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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Shibboleth Rules integration

Provides Rules integration for the Shibboleth Authentication module.

Right now, it just adds the event "User is logged in via Shibboleth", but new features will be available soon (like a new condition to compare Shibboleth attribute values).

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by RNP.


Menu Admin Fix

Managing menu items is normally a breeze in Drupal, but the larger your site gets, the more likely you are to run in to this nasty usability bug: https://www.drupal.org/node/1007746

This module is intended as a temporary solution to an old problem. Once the underlying issue is fixed, this module will become obsolete, but in the mean time, it seems to be the only way to work with more than 100 menu items if you do not want to own the process of patching core on your site.



This module provides integration with OpenCFP, a PHP-based conference talk submission system.



Enhancement of drupal_wall module that allows users to maintain and post to walls of other users.
Use this module to do the following:

a) post a message to your own or any user's wall
b) share photos/videos or any files with drag and drop
c) share links and view them using embedly
d) @mention other users on any post

NOTE - 1.x-dev could likely break your existing install - please backup before you upgrade and report any migration errors.



Integrates Drupal with the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange.

Requires Coin Tools.



Filesync synchronizes operations on files across all webheads in a cluster.

This is useful for setups where the webheads doesn't share the files directory via NFS neither use any distributed filesystem like GlusterFS.

If you don't understand what we're speaking here, see using a load balancer or reverse proxy for a brief introduction.


Filesync notifies the other webheads to keep files in sync on the following events:


Commerce shipping Province weight

Shipping rate calculations by Province(State/County/Administrative Area) & weight for Drupal Commerce.

Thanks for Commerce Shipping Postal Code Weight module by hibersh. I copied 95% of code and altered to support administrative area instead of original postal code. Credit should go to him for his work.


Views exposed form layout

Views exposed form layout example

Provides an ability to output Views exposed fields in layouts. Helps with Views exposed filters theming.


Image poll

File field in poll choice

Module allows to add image or video files to poll.
Depends on core poll module and this issue.
Warning: the module in alpha development - not recommended to use on production sites (need code modification).

Any suggestions are very appreciated.


Shortcode Skype

Shortode Skype

This Shortcode macro provides Skype button.

What is a Skype button?

Add a Skype button to your websites and let people get in touch with just the click of a button. Whether they're on a computer or mobile, they will get through with a voice call or an instant message.


* Shortcode contrib project
* configure your input format to allow enter shortcode_skype macro


Update Rules

This module provides rules events, actions, and conditions related to Drupal project update statuses.

Drupal core offers a simple email notification when the site needs core/module updates. Unfortunately those emails do not contain any information about the projects or the releases, and you're at the mercy of the standard update notification configuration. This module solves this problem, and gives you all of the capabilities (actions, conditions, etc.) of Rules for handling update statuses. Imagine being able to send an email to your task management app with the server name, project name, and release info every time a security update is needed. This is a simple example, but was the exact goal I was shooting for when I wrote this module.

Security implications: please exercise caution when handling the status of the modules on your sites. You should not make public which security updates your sites need. I've added a "guid" to this module that you can use as a unique identifier for a specific project release. You can read about it in the README.txt file.


menuimage Views

Exposes images added to menu items via menuimage to views.

Most useful when using a module that exposes menu_links table to views, such as menu_node_views, menu_views.


Shibboleth WAYF form

Provides a (WAYF) form to select the institution through which to be authorized.

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by RNP.



Wirecard Payment Integration

Wirecard payment integration - WIP. Stay tuned.


Menu Lockdown

Stop site-building in production!

Drupal is many things including a powerful site-building tool. Site-building is commonly discouraged on a production site, yet there is nothing that formally prevents you from making site-building or configuration changes that can disrupt your site's development workflow.

Menu Lockdown provides a friendly utility for blocking access to specified paths on specific environments. This helps ensure certain pages, like site-building admin pages, will not be casually accessible when they shouldn't be.


Commerce shipping rate

This module help developers who wants to have a unique interface to contribute the rates of the various shipping services.


- User Interface for managing rates of various commerce shipping services by weight.
- Import tool for CSV files.

How to use ?

To integrate this module with your shipping service, you need to use this function in the shipping service rate callback.


Plug Config

Create exportable entities as annotation plugins.

The Plug Config module allows developers to provide exportable entities as annotated plugins, emulating the behavior provided by Config Entities in Drupal 8.

This module adds a wrapper around Drupal 7 common entities to generate easily new exportable entity types just creating an annotated class.



Herald is a project/service for monitoring Drupal code quality.

You can see it in action here.

Herald exposes a flexible API for monitoring Drupal projects (mainly Drupal modules and themes), create builds (like reacting when code is pushed to a Git repo) and running tasks on that build (like checking code standards or running unit tests using Docker).


Flatten Options

Options flatten screenshot

Often select lists have nested hierarchies of option items. This module provides a simple way of flattening that list into a single-level list of options to improve user experience.


Summary Options

Summary Options

This module provides site builders with additional options for the 'summary' field when using "Text Area with a Summary" widget.

Often, a summary or teaser field is used when displaying content in views. Drupal already has built in support for a summary field, however there is not much control of whether or not it is display, or required.

The two main options are:

  • Always show the summary field
  • Make the summary field required


Webform Conditionals Filter

Allows to filter webform conditionals using one of 3 predefined filters:

  • Action ('show', 'hide' and 'set field value' (Webform conditional values module required)
  • Target field
  • Field value (Webform conditional values module required)

If your webform has a lot of conditionals you should try this module.




XML sitemap Http Cache

XHC batch job preview


XML sitemap Http Cache (XHC).

This module uses non blocking batch job requests for generating http cache pages for Nginx fastcgi and such, from sitemap.xml files provided by the xmlsitemap module.
The method used for cache generation is PHP's Curl "fresh connect" requests.

You will also get the optional xhc_cron module, for planning daily http cache warmup with cron tasks for Drupal's awesome Elysia cron module.


Simple Voicemail

Simple Voicemail is a simple voicemail module for Drupal designed for people who
would like a second phone number that functions as a voicemail box. Use cases
envisioned are a small business that has no fixed line but uses mobile phones,
throwaway numbers for Craigslist ads, or community organizations that want a
voice number backed by nothing but a mailbox.

Can optionally try forwarding a call to another number before the voicemail answers.


Webform Bootstrap Layout

Bootstrap 3 layout building solution for Webform 4.x.
This module is inspired by Webform layout module.