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Views filters populate

This is an utility module. Its sole purpose is to fill in one blank that seems not easy to be done using normal views, which is to use one exposed string filter to search on multiple fields.

Bear in mind, that, for now, only populates STRING exposed filters, so those filters that take an array (options) or special types won't work, although it may not be difficult to extend it.

How to use this module for D7

Since Views 7.x-3.4, there is a "Global: combine field filter" built-in filter in Views, so you may not need this module.

The built-in filter uses the fields added to the view so if you are using a view that doesn't support fields, you need to force it to enable fields, which is a setting in the format's options.

You should know, however, that although the effect will probably be the same, this module does it differently. It actually "populates" the other filters, while the built-in filter concatenate the fields in the query and then fliters it. which may have different performance impacts.

I am unsure if this module will work for situations in which the built-in filter won't. Let me know if it does. If you would like to try this module, please continue reading for instructions on how to use this module.


Drupal Remote Dashboard Server

This is the server component that's required on each domain that should be monitored and maintained by your Drupal Remote Dashboard. Details see on the DRD project (http://drupal.org/project/drd).

The issue queue for this module has been closed. Please go to http://drupal.org/project/issues/drd to raise your questions, bugs and ideas there.


Contextual Tabs

Contextual Tabs

Moves the normal Drupal primary tabs into a drop-down "contextual links" menu to the right of the node title.

Contains configuration to determine which pages are excluded (such as admin*).

There are other modules that attempt to move the tabs into contextual links that mostly all use the Theme layer. This is a module-based approach. In addition, there is configuration flexibility to determine which links to pull out of the config menu as separate buttons.

For example, you can pull the "Edit" link as a separate button, with the "Gear icon" containing the rest of the tabs. You can customize which buttons are pull out of the links on a URL pattern basis. You can also rename links. For example, on a node-edit page you can pull out the normal View tab and rename it as a "Cancel" button for the edit page.

Also contains an alter hook to allow other modules to modify the links, either adding new buttons, or changing/adding the links menu.

NOTE: The drop-down menu is implemented using Bootstrap classes. If you are not using a Bootstrap-based theme you may need to perform some theme and/or javascript work to make the menu work as a drop-down menu. Patches to make this module more generally useful are welcome.


Replicate UI

Screencast showcasing what this module provides.

This provides user interface integration for the simple yet powerful Replicate API. Most notably, this provides integration with Drupal actions which means that you can start to replicate things via the user interfaces with built in support for:


Brilliant Gallery

Brilliant Gallery (screenshot)

A highly customizable Drupal module producing multiple table galleries of quality-scaled images from either a pre-defined local folder, or from any "public" or even "unlisted" Picasa gallery (project page and download).

NEW as of 7.x-1.5: Support for a text field formatter! A new option for showing galleries -- just add a text field to any content type, select formatter "Brilliant Gallery"! In this field then enter any of your local gallery paths, a Picasa RSS link or a Google+ album URL. Multiple text fields / galleries are supported as well. Getting galleries to show on your Drupal site has never been so easy! As of 7.x-1.6 there is one more formatter -- for showing one random image from a gallery -- excellent for a listing of example images from all galleries.


OG Session Context

Adds a plugin for the og_context module that stores the current group into the $_SESSION to be saved across pages. Uses in Open Atrium 2.


OG Variables

Allows per organic group override of variables.

Using the variable API, allows for overriding of variables per organic group.


Panels Custom Error

Replaces 404/403 with panel pages. Adds a login block to access denied, cause access denied likes having login blocks.

You could do this yourself easily. This just does it for you.

Name based on CustomError module.


Webform blocks

This module pulls webforms into blocks. It allows you to freely position the webform of the currently viewed node - just like CCK Blocks does for fields.


Shibboleth authentication

Provides user authentication with Shibboleth (both v1.3 and v2.0) as well as some authorisation features (automatic role assignment based on Shibboleth attributes).

For detailed description, please check documentation!



Sample splash popup.

Display a splash page anywhere on your site by redirecting the user, showing a lightbox, or displaying a popup. This module is designed to be search engine friendly, mobile device friendly and offers multiple configuration options.


Calendar Block


The calendar_block module provides a fully customizable calendar block which can be placed in a region at the blocks section. In thecalendar block's configuration form, the calendar's layout can be fully changed. You can set the colors as well as the size of the calendar so it fits to your websites design. Here's a screenshot of the configuration page.

