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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

IP Consumer Auth

Drupal 8 custom Authentication Provider using an IP Consumer While List

This idea is enable anonymous user access to Drupal 8 REST Resources using their IP address as validation method

This module enable an UI to add a whiles list of IP consumers.

Module generated using Drupal Console


Using the contrib module Rest UI (I recommend to use the git version until Drupal 8 get a first release) you can enable REST Resources using the Authentication Provider ip_consumer_auth


Hosting Slack

Provides slack notifications for Aegir 2.x tasks.


Client Error Trace

Client Error Trace

A Drupal module to help track down HTTP 4XX client errors. Uses plugins to allow site-specific traces to be added to each report.

All development occurs at the github project.



A small module to configure and initialize the Riveted Google Analytics plugin.

The module assumes that you are already loading your analytics tool with another module or by hand (Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager).

To install:


Commerce Order Force Delete

This module provides an emergency "forced" delete option for Drupal Commerce orders. There are a couple different ways that a order can get corrupted and then be undeleteable by the normal delete functionality. This provides a 'Force Delete' command on the order admin page (normally at: admin/commerce/orders) which will work for any order even if it is very corrupted. However it is doing it through forced SQL queries which means it isn't as 'Drupalish' or clean.


Yet another menu block

Menu setup

Imagine you need to display submenus separate from their trees in blocks.

  • Parent Menu 1
  • Parent Menu 2
    • Child Menu A
      • SubChild Menu 1A
      • SubChild Menu 2A
      • SubChild Menu 3A
    • Child Menu B
      • SubChild Menu 1B
      • SubChild Menu 2B
      • SubChild Menu 3B

Will result in:

Block title : Child Menu A
Block content :
- SubChild Menu 1A
- SubChild Menu 2A
- SubChild Menu 3A



QueryBuilder is a module which build dynamic query for developers. That module helps the drupal developer especially those guys which are fresher in drupal. It reduces the amount of time for building query. It also provide option to clear cache of the site every time when cron run. By using QueryBuilder we can build these query statements:-


Preview Sync

4 steps into preview sync

Aims to solve the holy grail of Drupal problems - site preview. It does this in a different manner to all other preview systems that currently exist in Drupal.


Biblio WorldCat Search integration

Integrates with Biblio module's node add form to look up a citation from the WorldCat Open Search API and prefill the Biblio form with values from the selected entry.


WorldCat Open Search API

A simple API module for retrieving search results from the WorldCat Open Search API.

You will need to request an API key from OCLC before you will be able to execute searches.

This module doesn't do anything exciting on its own; it's designed to provide helper functions to other modules or for your own custom code.


Entity Rest Extra

Extra Rest resources to enable access to entities configuration via Rest Resource

The following resources help to get admin information about Drupal 8 to be used by external implementation i.e Headless Drupal.

This idea was suggested as a patch to Drupal 8 Core more information at https://www.drupal.org/node/2355291#comment-9241689

All resources require authentication with an user with permission Administer content types

This project is used as part of project Marionette Drupal Yeoman Generator


Admin Security

On certain high-security environments, it is often required to block admin access to all but a white list of IPs. Typically this is done at the Apache level with two servers, one that blocks access to admin urls and another that doesn't. Then the admin server access is locked down as required.


Profile2 Panels

Enable in Page Manager

Page Manager (Panels) support for Profile2.

With this module you can take over Profile2 paths with Page Manager.
Now it is possible to theme your Profile2 edit and view pages with Panels.


Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph Module allows to build schemas from schema.org using the field ui. A schema can be used to map content type fields and properties as a schema property and output it as JSON-LD in the HTML head.


Views Linker

User Case

The user has searched or filtered on a Views generated page,
clicked on one of the found results, and navigated through to the
page for that result.

After reading the info on the result page, how does the site lead
the user back to the page listing all the other found results?

This module provides a link back to the Views listing page,
which preserves the filters the user applied.


API webhook

API module provides great tool to generate documentation. This modules provides web-hook to tell API module to:

- Re-download the new code base
- Queue for re-parse on next cron run.


drush dl api_webook
drush en api_webhook -y

Then the web hook is available at: /api-webhook/:project-name/:branch-name


This module will remove the old source code to get the new one. Please do not
point to a working directory.


Field Paywall

Field Paywall allows developers to replace fields on entities with a message depending on user permissions. It's useful for giving visitors teasers to content before advising them to sign up to see more.

Walkthrough video

A walkthrough video is available at http://youtu.be/a-Y8tiHuvaQ with a full demonstration of how to use field_paywall and how to override field_paywall templates.


Role Provisioner

This module provides a base for handling roles and permissions. The RoleProvisioner is expected to be extended through a another module. Your module will provide the configuration YAMLs and a class to ensure they're brought into scope.


  • XAutoload (PSR-4 autoloading)
  • Libraries (SpyC YAML parser)

You can make sure your site's roles and permissions are in proper configuration by running the ensurePermissions() method during an install, upgrade, or manual method call.


Behat Drupal Extension Remote Client

Drupal Remote API Client

The remote API client is a Drupal helper module that, in conjuction with the RestWS module, allows the Drupal Remote API Driver to run Behat tests against Drupal sites. This client module is only needed on remote Drupal sites where testing will occur.


iMindsX OAuth

A library defining a common set of API's for connecting to 3rd party applications or API's. The API's are grouped into several classes, all having a subset of functionality. For example the storage API will define all functionality for talking to e.g. Dropbox API and Google Drive API. Because this gives an abstraction over all different 3rd party API's, you can quickly switch between the different providers without learning a new API.

The different classes:

  • Storage
  • Login (WIP)
  • Calendar (WIP)
  • SocialFeed (WIP)
  • Tasks (WIP)


View Modes Display

View Modes Display is a helper module to preview view modes for your entities.

When working on a site with many content types and view modes, it becomes tedious to find out where to view the rendered entity in a given view mode. This module aims to solve this by providing an additional tab "Preview Display" on the node itself.

On the "Preview Display" page, all view modes with custom settings will be rendered in the enabled theme. A contextual link is also added for nodes to make it easy to link to the "Preview Display" from anywhere the node is shown.


Panels Field Collection form

This module contains a simple implementation for embedding Field Collection forms into Panels.


well, obviously:


Views custom cache

Views custom cache: View's first argument enabled

This module provides two new simple caches for views which takes view's arguments into account:


Twitter Backlog

Import a user's backlog of Twitter status messages, prior to the 20 messages imported by the Twitter module by default.


The 7.x-1.x branch of Twitter Backlog is intended to work with the 7.x-5.x branch of the Twitter module. The 7.x-2.x branch of the Twitter Backlog module is intended to work with the 7.x-6.x branch of the Twitter module.