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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Search Limit

Currently this module extends search module to have following functionality:


Node Menu Language Filter

This module aims to reduce the menu-item selection which is pratical on sites with many languages and or big menus. For example; you don't want to see an Italian menu when the node is language is specified as English

In a multilingual Drupal installation, this module filters the available menus when adding a menu item in "add content". It is filtered to the selected language on the node. If no language is selected the default site-wide language is taken. Language neutral menus are not filtered.

Facet API Dynamic Ranges

The Facet API Dynamic Ranges module provides widget for range queries.

Unlike other Facet API ranges modules this module doesn't need any aditional settings. It takes minimum and maximum prices from the products and calculates step for the range. And then based on these values builds dynamic array with ranges.

Navbar Info Framework

Extensible framework to stick information for certain roles/permissions into the navbar tab and/or tray.


Term Reference autocreate

This module adds new field widget that will allow users to add new taxonomy terms from the node creation form. It works like default "Autocomplete term widget (tagging)" but uses "Add another item" button to add new term, and it is more convenient for users.

Gridstack field

Implements gridstack plugin for drupal.

AJAX Include

AJAX Include Pattern for Modular Content.


- matchMedia.js and Ajax-Include-Pattern
Download the library archives from the folllowing:



Mini site


cckevm test



Add custom events to Drupal, CCKEVM


Adds the javascript for GetJaco.com, a service that records video of user sessions for analytics and usability research.

Paddle i18n

Views Entity Reference Exposed Filter Checkboxes

This module makes it possible to create a view which rows are used for another views exposed filter list with checkboxes.

OOP Design Patterns

Design Patterns project.


Facebook Instant Articles

Publish Drupal content to Facebook Instant Articles.

Taxonomy Term Node

The Drupal search mechanism is targeted at finding node content. In some use cases taxonomy descriptions contain content that is not indexed by the Drupal search mechanism. This tiny module allows a site builder to create nodes that contain as their content a single associated taxonomy description and therefore expose the content to the search mechanism.

Config overrride

Config override

The idea of the module is to make it easier to override configuration.

Override mechanisms

Currently there are two override mechanisms:

  1. A site wide override folder, you need to specify 'override' in your
  2. A module provided override mechanism. A module can override config by
    providing some yml files.


Link Text

Provides an additional formatter for the core Link field type in order to define a consistent link title using Manage Display.

Options include:

  • Use the field label as the link text
  • Provide a custom string to use as the link text (similar to the "Static Title" option in the Link module.
  • Wrap the link text in additional inline tags, including <span>, <strong>, or <em>

User Status Tracker

Logs whenever a users status is changed, IE: when an account is marked as disabled, enabled or if the account is deleted.

Chicago Alternative Fuel Station Map

The city of Chicago releases location information for alternative fuel stations in the Chicago area through their open data portal.


This module simply displays a map of those locations using Google Maps.


Simple User Filter

This module does the same thing that Simple Regex Filter module does, except it applies filters to the author of a node / comment.

Color Tagging

This module was originally authored, and is currently maintained by:
- Zafar Faizi https://drupal.org/user/1877634
- Jordan Magnuson https://drupal.org/user/269983

Color Tagging allows you to add color tags for image.
It provides a text field with auto filled with color codes on image upload.