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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Node Bulk Operations

Automatically create and maintain multiple nodes from a template node.

This module will help to create and maintain a set of nodes corresponds to a set of users from a template node of a particular content type.
Whatever change made to the template node will also get reflected in the nodes created from the template node.

This module depends on trigger and userreference (cck) modules.


Provides an API for integration with the todoist.com service.


This is a simple module that has a "enter giveaway" button for users to enter a giveaway or contest. The enter giveaway button changes to a "sign in" button if the user is not already signed in.

Once the user hits the button they are redirected to a "Thank you for signing up" page that is unique to them and can't be used by anyone else.

Their entries are recorded in the database and available for exporting via a "export" button viewable by administrators.


A set of Drupal modules to manage orienteering events, venues, and club membership.

Qm Blood Donors

This modules shows the profiles of Golden and Silver blood donors.


Create new events and allows users to register for these events free and paid and get paid by PayPal payment gateway.

Module features:

- PayPal payment options
- Create Paid and Free events
- Status options - Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Create Private / Public events
- Event Copy
- CAPTCHA security images
- Upcoming Events Block
- Export events CSV

Signup Registration migration

UPDATE June 23, 2013:

Progress on this module halted due to a confusion on who handles the migration ticket at #1412254: Migration plan from signup to entity registration?.

UPDATE AS OF Feb 3, 2012:

  • When the module is installed, it will automatically create an registration bundle named signup_registration. This is for an easier migration process.
  • It currently creates a field named signup_registration_name to go with it. I have not yet decided what should happen to the phone number. It is fairly easy to implement, however.
  • The registration bundle field is attached to all prior nodes that had signup enabled on them. I haven't started to look at setting up any other information regarding this.
  • The module will use the migrate module for migrating over prior nodes and signups. Most of the node settings migrate over. However, there are a few things that need to get sorted out such as how to get the prior node date in as the closing date. I'm not sure how field names change between D6 and D7 (cck to core fields) so moving over the dates may be a bit of a challenge. But aside from that, all other data is migrating over fairly nicely.

Webform Easy Templates

This module makes it easy for content editors to create webforms to go along with other posts, as part of a single workflow. Consider this a (vastly simplified) usability layer on top of Webform module. An example module is included for creating RSVP forms for Events.

Registration Migrate


Migrates data from Signup 6.x to Entity Registration 7.x.

See README.txt for additional information.


Using this module, administrator can integrate Drupal with LimeSurvey,an open source powerful feature packed survey tool, which gives the capability of importing users from Drupal to LimeSurvey and registered users of Drupal site can see the public active surveys in there dashboard and take them as well! Furthermore, grant some users the ability to create survey or manage templates(if you wish!) on the basis of Roles or on per user basis! This module will be very useful for those who need a nice website/blog with the power of survey management.

Campaign countdown

Provides a flexible countdown block to your site.

Set the date for the timer to end then just add the block to your desired region.

Configuration options

  • End time
  • Remaing time prefix
  • Remaing time suffix
  • Expiry message

There will also be theme hooks to change the output html to your liking.

Similar to the Countdown project however there isnt much option in terms of HTML output.

Day Tripper G Map

Day Tripper G Map configures the Day Tripper module to work with the Google Map API and the Google Directions API.

GraphicMail - Email Marketing Solution

This GraphicMail Module allows our clients to easily integrate our newsletter subscription form into their Drupal-created websites, so their GraphicMail mailing list can be automatically updated. It makes it easier for you to manage your contact list and ensures that you are able to adhere to the industry best practices of opt-in email marketing.

eSports Leagues

This module intends to make an eSports League on a Drupal website. At this stage is on an early development.

If you want to look at this module in action please visit: www.esports.mx

Contributors are welcome.

Non-Profit Chapter Tools

This module provides a set of tools for creating and maintaining a website for small non-profit organizations.

Registration OG

Integration between Registration and Organic Groups module.


Events as fieldable entities, or eventities as I like to call them. The module's name is actually Event, and I plan on eventually submitting this as a patch for a Drupal 7.x version of Event, but since it's fundamentally different, and the issue queue for Event is the scariest thing I have ever seen, it lives here for now, until it can be feature-matched/completed to the old event.

For when you need an event that's an entity. If you need this, you are probably looking for it. If you want an entity for events, here you go. This is a ready to go out of the box event entity waiting for content. It supports multiple event types (entity bundle), configurable under structure, and adds an 'Events' tab to content administration for adding/removing/lookup of events.

Also works with views, at least for my use cases. Additional features and development to come as needed/requested. I suggest using the Date field module for event time, as it's compatible with pretty much everything else also. If you have a compelling reason to include a date as a property, please feel free to submit a feature request. Plays nicely so far with Registration module if that's your thing.

This whole module is pretty simple but just sort of does what I need it to (meaning I haven't looked over Event in quite some time and it may not meet feature for feature). Enjoy!

Product Signup

This module essentially combines ubercart products with the signup module.

This is not the a port of the [uc_signup module on drupal.org](http://drupal.org/project/uc_signup). This module takes a significantly different approach to integration.

To use this module simply:

teste module

Test module to check the description


Message of the Day module. Stay tuned.

Time period Sandbox

Adds polarity
Better error message if minimum or maximum setting are set.

Fork of http://drupal.org/project/timeperiod


this small module sends sms messages in ubercart system

simple RSVP for D7

Enter date, place, time and invitation text as well as select a role and enter additional mail addresses. Every user of the selected role as well as all additionally entered mail addresses get an invitation mail and are provided a link to accept or refuse invitation.


  1. mails are sent by php mail function, may security issue
  2. validation of duplicates in user's mail address and additional mail addresses missing
  3. you can only select a single role
  4. initially in German, translation available


This module contains new date/time field that supports other calendar systems.
There is also a views integration module.

Calendar systems