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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


This module's goal is to improve the experience when working with fields. It does this by trying to use AJAX on as many fields management pages as possible.



The styleguide module is a wrapper to render a KSS-node styleguide within drupal.


Kss styleguide will be rendered the fixed url /styleguide for everyone with "access content" permission. (See styleguide.routing.yml)


The KSS HTML output is just split apart. Make sure you KSS-Template containing the following HTML Comments


Integration with the awesome Tideways continuous performance monitoring service.

What is Tideways

a 100% UPROFILER/XHPROF open source backwards compatible PHP extension that is actively maintained and perfectly works on both *NIX and Windows environments

a cloud service (https://tideways.io/) to collect performance metrics, traces and errors in production environments


Migrate Panels

migrate-panels provides a framework based on the Drupal Migrate API and Drupal Migrate D2D for migrating panels (pages,variants,layouts,panes) from Drupal 6, or Drupal 7 sites into the Drupal 7 site where it is installed.


Google AMP

..in development

Redirect Deleted Entities

Sometimes there might be common patterns how deleted entities could be redirected automatically. This module allows you to create redirects when entity is being deleted. You can either use static path or tokens. Redirects are configurable per entity bundle and language.


This module depends on Redirect module.


Commerce Popup Cart

Commerce Popup Cart

This simple module adds a Drupal Commerce popup cart block. It will display a cart icon with a dynamic number representing the number of items in the cart. When hovered over the cart will popup with its contents listings and action links.



Mail Verify

This is module will override the default mail_validator service with a hardened implementation that actually tries to connect to the client e-mail server to verify that the address does exist.

To run this module you will need to have access to an open port 25 and fsockopen(). The module will automatically check the availability of these every 24 hours and disable itself by defaulting to the original mail validation service implementation.


Facet API exlude child terms

This module gives you a filter option to display only the first level of taxonomy terms in the facet block.

Bootstrap Colors

Drupal Bootstrap Material Design Colors

Using Google Material Design Color Concepts allow theme developers to choose a custom color palette based on two colors to be apply on Bootstrap theme.

Colors can be typed, got from a color picker or chosen from Material Design or Colour Lovers color schemes.


  • Install and enable module.
  • Install and enable Bootstrap Libraries
  • On Bootstrap Libraries choose SASS compiled files


Configure Bootstrap Library module to use SASS as library


Script Manager


True Crop

This module allows you to generate new images by cropping existing ones. Because the cropped images are first-class file entities, they will appear (and can be reused) anywhere else a regular image file would be.

The module integrates with the Manual Crop module for its user interface.


Google Analytics Events

This module is an API module, it does nothing out of the box if you don't write any code.

This modules enables developers to issue Google Analytics Events server side, even during Ajax requests.

Once enabled, simply trigger an event with the following code:


Taxonomy menu Extras

Taxonomy menu is a great module, allowing you to quickly match a taxonomy vocabulary to a menu, maintaining its structure and order.

Normally it works just great out of the box, but sometimes a little tweak to the created menu is necessary, and you would expect that not to be lost if the menu is rebuilt for whatever reason. Thinks like a specific menu hidden or a special tweak to the title.


Timetable cron

soul.media timtetable cron

Normally on a cron run, all cron tasks will be execute. This is not always necessary, because some of your cron tasks must i.e. only run once at day.

With this lightweight and simple module you can change the time of execution of each cron task. We recommend to run the main cron (URL) all 5min.

If you install the module, the timable cron table is empty. Run the cron and the cron table will be fill out with all the cron tasks that are used on your system. You can also deactivate cron tasks or force cron tasks to execute on the next cron run.


Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to Drupal.org

This module generates a graph of the entities, fields and their relationship of a particular installation of Drupal 7. This enables a quick overview of your Drupal 7 entities and bundles.

Usage Drush

$ drush entityrelations | dot -Gratio=0.7 -Eminlen=2 -T png -o ./test.png

GitLab Field



Create and edit system wide variables.


Create and edit variables that are used in defined CSS files.

Remote image

When building a site which leverages 3rd party APIs with images, you don't want to store those images locally, but still be able to use all the goodness
of Drupal's field system.

Therefore this module provides a custom field type, which allows you to store the URL to the image, as well as a formatter to render out the field using an image tag.