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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Extends the Event module by providing a vCalendar file to download per node which will provide a vCalendar file to import into Calendar applications.


Welcome to the Meetup module's sandbox!

Right now, this is in development, and so this page is kind of a dump of what I already was thinking about. It will be improved later.

In short, the initial version will provide some blocks and some Views integration. And it may provide the former via the latter.

Things to think about:


allow additional people to be added to a signup



Google Calendar

Allows pasting google calendar code into a CCK textfield and displaying google calendar there. Implementation is EXTREMELY basic, and with as yet limited functional options.

Webform Signup


The Webform 3.x module allows you to assign webforms to any Drupal content type that you want to have signups.
This module allows you to create an (unpublished) webform node as a signup form template
That webform's form components will be made available to each node of the content type you indicated as needing to have signup functionality.

You'll be able to select multiple content types that serve as "events" and can have a webform serve as signup form.

FullCalendar Event Ajax Manipulation

git clone http://git.drupal.org/sandbox/leilyrken/1112686.git fullcalendar_event_ajax_manipulation

Not supported anynore and further development continued on https://drupal.org/sandbox/goalgorilla/1207988

The module FullCalendar allow drag and drop for event with Ajax update.

Webform cURL

This module extends the popular Webform module and initiates a cURL session to POST user-submitted and validated form values to a specified page for further processing.

Flash Event Calendar

This module creates a dynamic flash calendar that loads in event types and color coordinates them

Etouches API Integration

This module provides basic API integration with the Etouches event API. The module is relatively simple and written with the goal of importing data from Etouches and providing hooks that allow a developer to quickly integrate the imported data into the Drupal site per the individual site's requirements. A database column is provided to associate an individual Etouches attendee ID with a Drupal user ID.


Eventslots / shifts

This module is made for the situation when you have an Event where people can sign up for different time slots or shifts and for different roles in this Event.

Node entry

Monitors this node events:
- creation
- deletion
- change workflow status
- new comment

Event Rideshare

RideShare for Events Module

-- Drupal Camps: it's ready! Contact me if you want any help setting it up, happy to volunteer if it isn't obvious or you hit a snag --

This rideshare module is intended for events such as conferences where people are already creating accounts to register for the event, before they go to the event. Perfect for Drupal camps and Conference Organizing Distribution [COD] sites: first used at BADcamp.

It creates a content type for rideshare posts, putting the entry form in a block that automatically loads previous posts. A view allows you to see others' rideshare posts in either a chart or map form. The chart and map can be sorted based on your rideshare (ex: show me everyone leaving within 2 hours of when I'm leaving.)

Just a little tuning around gmap and the google map's API needs to be sorted out before this module can be used out-of-the-box. I'd be happy to help someone set this up using another map solution, let me know what you use, it's just a matter of adjusting the views. See http://drupal.org/node/1459606


Be sure to read the INSTALL.txt

git clone git@github.com:StephenCataldo/Verdant-Share.git eventrideshare

GML Course

With GML Courses module you can organize education courses workflow.

Signup Pane

A flexible pane system for Signup.


Extends the signup module to provide multiple signup options.

It is not complete at all in the sense that it does not integrate with all the features that signup provides (eg control through tabs, views integration, etc) and it hard-codes some settings.

QM Event

This is a Schedule Management Software.

User will be able to add and manage schedules and events. Share them and comment them.

Each schedule can be private or public. There can be a group schedule. Group admin may add users to group and maintain the group.

This is still totally in brain. Hope we can make them soon.

maestro for drupal

The purpose of this project is to enhance and improve the already useful and well developed Maestro Module (http://drupal.org/project/maestro). Specifically the goal is to use drupal coding standards and best practices and allow maestro workflows to be exported into code and overridden by the database, much the same way that views and features can be.


"Legal holidays" is a module that interacts with the date- and calendar-module to provide information of legal holidays all over the world to the calendars. Currently there will be the following countries:

- Germany (all states)
- Austria (all states)
- Switzerland (all states)

As the module will be designed to be "pluggable", it should be easy to add new countries with their corresponding holidays.

Week Calendar with Appointment Slots

Drupal wrapper for the wonderful jQuery Week Calendar written by Rob Monie with appointment slots as an additional feature and Google Calendar as an obvious inspiration.


This module aims to implement a time-only field for CCK.

NodeStream Calendar

Feature that provides calendar functionality to Nodestream.

Node Bulk Operations

Automatically create and maintain multiple nodes from a template node.

This module will help to create and maintain a set of nodes corresponds to a set of users from a template node of a particular content type.
Whatever change made to the template node will also get reflected in the nodes created from the template node.

This module depends on trigger and userreference (cck) modules.


Provides an API for integration with the todoist.com service.


This is a simple module that has a "enter giveaway" button for users to enter a giveaway or contest. The enter giveaway button changes to a "sign in" button if the user is not already signed in.

Once the user hits the button they are redirected to a "Thank you for signing up" page that is unique to them and can't be used by anyone else.

Their entries are recorded in the database and available for exporting via a "export" button viewable by administrators.