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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Hubspot Form Entity

Creates a content type that allows the quick creation of Hubspot Embedded forms

First Paragraph

First Paragraph provides a field formatter for body-style fields which allows only the first paragraph of text.

The core 'trim' functionality can lead to unpredictable teasers and truncated text. This module allows editorial users to know that whatever they set as their first paragraph, that is what will come out on the teaser listing.

This also avoids editors having to split the body into two fields.

This module was sponsored by Full Fat Things.


CKEditor Social Media Embed

This module integrates the CKEditor Media Embed plugin (http://ckeditor.com/addon/embed).

The plugin introduces a widget that allows you to embed resources (videos, images, tweets, etc.) hosted by other services (called the "content providers") in your content. By default the plugin uses the Iframely proxy service which supports over 1715 content providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Imgur, GitHub, or Google Maps.

Address Field Email

This project is mostly based on https://www.drupal.org/project/addressfield_phone . This project enables the collection of an email address in an addressfield field.

New Block

Image of New Block module

This simple module highlights newly created blocks in the Blocks administration interface. This can be useful if you have regions populated with numerous blocks, as it will allow you to find and reorder new blocks instantly. New blocks are only highlighted once per theme with red text reading "New", and a temporary pink background that fades once the new block has scrolled into view.

Sweet Alert

sweet alert

Integrates the SweetAlert plugin to act as a modern replacement for JavaScript's alert.

Third Party Dependencies

- SweetAlert (https://github.com/t4t5/sweetalert)


- Download the SweetAlert library and unzip it to /libraries/sweetalert
- Enable the SweetAlert module
- Clear all cache, the status report page should indicate both libraries are included successfully

The libraries path is in your Drupal root, outside of /core. Do not place it in /core.


Views Field Rewriter

This module provides a new global view field which takes the value from another field in the view and outputs either "0" or "1" depending on the value of the other field. This is useful if, for instance, you have one field whose output is either "Yes", "No" or "Maybe" and you want your view to display "OK" if the user entered "Yes" or "Maybe" and "Not OK" if the user entered "No".

You could also accomplish the same outcome by modifying view templates, but this puts the power of this type of configuration in the hands of site builders.


Ad integration

Responsive integration of ads with a hierarchical configuration. Integration of Orbyd and Forward Ad Group ad engines are provided, but a more general approach is in development.

IVW Integration

Configure content to print IVW tags. Tags can be defined hierarchically. define default tags for your site and overwrite them for single articles or all article having a spezific taxonomy term.

Breakpoint js settings

Writes breakpoint information into javascript settings. Assign viewport widths to breakpoints and make that information available as javascript settings.

Commerce speedy

Implements speedy.bg shipping


FLOP (Form Loss Protection)

Prevents users from data loss by accidentally leaving a form.
A JavaScript alert is displayed to the user to confirm that he wants to leave the page.

Similar modules :

Node Edit Protection - Only applies on node forms.

Fancy Buttons

Using this module you can add the buttons as you wish.

Taxonomy UI improvements

At the moment the module provides only two options:
batch removal of terms and batch adding terms directly from list terms page.


SedaMicro is a lightweight web-based and mobile user interface for audio recording and uploading. It allows direct
app-based recording of lightweight audio files, direct download of created audio files, and storage and publishing of generated content to Amazon S3.

Configuration filter

This module will add up the functionality that you can search any configuration on the configuration page and in its inner links.

Image-Recognition CAPTCHA

Screenshot of CAPTCHA provided by Image-Recognition CAPTCHA

Image-Recognition CAPTCHA provides a CAPTCHA that challenges the visitor to recognize a subset of images within a set of images. For example, the visitor may be challenged to identify all the images with trees.

The module has no dependency on external services. This is a difference from some other modules providing image-recognition CAPTCHAs, such as reCAPTCHA.


Profile Enable


'Profile Enable' is an extension for Drush. This extension provides a new Drush command, profile-enable, which is designed for the enabling and re-enabling of Drupal installation profiles. Now I know that Drush itself can handle this perfectly well using pm-enable and installation profiles are modules. But I do want to make you aware of a special use case that required the development of 'Profile Enable'.


Opt It

Opt It logo

Opt It Mobile is industry leading text message marketing application to engage, build brand awareness and create a direct dialogue with your customers. Thousands are growing their businesses by utilizing the power of permission based text message marketing.

This Drupal module integrates with Opt It Mobile API and provides membership management and messaging UI as well as PHP API.


Development of the module is supported by Opt It, Inc.


Commerce Donation Checkout Pane

Commerce Donation CMS Screen

This module provides a check box at the checkout page to add the donation to the order. The donation amount,check box title can be configured at the back end in the following path admin/commerce/config/checkout/form/pane/donation. The check box is ajax enabled, once checked new donation line item will be attached to current cart order object.


The module allows you to make an internal sub-request and display the response in a block.



Malt, "Markup Areas in Long Text" is an experiment at creating a CKEditor plugin and corresponding configuration UI that allows structured layout regions to be dropped in at any point within a CKEditor-based long text field. Think html templates, but using the same widget framework used with image captions to ensure the integrity of the layout cannot be adversely impacted after it's initially inserted.

tooltip anywhere

This project used tooltipster API to create tooltip site wide.