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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Bullion News Drupal 8

Bullion News is an Widget which displays the Indian Bullion news headlines,
This is a widget which is provided by Commodity Online.

This module displays the Indian Bullion News headlines in a Block.
It automatically creates a Block after enabling the module.
This block can be placed any where on your website.

External Node

This module allow to declare read only (in first instance) nodes from another databases even if these are not Drupal databases, in order to publish data in a Drupal site. It uses the "dbconnect" project to manage target databases so this allow use databases from different drivers and servers at the same time for this purpose.

Better Search Block

Better Search Block

With just a couple clicks you can change your boring Drupal search box into a nice looking search box with icon animations.

Additional features:

  • Configurable search box size
  • Configurable placeholder text

The module currently has four search box theme to select from:

  1. Background Fade
  2. Expand Search Box on Hover
  3. Expand Icon on Hover
  4. Slide Icon into View on Hover

The configuration is located at: admin/config/search/better-search


Submenu Field

Submenu Field

A pseudo field and a view block that displays the menu children of a given context.

This provides rich tree-like navigation for heirarchically structured sites.


The new fields can be added directly to page layouts through field UI, or the blocks can be positioned in a region.

There is also an optional UI for adding these fields from the top down, found at admin/config/user-interface/submenu_field . The UI is for convenience only, and is not a replacement for real field UI display management.

Operations API

API For providing operations for entities.

Client js error log

Client side JavaScript error logging module allows you to see errors happen on client browser.

To discover problems on server side sometimes quite easy, just check log files (e.g. Apache log) but you do not really know what happen on client side that is like a black box. You can get information based on user feedback if something wrong in the front-end code. This module helps you to keep in touch with your JavaScript code, you will know the possible problems arisen in the users browser. So you can find the problems more easy.

Views Definition List

This module provides a views style and row style to build a single definition list. Field labels are rendered as the terms (dt), and values are rendered as the definitons (dd).

Multivalue Extras

Field settings


Module enhances settings for muliple value fields.


Better Module Dependencies

This module enhances modules list page and comes in handy if you have a large amount of modules installed on your Drupal website. In cases like that each module's requirements list becomes larger and larger, therefore it becomes very hard to read and work with module dependencies. So what this module actually does is making any module dependency clickable.


Media entity document

Local document integration for Media entity module.


SVG Icon

Provides a selectable widget for SVG sprites

User Registration Limit

This module allows to limit user registrations based on the configurations.
like, 50 number of user registration allowed.

Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.

Visit admin/config/people/accounts, under 'Registration and cancellation' section, you will be able to enter the user registration limit value.


COD Mobile

The COD mobile module works with drupal's 'Conference Organizing Distribution' and will generate a json file with session and related data such as speakers, tracks, room etc. The json file will generate automatically on drupal cron run or you can generate it manually by accessing the link example.com/generate-json.

The genrated json file will be placed inside the public files folder of the drupal installation eg: example.com/sites/default/files/sessions.json
This can be later used as a data provider for mobile applicatons.



govCMS CKAN provides integration with CKAN (http://ckan.org/). CKAN is a powerful data management system that makes data accessible by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.

This module provides a connector to any CKAN DataStore endpoint and pluggable visualisation layer using ctools.


Commerce Chilexpress

Integrates Chilexpress with Commerce Shipping.




This module integrates Chilexpress service via SOAP web services. A services available in Chile.


This module requires the PHP SOAP extension.



The goal of this module is to implement VisiStat tracking abilities in Drupal, through a more robust and elegant manner than hardcoding the tracker into templates.

NJ Voter List

Load and reference NJ voter records from SVRS delimited text file in a zip archive

A Voter content entity type is defined a the voter records are loaded into an entity base field to leverage entity reference to them and display modes.

URL domain

Formatter for URL field to display domain only as default. If url has a title property that one is used.


This is a module to integrate browser notifications with https://sendpulse.com.

OneSignal Integration

OneSignal logo

This module integrates with OneSignal, which is a free multi-platform push notification service for mobile apps.

This module wraps the PHP library written by @norkunas providing a simple user interface to setup the basic configurations to initialize the OneSignal class.

NOTE: This is not an end user module. This is for developers.


Node Edit Redirect

This module redirects users that edit a node, to same the node edit form, but in the same language as the node.

Assuming the negotiated "content language" is based on URL (prefix/domain), this ensures that the "content language" matches the language of the node.


1. Content language is negotiated based on prefix. See also: