assumes that the entire site is for a one-time event, and the fee is fixed for everyone. So this module is suitable for subdomains (e.g. 2008.yourconference.org, 2009.yourconference.org, ...etc.).

Views integration is provided, with several fields exposed to views, such as gross amount, net amount, currency, and whether the user has paid or not. Note that this requires the bio module so users are represented by nodes.

If you want a more granular event payment solution, then consider using the Signup Pay for a node module which allows this and much more.

Requires the simple paypal framework.


This module was developed for the Drupal Association in order to allow conferences to collect an attendance fee.

It was used for two Drupal Conferences:

Moreover the following sites use it as well:



Conference Organizing

This project page is the home for the original Conference Organizing
module which worked with the original 5.x distribution of the profile.
The Conference Organizing Distribution (cod) has been rewritten for
Drupal 6, but the theme has not until this point. If you would like to
help create a new theme for the 6.x version of COD, please contact

This module is no longer necessary due to upgrades in drupal.org infrastructure. Instead you can use the COD package.