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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Event with volunteer time slots

This module requires the event module and defines a new event-enabled node type "event with volunteer time slots". Site users can sign up for particular times, and event organizers (and those with the admin permission) can also add users to or remove users from the schedule.

WebCalendar integration

This module integrates the excellent open source WebCalendar (http://webcalendar.sourceforge.net) php calendar script into Drupal.

Only WebCalendar 1.1.x is supported. Testing was performed using the 1.1.2 development release.

WebCalendar 1.0.x support was removed.


SMS Email

This module is an API module for sending SMS messages via email gateways. It can be used by other modules or by PHP snippets. The module itself gives you an administration page where you can set up your email gateways.
Developed by ARDAS group - Web site development, Drupal services, Software development, IT outsourcing.


This module allows an event web site to charge fees for attendance.

The module assumes that the entire site is for a one-time event, and the fee is fixed for everyone. So this module is suitable for subdomains (e.g. 2008.yourconference.org, 2009.yourconference.org, ...etc.).

Views integration is provided, with several fields exposed to views, such as gross amount, net amount, currency, and whether the user has paid or not. Note that this requires the bio module so users are represented by nodes.

If you want a more granular event payment solution, then consider using the Signup Pay for a node module which allows this and much more.

Requires the simple paypal framework.


This module was developed for the Drupal Association in order to allow conferences to collect an attendance fee.

It was used for two Drupal Conferences:

Moreover the following sites use it as well:


Conference Organizing

This project page is the home for the original Conference Organizing
module which worked with the original 5.x distribution of the profile.
The Conference Organizing Distribution (cod) has been rewritten for
Drupal 6, but the theme has not until this point. If you would like to
help create a new theme for the 6.x version of COD, please contact

This module is no longer necessary due to upgrades in drupal.org infrastructure. Instead you can use the COD package.

Field Thief

I've drifted out of Drupal development and i would be glad if someone would be able to adopt this orphan module.

Allow copying CCK fields from an existing node into another node on creation.

Event Email Notification

Event email notification.

This module will provide a drupal user the possibility to add a email event notification
to an event. The notification email is send a configurable time before the event will start.
The user can also configure a free footer text. This will be added to the notification email.

With the following inline tag, reminders can be added in the event body.
< /event_notification email=test@test.com >

Google Calendar API

Revisting this for Drupal 8

Much of the work underway for Drupal 8 makes a module like this one easier to implement because of:

Queue Events to Messaging System

Message-oriented middleware is a common means to enable communication between heterogeneous systems. For example, if a Java system wants to know about events happening in Drupal, this messaging module is one way to provide such information.

Event Manager

The Event Manager module provides event registration capabilities for five different types of events.

Setup events in which web site visitors register to:

  1. Participate in a particular role or job
  2. Participate during specified time slot
  3. Participate in a particular role and time slot
  4. Provide an item or food needed for the event
  5. Simply participate

Key features:

  • Flexible Registration Scenarios
    Choice of five registration scenarios, listed above.
  • Online Registration and Cancellation
    Self-service features enable individuals to register, cancel, and confirm their participation at any time – all online. Individuals can also update their contact information, select a different time to volunteer or participate, and change their role for the event (if applicable) without assistance.
  • Confirmation
    Event-specific confirmation pages can be displayed when participants successfully register for an event or cancel their registration. In addition, participants receive personalized email messages when they register or cancel their registration.
  • Privacy
    When registering for an event, participants receive a confirmation code that serves as a password for changing or cancelling their registration. Participants who forget or lose their confirmation code can have it emailed to them using an online form.
  • Usability
    Event Manager features are designed for ease of use. Registration forms are simple and clean. Separate mini-pages provide easy and clear access to commonly used functions. A prominent “Register for Event” button (optional) draws immediate attention to the registration function and encourages site visitors to click-through.
  • Event Registration Open/Close Dates
    Administrators can manage events more effectively by setting a time period for participants to register. At the end of the registration period, access to the registration feature is closed automatically.
  • Registration Report
    An online report provides up-to-the-minute registration information for each event. The report lists participants, their roles, participation time and other event-relevant information. Quick links to each participant's registration page make it easy for administrators to make any necessary changes.

Module sponsored by Mind Sky, Internet Communications

Signup Ecommerce Integration

It was originally written by hunmonk as a contribution to Signup, then maintained by dww, and ported to 5.x by pobster.