With this version of the calendar_block module, developers can use the hook_calendar_block() to alter the dates, as well as to set the date the calender has to load on a page call.

If the modules Colorpicker and Textfield to slider are installed, the layout of the calendar is dynamically changed when changing it in the block's configuration form.

for the slider_textfield module you need to have the latest version of jQuery in your /misc directory. If you have the colorpicker module installed, and you want to live update the colors of your calendar while changing the colors in the block's configuration page, you need to apply this patch to farbtastic.js.



    Open Atrium Subspaces

    Adds sub-space and sub-group support to Open Atrium 2 via the og_subgroups module.

    Submit an Issue or See issue queue


    Open Atrium Media

    This module contains Media improvements for Open Atrium 2.

    Submit an Issue or See issue queue


    Field Collection Fieldset

    Field collection fieldset widget settings


    Provides a fieldset formatter for the Field Collection module.
    After enabling the module, go to admin/structure/types/manage/CONTENT_TYPE/fields and switch the widget to "Fieldset".
    Go to admin/structure/types/manage/CONTENT_TYPE/display and switch the formatter to "Fieldset of field collection items".


    Check the README.


    OA Responsive Regions

    This module let's you configure Panels regions as responsive regions that act as sliders (top, bottom, right and left) for small (mobile) viewports.

    See a demo here.

    This module is part of the Open Atrium distribution.


    Commerce Cash on Delivery

    No further development here.
    Recomandation : Use Commerce Custom Offline Payments module instead.
    Commerce Custom Offline Payments package has a submodule - Cash on Delivery payment - that could be used as is this or as an example for the replacement.
    Commerce Cash on Delivery should be disbled, before enabling its replacement.


    Facebook Comments Box

    Preview of Comments on Node



    Session Limit

    Session Limit allows administrators to limit the number of simultaneous sessions per user.


    Entity bundle plugin

    Entity Bundle Plugin module allow developers to build an entity type which is attached to strong behaviors.

    This allows you to provide a class for each entity bundle. It uses ctools plugins as a discovery mechanism (finding all entity bundle implementations provided by all modules).

    Each entity bundle class can define the fields that are created on that bundle.

    Related modules

    - Commerce License
    - Commerce File


    Equal Heights jQuery

    This module implements a jQuery Equal Heights plugin that can equalize the height of the elements of the specified class.

    To use it, give the elements the same class, then go to the administration interface and add this class (separate multiple classes by a space). By default, it sets the height to the height of the tallest element but you can also specify minimum and maximum height.


    Background Process

    Drupal 7 Settings


    Modules that utilize Background Process


    Executing a background process

    $handle = background_process_start('mymodule_dosomething', $myvar1, $myvar2);

    $handle = background_process_start(array('myclass', 'mystaticfunction'), $myvar1, $myvar2);

    $handle = background_process_start(array($myobject, 'mymethod'), $myvar1, $myvar2);

    $handle = background_process_start_locked('dontrunconcurrently', 'mymodule_dosomething', $myvar1, $myvar2);

    Executing arbitrary http requests

    The following code shows how to fetch data via http in "parallel" (asynchronous non-blocking mode)
    It uses an API similar to that of HTTPRL but "slightly" different, in order for the caller to gain more control of the requests. Plans to join forces with HTTPRL are in place.

    Drupal way: blocking/synchronous

    $r = array();
    for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) {
      $r[] = drupal_http_request('http://www.example.com/stuff/' . $i);


    Open Atrium Contextual Tabs

    This module contains contextual tabs customizations for Open Atrium 2.

    Submit an Issue or See issue queue



    The Autosave module automatically saves a snapshot of your content type form using AJAX. If the user's browser or machine dies while editing a node; the edits will be presented to the user the next time they return to the node. The user may toggle back and forth between the last saved version and the version with the edits that were lost and select which of these they would like to continue with.

    How often a form is autosaved as well as which content types to enable autosave for are admin configurable.

    This module requires:
    jQuery Update (Drupal 5 version only)
    jQuery Field Plugin (modified version included with module)

    6.x-2.x Version

    NOTE: if used with JS editor requires latest dev version of WYSIWYG module and patch listed below.

    • 6.x-2.0 version is a complete re-write to remove dependencies on TinyMCE.


    Entityform block

    Allows to load a specified entity form as a block. Requires Entityform.

    After enabling the module, the entityforms will have an optional checkbox to make them a block.