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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Media: Playwire

Media: Playwire provides Media module support for the Playwire video hosting service.

Retina JS image style

Simple module that provides a double-sized image when using a HighPixelDensity display (a.k.a. Apple Retina Screen)

Use RetinaJS (http://retinajs.com/) with drupal core image style. Download, enable, et voila!

For every domain.com/FILENAME.jpg, RetinaJS script looks for domain.com/FILENAME@2x.jpg image.




Just a sandbox to merge in some feature from a similar sandbox project. This sandbox should not become a full project, instead could potentially merge into resp_img.

Media: Twitpic

Provides twitpic provider for media module. Currently only supports images.


Media Tokens

Under contruction

Media: Imgur

Will allow users to use link to imgur and provide the streamwrapper for them to do so.

MediaElement Poster

About this module

Allows a Poster (thumbnail) to be set for the MediaElement Module

Thanks to TomiMikola for writing this code and posting to the MediaElement issue queue.


Assuming the following fields on node:

Dual Image Styles

This module pulls out the image formatter that is included with Ubercart, which formatted an image field so that the first image was large, and the rest were rendered as smaller thumbnails.

Responsive ImageCache

Make your images responsive by defining rules for switching ImageCache presets based on CSS media queries.

This module allows administrators to define rules that replace one ImageCache preset by another when a media query is being evaluated. On content load and viewport resize all the defined rules will be evaluated and image src attributes will be replaced to point to the correct imagecache preset. While there are better alternatives for implementing responsive images this works well for quick & dirty replacements with minimal configuration.

Youtube Derivatives Formatter

Provide a formatter for Youtube Derivatives


An attempt to integrate the online image map editor found at http://www.maschek.hu/imagemap/imgmap

This for now is just a proof of concept. I have looked at how it has been successfully integrated with wysiwyg editors but I needed to use it in a way that would not have been easy to do with all of the code bundled in one field.

My specific use case was to use the relate module to like node of a certain content type and allow a guided search of image maps for you to navigate the assemblies of products.

Media MPX

MPX (thePlatform) Media stream plugin for the Media module

This module is split in two:
media_mpx - contains the streams, displays, player themes, and settings UI for the api
mpx_api - a client library to connect to MPX api on the backend

The goal:


Media: Wistia for D7

This is a D7 version of the Media Wistia module. It is designed to work with Meda 7.x-1.x. It is largely based on the Media Youtube module.

File Mover

Move files from one file system scheme (e.g., public://) to another (e.g., s3://) during cron runs, using queues. Supports checking dependencies (like whether image style derivatives or converted videos exist) before moving files.

The main goal is to allow image and video files to be processed on the local public:// system for performance, and then moved at a later time to Amazon S3 where storage is cheaper and more abundant. But theoretically it could be used to move files to any other file system scheme so long as you have a stream wrapper implementation for it.

Image Style Argument

Drupal has a very powerful image manipulation UI, so why write code when we can easily use that for any purpose?! The problem is we can't! The reason is image manipulation UI only accepts one argument which is the source image. All other parameters and options are static. For example if you want to put the source image behind a frame you can, but if you want to dynamically change frame's image you either have to make new preset/style for each different frame or write a custom special action.


The purpose of this module is to provide an interface to manage an internet radio through Drupal with liquidsoap as streaming source.

For more information about liquidsoap visit http://savonet.sourceforge.net/

Colorbox Node Caption

A simple module that adds node caption options to the Colorbox display format settings.

SWF Tools D7

This is a temporary repository to hold the D7 code for SWF Tools. See #1044406: SWF Tools needs development activity or new maintainer!. As soon as the SWF Tools module maintainer creates a 7.x-1.x branch, this code can be moved to that. I have no intention of maintaining this sandbox beyond that.

youtube bonus pack

This module adds a couple of custom functions for media_youtube:

1. A custom formatter for colorbox integration, this allows the creation of a youtube thumbnail when clicked bring up a colorbox overlay with the video. The video size, etc can be customized through the field display settings.

2. A custom youtube thumbnail option in media file adding form. This allows the youtube thumbnail to be a custom image.

Sponsored by Trellon, LLC

Square Pixels Scale


This module adds an image effect (for use in image styles) that allows scaling based on the total number of square pixels in an image (as calculated by multiplying the width and the height). The original aspect ratio of the image is maintained.

This module is useful in cases where images of varying aspect ratios (such as logos) will be displayed together and should have apparent sizes more similar than the basic scale effect can provide.

File icons

File Icons

An advanced version of Media's "Large file icon" file formatter. First of all - it is able to output file icons through Image Style.


  • Remove the dependency from Media module.
  • Add a layer of abstraction of a generic Icon Library to support both local and remote icon libraries.
  • Make selection of icon configurable with defaulting to MIME
  • Add Rules support (selecting proper file icon)

Simple Media

Simple Media module is part of Simple Editor module.


Sandbox of the media_captions to build D7 version that integrations Media with Popcorn.js

#1179196: Plan for a D7 version