Event Tokens

A very simple module that adds a few tokens for event.

event-start - The formatted version of the start date/time
event-start-time - The formatted start time
event-start-date - The formatted start date
event-start-yyyy - Event Start year (four digit)
event-start-yy - Event Start year (two digit)
event-start-month - Event Start month (full word)
event-start-mon - Event Start month (abbreviated)
event-start-mm - Event Start month (two digit, zero padded)
event-start-m - Event Start month (one or two digit)
event-start-ww - Event Start week (two digit)
event-start-day - Event Start day (full word)
event-start-ddd - Event Start day (abbreviation)
event-start-dd - Event Start day (two digit, zero-padded)
event-start-d - Event Start day (one or two digit)

event-end - The formatted version of the end date/time
event-end-time - The formatted end time
event-end-date - The formatted end date
event-end-yyyy - Event End year (four digit)
event-end-yy - Event End year (two digit)
event-end-month - Event End month (full word)
event-end-mon - Event End month (abbreviated)
event-end-mm - Event End month (two digit, zero padded)
event-end-m - Event End month (one or two digit)
event-end-ww - Event End week (two digit)
event-end-day - Event End day (full word)
event-end-ddd - Event End day (abbreviation)

Booking system api

As discussed in this group: http://groups.drupal.org/booking-systems

The Bookings modules main purpose is to provide drupal with a native booking system that can be expanded/enhanced through the use of contrib modules. This is still very much in early development and its not ready for testing; however if you would like to suggest features in the issues cue go right ahead!

Event Webform

Allow associating Webforms to events for collecting information

This project sponsored by Trellon


The Venteria Project (http://www.venteria.com) offers an online calendar for you and your friends to plan public and private meetings online. You can browse through the public meetings near your location or a given town. Currently it is only availabe in Germany. On venteria it says:

The calendar for your circle of friends

* make appointments and meet your friends
* plan events together
* find events and get to know new people

Yahoo!'s Upcoming Event

Home - Upcoming.png

Very simple module to publish Events via Yahoo!'s Upcoming API. It depends on Event module.

Right now nowarninglabel got kick started the development of the 6.x branch, which is still not usable on a production site. We're moving away from the Events module into a more general approach with CCK.

The 5.x branch has been used on some production sites but the work on 6.x probably won't be back-ported since D7 is right around the corner.

6.x Module Dependencies

The 6.x. Branch has two dependencies:

Event Manager Block


The Event Manager Block extends both Event and Event Manager to provide a block listing upcoming events and whether or not the event has open volunteer slots. The module also provides a summary page of all open volunteer slots (reached by a link off of the block).

Configurable options include:

  • Number of events to display
  • Text of the openings notice
  • Can configure which navigation links to include in block

Event Manager Reminder

The Event Manager Reminder extends both Event and Event Manager to cron based reminder emails for events that you have signed up for.

Configurable options include:

  • Number of days before events to send reminders (reminders will only be sent once)
  • Subject of reminder email (uses same replacement tags as Event Manager)
  • Body of reminder email (uses same replacement tags as Event Manager)


hackbloc.org - exploit code, not people

Enable users to leverage a drupal system as a front end to twitter.com (and other sources in the future) allowing them to use drupal as a hub for message aggregation, moderation, and dispatching.

* Operators, users with access to the drupal system, associate twitter accounts with organic groups. All tweets from followers of those accounts will automatically get pulled into the drupal system as nodes.

* Communications moderation
Operators will then add and moderate posts, voteing on them (automatically dispatching at a configureable value), specifying priority levels, associating with other groups (twitter accounts), marking as a duplicate of another post, and dispatching.

* Detailed search / display interface
Operators also have the abilty of searching for nodes by minutes since last recieved, wether or not the node has been dispatched, the current vote level, and wether or not the node has been prioritized.

* SMS Dispatching through twitter
After a operator deems that a node is valid (ie. it has been verified by an alternate source, it has been assigned a SMS message, and it has been associated with a group) he or she can dispatch it. This is essentially posting the sms message of the node as a tweet for each twitter account (group) that is associated with the node.


Extends the Event module by providing a vCalendar file to download per node which will provide a vCalendar file to import into Calendar applications.



TimeCert is a web service for timestamping content. This provides evidence by a trusted third-party that something (e.g. a blog post, a document, or a file) existed at a given time. TimeCert records and gives you the timestamp for when someone first referenced a given digital fingerprint.

To Do

This module is a simple todo with sub-task.




This module is being developed and maintained by DANEnet (http://danenet.org/), a non-profit located in Madison, WI. It provides a simple and powerful way for organizations to track attendees of events/activities using on-site kiosks and a central server running Drupal. The server can either be restricted to a local network or be open to the internet to allow off-site sign-ins.


This simple module allows to manage notice of impending events. The administrator can, for each node type of event to add, how long in advance to be alerted by e-mail the selected group.

Depending on the Event module.

This module is sponzored by HWGroup.

Dimdim - web conferencing


Module no longer maintained: the lack of support from Dimdim and their constantly changing stance on who is allowed to use the API made it impossible to work on this project and hence it is no longer being worked on, I would highly encourage anyone to consider other web conferencing tools.

Dimdim lets anyone deliver synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages and share their voice and video over the Internet - with no download required.