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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Data integrity checker

By default Drupal provides ability to describe foreign keys through the Schema API, but it doesn't create them on database physical level. So data integrity could be corrupted.

This module checks database for data integrity issues.


1 Download and install this module.
2 Open page: Reports -> Data integrity (admin/reports/di).


Module provides hook_di_checker_info() hook, so other modules could provide their data integrity checks which will be shown on Data integrity report page. See di_checker.api.php for details.


Commerce Checkout.Com Payment Gateway

Checkout.Com (http://www.checkout.com/) Payment Gateway integration with Drupal.


Checkout Ltd is a Principal Member of major International Card Associations.

Checkout.com connects your website or application to all major credit cards as well as an expansive range of local payments, all through one simple interface.


Ubercart Shipping Insurance

Adds a new "shipping insurance" checkout pane. Shipping insurance can be either a percentage of the total or a fixed amount.


Commerce Omniva

Omniva field for Commerce. All three Baltic states are available. You can create country based fields, using with shipping module you can configure a complete checkout process.


Tagged SystemQueue

This module extends Drupal Core SytemQueue Queue API backend with the addition of query tags and metadata. This will allow you to perform query alteration on supported queue methods.

This module does not do anything itself and does not have any UI. It is a developer module to use from other contrib modules to implement diverse queue functionalities.


Views Photo Grid

This module adds a responsive Photo Grid display style to Views. The Photo Grid style arranges photos such that the height in each row is consistent, and the photos always fill up all the available width.

See demo:


Space Launches

The Space Launches module provides a way to retrieve, store, and display upcoming space launches.


Sentiment Analysis

Field Type

* The module name (Sentiment Analysis) itself describes everything about this module.

* This module provides a field type ("Sensitivity")

* This module needs an additional API key(3rd Party) to check user inputted text
and returns the result of sentiment(If negative).



Commerce pre-calculated price field

This simple module for Drupal Commerce allows to store and get access to calculated price (sell price) from database.


CTA Blocks

Sites always have a need for various call-to-action buttons. This module provides them, by way of a relatively simple custom block, that accepts a title, optional subtitle, and a link.

Some benefits and features of CTA Blocks:


Pane Field

Simple example of Pane Field


Pane field allows you to reuse ctools content types (also known as panes) inside a field.
On selecting a Pane the pane configuration will be rendered and saved inside the field data.

Especially powerful in combination with Paragraphs.


Uploadify Jcrop -- 猎人上传神器

This is a multi-function upload plugin, it can solve many problems...

Road map:

1. Form API support
2. user avata support
3. Entity and Field API

How to use

1> only uploadify, it support multi images upload.



Zoho CRM Drupal

Integrates the Zoho CRM API methods with Drupal.

It does nothing else and is intended to serve other modules to communicate with Zoho CRM.


  1. Install modules as usual
  2. Goto to /admin/config/services and enter user email and password. If using two authentication factor, refer to this link for password instructions


Rules block visibility

The Rules block visibility module allows Rules components to be used to control block visibility. This provides Drupal administrators and developers extreme flexibility in controlling when blocks should be displayed on their websites, in addition to the default visibility options provided by Drupal.


Webform Capture+

Webform capture+


Provides Capture+ address finder integration to webform. Supports all 3 formats (Separate Search Field, Bound fields and Single line). Requires Capture+ key


WYSIWYG CodeSnippet

This module enables the CodeSnippet plugin from CKEditor.com in your WYSIWYG. It includes the highlightjs library and all available styles for it. If you've ever wanted to drop code examples in your Drupal content and have it highlighted in a pretty format, this is for you.


WYSIWYG (dev version), Libraries API, and CKEditor library version 4.x+ are required.


Cookie Lock

This modules provides a simple way to lock your site down using a single username and password. The initial goal was to prevent search engines and clients from viewing sites that are under active development. Once enabled and configured you cannot browse to any pages on the site other than the Cookie Lock page.

Your Drupal session isn't affected by this module. This means you can lock your site down, but still allow anonymous user testing (provided they entered proper credentials).


Commerce TaxJar

Coming soon: Integrates Drupal Commerce with TaxJar (http://affiliate.taxjar.com/blueoakinteractive) for real-time tax calculation.



Drupal stacktable


This module provides integration for the Stacktable.js plugin for creating
responsive tables. The purpose of Stacktable.js is to give you an easy way
of converting wide tables to a format that will work better on small screens.
It creates a copy of the table that is converted into a 2-column key/value form


The Stacktable module requires the Libraries API module.



Mailgun logo

Provides integration with the Mailgun PHP library.


Primo Discovery SSO


Allows Drupal to share user sessions with Primo.


1. Place the primo_sso module into your modules directory (sites/all/modules)

2. Enable the module in admin >> site configuration >> modules

3. Set up access permissions in admin >> user >> permissions for both 'administer primo'
and 'access primo discovery'.




Based on the HTML canvas element and the jqscribble JS library, this module provides the functionality to add canvas pages to your site. Visitors with the corresponding permission can then draw on the canvas' (scribble blackboards) of those sites. The idea is to provide a module that turns your website into a more or less public canvas, such that visitors can draw pictures together and save their changes.


Webform Captcha

This module adds some basic configuration options to Webforms that allow a user with permission to create a webform to control whether the default captcha appears on a specific webform. Users with permission to administer Captchas can control all settings the way they would for any other form. These options where originally contributed as a patch to the Captcha Webform Bridge, but never committed and that project's maintainer was unresponsive. So now this project exists. Enjoy.


Webform Insightly

This module enables the integration of insightly CRM with webforms. It creates a new contact for each webform entry and adds opportunities for every subsequent entry of the contact.

This is performed by mapping the webform fields with insightly fields; 'FIRST_NAME', 'LAST_NAME',

CUSTOMFIELDS can also be mapped using this module. Make sure that the field name exists in insightly for this to work. You need to add custom fields at System Settings > Custom Fields.