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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Provides a simple HTML5 geolocation service. User's location is returned in a callback via jQuery.

Geolocate module provides a more mobile friendly user geolocation service for Drupal. Most other geolocation solutions in Drupal seem to use a stored field, which doesn't make a lot of sense on the real time web. (Eg. why would you want to update the user's profile each time their location changes?)


Views Entity Access

Views Entity Access VIEWS options


This module is designed to provide a way for a VIEW to expose in the page settings the use of Entity Types or Entity Bundles as permission controls.

When using Menu Tabs, the need to limit those to a particular entity was a requirement in some situations. Without writing custom code every time, this module was born.


SAML Authentication

Allows users to authenticate against a SAML identity provider to login to your Drupal site.

Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XCp0SvFoPQ


Auto Entityqueue

Automatically adds entities to entityqueues.

Auto Entityqueue


Commerce Customer Contact

The contact form can appear at the bottom of the "View" tab on the order.

Have you ever needed a quick and easy way for a site admin to contact a customer on a Drupal Commerce-powered site to send a message about his or her order? For example, to ask the customer question about the order, or to provide him or her an update on the order status?

Introducing Commerce Customer Contact, a module that extends and customizes the Contact module in core to display a contact form in any or all of the following places:


Commerce VirtualMerchant


Commerce integration with the VirtualMerchant payment processor.


This module was forked from an old GitHub repo belonging to deggertsen.


Entity Data

Entity data provides a simple API to add data to any entity. It works similar to core's variable_set/get/del system. Except the data is associated with a entity and only loaded when that entity is loaded.

The primary usage involves the getter/setter methods:
entity_data_set($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $value, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);

entity_data_get($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $default = NULL, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);


Commerce Checkout Password


This module adds a password field for anonymous users to the "Account information" pane on the checkout step of Drupal Commerce. When the checkout process completes, the user is automatically logged in.


Simple Calculator

SimpleCalculator Block

Simple Calculator is a module that will useful for calculator,
EMI calculator(with print) , Home loan Calculator.

1. Download and enable the Simple Calculator module.
2. Visit the /admin/structure/block page
3. Enable "Simple Calculator" block anywhere in site.

1. Visit /admin/structure/block and configure "Simple Calculator" block.
2 .This block will enable Simple Calculator, EMI calculator, Home loan Calculator.
3. You can also print EMI view also


Cron Oracle

Using high tech time travel technologies, this project will predict when cron will run next.


  • Drupal 8 beta12 / beta13 (Module is incompatible with beta11 and older)


Steam Vent

Steam Vent is a module that connects to the Steam Conduit REST server. Steam Conduit acts as a relay to Valve's Steam network.


Waypoints UI

This module provides a user interface for adding jquery_waypoints settings to your site.
JQuery waypoints:



Appointment Calendar

Availability Slot view

Appointment Calendar is a simple form to set and create slots for booking in particular date.
It provides a simple availability calendar to check availability of selected slot,
i.e all available/booked slots can show in availability calendar.


Scald Audio.js Integration

This simple module allows the Audio.js module to be used as a media player by Scald


Permissions Helper

Permissions Helper overview


Permissions Helper is just a "tell me the truth!" module for those developers which have no time to spend on searching for the correct permission key in the Permissions page.



A module to allow Drupal to make CARE API calls to access and update data held in the CARE database.

CARE has been known by various names over the years, and has been maintained by various software companies. Originally known as IRIS CARE, it is currently called CARENG, from Advanced Computer Software Group Ltd


Advanced Poll Media


This module extends Advanced Poll choice field in order to accept files from media module via library or any media source is allowed.
To show the selected media it uses two different view modes one for Choice form and another for results.


Commerce Entity+


This module aims to wrapper around the Drupal Commerce entities and simplify working with the entities and entity wrappers. It provides new classes to represent the entities returned through the Drupal Commerce entity controllers. This means your orders, products, line items, customer profiles, and payment transactions will resemble structured objects.


Shared count

This module provides a block with a Shared Count service integration.


If you want to get the shares count for your content and additionally you don't want to have this data into your drupal; shared count module is your solution.

This modules was themed and designed by lu-sanvar, betovarg, fedecrc.


Commerce Address templates

This module provides a way to create Commerce Address Templates, that are separate entities and can be used as a template to prefill customer profile on the checkout page, for both billing and shipping addresses.

The advantage of this method is that the user sees exactly the number of templates he created, and these templates can be edited and deleted anytime without side effect, since these template entities will not be referenced on any order. They are strictly used for prefill purposes.



Shoprocket purchase item

Shoprocket is an external service that allows you to sell items on top of other websites. This module integrates the Shoprocket service with Drupal so you can have both Drupal and Shoprocket working together.


Nodequeue Services

Add nodequeues as services 3.x CRUD (I) resource.


Restaurant Images

Responsive images for Open Restaurant.


CouchDB Statistics

This is a CouchDB backend for the core Statistics module

Latest release: 8.x-1.x-dev

- Requires patch from #1446932: Improve statistics performance by adding a swappable backend
- Only implements recordHit and fetchViews method
- Day count doesn't reset
- "Popular content" block won't work


Fancy File Delete

A Module that can finally delete files properly!


What this module can do: