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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


test.d.ts TypeScript file for testing external source include from dorg to typings.

Simple Twitter block

This is sandbox module


Drush Utility

F.g - drush for multisite

Commerce Wishlists as Orders

This is a sandbox for testing Wishlists as orders (aka Commerce Wishlist 3.x).

Visitor Motivation Survey

Implements the Visitor Motivation Survey for museum websites. More info: https://github.com/spellerberg/vms

Registration waitlist fix

The registration module does not automatically promote waitlist users to available spots and the proposed patch #2258117: Waitlist doesn't automatically change 'waitlist' registrations to 'complete' when slots become available has not received maintainer attention.

CAS Destination Workbench


You are using CAS and Workbench and you want you users to arrive at "My Workbench" the way it works for site accounts. This module fixes that.

Social Widgets Field


This module lets you add a Facebook Likebox or Twitter Embedded Timeline as fields into your content.

  • Currently supports Facebook likebox & Twitter embedded timelines
  • Configurable options for widgets like theme, width, height, etc
  • Permissions for who can edit what configuration properties
  • Integrates with Field API

More information coming soon...

Video schema

Video schema module is simply useful for SEO purpose of video type data.
Video schema is of three type (Microdata,RDFa,JSON-LD).This module helps to create schema only in JSON-LD format.


This module integrates Owl Carousel slider built by OwlFonk.
+ Support Field formatter
+ Views (Comming soon)


See video how to install the module: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzBMJqkNHQ0&feature=youtu.be

Standalone variables

Tiny module that provides functionality of variables that is not loads in global $conf array every time you load Drupal.


None for now.


Features Hide

This is a simple development helper that hides example and test features
and test features that clutter up the UI.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the module from drupal.org.
2. Copy to the sites/all/modules directory.
3. Enable the module through the UI by navigating to admin/modules.

Supported Modules
Currently, the following modules have their test/example features hidden:


Quiz userpoints

Quiz Userpoints interface

This module provides Userpoints support for Quiz.

When a user completes a Quiz under certain conditions, the user will be awarded Userpoints.

This previously lived inside of the Quiz project, but is not included in 7.x-5.0.


Webform Component Bundles


This module provides a Webform-like interface for creating reusable bundles of components (fields). The component bundles can be easily added to new or existing Webforms.


Mobas' Form Protected Fields

This module adds a field formatter that can replace the field with any form until the form has been submitted where a cookie is set and field access is allowed across site for any fields protected by the same form.

Image+ archive

MD Icon

This module provides integration for icon bundles and icon providers throughout Drupal.

Account Settings Tab

This module will provide you tab and block will help you to use edit the account settings information like changing password, email address and user name.

Use Case

If you are adding more fields into 'admin/config/people/accounts/fields' and using that as default profile. By using this module you can separate account settings and use.


Hubspot forms

This is a very simple module that allows you to create Hubspot form blocks on your Drupal sites. The module also comes with a new field type so each entity could have it's own form.

No need to copy embed code from Hubspot and paste it into your website.

Enable it, provide an API key and you're ready to use the module.


Form mode control

In Drupal 8, you can create "form modes" which are for any content entity a different organization of the form (show / hidden, order, form widget, etc.).

Issue is that you can't actually use them except for register / edit profile.


Views search snippet

Views seach snippet allows you to get a new field in Views that will show a search snippet like in the search page (but in Views) to rebuild the search page with Views. A Views is shipped into the module to demonstrate it.

Important note : you need to have the search filter activated and used to

This module is inspired by #2212321: Add highlighted search result snippet as "field" for Views that could not make it into Drupal 8.



Improved version of Userpoints integration for Quiz module.
- multiple userpoins per quiz
- award mode (every time or only when quiz is passed)
- award once
- score type(percentage or numeric)
- tokenized description
- hook alter for userpoints data before userpoints_userpointsapi() called