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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


localize logo

This module provides integration with Localize.js.

Localize is a 1-line of code solution for translating websites. Localize automatically detects the content on your website, loads it in to your dashboard, and provides an easy workflow for getting your content translated and deployed.

Localize automates the entire localization and translation process, decreasing development time from months to days.

Source: https://localizejs.com


Filedepot multiupload

This module extends the filedepot module with multiple upload support. Files can be uploaded with the plupload module which supports drag and drop.

This module is sponsored by Onsweb


Bootstrap Elements

Implementing the bootstrap form element options for the 3 different form layouts. Adds support for field UI, webform UI and fieldgroup UI.


Letter Avatar

An avatar generator plugin for Avatar Kit.



This module provides a rich user experience to insert AGLS metadata into Drupal contents via the Metatag module.

OpenTags empowers your content creators to easily and intuitively specify metadata tags when creating or updating content. OpenTags supports:


Notify Slack

Send Drupal notify message(drupal_set_message) to Slack

This module is designed for web-developer/ops. Using Incoming WebHooks to send messages to slack for notifying. It's very easy to set notifier in follow steps:


This module integrates the Mapplic interactive map/floorplan plugin into Drupal.

It can be used for multi storey buildings, airports, shopping malls, department stores, resorts, hospitals, harbors, campings or festivals, ski tracks, sport stadiums, cruise ships or anything you can think of, your imagination is the limit. It's also perfectly suitable for touchscreen kiosk maps.




No more lame tabs!


Node Type count

This module is used to Show a count of nodes of a particular content-type
and also number of Users of particular role type.
This module will be used for statistical and dev purposes only.


You can view the report of the count for Node and count of user in the following relative URL after installation of Node Type count module

Node Count
: "/admin/reports/node-type-count"
User Count : "/admin/reports/node-type-count/user"

Similar projects and how they are different


Masquerade float block

This is a simple module which works with Masquerade module and provides float draggable Masquerade block.

The module useful, for example, when you use panels everywhere on the site and features to export the configuration.
With this module you don't need to care about removing Masquerade block from panel configuration for stage or live environment.

Initial block position is left top, but it can be changed by dragging the block, position will be remembered (using cookies).


Organize Files

Module Configuration


This module provides the functionality of moving files related to a content type from one directory to another directory with the possibility of adding 301 redirects from old destination to the new one. The module will keep the mapping of files with the node in-tact.

Why I came up with the idea of this module?


Entity Reference Gallery Formatter

Entity Reference Gallery Formatter provides a field formatter for displaying referenced entities as galleries.


Dynamic panes

Dynamic panes module allows developers to put specific Panels panes into the page and then content editors can control what blocks will be displayed in each pane without going into Panels administration pages, all control available through frontend with IPE-like editing.


Slick Entity Reference

Field formatter for Entity Reference fields, using Slick.


Light Quiz

Light Quiz is a lightweight module that lets you create quizzes in static JSON files.


Communications Stack - Private Messaging

Provides the Private Messaging type for Comstack along with a submodule for REST API.


Scald Apache Solr


Allows indexing of atoms Scald in Apache Solr.



Only install this module if you want to index the scald atoms themselves, and have them as individual entities in your search results. If you want the atom content to be indexed in the referencing content, then everything is included in Scald core itself.


Panels node template

Provides default node template functionality to Panel nodes a la Panelizer.

This module is for those seeking the unified approach of Page manager node template without the hassle of Panelizer.


govCMS Dissemination Limiting Marker (DLM)

What is this used for?

As for paper–based information, all electronic–based information needs to be marked with an
appropriate protective marking. This module adds the option for a user to set a default Email Protective Marking, such as [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED], appended to the end of the subject line for all outgoing emails sent using drupal_mail() on your site.


Client Autorestore


Used in conjunction with Hosting Autorestore it simply displays a message about the time remaining before the next site restore.


  • display info message except if the website is about to be reset (error)
  • uses javascript to make the countdown more accurate (caching)


Hosting Autorestore


Angular Drupal

Angular JS module for Drupal

This is the companion Drupal module for the Angular JS module, angular-drupal.


Hosting Autorestore

Site node information


This module allows you to periodically restore a backup of your site. This is useful if you have a demo website and you want that people play with it, add / update / remove content and from time to time, the website is totally cleaned up and reverted to its initial state.


PDF generator API

This module provides an API for generating PDF. The printable module depends on this to generate PDF.


Media CKEditor

Media CKEditor provides a bridge between Media and the stand-alone CKEditor module, allowing files to be embedded within a textarea using the media browser.


Each branch of Media CKEditor corresponds with the version of Media that it supports. Additionally, Media CKEditor 7.x-2.x provides more advanced CKEditor integration which requires two additional CKEditor plugins.