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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Delete Content Directly

content edit form after installation

Delete Content Directly module helps users to delete content without filling the required fields of content edit form.

Any user who has "delete content directly" or "delete content" permissions can view Delete Content link in the content edit form.

When user clicks the delete content link he is not required to fill all the required fields which are empty. He is directly taken to confirmation page of content deletion process.


enterprise wechat

Integration with with https://qy.weixin.qq.com. Weixin (wechat) is a popular mobile app in China, which have 6500 million active users. Enterprise wechat is only used in China; the document and the description of this module use Chinese.

PLEASE NOTICE that enterprise wechat the product itself is only available in Chinese, so the module authors will publish manual and usage notice under Chinese.


Commerce Behat

This module contains Behat contexts for the Behat Drupal Extension to make testing with Drupal Commerce.

Node expire sets

Node expire sets module.


Administration Menu Responsive

Admin Menu Responsive at mobile width

The venerable 'Administration Menu' module reworked to support smaller screens and touch interfaces.

The moving of theme tabs into the admin menu is not currently supported.
IE 8 and below not supported.

Ricochet Maintenance

Coming soon...


Deploy Overview Views


Provides an extensible view for deployment plans listing.

Out of the box features

  • Same functions and features from the normal deploy overview page.
  • Lists the entity type, bundle, language and the date when it was added to the plan.
  • Ability to remove specific items from the plan directly from the deploy overview page.
  • It's based on views, so it's highly customizable.

Installation instructions

You only need to enable the module.

Multi Website Cache Flush (MWCF)


This module enables you to flush the entire Drupal cache on multiple websites. Additionally it will re-build the cache after flushing by default configuration. The module's functionality is configurable via a settings file.

If you have the websites with the URLs


Search Limit

Currently this module extends search module to have following functionality:


Node Menu Language Filter

This module aims to reduce the menu-item selection which is pratical on sites with many languages and or big menus. For example; you don't want to see an Italian menu when the node is language is specified as English

In a multilingual Drupal installation, this module filters the available menus when adding a menu item in "add content". It is filtered to the selected language on the node. If no language is selected the default site-wide language is taken. Language neutral menus are not filtered.

Facet API Dynamic Ranges

The Facet API Dynamic Ranges module provides widget for range queries.

Unlike other Facet API ranges modules this module doesn't need any aditional settings. It takes minimum and maximum prices from the products and calculates step for the range. And then based on these values builds dynamic array with ranges.

Navbar Info Framework

Extensible framework to stick information for certain roles/permissions into the navbar tab and/or tray.


Term Reference autocreate

This module adds new field widget that will allow users to add new taxonomy terms from the node creation form. It works like default "Autocomplete term widget (tagging)" but uses "Add another item" button to add new term, and it is more convenient for users.

Gridstack field

Implements gridstack plugin for drupal.

AJAX Include

AJAX Include Pattern for Modular Content.


- matchMedia.js and Ajax-Include-Pattern
Download the library archives from the folllowing:



Mini site


cckevm test



Add custom events to Drupal, CCKEVM


Adds the javascript for GetJaco.com, a service that records video of user sessions for analytics and usability research.

Paddle i18n

Views Entity Reference Exposed Filter Checkboxes

This module makes it possible to create a view which rows are used for another views exposed filter list with checkboxes.

OOP Design Patterns

Design Patterns project.


Facebook Instant Articles

Publish Drupal content to Facebook Instant Articles.