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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

MERCI Pricing

The functionality in this module was migrated out of the core MERCI module to make maintaining a more stable core possible. The develop of module will likely remain active after the initial pricing configurations are migrated.

MERCI currently supports 2 pricing modules:
Member Pricing - X free hours with X% discount
Daypart/Weekend Pricing - Days are broken up into morning/afternoon/evening prices


MERCI Signup

This module adds support for the Signup module to MERCI Reservation nodes. It enables users with the permission to request volunteers when creating Reservation to enable Signup. The normal Signup form is altered. Instead of seeing a fieldgroup to enable or disable Signup, users see a single checkbox to Request Volunteers and an additional text area for the user to describe their volunteer needs.

The goal is to streamline the process of requesting volunteers while making a Reservation for a studio or field shoot.

Since most MERCI implementations do not publish Reservation nodes, MERCI Signup includes a setting to publish Reservations when volunteers are requested. Another alternative is using a View (included, but disabled by default) to review unpublished Reservations with volunteer requests and Views Bulk Operations to quickly publish all requests in the queue.

MERCI Signup gives you additional control over how Signup options work with the Reservation content type, but doesn't impact the use of Signup on other content types.

A Calendar View of volunteer requests is also included.


  • Users still need the appropriate Signup permissions.
  • Signup settings must be manually configured on Reservation Content type



Synchronizes MERCI Reservations to CiviCRM Activities. This module was developed with funding from Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation




This module adds additional validation when creating a Reservation. MERCI Quota checks both the concurrent use (how many items can be checked out at one time) as well as the number of hours already used by week, month, last 7 days, or last 30 days.

Quotas can be applied at the Grouping level or to specific Resource or Bucket content types.

The initial development of MERCI Quota was funded by the Bay Area Video Coalition.


Copernica Connector

This module provides integration into Copernica, an award winning marketing platform trusted by over 1000 brands. It deploys personalised campaigns which are triggered when site visitors complete actions or fall into criteria you set. These campaigns can be delivered across multiple channels (email, mobile SMS, fax, PDF) and may exists as a series of messages delivered over time.

Bot Alarm

Set alarms with your IRC bot.


Etouches API Integration

This module provides basic API integration with the Etouches event API. The module is relatively simple and written with the goal of importing data from Etouches and providing hooks that allow a developer to quickly integrate the imported data into the Drupal site per the individual site's requirements. A database column is provided to associate an individual Etouches attendee ID with a Drupal user ID.



Liveblog is a live-blogging module that plays nicely with CDNs like Akamai. For the moment, users with the correct permissions can create and modify a 'liveblog' content type, and posts can be written and comments can be turned on for the general public. Future development is scheduled for the next few weeks/months and will include Twitter, youTube, and whatever else we can think of.

The liveblog includes an iframe which may, depending on configuration, be embedded into any external site or shared by other users. Future work will ideally include Facebook integration.



This module will simply create one new content type called Greetings and it will also create one block with label Greetings.
So admin can easily add any number of occasional greeting messages with date and message as different nodes from node/add/greeting page.
Move the Greetings block to any region that where you want to display the message, for this Goto admin/build/block page
Ex: If you add one node of type greeting with date Jan 1st, and Message as Happy New Year to All Customers, Then on January first Your site visiters will recieve your wishes without fail. If you enable the WYSIWYG Editor, then you can upload greetings or images into message area, so that you can wish your customers graphically also.

You can also use this to convey any important information to your site visitors on any specific day without fail, like any new feature added to the site or any special offers you want to give to your customers etc..,





Install as usual, Goto admin/build/modules
Look for the module named Greetings
Select it and click Save configurations. See http://drupal.org/node/70151 for more information on how to enable module.


* Configure user permissions in Administer >> User management >> Permissions >>

greetings module:

create greetings content



Provides an API for integration with the todoist.com service.

NodeMaker Events

General Information

Events feature for the NodeMaker distribution.


Time of Day

A very simple field for storing and displaying the time of day, i.e. 5:30 AM. The time is stored as ISO time so it will sort correctly and because it's a datetime value it can be displayed using date format strings for a personalized display.


Privatemsg Reminder

This module will remind your users about unread private messages.


Drupal Conferences

This is a suite of modules to provide conference and event related functionality.


B4Y Event Registration

(Legacy) event registration module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution, depends on the webform module.


Developed by Blue4You



A progress bar and "Sign our petition" button for a theoretical campaign to thank everyone who contributes to Drupal for what they do.

The Engage project is a collection of modules that can be used individually or together to build out advocacy and engagement functionality within your Drupal website. For example creating campaigns that track signatories and send out targeted emails to key decision makers. It is worthwhile noting that this is being developed in Canada with a focus on targeting Canadian decision makers at all levels of government, but the goal will be to make it generic enough and provide integration points so that services linked to other Governments can be easily integrated.


MMW Agenda

A small agenda module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution.


Developed by Makemeweb, sponsored by Fedict.


Google Calendar API

Revisting this for Drupal 8

Much of the work underway for Drupal 8 makes a module like this one easier to implement because of:



free booking system for drupal

Sagenda is a free online booking / scheduling / reservation module that helps your clients fix appointments at absolutely NO COST!

Open a free account on : https://www.sagenda.net

Learn more on : www.sagenda.com



Chatwee Logo

Need to bring some new energy to your Drupal community? With Chatwee Live Chat, you are on the right track!

Why Chatwee Live Chat?

Because Your Audience Matters!

Chatwee is customizable social chat & comment platform for online communities to boost audience engagement.


Registration Link Formatter

Register link formatter

When using the Entity Registration module, if you disallow anonymous users from registering then there's no way to show them the register link.

This module addresses the above scenario by creating an additional field formatter called 'Registration Link (ignore access control)'. When using this formatter, the 'register' link will always be shown, regardless of access control.


Reserva (rsrv) - A Booking and Reservation API

What is Reserva?

Reserva provides a generalized booking and reservation API for Drupal that can be used to make any entity bookable.

The purposes of Reserva is not to provide an interface or solve specific booking or reserve use cases. Instead it is a framework upon which specific booking scenarios can be built.



This module provides integration with OpenCFP, a PHP-based conference talk submission system.



Pop-up calendar (Hijri) provided by Taarikh module


Taarikh is a field formatter and widget module to display and input hijri dates using the fields defined by the date module. The formatter can work with all the fields defined by the date module, i.e., Date, Date (ISO format) and Date (Unix timestamp). The widget, however, does not work with Date (Unix timestamp).


This module requires the following modules:


Booking and Availability Management

This will be the core API that will power the Drupal 8 version of https://www.drupal.org/project/rooms