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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Form mode manager

Allows management of form drupal modes for the different entities.


Pay with Pay.jp

This module will help with on the go integration with Pay.jp payment gateway of Japan.


This module provides a UI for developers to create module and install profile skeletons. It can add a form skeleton to the module if the option is selected. It is able to clone a selected theme under install profile as well.


Missing Administrator Role Permissions

This module grants the missing permissions for the Administrator role in hook_cron.


Unregular Slideshow

Provides a un-regular slide-show format.

RESTful Boost Cache

Improve performance of REST data returned by Drupal's Web Services.


Drupal tries to maximize performance by caching page requests, but it still must make a database call to retrieve even this cached data. For systems that cannot use a memory-based caching solution such as Varnish, the fastest way to return cached data is via files on the filesystem. This module writes REST API data to the filesystem, following the same principle as the Boost module.

Hook weight alter

The module provides an user interface to alter the execution order of the hook.


Drupal 8 port of OpenCRM Academy


jQuery Gridmanager allows you to create, reorder, update and delete rows and columns in grid layouts on the fly.

To make use of this module add Gridmanager field to a Content type. If default and admin themes are Bootstrap-based, uncheck checkbox on the config page admin/config/content/jquery-gridmanager.

React Component

React Component

Extend Drupal with React, this module replaces <div class="react-component" data-component="Component"></div> with an instance of the Component specified.

This module includes an extension (React Component Views) that works great with Views and has components for the: Results, Pager and Exposed Filters.
The extension makes it possible to build fully reactive displays, and as an extra feature gives the components an API to fetch data from.

Image Whirlpool

Image Whirlpool

Image Whirlpool

provides the user the flexibility to present their images
in a more attractive and modern way
in front of the users.
It just modifies the views of the images in form of a 3d whirlpool which the user can hover upon to have a nice view of the images.
There is no restriction on the number and types of images used.
Note: Images should have minimum dimensions of 180 pixelsx150 pixels.

Modules Required



Message follow

Following individual pieces of content with the Message stack.

Originally built for Drupal.org.


Block Class Tags

This module adds that a tagging functionality to the Block Class module by implementing jQuery TextExt.

In addition, other modules can implement their own hook_block_class_tags_classes() and return an array of their own predefined classes they would like to use.

Block Class Tags Gif



Hipchat Webhook

This module integrates with Hipchat to allow Hipchat to send messages to Drupal. Possible uses include:


Views Node Query Linker

An experimental module to add the current page query string to views node links. The goal is to enable linking between two pages with Views with the same exposed filters while maintaining the current filtering and/or sorting options.

Video Embed Wideo

Wideo logo

This module provides Wideo handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add Wideo videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.

Video Embed Field


This module's goal is to improve the experience when working with fields. It does this by trying to use AJAX on as many fields management pages as possible.



The styleguide module is a wrapper to render a KSS-node styleguide within drupal.


Kss styleguide will be rendered the fixed url /styleguide for everyone with "access content" permission. (See styleguide.routing.yml)


The KSS HTML output is just split apart. Make sure you KSS-Template containing the following HTML Comments


Integration with the awesome Tideways continuous performance monitoring service.

What is Tideways

a 100% UPROFILER/XHPROF open source backwards compatible PHP extension that is actively maintained and perfectly works on both *NIX and Windows environments

a cloud service (https://tideways.io/) to collect performance metrics, traces and errors in production environments


Migrate Panels

migrate-panels provides a framework based on the Drupal Migrate API and Drupal Migrate D2D for migrating panels (pages,variants,layouts,panes) from Drupal 6, or Drupal 7 sites into the Drupal 7 site where it is installed.