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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Popcorn Bags

Supports CSS for Kernals, Strings, and Poppers.

Image grid

Info coming...

Scald file

A minimal implementation to support Document uploads for Scald.

The codebase is now as full project: scald_file

Media: Search

Media Search is still in planning stage. The idea is to have 1 module that renders a new tab on the Media browser popup. Other provider modules could hook into this and offer search functionality that Media Search can use to search and render results.

Want to help? Contact button!

Initial release is close.

Context Background

This nice module allows you to manage background cover by power of Context module.

Annotatable Image

Annotated image

Adds new image field type that is having the possibility to be annotated. This will be achieved by using the jQuery plugin of ZURB - http://www.zurb.com/playground/javascript-annotation-plugin

File Field Display Formatter

The formatter settings are as available in a file display in a view mode. The formatted file effectively uses a dynamically configured view mode where the formatter is used. This allows Media functionality to be used outside of a file view mode.

Since this module implements a field formatter, some places this can be used include content display, view fields (Views), and panel displays (Panels).


A photomosaic is also known as a photographic mosaic, a portmanteau of photo and mosaic, is a photograph that has been divided into (usually equal sized) rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo. When viewed at low magnifications, the individual pixels appear as the primary image, while close examination reveals that the image is in fact made up of many hundreds or thousands of smaller images.

Media JustinTV

Media: JustinTV integrates with the Media module to make JustinTV videos available as file entities.

The 7.x-1.x branch works with Media 1.x and Media 2.x.

The current version is stable enough to use on most sites, but we still have a couple (minor) issues to fix, want to help? See the readme and check the issue queue.

Responsive Image Field Formatter

Provides a field formatter for image fields that allows configuration of specific image styles (or none) to apply to images at specific breakpoints, and renders field in such a way that only the appropriate styled image will load for the active breakpoint, or no image will load at all if a style is not selected for the current/active breakpoint.

Relies on Enquire.js, and dynamically sets image source attribute with javascript when a data attribute is present for the current/active breakpoint.

Content: Video

Allow you add html5 video.
After activate module you can see new field "Content: Video link". If you adding this fied to your content type you can put some link to your video files and at the page you see html5 video or flash fallback at the IE 7/8 (in future).


MuseScore is free music composition & notation software available for Linux, Mac, and Windows at musescore.org.

The MuseScore module can display up to 10 MuseScore titles in a block. Clicking the title opens and plays the score.

To configure, simply enter the MuseScore URL and title for each score on the block settings page, then assign the MuseScore block to a region of your site. Visit musescore.com to search for scores.

Note: At present, the Flash browser plug-in is required to play back the scores.


  1. Download and unpack the MuseScore module directory in your modules folder (this will usually be "sites/all/modules/").
  2. Go to "Administer" -> "Modules" and enable the module.


  1. Go to "Structure" -> "Blocks" -> "MuseScore".
  2. Select the number of MuseScores to display in the block from the "MuseScores to Display" select menu and click "Save Block".
  3. Click the "MuseScores" tab. Enter the title and URL for each score. The URL must be a musescore URL; either http://www.musescore.com/[user name]/[score name] or http://musescore.com/user/[user ID]/scores/[score ID].

Facebook publish to wall

Publish content to Facebook wall.

User will have a panel to administrate the Facebook publish setting,
This panel will contain all the content type that an authenticated user could create.
The user can select wich content type will be directly published to Facebook after he add any content type fields for publish to facebook.

On every content page we want to have a check-box to publish on Facebook. This check-box will be checked if the user has checked the content type from the administration page

Media: Thinglink

Media integration for Thinglink images.

Cablecast Integration

Integrates Drupal with Cablecast.


The Audio & Video media module provides a custom content fields for audio and video files and support of media libraries like MediaElement.

HTML5 media formaters

HTML5 media formaters provides formatters that will render a file using the HTML5 audio and video tags.

YouTube Video Uploader

A standardised solution of integrating Youtube APIs with Drupal. Provides a YouTube CCK field which can be used with Youtube URL or uploading a video directly to Youtube.


  • Creates a CCK field "YouTube" to upload Youtube videos.
  • Provides Video Upload and URL extract formats.
  • Creates a youtube Engine settings form to add youtube credentials
  • Creates a module specific permission so only users having permission can add/update youtube credentials.

This is a D7 module

BUEditor Media Integration

This simple module adds code to allow a Media button to be added to the BUEditor.

Currently it just loads the relevant JavaScript libraries on hook_form_alter to allow a custom button to be added to BUEditor.

To get this to work, activate this module then go to admin/config/content/bueditor and edit your chosen editor profile. Add a button (or edit the existing image button) to use the following code
js: Drupal.media.BUE.insertMedia(E);");

Media Mover: Dailymotion Cloud

This module integrates Dailymotion Cloud storage for Media Mover module.

It provides a formatter for File Entities that uses the player from Dailymotion Cloud with the associated file, to stream from the cloud instead of your web server.

Media Clone

Media Clone extends the Media module to allow for cloning media elements from one node to another. A new tab appears in the media browser when you "Select Media" on the edit page of a given node. This new tab allows you to quickly search for any node on the site, and clone all of its media content directly to the node being edited.



An administrative module designed to alleviate problems with caching and derivative images.

Media browser token

This module adds a required URL token to the Media module's media browser, for the purpose of discouraging unauthorized use.

This module does not actually provide security, only a deterrent.

The idea is simply that on some sites, you may need to give unprivileged users (for example, even anonymous users) access to the media browser to add files to a particular file field when creating content. However, you do not necessarily want to make it easy for these users to add files outside the context of that field, where the files may go unnoticed or unreviewed. Therefore, this module simply adds a time-based URL token to media browser links within your Drupal site, which will allow access to the browser when visited via a link, but deny access if you attempt to visit the media/browser URL directly.

To emphasize once again, this technique cannot provide actual security; a determined user could still find the token and use it to manually add a file to the site outside of the intended workflow. However, it does make it a bit harder for random unprivileged users to come by and attempt to use your site as an open file server.