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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Flatten Options

Options flatten screenshot

Often select lists have nested hierarchies of option items. This module provides a simple way of flattening that list into a single-level list of options to improve user experience.


Summary Options

Summary Options

This module provides site builders with additional options for the 'summary' field when using "Text Area with a Summary" widget.

Often, a summary or teaser field is used when displaying content in views. Drupal already has built in support for a summary field, however there is not much control of whether or not it is display, or required.

The two main options are:

  • Always show the summary field
  • Make the summary field required


Webform Conditionals Filter

Allows to filter webform conditionals using one of 3 predefined filters:

  • Action ('show', 'hide' and 'set field value' (Webform conditional values module required)
  • Target field
  • Field value (Webform conditional values module required)

If your webform has a lot of conditionals you should try this module.




XML sitemap Http Cache

XHC batch job preview


XML sitemap Http Cache (XHC).

This module uses non blocking batch job requests for generating http cache pages for Nginx fastcgi and such, from sitemap.xml files provided by the xmlsitemap module.
The method used for cache generation is PHP's Curl "fresh connect" requests.

You will also get the optional xhc_cron module, for planning daily http cache warmup with cron tasks for Drupal's awesome Elysia cron module.


Simple Voicemail

Simple Voicemail is a simple voicemail module for Drupal designed for people who
would like a second phone number that functions as a voicemail box. Use cases
envisioned are a small business that has no fixed line but uses mobile phones,
throwaway numbers for Craigslist ads, or community organizations that want a
voice number backed by nothing but a mailbox.

Can optionally try forwarding a call to another number before the voicemail answers.


Webform Bootstrap Layout

Bootstrap 3 layout building solution for Webform 4.x.
This module is inspired by Webform layout module.



Extra "Inline" formatting option by HTML Diff module

HTML Diff is an extension of the Diff module. While the Diff module itself only compares the source code of two revisions, HTML Diff lets you compare the rendered HTML code visually - like WYSIWYG. This should enable non-technical editors to review diffs without dealing with HTML tags.

HTML Diff ignores HTML attributes like class, id, style...etc. It only takes care of usual HTML tags like p, div, ul, li, strong, h1, h2.. etc.


Advanced help hint

This is a small API module that may be used by other modules to generate a hint string intended for insertion into the project's hook_help. It has no adminsitrative UI and will not do anything by itself; install this module only if some other module tells you to.

The hint string may point to online documentation, the project's README.md or README.txt, or help texts provided by Advanced help.



Entity Bulk Delete is a module which delete the entity in bulk using batch processing API. Entity Bulk Delete module provide the option to delete the entity using customize way. This module will permanently delete your entity so it is advised to use that module with your own risk and make sure you have a backup.


The Entity Bulk Delete module is very similar to other Drupal modules.
For installation of the Entity Bulk Delete module
please follow the below mentioned steps:


Field Type Generator

FTG - Module details example

This module is a code generator for Drupal developers.. It generates much of the code needed to create custom field types, as a fully-working, downloadable module.
It has some very interesting features, like support, out of the box, for the following data fields as columns of the field type created:

1.- "text_format" Textareas that need to store the chosen format.
2.- Date fields (https://www.drupal.org/project/date)
3.- Entity Reference fields


Protocol Relative URLs

Protocol Relative URLs

Protocol Relative URLs makes all file URLs generated by Drupal to be protocol relative.

What are protocol relative URLs?

Protocol relative URLs look like: //example.com/foo/bar. Dropping the protocol from the URL allows your web browser to assign the current protocol to the URL. So, if you are visiting the site in HTTPS mode, links will point to HTTPS, and if you are visiting the site in HTTP mode, links will point to HTTP.

* Note: protocol relative URLs will cause IE7/8 to download stylesheets twice.


Block Attributes

Screenshot of the Block Attributes configuration fields added by the module on the Block Configuration forms.

The Block Attributes module allows users to specify additional HTML attributes for blocks, through the block's configuration interface, such as class, id, style, title and more.

It appeared the ability for users to configure Blocks' HTML ID, classes or custom styles has been a recurring request (for quite some time). Therefore, this module attempts to provide a solution for these cases and support more HTML attributes for blocks.


CINC Display

CINC Display

Manage display settings with CINC using an entity-specific interface.


Create or update a module and add dependencies[] = cinc_display to your module's info file.

Next, add hook_cinc_display_apply:


Views HTTP Headers

Module settings in Views

This module provides a views area plugin that allows you to specify custom http headers that should be output when the view is displayed.

For instance, you can output Cache-Control headers on a view that provides API data via JSON, thus ensuring your API always provides current information.


There are a few other modules that could help you do the same thing:


Multi-domain XML Sitemap

This is a simple module that builds on top of XML Sitemap module (v2.0). It allows generating sitemap.xml for multiple domains that point to the same Drupal site. For example, you might have example.com, example.us, example.io that all point to the same Drupal site. Using this module will allow generating separate sitemap.xml files under each domain that point to the correct domain name. For example, example.us/sitemap.xml will have links pointing to example.us/..., etc.


Features Package Settings


This module provides additional settings for Features Packages, allowing for more sensible administration on sites with big number of Features, especially when some of these Features do not need to get their State checked all the time during the development.


Pathauto Force Regenerate

Ever need to completely regenerate paths per node type or vocabulary based on your pathauto settings and have redirects automatically created? If so, then this module's for you!

Usage is simple. Visit /admin/config/search/path/regenerate, select your desired node types and/or taxonomies, and click "Regenerate". Aliases will be updated and redirects created!

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.


Entity Birds Eye

Example for entity dia

Helper for visualize entities and bundles.


JointJS Page

GitHub project


Sponsored by b-connect GmbH


HTTP Request Cache

Provides a wrapper around drupal_http_request() that will, by default, cache outgoing GET requests. Also defines an alter hook so that other modules can adjust if a request is cached or not.


No additional requirements.


Just enable the module and it will start caching outgoing GET requests. More complex rules require implementing an alter hook.


Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.


Imagefield Info

Screenshot of uploaded image.

This tiny module provides an information about selected image styles URLs to imagefield widget.

It's very handy if you want to insert uploaded images into a WYSIWYG editor.

You can also select what image style URLs you want to display in the imagefield widget.


Video Filter Ted

A small module to add Ted support to the video filter module.

To use it, you will need the video filter module install. After that, you can copy the URL of a Ted show into your text input area using the video filter syntax and it will render as a video for you.

For example: [video: https://www.ted.com/talks/anand_giridharadas_a_tale_of_two_americas_and_the_mini_mart_where_they_collided]

There is a basic help page available at example.com/admin/help/video_filter_ted


Panopoly Internationalization

Panopolyapp to provide internationalization support.

This project can be used with any Drupal installation, it just makes some assumptions based off of the Panopoly distributions.