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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Resource Library Management system

This module is a Library (books etc) management system. This module, in combination with views module, can act as a full management system for a library.

Renderer per node

Renderer Per Node - alternative filefield displays on one page

Allow editors to choose different rendering options on a per-node basis.

This allows you to add an extra select box to a content type, and then use that as a modifier that controls the rendering of another field.

Prime use-case is to select different sizes from imagecache to use on filefield images to control how a mini-gallery is displayed.

Image Effects Text

Image Effects Text is a module that defines an image effect that allows to place text on an image. It is a rewrite of the D6 text imagecache action, that the ImageCache Actions project itself failed/forgot to update. It is a solution for issue #1090312: Add text effect to D7.

AC Media Fields

A module to add default fields to the image file entity bundle, for title, alt text and caption.
This aims to answer the use following case:
When uploading an image, the user wants to specify the alt, title and caption attributes for that image.
When displaying the image, the alt and title attributes are set from these fields, and the optional caption is displayed below the image.

Responsive Image Gallery

This is a rough port of the responsive image gallery with a thumbnail carousel using Elastislide. Inspired by Twitter’s “user gallery”.

I am looking for a co-maintainer to help out with producing an Alpha release. No code should be used on any sites at this time and should be considered unstable.


Provides a simple field type with field formatters for a livestream embedded player and thumbnail.

See http://livestream.com for more info.

Media Derivatives Status


  • Add a "ask to user" event to Media: Derivatives module, allowing user to create derivatives from the file's form
  • Provide an overview of the media's derivatives in the file's form
  • Allow user to create and delete media's derivatives

Future improvements

  • Full ajax interface, to delete or create derivatives without reloading page
  • Advanced monitoring of derivative creation


Adds the ability to display fields on Media audio or video elements as time-synchronized scrolling divs.


This is a making project of Panorama Module in SMART(Module).

Bigstock Media

Provides Bigstock API integration with the Media module. After enabling this module and entering your Bigstock API information, you will be able to search and purchase images from Bigstock without leaving Drupal's Media browser window. You can also quickly look up images you have previously downloaded with this module for integrating into your site.

This module is still being developed and not recommended for production use, but is fully functional, however hasn't been tested using the production API.

Image Repository

Currently i am working on a module which offers the possibilty to browse for images.
These images are associated with a node. This makes it possible to associate a lot of extra information with an image and besides keeping track of the usage of an image.
Another feature of this module is automatically re-using the metadata and automatically insert that information in node fiels. For example image description and metatags.

Auto Image Styles

A content filter module. Reads the classes of images and looks for a corresponding image style; if an image style is found, the original image is replaced with a styled one.

Media: Facebook Gallery

Fetching images from Facebook and displaying them and would work in the same way as the media module. This is currently just an idea. I would love to have other people contributing to this idea and helping out. If you want to become a co-maintainer email me.


MusicPlayer is a simple audio file player designed for home use.
It is not intended to be used on a public available webserver.
The audio files that should be played in the clients browser must be available in Drupals public file system path.


`multiupload_imagefield_widget.module` provide great widget to upload multiple images, (at the time this module created) but it does not support `insert.module`. This tiny module does that.


Experimental feature to trigger widget events from online video time markers.

Flickr pull

API module built to allow the embedding of Flickr sets, galleries and groups through other modules, blocks and boxes.

Adds the following blocks;

  • Photoset block
  • Group block
  • Gallery block

Support for Boxes added so you can add as many custom blocks around your site as you want.

Support for lightbox2 is also included.

Media 1.x edit button

Backports the 'Edit media' button for the Media 1.x branch.

Media Sets

Adds the ability to create re-usable sets of media, that can be displayed in different ways, such as an inline gallery.


This module allows users to integrate Fotorama jquery plugin.

How it works

Now it supports only image galleries from image fields (works like field formatter). Fotorama is fully customizable throw admin interface when managing field display settings.


Burstn block

Burstn is the simplest way to share what’s happening in your life. Snap a photo and within seconds it’s shared with the world and remembered forever. Capture everything, the things you love, the people you're with, the places you go and the food you eat. Remember it all and share your great moments.

Media: Tv3

This is a provider file to integrate TV3 ( http://www.tv3.cat ) with Embedded Media Field.

Prezi Media Field

This Module adds support for Prezi embeds using CCK Media Fields. If you would like help with this module, or would like to support further development or maintenance, contact us & we'd love to help!

Media: RuTube

Creates a RuTube PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.