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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


AUL module contains API and UI for node access system. AUL module can be useful in your project when content access logic is not simple.

AUL(Access User Lists) is very similar to the ACL(Access Control Lists). The difference that AUL creates access per user and adds nodes to it(ACL works vice versa. It creates grand per node and adds users).


Moderation Dropbutton

Backport of Drupal 8 submit button displayed as dropbutton for changing publications states of node.


Secure Notes

Secure Notes helps solve the problem of exchanging sensitive information with people who do not have the same tool-set or skill-set. It provides a system, similar to password reset links in which a one-time node creation link can be sent to a person's email address. This is meant to solve the problem of exchanging sensitive passwords via email.



If you want to share and work with your documents online Google Docs, Zoho, iNetWord, Office 365 or Sharepoint are most likely to be - depending on how deep you can dig into your pocket - the solutions of choice. Especially, a large legacy of documents in proprietary formats, such as MS Word or Excel, may discourage from moving to an online editor. Additionnally, legal issues might arise if confidential files are hosted by a third party service provider.

WireDocs is a lightweight remote file editing tool. It takes the best of both worlds: Drupal as a CMS being responsible for hosting files and applications on a operating system (OS) doing the editing part. The approach automatizes a manual process: a file is downloaded, edited by a local editor and uploaded to its original remote location again. WireDocs makes this procedure completely transparent from a user perspective. The user only watches the application opening the demanded file and uploads are processed in the background after the file has been saved. WireDocs integrates with Drupal's content structure, namely the Field API, and currently supports file and image fields.

Client requirements

As a Java applet bridges the gap between Drupal and the OS the client must fulfill some prerequisites:


    Chinese Captcha

    Chinese Captcha

    Chinese Captcha module, provided validation way by input a Chinese characters, this module is mainly developed for Chinese user , aim to prevent spam attack from robot,

    I will be keep actively develop for this module, and I will add more functions, such as Ajax refresh feature, stay tuned!

    If you have good suggestions or advice can also create a issue, let me know, enjoy!





    Better Domain Blocks

    This module allows granular control of block visibility on a per-domain basis.

    Use this module to set different visibility rules for each domain on your site, as setup by the domain access module. You can use this module in conjunction with the Domain Blocks module to restrict blocks from certain domains.

    After installing your module, visit a block edit page and see the extra options added to "page visibility".


    File Download Form

    This module allows administrators to specify that a user must fill out a form (provide their e-mail address) in order to download a file uploaded using filefield.

    When a user clicks on teh file (displayed in the node), they are redirected to a form to fill out, and will then receive an e-mail message with an obscured path to download the file.


    Deep link

    Sometimes you want to be able to give simple URL access to content that would not normally be available to a particular user (or perhaps someone not even registered with the site).

    Deep link module allows the direct access to a specific item of content under certain circumstances and limitations. Such as one-off or time-limited deeplinks.

    The deeplink module provides a framework for generating special URLs which can be inserted into emails that allow access to a content item or page, and tracks the uses of that link.

    The controls that go with deeplink provide the means by which users are selected, one allows selection by user - so only users will receive the deeplink and only those users will be able to use it; and by email: this allows you to enter a set of email addresses that will be sent the deeplink URL. Obviously this one is more limited in that unregistered users can look at the content.

    Other controls, for example to select by role, could be built.


    1. Install module and the Controls module.
    2. Enable.


    • generating one-time or time limited login access for specified entity,



    Similar modules

    http://drupal.org/project/one_time_login (?)


    Default Node Gallery

    Add-on for the Node Gallery module that creates and maintains default gallery for every user.
    The main goal of the module is to make image sorting easy, optional task, and to streamline the uploading process.


    Panelizer Variants

    Panelizer Variants

    This module adds the functionality to have Panelizer Variants based off of List Defaults in Panelizer Full Page Override. What this does is allows you to have multiple layouts for one content type based off a field selection. The functionality doesn't seem to really exist yet. WELL, now it does!


    Access Links

    This modules builds on the Node authorize link project. It provides view, edit and delete links for nodes. Users with an access link can view, edit, or delete a node without login.

    Access links is a small project that might go into the Node authorize link module later.


    Private comment

    This module allows you to restrict access to a comment by changing the theme of the comment if there is private.

    Installation and configuration

    Normally install the module in sites/all/modules, and enable it,
    then go to admin/structure/types/manage/YOUR_CONTENT_TYPE/comment/fields and add a boolean field with the machine name field_private_comment.
    Set it with
    On value : Private comment
    Off value : Public comment

    Configure permission in admin/people/permissions#module-private_comment


    Review Token

    Review Token provides a tokenised URL for bypassing access restrictions on unpublished content.

    It can be used to provide per-node access for unpublished content to users without logins, though a specially crafted URL.

    Currently incompatible with modules which provide workflowed versioning, as the module will load the current published content, rather than a specific draft.


    This module was originally created by Boztek.


    Entity reference access

    entityreference_access settings


    This module adds new field formatters for entityreference which check access before displaying rendered entities. Views has access filters such as 'published', but entityreference rendered entity formatter only checks entity_access() for the current user.

    Current formatters

    • Role


    CTools Token Access

    Build Status

    Drupal module to restrict access based on token presence. You can even set up a token that expires after a certain time or expires after a selected number of hits.

    Use this module when you want to easily share restricted content with one click.

    This module provides:


    OG Node Access

    When you update the privacy settings of an Organic Group, you may need to rebuild the node access settings of the nodes assigned as posts to that group. Unfortunately the node access rebuild system focuses on rebuilding all nodes, instead of just those affected.

    This module has forked the node rebuild system to allow developers to target one or more Organic Group's for node rebuild. It has the following features:

    • Automatically detect when group privacy changes as the result of the node edit form and directs users automatically to the batch edit screen.
    • Integration with Spaces allowing group administrators to rebuild node access for their group at need.
    • Developer API in the form of a og_node_access_needs_rebuild() function to add new groups for rebuild.
    • Plays nicely with general node access rebuild flag, allowing general node access to trump og-specific rebuild.

    This is in response to #1101738: Repairing node access permissions without rebuilding all, thanks to @btopro for getting the ball rolling.


    This module is set for maintenance and bug fixes only and is unlikely to get much in the way of new features. Good, minimal feature patches are welcome. As we currently have no use for a D7 version of this module, we are open to requests to create and co-maintain a D7 branch.


    Google+ synchronization


    This module allows to authenticate to Drupal using Google+ account.
    It includes PHP client library for Google APIs (google-api-php-client).
    This module is independent and does not require any other modules or libraries.
    This module is sponsored by DrupalSquad


    Content Mask


    Mask parts of your content for certain users based on their role or UID. The module adds the content_mask shortcode for defining parts that should be masked, e.g.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla ac ligula non augue scelerisque dapibus vel et ante. Pellentesque volutpat nibh ut ipsum bibendum euismod. Ut nibh nisi, aliquam sed ornare eu, hendrerit quis nunc. Nam vel nunc sed erat dapibus accumsan id eget nunc.

    [content_mask uid="1"]
    Mauris ornare augue ac augue tempor auctor. Praesent justo ligula, convallis quis semper a, eleifend ut mi. Etiam eleifend aliquet quam, accumsan eleifend erat vestibulum at. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

    [content_mask role="editor|administrator"]
    Praesent rutrum, ligula vitae porta faucibus, nunc ante consequat est, in imperdiet eros odio vitae nunc.

    The module uses Wordpress's shortcode regex as base for handling the masked


    • Filter


    1. Enable the module.
    2. Go to admin > configuration > content authoring > text formats.
    3. Click on a text format you would like to have content_mask support.


    URL token

    URL token is an API module to make token-based access control simple.

    There are two main features:

    • Request a token
    • Check that a token is valid (usually via a URL)

    You should only install this module if another module requires it. This module doesn't provide any functionality by itself, it provides features for other developers to use in their modules.


    ClickBank Download

    PLEASE USE ClickBank IPN INSTEAD. This module is no longer maintained.

    NOTE: This module is in no way affiliated, endorsed, nor provided by ClickBank.com.

    What is this module?

    This module validates purchases on payment processor ClickBank, and provides a "secure" file download link. This module IS appropriate in the following situations:


    Simple Ready Workflow

    Simple workflow module preview

    This module adds a new "ready" publishing option on node bundles and fine-grained permissions on publishing options.
    It gives you a simple worflow:

    • Ready not checked (draft)
    • Ready checked (ready to be published)
    • Published checked (and surely ready!)

    If you need a more suitable and customised workflow, you better look at Worflow module: http://drupal.org/project/workflow


    Access Private

    This module allow accessing private nodes with a direct link.


    Content Type Archive

    This module allows you to "archive" content types by preventing new content from being created, but still allowing full access to existing nodes.


    Brain Forum Moderation


    With Brain Forum Moderation you can add "Moderation" field to your
    Brain Forum posts.
    It creates an ajax link that opens a popup with variety of moderation options when clicked.

    Development has just started so it will take some time before even the basic features are ready for production.
    You can help by opening feature requests so i can figure out which features are actually needed.
    These are some planned features:


    Add Term like Node

    With this module you can add new Term like you add Node in menu Navigation.

    С этим модулем Вы можете добавлять новые Термины также как Вы добавляете Материалы в меню Навигация.

    The idea and Realization: Rysevets M.
    Идея и Реализация: Рысевец М.