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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Asymmetric crypt algorithm (gnupg)

This project aims to provide simple encryption method for using asymmetric gnupg (pgp) crypt algorithm.
The idea behind this is to have a way for encrypting data by using public key without even possibility to decrypt it on server side, because there is no private key within a server's filesystem at all.

How to use this module:

Use admin/config/system/gpg_acrypt for adding your public key.


Entity background


Entity background allows you to attach images and parallax images to entity types.


Each sub-module has their own set of dependancies please review the README.txt.


While this modules is in alpha, there will be no database upgrade support.


Check out our Paragraphs demo site to see this module in action.


Commerce options as images

Before and after the module installation

The module allows to use an image to represent the color/size (options) instead of the dropdown-list of the "add-to-cart-form". It converts select list for attached to product images. The product's info (SKU, price) reloads on image clicks.

At present the module supports only one product type with name product (default product from Commerce). See #2420455: Add support for several products for details.


Stylus CSS Preprocessor

Stylus preprocessor for Drupal

Stylus — expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor. This module allows themes or modules to use Stylus files (.styl)

Current Features:

  • Automatic compilation from Stylus to CSS.
  • No external requirements. This can run on almost any server as it uses the AustP/Stylus.php compiler.



Workbench Moderation State Access

This module works with Workbench Moderation. Workbench Moderation implements only per-transition permissions. This module implements an access control by moderation states.

The initial code is based on a patch by @Bevan (thanks!) in #1296216: Set Permissions By State. As recommended in that issue, I created a contrib module.



Drupal wechat module



MixItUp Views

This module implements ability to use MixItUp filtering for Views.

From https://mixitup.kunkalabs.com/:

MixItUp is a jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting.
Great for managing any categorised or ordered content like portfolios, galleries and blogs, MixItUp can also function as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data-visualisation.


Administration Menu Flat Toolbar


Social Share Counter

This module is clearly inspired by the share buttons used by Mashable.

This module gives the share counts for only Facebook,Twitter and more which has some excellent features in more elegant manner. If you have a website, then you definitely need this module.Social share Counter


Social Share Buttons



WOW Javascript library

This module integrates the wow.js library into Drupal. WOW is a Javascript library which works nicely with the Animate CSS library to create great cross browser CSS3-based animations in your Drupal sites.


Taxonomy Sync

This module provides a means to centrally manage vocabularies and share them to client sites.

* Share a single vocabulary to multiple client sites.
* Unique SHA-264 hash keys provide additional security when clients are pulling from the master.
* Unlimited term depth compatibility.
* Leverages UUID for consistent IDs across multiple sites.
* Built to be as lightweight as possible.

Enable this module just like any other Drupal module.


ArcGIS Webmap

Drupal module that enables you to display content from ArcGIS.com, ArcGIS.com Subscriptions, or Portal for ArcGIS.


  • ArcGIS Webmap Field - Displays a webmap from ArcGIS.com, ArcGIS.com Subscriptions or ArcGIS for Portal installations.
  • ArcGIS Geocode an addressfield


ArcGIS Webmap Field



Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to Drupal.org

Provides JSON event pushing to Logs via the tag/http endpoint.

The tag/http method that this module provides is very useful when the Logs syslog agent is not an option such as when a web hosting limitation restricts installing custom web server software. This module provides a decoupled push via watchdog depending on severity levels.


Piwik API

Piwik API module is a simple wrapper for Piwik Web-Analytics API.


Site pre-install and post-install hooks

This is an API project that gives installation profiles (and select modules during install) the ability to implement hook_site_pre_install() and hook_site_post_install().


Bypass Form Validations

This module adds 2 new permissions and exposes a hook to allow users to bypass required fields and form validations.

You can use it as an API to remove form validations and required fields using your custom criteria.

See README.txt for more details.

Maintained by the experts of Drupal on IIS and SQL Server:



Harmony Akismet

Integration for Harmony and the Akismet anti spam service.



Headless Authoring User Experience


EntityReference Dynamic Bundle

Dynamic mode selection makes the bundle of listed entities match the bundle of field_instance. So when the user is creating a content of type "page", the field will list only contents of the same type.

NOTE: Dynamic Bundle filter will be applied only for entities that match 'entity type' with 'target type' configured in the field. Otherwise, all entities are listed.

Development sponsored by Fisqua.


Drush Migrate Inspect

Tools for inspecting records created by Drupal Migrate.



Open the last migrated item in a browser:

drush migrate-inspect-last MyMigration
drush mil MyMigration


Open a random migrated item in a browser:


Drupal PSR-3

PSR-3 is the current standard for logging in PHP (https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/blob/master/accepted/PSR-3-logg...). Watchdog makes it a bit complicated to test API level modules. This module provides a PSR-3 logging interface over watchdog that you can use in your infrastructure, so you can write unit tests independently from Drupal.


Composer is needed for the dependencies.

  • composer update
  • drush en drupal_psr3



This is kind of a simple module, apologies for that, but it does something that is often requested by our site editors: It shows the nid / tid of the current active page in a configurable block.

Our editors often need to reference nids or tids of other pages and have been complaining that due to autoalias patterns they can't see the nids/tids in the page url and so they have to hover over the "edit" -button and memorise the nid/tid in order to use it somewhere later on.


Commerce surcharge

Add a fixed or variable rate surcharge to all order totals.



I'm working with the creator of https://github.com/tebru/retrofit-php to see if we can integrate it with Drupal 8.


Field lock multi values

This module:
- allow disable edit previous field values
- allow disable field values reorder