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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Slick extras

Drupal Slick carousel

Provides Slick carousel extra utilities.

This module contains sub-modules:
Slick development
Slick example


They were previously included in Slick 2.x till beta1, now contribs, see #2497079: Move some sub-modules into separate projects


Provision Package Updates

Provides the backend code for hosting_package_updates.

For Aegir 2.x.


Hosting Package Updates

For Aegir 2.x

Provides a report of how many package updates are available for a given platform. Does not depend on the update module being enabled on any site in the platform. To install this, you must also install provision_package_updates.


Feeds entity processor

The new home of the Feeds entity processor.


  • A recent development snapshot of Feeds.


Zen Mobile Menu

This is a very small module that makes default Zen sub-theme main menu be a bit more responsive. It does this by:


DigitalGov Analytics

Adds support for version 2 of the Digital Gov Digital Analytics Program.

The module implements all features defined within the DAP Implementation Guide by exposing an admin configuration page to edit each resource reference customization.


Slick views

Drupal Slick carousel

Provides Views style plugin for Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.

See http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick

Slick views adds a new display style to views called Slick carousel. Similar to how you select HTML List or Unformatted List as display styles.

This module doesn't require Views UI to be enabled but it is required if you want to configure your Views display using Slick carousel through the web interface. This ensures you can leave Views UI off once everything is setup.


External Entities

This module allow you to connect to datasets from external databases and use it in your Drupal 8 website. While content lives external, Drupal sees those remote entities as internal. This makes it possible to alter the field displays, add references, comments, pathaliases, share buttons, webshop products and more.


Formatted Field tokens

The Formatted Field tokens module has been superseded by the Field tokens module, however the format of the Formatted Field token has not changed at all.

Please uninstall this module and install the Field tokens module instead.


Commerce Todo Pago

Todo Pago logo

This project will integrate Todo Pago payment services into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.


Environment Indicator File

Display an arbitrary tag from a file in your sites folder.

Useful for when using different build systems across multiple environments and want to standardise.

File must be called "version" and live in sites/$site_name


Open Data Schema Map

This module provides a flexible way to expose your Drupal content via APIs following specific Open Data schemas. Currently, the CKAN and Project Open Data schemas are provided, but new schemas can be easily added through your own modules. A user interface is in place to create endpoints and map fields from the chosen schema to Drupal content using tokens.


Visualization Entity Charts

Visualization Entity Charts creates graphs and charts using data from Drupal as well as outside sources.

This module is under active development on Github: https://github.com/NuCivic/visualization_entity_charts

Once we reach a stable release we will publish this on Drupal.org here.

Visualization Entity

Visualization Entity is a helper module to enable creating chart, graph, map, and other visualizations using data from Drupal as well as outside sources.

This module is under active development on Github: https://github.com/NuCivic/visualization_entity

Once we reach a stable release we will publish this on Drupal.org here.

EE Commerce

Extends the Enterprise for Everyone Distribution with Commerce Features


Hosting Wordpress

Hosting WordPress is an Aegir module to manage WordPress sites. It aims to support the main Aegir functionality, such as installation, upgrade, migration and backups.

Please read the README.md file for more information. The issue queue and main git repository are managed on github.



The Europass module collects field values from one or more entity bundles and uses the API provided as web-services exposed by the Europass Interoperability in order to allow users to download the formatted Europass Curriculum Vitae. The module allows users to download the Curriculum Vitae as .pdf, .doc or .odt but exposes an API that allows developers to provide additional output formats.


Printer, email and PDF versions for Drupal 8

This is the new home of the print module, once the ongoing port to Drupal 8 is complete.


Token Content Access

Token Content Access allows you to restrict access to individual nodes using URL tokens. In order to view protected nodes, users must provide a unique token via the URL. This allows nodes to be published and viewable to anonymous users (for instance with a special link from an email campaign) but not visible to the public at large. It also automatically hides any TCA-protected content from Views results.


Views Ctools Dropbutton

Provides new field "Ctools dropbutton" field for Views.


  1. Install the module.
  2. Click on "Add field" in your views.
  3. Choose "Ctools dropbutton" in the "Global" section.
  4. Select links you want to add to ctools dropbutton.
  5. Have fun!


Redirect Check


Addon module for Redirect to check if redirect paths can be reached. For each redirect you can turn this check on/off and set a fallback url for when the redirect fails. The redirect check looks for a status code 200 on the redirect url.


This module requires the following modules:
* Redirect (https://drupal.org/project/redirect)


Add a redirect and on the bottom you get an extra check field.


Page Manager Cache Lifetime

This module allows you to override the cache expiration variables on each page manager variant.
Once the module is enabled, an extra operation will appear when editing a variant.
This will allow the page to override the default variables and use a custom one.

The variables supported are:

  • Minimum cache lifetime (cache_lifetime)
  • Expiration of cached pages (page_cache_maximum_age)

These can both by edited globally on the admin/config/development/performance page.


Entity forms in blocks

Important node : this module may be merged soon into Form Block module, see
#2492285: Enhance for global entity solution


Contact Save Remind

"Contact Save Remind" is a module that works with "Contact Save" to implement the ability to remind a user that he/she has outstanding unread saved contact form messages.

The "Contact Save" module ensures that a user doesn't miss any form submissions in the event of email failure, storing messages in the database. However, it requires the user to check if there are any new contact form submissions stored that they may not have received.


Associate Entities With Users

Full Description coming. Allows you to associate entities on your site (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) with user accounts and displaying those associations on user information pages.