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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Adds basic integration of the Tracy PHP debugger to Drupal.

With Tracy, you can view all PHP errors, notices, and warnings in a consolidated info bar. You can then disable printing of error messages from Drupal to get them off of the screen and view them in one place.


Domain Path Rewrite

Auto-rewriting and redirection for Domain Path.



  1. Install Domain Path module and its dependencies.
  2. Optionally install Redirect module (to be able to manage domain-specific redirects).
  3. Go to Modules and enable Domain Path Rewrite.
  4. No additional configuration needed. It will just magically work!

Features | read more

  • Automatic domain path redirects
  • Automatic cross-domain URLs rewrite
  • Domain-specific redirects support


IP Whitelist and Blacklist

This module provides login restriction by both whitelist and blacklist, module features:


KeyboardCowboy's Panels Demo

This module is designed for KeyboardCowboy's DrupalCamp Colorado 2015 Pragmatic Site Building With Panels training program, but can be used by anyone to get started with panels.

Currently this comes with all the modules necessary to install panels and views content panes and a variety of content you can easily relate to start generating dynamic layouts.

Slides used for the initial presentation are here: http://keyboardcowboy.github.io/kcpd-preso


Token replace AJAX

The Token replace AJAX module adds the ability to process individual tokens via an AJAX callback. It is primarily a developer utility, built for the purpose of offloading common functionality from other modules.



The Token replace AJAX module is essentially a very basic REST API with only one method:


Returns the token, replacement and any Drupal messages as a JSON object.


  • :token

    The token you wish to process in a standard token format.


famfamfam.com icons

The famfamfam.com icons module is a wrapper to integrate the famfamfam.com icon packs with the Icon API module.

The icon packs are not included in this module, they need to be downloaded from famfamfam.com. See Installation instructions for more details.


Required modules



User External Invite

Future home of external user invite module.

This module allows any user with the "invite new user" permission to send role invites to an email address. This module assumes that you are using external authentication (such as LDAP or Shibboleth) and that users receiving the invites can already log into the website.

Upon receiving the invitation email, the user is directed to the user login page. Upon successful authentication, the elevated role is automatically granted.


Opigno Mozilla Open Badges App

Opigno Mozilla Open Badges App makes possible to integrate Opigno LMS with Mozilla Open Badges.
This makes possible to create badges, earned by students when successfully completing a course or a class.


Media Tweaks

Small module with some media tweaks to make using media a bit more comfortable/easier/..



Provides a way to display PHP variables in a pretty way.

By default, the module display the output in the message zone, just like the other common debugging modules.
If you enable the submodules (see below), you'll be able to "dump" in other locations like in a Drupal Block, the Drupal's watchdog or in the console.

Make sure to have the required Symfony libraries to get this module working.

See the examples below on how to use it, it's very easy to use.


Views Lazy Load

This module provides a views display extender that lazy loads the contents of a view via AJAX. When enabled the View is forced into AJAX mode which means additional pages are also loaded via AJAX.

This module was initially developed to work with Search API Sajari so the View can query Sajari on each page load without blocking the rest of the page loading.


Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link

The Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link module allows Ubercart Discount Coupons to be automatically redeemed by users upon visiting the page at

This allows for a quick and easy method of automatically applying coupon codes for users, negating the need for them to remember the coupon code. Users can simply click the link provided and the code will automatically appear on checkout. Very useful for advertising/emails, etc.


Features Master

The APIs may be changing so use with caution for now, but please do help out by testing.

This module allows for the exporting of all active modules and themes using features module. There should be one "master" features module that will include the enabled features.


Simple Currency Converter

Convert all the prices on your site to any currency for better user experience.


As an example add the following mark to you page.


Unix Time Conversion

Date To Timestamp


Unix Time Conversion, This module allows site users to perform following conversions.

  • Unix-timestamp to Date conversion
  • Date to Unix-timestamp conversion

The time conversion happens with respect to standard epoch time of 01/01/1970 midnight.

How it works:

This module provide two different ajax blocks from where conversions can be acheived for any reference date or unix-timestamp.

The ajax blocks are mentioned below.


TNS Gallup

The official Danish internet traffic statistics from the Association of Danish Media is handled by TNS Gallup (as of January 1, 2016).

This module provides an easy method for adding the tracking script to your Drupal site.



tarteaucitron.js Premium

tarteaucitron.js is a Javascript library to conform to the European cookie law, this plugin make the installation very easy with the Premium version.

What is it for?

The premium version (lemon meringue pie) install all the services in a few clicks, without touching the source code of the site.

Example: to install the measurement service Google Analytics, simply click 'Google Analytics' in the setting page, enter the UA-XXXXX id and validate. The script is now injected in the site and the consent is managed!


Search API Sajari

A Search API integration for Sajari using the official SDK.


Structured Data Markup (Rich Snippets)

Structured Data as defined by Google:

"Structured data markup" is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like Google Now and Siri.

For more info see: https://developers.google.com/structured-data



Pronounced (in a Pittsburgh accent) DAAAAAAAAYYYYYNNNNAAAAAAA
Is short for Drush Assign Author Nodes to Another Author

This was created in the even that you bulk delete a user from a bunch of sites (say an employee that no longer works for you). You can run drush ucan which will remove the user from the system and give all their content to anonymous. Well, there's no good way of assigning those nodes to someone else via drush.


Node Usage

This is a simple module to report which custom content types exist, and the count of usage for each one.

I built this module to help me know which content types are in use on a site. I find it useful when comparing production sites to their staging and dev versions.

It can be displayed as a standalone page (admin/reports/nodes) or as a block. I like to put it in the right column of Dashboard. There are columns for the type (machine name), the human-friendly name, and the count of instances of each type. Each column head is click-sortable.


Ajax throbber

mschudders ajax throbber fading circle

Displays an Ajax throbber in an overlay on every ajax request.

So user interaction will be blocked until the request is completed.

So this is not tied to one component like views or webforms.
But usable for everything.

The animation of the throbber + overlay is all CSS


variable_set('ajax_throbber_selection', 'circle');
Choice between:


Solr Query Builder

This module provides UI for building and sending custom queries to Apache Solr.
In some situations you may not have access to the Solr admin interface and Solr Query Builder can help you send and debug your queries in this case.


Divas Cookies

This is the porting to Drupal of Divas Cookies jquery script by Coding Diva

Divas Cookies is:

EU Cookie Law Policy Banner
for jQuery, WordPress and Prestashop

The quickest and most elegant solution to add a banner compliant with EU Cookie Policy. Block scripts with simple helpers. Easily and fully customizable to get the look & feel of any website.
The only EU Cookie Policy banner plugin natively ready for translations!


Parse Push Notifications

The purpose of this module is to enable push notifications to mobile devices via the Parse service. It is intended to be configurable with a set of its own rules (not part of the Rules module) so that notifications can be sent based on actions and roles.

Use cases: