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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Filefield Sources Taxonomy

This is an extension to the Filefield Sources module. What this module allows you to do is find files based on taxonomy terms.


I made a module for my thesis and I would like to share it. This module handles(save, update, play) simple guitar tablatures(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tablature), that you can upload from a plain text file.
The module use only core modules, and a 3th party open source AS3 library called Standingwave 2(http://joeberkovitz.com/blog/2009/05/15/standingwave-open-source-as3-audio/).

Media: Captions

The Media: Captions module provides an API for processing and displaying Closed Captions for videos. It currently augments the Embedded Media Field to provide closed captions for the Media: YouTube module, when displayed using the Longtail video player using its Captions plugin. Future plans include the ability to associate Audio Description files (mp3) as well.

YouTube Carrousel

When you try this, please review the project application too. Thanks!

Media: 56

56 Video Logo

This is a provider file to integrate 56.com with Embedded Media Field.

56.com is a famous and popular video site in China.

This project has been developed by Int3c.com, a multilingual Drupal development shop and strong supporter of Drupal in China.

Imagefield Crop (Crop per Image Style)

Fork of Imagefield Crop. Refactored in such a way to allow for a unique crop per image style. D7 only (although it should be possible to backport). Much of the architectural inspiration for this module came from the similar project ImageCrop.


SimpleVideo provides an easy, user-friendly and reliable functionality of upload, converting and showing in various flash players video files.


Module consists of three parts: core, UI and integration with Cron. Core module implements main functionality, UI module provides with user interface for module configuring and Cron module allows to perform video processing (transcoding) on schedule.

Principles of operation of SimpleVideo module and ImageField are rather like. Our module allows to specify rules of video processing - presets. They look like ImageField presets. Currently, there are only two types of actions: video transcoding and thumbnail generating. Now it's restricted to have more than one action for a preset, but in future we plan to extend this functionality.


Also, module allows to create formatters. Each formatter corresponds to certain flash player with the path to its SWF player. During the creation of such a formatter, it's possible to specify flash variables and parameters for player in accordance to its specification. To set the path to SWF file or its thumbnail, it's necessary to specify previously created preset via tokens. This way, you inherits formatters' entire flexibility and handy integration with many modules (like Views).

Video transcoding

Brightcove service

The purpose of this module is to integrate brightcove media server with services module to make it easy create, retrieve and delete video using this module.


This module was developed by Vardot for Al Jazeera. The maintenance of this module and the development by artofeclipse.

Brightcove Recorder

The Brightcove Recorder module allows video recorded using the Video Recorder module to be stored in a CCK field and distributed using the Brightcove CDN.

Bitgravity Live

This module implements a flash player specific to playing Bitgravity Live streams. The player is added to the content of a node type of your choosing. The module alos provides you with a block with the player embedded. This module requires a Bitgravity Live account. More information about the Bitgravity Live service is available at http://bitgravity.com/page.php?s=products&p=bg-live.

The Bitgravity module provides tight integration with the Bitgravity Live platform including:

Real Time Newsletter

Allow the users to build and send a Newsletter based on Drupal BATCH API.

IMCE Upload Link

This project is made to let IMCE upload files not only from local file system but from the URL.

Media:YouTube Add browser upload

(my project for the Google Summer of Code) - Tiago Carmona Palacios

Media:Youtube is a nice module that provides Youtube support for the Media family of modules. It has many features, but lack support for uploading. While direct upload is handled nicely in the Media Mover module in Drupal 7, Browser upload still isn't supported. It was supported via the module Video Upload in Drupal 6, written by bojanz.

The main difference between Direct upload and Browser upload is that in the Direct upload users upload the video to Drupal website, and then Drupal uploads it to the service. Its great when you need to moderate the content of videos, but greatly increases bandwidth usage. Browser upload uploads the file directly to Youtube, and after the upload is completed it saves a file reference (ID) in the Drupal database. This method, while don't support moderation of the content, saves the extra bandwich usage of the Direct upload. Also I'm planning to add support to have Youtube account associated per user or having just one per site, to prevent the upload of videos that might violate the Youtube terms of use.


Creates a simple gallery using taxonomy and CCK imagefields for drupal 6.x.
Original code is at http://drupal.org/project/simplegallery


A wrapper module for the j-Media Element jquery plugin. The j-Media Element library provides an HTML5 based audio and video player, with flash fallback for browsers without the <audio> and <video> tag support.


This is the second sandbox module


As part of the project http://ndla.no we have created this module which makes it possible to insert any node into other nodes. ie) Inserting node of content type X into node 123. This is done via an easy to use interface (via WYSIWYG API) for the user where he/she searches for the node to insert (although you could go hardcore and write the tags manually).

Every content type has its own template, by default via Drupal's own templating system, this can (and should) be overridden.

Contentbrowser uses tags which means that no url's are hardcoded into the node's body.

Contentbrowser can be what you are looking for if:

  • You use any kinda of media-module (video, audio etc) and want to reuse those nodes in blog posts and articles
  • You have used imagebrowser / insertnode but need more control via hooks and templates
  • Your users simply can't live with the thought of having images (any content really) at the top of their nodes. They must have them anywhere of their pleasing within the contents of the node body
  • You don't feel like running complex regular expressions on your node content when the design changes
  • You know how to code PHP*

*) Contentbrowser will work without you knowing PHP. However you will not be able to customize the templates.

Video Consultation

Video Consultation : video conferencing, e-learning, live presentations
This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See Video Consultation - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - Unsupported - SA-CONTRIB-2015-105 for details.
If you want to use this module, your options are:
  • Choose another, actively maintained module instead

Flickr Browser

Flickr Browser

FlickrBrowser is an extension to the existing flickr module to allow users to browse flickr image sets to select images for flickrfield cck fields instead of manually entering the photo ids.

There are a few assumptions and things of note regarding this module:

PersonalTube Sandbox

The PersonalTube Video Widget lets you display the latest Internet videos that precisely match the topic and theme of your blog, and attract longer, more frequent visits from your audience.

When you sign up with PersonalTube, you get your own video feed widget
that you can easily personalize, using a password-protected account on our site.

PersonalTube provides you with exceptional control over the video content, style, appearance and branding of your widget.

You can personalize the video widget to display the exact kind of videos you want for your blog, using keywords as well as topics.
Our world leading collection of over 300,000 video topics, organized in an intuitive, browsable hierarchy, is wide enough and deep enough
to describe almost any concept or subject you select. You can also specify a YouTube user account ID, and we can automatically retrieve all their uploaded videos.

Using point-and-click on your PersonalTube dashboard, you can add videos directly, set up AutoRefresh for automatic refreshing with videos matching your specifications,
or set up AutoAlert for automatic notification about new videos matching your specifications.

Individual Rotate

Rotate imagefields individually using imagecache for rotation and imagefield widgets as UI.

This module lets you rotate images 90°, 180° and 270° on a per image basis. Images rotation are set in the imagefield node form and the actual rotation is done by imagecache.

It's a preliminary response to #173498: Image Rotation setting for individual ImageFields

Video Conference

Video Conference

Latest version for this project is included in VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins project (recommended release).

Media: JustinTV

  • Currently only tested with video links via the API rss feeds. We should test it with some normal copy pasted links.
  • Add a own provider for embedding the streams

The Drupal 6 version
Provides support for the Justin.TV stream and video provider for Embedded Media Field.