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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Field Enclosures

A proof of concept module for publishing media fields in RSS enclosures for podcasting.

This functionality probably belongs in something like media module. If you'd like to help, please go to #1190054: RSS File Enclosure for Podcasting and provide feedback.


Build super awesome sites quickly, with super awesome images.

The Flickrbomb module integrates Flickrbomb with Drupal!

Image Mapper

Widget that allows a user to map out an image map by using javascript and canvas.
Made this for a client so it's not as dynamic as you could wish.

Media - custom fixes

This is a fork of the media module used to integrate some patches until a stable release is provided by the originial project.

Media: Daily Motion

This module is a variant of Media: Youtube developed by aaron.

This module only works with Drupal 7 and depends on Media module.

Video Pseudostreamer

Add support for pseudo streaming videos from Drupal.

Initial release of this module was sponsored by Red Bee Media.

EZ Banner Rotator


EZ Banner Rotator is a JQuery based advanced banner module.
This provide an Image based slideshow like banner rotator for Drupal pages. This creates blocks in Drupal which can be assigned to a page from within the Block administration.

This module extends the feature of Drupal to allow site administrator create rich looking javascript based banner rotator.


Docvert logo

The Docvert module interacts with a Docvert server to convert documents into a parse-able format for Drupal to import into.

This module is currently under development and is not ready for production use.

BumpIn SocialBar

BumpIn SocialBar adds a rich set of features to your website making it engaging, sticky and social; resulting in increased traffic SocialBar is meant to enhance visitor experience with interactive and intuitive features. The bar rests at the bottom of the page and provides a variety of social and site specific features at just a click of a button. SocialBar is comprehensive and can be customized. BumpIn SocialBar's features include IM Chat, Shoutbox, Social Share, Navigation and many more.

Retain Users:

Enable visitors to do more right from your page. BumpIn SocialBar enables users to search your site, search google, post on social networks, share on social networks, chat with their friends, and translate your website without having to close your page or changing tabs.

Increase Time Spent by Users:

Make your website much more engaging by using SocialBar. Enable users to share their opinions, see the most recent and the most popular content on your website and view your photo and video albums, thus increasing the time they spend on your website.

Increase Social Traffic:

By making your portal more accessible through social portals such as facebook and twitter, SocialBar increases traffic coming to your website through social sites.

Remove Clutter:

Media WYSIWYG Browser

Allows easy linking to Media files in the WYSIWYG link dialogs.

Media Carousel

Creates a carousel block and associated content type to allow for a one click carousel. The carousel's content is loaded in via a content type called Featured item and is designed around the Media module, allowing any images or video to be displayed in the carousel. Currently, uploaded images, Flickr images, and YouTube embeds are tested and officially supported.
The carousel is unique in that it is both responsive and touch enabled. If the screen is wide enough, a full title/description/media plus navigation layout exists, if not the title and navigation exist on top of the media, and it all resizes based on screen resolution (hence responsive). At any resolution, you can swipe left or right to go to the previous/next slide and tap the navigation to go to that slide. Everything is still in BETA and I'm still testing, but it seems to work well so far. There are lots of requirements and is technically a Feature package; just think of this as a trial of the App model for module distribution.


While several people have uploaded D7 ports and patches of media_bliptv, these aren't being committed to the 7.x-1.x branch. This makes it more difficult to collaborate on patches, report bugs, and maintain updates.

#1060208: Port Media: BlipTV to Drupal 7


Add a new tab to Media (http://drupal.org/project/media) module browser with an MC look&feel file manager.

Iphone Push Notification through Easyapns


Easyapns service and Push Notification


Apple Push Notification Service (APNs for short) is the centerpiece of the push notifications feature. It is a robust and highly efficient service for propagating information to devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Apple Push Notification Service transports and routes a notification from a given provider to a given device. A notification is a short message consisting of two major pieces of data: the device token and the payload. The device token is analogous to a phone number; it contains information that enables APNs to locate the device on which the client application is installed. APNs also uses it to authenticate the routing of a notification. The payload is a JSON-defined property list that specifies how the user of an application on a device is to be alerted.

If you are a native iPhone application developer, you may have heard of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). There are a lot of excellent online guides on how to get your application to receive remote notifications... but what about the other piece of the puzzle... ACTUALLY SENDING A MESSAGE?!?!

About The Module

Field FadeSlider

Test module under development. Not even close to usable...don't even try.

JW Player Formatter

This module provides a JW Player file field formatter for Drupal 7.

This is a fork of the sandbox at http://drupal.org/sandbox/skilip/1143300 with the following modifications:

Media image formatter

This is an image formatter for Media's "Multimedia asset" field. It is based on a core Image formatter. It works just like the latter one, except the fact, that can operate with media field type.

This formatter is much simpler in comparison to Media's default formatter. The only disadvandtage is, that it only knows how to operate with images. If some other file type will be added to a field, it will be simply ignored.

Quick Gallery

Implements a way for people to quickly create an image gallery on a site using a flickr set as the source of the images.


Media: Picasa

Creates a Picasa PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.

Brilliant Gallery (D7 fork)

A Drupal 7 rewrite of the Brilliant Gallery module.

Note: If you have been using a previous version of Brilliant Gallery or this fork you will want to uninstall it before using the latest version of this module. To keep this simple, schema changes won't be handled by the update system until this is a full project, so to make sure your schema is up to date just uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

Image Crop

Image style effect for manual cropping

Multiple Image Upload Integration

Sandbox project to integrate the imagex module into a different upload module.


Adding crossmedia with own written APIs for many media hosters, adding and managing easily videos, music and more content types by adding the URLs and adjusting the information of the media. Also the on-the-fly creation of media (images, music, ...) will be added.

Goal is to create an open source alternative to many well known paid software packages like VIMP and add even more great features using open APIs.

It is the "plugged" version of our Unplugged Video Portal that you can download from our Github account.

Upload nodes

Upload Nodes provides a simple way to download multiple files (or images) and create one node per file.