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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Whatsapp Share

Whatsapp share link looks like

Whatsappshare module provides a link to share your page and custom text after node title of every page.
Once enable the module then go to /admin/config/services/whatsappshare page.
Whatsappshare module provides a admin page to customized -
1. Text (Share) which will appear after title on every node page.
2. An option to manage the size of whatsapp share button size.
3. The custom text which has to be share.

Original idea is inherited from http://whatsapp-sharing.com/



Formatted Titles

This module allows to change the type of the title field in an entity’s edit form from simple text to formatted text. When the entity is loaded, its title is then replaced with its formatted version.

In a view, Formatted Title tries to replace all instances of an entity’s title, even when the entity is being brought in through a relationship.

After enabling the module, go to admin/config/content/format-title, where you can enable formatted titles on a per-entity, per-bundle basis. You can also choose to restrict the HTML output of the module even further.


Views Menu Node Children Filter

This module adds a contextual filter to Views that will retrieve a node's child nodes according to a menu's structure.

Example scenario

Create a view of nodes that are direct children of a specific node in the Main menu tree.


Commerce Payment Split

This module allow user pay multiple time for an order.

Ex: When user book a trip $10000, user can pay first time $2000 and then pay multiple time ultil enough.

Version 7.x-1.0 just have feature for this. It missing the hook for other module intergate and also if you need to pay more for an order, you need to change the status of order manually.

Use 7.x-1.x-dev to resolve the change order status. It have a menu to pay more for an order.


Mailchimp Back Sync

Mailchimp synchronisation create user

Mailchimp Back Sync bring extra synchronisation functionalities that are not available on the Drupal Mailchimp module version 7.x-3.x.

This module is specially interesting when we want Drupal to update it’s users information when a modification has been introduced on Mailchimp interface or through a third part software using Mailchimp API.

An alternative to the use of this module whould be to install Rules and setup triggers and actions for Mailchimp webhooks, though mcbacksync do that automatically.


wechat dkf



wechat views

wechat views module:




Drupal implementation for the rcSwitcher library https://github.com/ahmad-sa3d/rcswitcher


This modules provides an integration with the Javascript rcSwitcher library. It will make available a friendly checkboxes for your forms.


  • Requires jQuery 1.7 >=

Help wanted!

Help is always wanted.


UUID User badges

UUID User Badges


Personalize View Modes

This module builds on the Personalize module suite. It allows you to swap out the rendered view mode of any fieldable entity on the site(provided it has multiple view modes). This module is functional, however, it is currently in heavy development and you should exercise caution before using it in a production environment.


Menu Item Attach

Menu edit page

This module allows to add some menu items inside another menu item. This is very useful for creating mega menus.


  • Add new option "Attach to" on menu item edit page.
  • Display attached menu items inside another item.
  • Hide attached items from their normal position.


Restrict Role Login by IP

This is a minimalistic version of Restrict By IP module .

Restrict By IP module checks for IP restriction for every user on every page load. This module instead checks for such restriction only on login.

Use this module only if you have performance concerns over validating every request against whitelisted IPs.


Farm Fields

Provides common base field definitions for farmOS entity types.

This module is part of farmOS.

Description available on GitHub: http://github.com/farmOS/farm_fields


FullCalendar API


This module provides Drupal API integration for the excellent FullCalendar jQuery plugin. Simple, no-nonsense theme functions and AJAX integrations for FullCalendar events.


Lesser Forms

Configuration screen for Lesser Forms.

The goal of Lesser Forms is to hide configuration options from your content creators / content managers. They probably don't need to modify this.

You wouldn't want to bother them with the pathauto-alias, do you?

Lesser Forms introduces a new permission. Make sure you enable it.
This module is a UI modifier. It doesn't change permissions.



Super sexy Drupal JS behaviors.

API in a nutshell


It's a super simple, jQuery like, chainable API.

Before: The Conventional Drupal 7 Way

(function ($) {
  Drupal.behaviors.exampleModule = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {
      $('.myDOM', context).text('Who throws a shoe?!?');

After: Yeah, Baby Way!

jQuery is also passed in as the third argument. Yeah, baby!


Slack Invite

Slack is amazing. But if you've used Slack and want to grow the number of people that use it, the only way to easily register for a team is to have a custom email domain or to be an admin and invite users manually. This module allows you to send invites to existing and new users.


I18n Migrate

This project is intended to provide classes for use with the migrate module, to help with migration of internationalized Drupal core content.

It's at early stage of developement but not useless, you can read README.txt to see what it is capable of already.


Entity Enqueue

Entity Enqueue provides utility functions to enqueue entities to be processed later using Drupal's Queue API. It will not process any entity enqueued, you have to write the corresponding queue worker callback as always according the Queue API.
Its convenience stems, apart from saving a few lines of Queue API calls each time you create a queue item, from providing matching Drush commands for each possible function.


Webhook Slack

This implements the Slack Entity module and uses Webhook module to allow for push based integration with Slack. Whenever a new item is created in slack via the integrations page, you can have it pushed to your Drupal site implementing this module.


Error Pages Messages

This project is intended to allow the administrator of the site to set multiple, different messages for error pages on admin/config/system/site-information

When someone sees the 404 or 403 pages, instead of standard error messages, the module will show the configured messages. This is useful when you do not want to disclose what error had occurred: 403 or 404

The module allows you to use template by setting up their paths in a provided field. You can write separate CSS rules for those templates and those will be displayed on error pages.


SimpleUploads CKEditor plugin

This module provides basic support for the SimpleUploads CKEditor plugin:
The SimpleUploads plugin provides drag and drop uploading and
inline placement of those images in CKEditor.

This module also supports free version of simpleuploads, imagepaste that only works on Firefox web browser.

Installation and Setup

You can choose between either ckeditor or wysiwyg (+ckeditor) module


Excel Generator Url

Link to download Excel files


This module is useful to generate an excel file by clicking a link that points to an url created by the module.

Excel Generator Url provides an URL that forces the download of the excel file.

The content of the excel file should be recorded on the $_SESSION array before the link is clicked but alternatively you can call the function directly passing the same structured array of data as parameter.