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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Shibboleth authentication

Provides user authentication with Shibboleth (both v1.3 and v2.0) as well as some authorisation features (automatic role assignment based on Shibboleth attributes).

For detailed description, please check documentation!


Commerce Guys Marketplace

Connect your Drupal Commerce site to the Commerce Marketplace by Commerce Guys. Any Drupal Commerce site will benefit from the ability to directly search the selection of Add-ons and services available from the Commerce Marketplace.

By authenticating your site on Commerce Marketplace you also gain the ability to track and store important connection details in a centralized wallet, and to learn about and access new services as they become available.


Table Element

This is a developer module and provides no end-user functionality. Only install it if you are instructed to by another module, or wish to use the new form element in your own code.

The Table element is also now available in the Elements module (without support of #attributes for cells).

Table Element is a backport for Drupal 7 of the new Table element introduced in Drupal 8.



Notify user settings

The notify module allows users to subscribe to periodic emails which include all new or revised content and/or comments of specific content types, much like the daily newsletters sent by some websites.

Even if this feature is not configured for normal site users, it can be a useful feature for an administrator of a site to receive notification of new content submissions and comment posts.


Publish button

A screenshot of the Save, Preview and Publish button

Adds a publish and unpublish button for a simpler editorial workflow.


Install module.

After installation, on each content type there are a new setting at publishing options and to activate publish/unpublish button for the content type you are editing, you need to check 'Use publish/unpublish button for this content type' and save.

After that you need to add permissions for which roles that could publish content.

Now, when you edit/creates a new node, there are a publish or unpublish button for all the content types that have the button settings if the role have the right permission.


Views 3.x is supported. In the field section a publish button is added.


Normally permissions for publish nodes is not used with this module, instead it has it owns permissions.


For documentation, see the handbook page. Also, see Module Monday: Publish Button.


Publish content adds similar functionality, but uses tabs instead. Save as draft also adds some similar functionality.



Entity bundle plugin

Entity Bundle Plugin module allow developers to build an entity type which is attached to strong behaviors.

This allows you to provide a class for each entity bundle. It uses ctools plugins as a discovery mechanism (finding all entity bundle implementations provided by all modules).

Each entity bundle class can define the fields that are created on that bundle.

Related modules

- Commerce License
- Commerce File


OA Responsive Regions

This module let's you configure Panels regions as responsive regions that act as sliders (top, bottom, right and left) for small (mobile) viewports.

See a demo here.

This module is part of the Open Atrium distribution.


Drupal Remote Dashboard Server

This is the server component that's required on each domain that should be monitored and maintained by your Drupal Remote Dashboard. Details see on the DRD project (http://drupal.org/project/drd).

The issue queue for this module has been closed. Please go to http://drupal.org/project/issues/drd to raise your questions, bugs and ideas there.


Zopim Live Chat

Agent engaging user with the zopim live chat


This module adds the necessary script to the footer of ones site for prompting users to chat via Zopim Live Chat.

What is Zopim Live Chat?
Zopim increases engagement between you and your visitors, by allowing them to chat with you! Great for improving interaction with your users and increasing the time they spend on your site.


Address Field Phone

This project extends the Address Field module to add support for some additional fields (Phone number/extension, Mobile number and Fax number) that are stored with other address fields.

This module may or may not be what you need.


Geofield Gmap

Google Map widget for geofield. A gmap field formatter can be found in the geofield_map submodule inside the Geofield project.

For now allow to use a google map v3 map to input a location.
A quick text input + geocode allow you to specify an address.
You can drag and drop the marker to narrow the position.



Noggin Module in action

Noggin module allows you to upload a custom header image on the Theme Settings page, just as you can for the logo and favicon. Also included are 12 sample header images.

Are you wondering about this modules name? Noggin is an English slang word for head.

Features in the current DEV version:

  • Upload a custom header image
  • Use one of the 12 included default images
  • Themes can provide their own images, Noggin will find them automatically
  • Set a header image per theme
  • Position images (vertically and horizontally)
  • Tile your image x, y, no-repeat, repeat
  • CSS3 stretch to fit setting
  • Set a background color for the header
  • Set the height of the header


Simply enable Noggin module, upload your header image, and you're ready to rock. If you're looking for interesting tiled background images, try Pattern8, StripeMania, BgPatterns, EveryDay Icons, or my personal favorite: Subtle Patterns.



