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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Views jQFX Cloud Carousel


This module is for Drupal 7 only

This module integrates the Cloud Carousel plugin with views.

To install this you will need Views jQFX (a dependency) available here.

Image Preparation

Camera Clubs run competitions for projected images, these used to be slides but are now done using digital projectors. For these competitions to run smoothly images must be submitted in the correct format.

This module accepts uploads of jpeg or tiff files and adds title and author meta-data and resizes the image. It does not alter the colour space of the image. If XMP meta-data is already attached to the file it doesn't attempt to change it so author and title are not set.


Digitalib (Digital Library) is a D6 module that provides a platform for archiving, preserving, managing and publishing on the internet various multimedia material. It is designed for cataloging using the interoperable online metadata standard Dublin Core, and then having the flexibility required by this standard.

Public Media Services

Provides RESTful services for public media organizations


This is a port of ImageMagick module, which allows to work with GraphicsMagick package as image toolkit for Image API in Drupal 7 core.


  • GraphicsMagick needs to be installed on your server and the gm binary needs to be accessible and executable from PHP.
  • The PHP configuration must allow invocation of proc_open() (which is security-wise identical to exec()).

Consult your server administrator or hosting provider if you are unsure about these requirements.

Installation and configuration

  • Install this module as usual.
  • Go to Administration » Configuration » Media » Image toolkit and change the image toolkit to GraphicsMagick.
  • If the gm binary cannot be found in the default shell path, you need to enter the full path to GraphicsMagick's gm executable, including the filename itself.

EveryScape integration

The following module provides Drupal integration with the EveryScape guided virtual tour service (http://www.everyscape.com).

This is a very simple module, consisting of an administrative settings form and one or more blocks. The administrative settings form allows the site admin to choose how many EveryScape blocks will be available to Drupal, as well as the default size of these blocks.

Stipple Drupal Module

This module will enable the Stipple javascript on your site.

It requires you have an account with Stippleit.com.

PLUpload into single node

HTML5 based image-bulk-upload module for filefields based on the PLUpload Integration module. This module will save the uploaded images in ONE node instead of saving each image into a single node (as the PLUpload Integration module does).


Pango written as it was originally conceived

Pango is a library for laying out and rendering of text, with an emphasis on internationalization. Pango can be used anywhere that text layout is needed, though most of the work on Pango so far has been done in the context of the GTK+ widget toolkit. Pango forms the core of text and font handling for GTK+-2.x.

oEmbed for Drupal 7 with Media module support

Fork of http://drupal.org/project/oembed for Drupal 7 support with Media module integration.

Use the features/drupal-7 branch.


An effort to create a web-to-print system for Drupal

Feedroom codec

An extension (or codec) for the video_filter module, so that video content hosted by The Feedroom or KIT Digital can be easily added using a simple tag.

This module will allow you to configure the basic details for your site and whether to use the default embed option provided by video_filter or an iframe.

Initial development sponsored by The Economist

Media Image Transform

This project will serve as an add-on to Drupal 7's Media module, to allow users to generate different versions of an image without having different variations of an image in the library.

For instance, if you want to be able to crop an image in different ways in different parts of the site without having several crops on the same image cluttering up your library, this module can help you do that. Ultimately, it will provide instance-based transformations of images, allowing you to specify the following attributes when rendering the image:


This module will automatically generate a sprite sheet or number of sprite sheets from images uploaded via an Imagefield.


The Raydash module provides live video and audio streaming through the Raydash platform. Just get your userid and secret from http://www.raydash.com, and you can have live video or live video chat right on your website.

Filefield Sources Taxonomy

This is an extension to the Filefield Sources module. What this module allows you to do is find files based on taxonomy terms.

Media: Captions

The Media: Captions module provides an API for processing and displaying Closed Captions for videos. It currently augments the Embedded Media Field to provide closed captions for the Media: YouTube module, when displayed using the Longtail video player using its Captions plugin. Future plans include the ability to associate Audio Description files (mp3) as well.

YouTube Carrousel

When you try this, please review the project application too. Thanks!

Imagefield Crop (Crop per Image Style)

Fork of Imagefield Crop. Refactored in such a way to allow for a unique crop per image style. D7 only (although it should be possible to backport). Much of the architectural inspiration for this module came from the similar project ImageCrop.


SimpleVideo provides an easy, user-friendly and reliable functionality of upload, converting and showing in various flash players video files.


Module consists of three parts: core, UI and integration with Cron. Core module implements main functionality, UI module provides with user interface for module configuring and Cron module allows to perform video processing (transcoding) on schedule.

Principles of operation of SimpleVideo module and ImageField are rather like. Our module allows to specify rules of video processing - presets. They look like ImageField presets. Currently, there are only two types of actions: video transcoding and thumbnail generating. Now it's restricted to have more than one action for a preset, but in future we plan to extend this functionality.


Also, module allows to create formatters. Each formatter corresponds to certain flash player with the path to its SWF player. During the creation of such a formatter, it's possible to specify flash variables and parameters for player in accordance to its specification. To set the path to SWF file or its thumbnail, it's necessary to specify previously created preset via tokens. This way, you inherits formatters' entire flexibility and handy integration with many modules (like Views).

Video transcoding

Brightcove service

The purpose of this module is to integrate brightcove media server with services module to make it easy create, retrieve and delete video using this module.


This module was developed by Vardot for Al Jazeera. The maintenance of this module and the development by artofeclipse.

Brightcove Recorder

The Brightcove Recorder module allows video recorded using the Video Recorder module to be stored in a CCK field and distributed using the Brightcove CDN.

Bitgravity Live

This module implements a flash player specific to playing Bitgravity Live streams. The player is added to the content of a node type of your choosing. The module alos provides you with a block with the player embedded. This module requires a Bitgravity Live account. More information about the Bitgravity Live service is available at http://bitgravity.com/page.php?s=products&p=bg-live.

The Bitgravity module provides tight integration with the Bitgravity Live platform including:

IMCE Upload Link

This project is made to let IMCE upload files not only from local file system but from the URL.

Media:YouTube Add browser upload

(my project for the Google Summer of Code) - Tiago Carmona Palacios

Media:Youtube is a nice module that provides Youtube support for the Media family of modules. It has many features, but lack support for uploading. While direct upload is handled nicely in the Media Mover module in Drupal 7, Browser upload still isn't supported. It was supported via the module Video Upload in Drupal 6, written by bojanz.

The main difference between Direct upload and Browser upload is that in the Direct upload users upload the video to Drupal website, and then Drupal uploads it to the service. Its great when you need to moderate the content of videos, but greatly increases bandwidth usage. Browser upload uploads the file directly to Youtube, and after the upload is completed it saves a file reference (ID) in the Drupal database. This method, while don't support moderation of the content, saves the extra bandwich usage of the Direct upload. Also I'm planning to add support to have Youtube account associated per user or having just one per site, to prevent the upload of videos that might violate the Youtube terms of use.