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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Grading System by country

GSBC is an acronym that stands for Grading System by country.

This module allows universities to configure their grading system for students across multiple conditional assessments i.e. terms and years. It allows per-country grading scale conversion tables which can be entered directly or imported from CSV files.

The information in the csv data in this module has taken from


Yandex.Metrics Popular Content

Provides Popular Content view that displays the most popular urls of the site.


Webform Javascript Field

With Webform Javascript Field you can use custom JavaScript or Jquery snippets for all your Webform form elements.


  • Use custom JavaScript code for all webform components.
  • Bundle your helper functions in a custom file and load them for the entire webform.




This module aims to extend Drupal 8 multisite capabilities.


Attribution API obsolete

This project is beeing replaced by Attributions. The API version of this project is no longer supported and should be considered obsolete.

Also see #2454853: Request to change short name "attributionapi" to "attributions".


Age Calculator

Age calculator user interface


Age calculator allows site users to calculate their age on any particular calendar day.

This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age grows at user's birthday.

This calculator gives out age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

How it works:

It Provides a very simple Ajax-Based region(Block) from where users can calculate their age. Where user just needs to enter two things


Per Role Picture

This module allows site administrators to set default user picture for each role. Site administrators can upload a picture and set the order for a role in which priority picture will be display for multiple role user. Role with lesser weight will be the higher on priority to display the picture. If a role with high priority does not have image associated with it then next role will be consider in order to display the image.


Google Sitelinks Search Box

With Google Sitelinks search box, people can reach your content more quickly from search results. Search users sometimes use navigational queries—typing in the brand name or URL of a known site—only to do a more detailed query once on that site. For example, suppose someone wants to find that video about the guilty dog on YouTube. They type YouTube, or you-tube, or youtube.com into Google Search, follow the link to YouTube, and then actually search for the dog video.


Work days

This module provides field with calendar. You can fill work days for your organization or active days for your event.

This project using library MultiDatesPicker
and requires module jQuery Update


Commerce Refund Line Item

This module provides a new line item type of refund_line_item.

When editing an existing order you can add a refund line item to any item in the cart that does not already have a refund applied to it.

Entity Reference


Suppress Form Errors

The module suppresses the display of error messages (usually from validations) on Forms.

You can configure the form ids on which you would want the errors to be suppressed.

This does not mean that the form is submitted skipping validation. Drupal's validation still holds good. It is just that the display of error messages is suppressed.

In fact the error classes that Drupal adds to the form fields when the form reloads still exist.


Bootstrap Core

This is the Drupal 7 companion module for the Bootstrap base theme project. This module will automatically be included in the base project for Drupal 8 (pending #2390973: Allow themes to contain companion modules and depend on them).


Openstack Queues

This module implements Openstack Zaqar as a queue backend for Drupal. Zaqar is designed as an alternative to other cloud queuing systems such as Amazon SQS and is known to be currently used in production at Rackspace.


Commerce Conekta

Conekta Payment Gateway in Drupal Commerce

This module integrates the Mexican Payment Gateway Conekta into Drupal Commerce

Conekta supports three types of payment methods:

  • Direct credit card payment
  • Cash payment in OXXO stores
  • Split into months without interest rate Credit card payment

Note: For now only the direct credit card payment is implemented, probably I will implement OXXO payment soon but no plans for the split into monts payment method so if you want to help just ping me.


OA Comment

Provides comment integration for Open Atrium

Submit an Issue or See issue queue


Webform Hide Submit

Provides the ability to hide submit or next buttons on a Webform until all required fields are filled.


OAuth2 API Tokens

Uses the OAuth2 Server module to provide API tokens.

Very primitive right now. It requires the latest -dev version of OAuth2 Server.


Image Math CAPTCHA

This module is an add-on for the CAPTCHA module to provide a mathematical equation challenge as a CAPTCHA. The question presented is an image instead of text to prevent auto-crawling and parsing via robots. Images are created on the fly much like the Image CAPTCHA module that comes with CAPTCHA.

** This module used Image CAPTCHA as a foundation and was modified from that. So all due credit to the creators of CAPTCHA for providing that starting point **


Colorized google maps block

Colorized gmap module allows to add a google map on the site as a drupal block and customize it. At the colorized gmap block creation page you are able to customize a standard google map (e.g. to colorize water, landscape , etc.) You will see changes on the map after every action.

This module is used in the Easy booking distribution project


Social Stream

Integrates the jQuery Social Stream plugin (USD$8 on Code Canyon) with Drupal,
in particular the Social Field module.



Shadowban users!

Shadowban uses a permission setting to track which users are banned instead of a roster list. So you add shadowbanned users to a "ban" or "troll" user role to mark them as banned.

This module includes a Rules integration so you can check if a user is shadowbanned and update their node access. Since the shadowban is based on a user role, Rules will already let you add a user to a role.

This is identical in concept to Cave, Shadowban puts all the trolls in the same cave.


Token Actions Extras

The Token facility also provides token actions which can be used in Views Bulk Operations and Rules.

This module is for additional token actions that are not provided in the standard token_actions module.

Currently it contains an enhanced tokenized email that allows setting the From:, Reply-To: and Friendly Name of the sender. This is great for mass emails using VBO.


Scroll button

Settings page

This module has ability to scroll page on the top and (or) to the bottom. It's a block that you can place everywhere, use all features are provided by block core module and also additional features via this module.


Mail Tester

This is a simple module that uses the simplicity of www.mail-tester.com to help you improve the quality of your email system.

If you want to know more about Mail Tester, please check their FAQ.