Panels Custom Error

Replaces 404/403 with panel pages. Adds a login block to access denied, cause access denied likes having login blocks.

You could do this yourself easily. This just does it for you.

Name based on CustomError module.


Comment goodness

Blog content type comment settings example

Provides comment sorting, comment form placement and comment form configuration settings.

Drupal 7.x does not support newest-to-oldest comment sorting. This module addresses this gap in functionality and provides content-type level configuration for comment sorting.


Open Atrium Contextual Tabs

This module contains contextual tabs customizations for Open Atrium 2.

Submit an Issue or See issue queue



The Cufon module adds integration with the Cufón Javascript library to Drupal. Cufón performs text replacement on web pages, using the canvas element and VML to render fancy typefaces.


Views filters populate

This is an utility module. Its sole purpose is to fill in one blank that seems not easy to be done using normal views, which is to use one exposed string filter to search on multiple fields.

Bear in mind, that, for now, only populates STRING exposed filters, so those filters that take an array (options) or special types won't work, although it may not be difficult to extend it.

How to use this module for D7

Since Views 7.x-3.4, there is a "Global: combine field filter" built-in filter in Views, so you may not need this module.

The built-in filter uses the fields added to the view so if you are using a view that doesn't support fields, you need to force it to enable fields, which is a setting in the format's options.

You should know, however, that although the effect will probably be the same, this module does it differently. It actually "populates" the other filters, while the built-in filter concatenate the fields in the query and then fliters it. which may have different performance impacts.

I am unsure if this module will work for situations in which the built-in filter won't. Let me know if it does. If you would like to try this module, please continue reading for instructions on how to use this module.


Open Atrium Subspaces

Adds sub-space and sub-group support to Open Atrium 2 via the og_subgroups module.

Submit an Issue or See issue queue


Node and Comments Form Settings

Node and Comments Form Settings

I cannot longer mantain this module. I'm really sorry, but I've tried making time to maintain this one but there's always something urgent that prevents me from doing it. Co-maintainers are also welcome.

I often find myself doing the same hook_form_alter just to do the same things over and over again. It's just a waste of time. This module lets you change several 'small' behaviors with hook_form_alter, in both nodes and comments, doing it per content type so you can configure different aspects of your nodes/comments.

Currently you can do the following changes for nodes:

  • Hide the "Split summary at cursor" button
  • Hide the Input Format fieldset
  • Change the default value of the Submit button
  • Hide the preview button
  • Hide the node title, useful when you're showing the node title on the breadcrumb or if you want to hide it for any other reason. The title needs to be set, if you want to auto generate it, use Automatic Nodetitles since this will not hide the title on the form, just when viewing the node.
  • Show a 'Cancel' link on node edit form. Ported from http://drupal.org/node/116939
  • Option to remove revision log field. Thanks to @jjeff


Webform Report

Requires webform and uses accents (optional) to allow sorting of lists containing accented/special characters.

This module allows users to create simple, dynamic reports based on data collected by the webform module. It adds a new node type that contains the report criteria, and the data displayed is updated automatically as webforms are submitted. The data can be sorted according to the viewer's preference without altering the report criteria.


Protected Pages

Enter Password Page

Module description

Protected Pages modules allows the administrator to secure any page in your website by password. You just need to go to configuration page of this module and add path, password. After that the added path will be password protected. This module also allows you to send the details of this protected page to multiple users by email.

If you are using 8.x-1.0 version then you can also protect private file. This feature will going to be available soon for 7.x version.


Open Atrium Documents

The Documents and Wiki page plugin for Open Atrium 2


Trash Flag

Provides trash functionality using flag, views, and node access combined with (a lot) of permissions




This module provides integration for the jQuery FooTable plugin for creating responsive tables.


The FooTable module currently requires the Libraries API module, as well as the Views module. In the future, the dependency on Views may be removed, once a generic table theme function has been added.

To run the latest version of the FooTable plugin, you will also need to install the jQuery Update module. See installation step #3 below, for more details.


  1. If not already installed, download and install the dependencies above.
  2. Download the FooTable module and follow the instruction for installing contributed modules.