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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Require all Exposed Filters

Provides an exposed form that only renders view rows if all form elements
contains user input. The module is similar to standard Views exposed form
"Input required" but requires that the user has set an explicit ("-Any-" is not
considered explicit) value to all exposed filters.

Author: Claudiu Cristea, @claudiu_cristea


Entityform E-Mail Confirmation

This module provides elements for Rules, which will allow you to setup confirmation of emails, that are sent to your website by using entityform.

This module isn't "plug and play", after enabling it, you will need to create rules that will do the magic. It only provides:

Action: Generate confirmation URL
Event: User visited confirmation URL

Sending of confirmation e-mail will happen in Rules - after event of saving new entityform submission:



BlockAnimate admin interface

Block Animate module extends Drupal’s block configuration system providing new fields which let you leverage Animate CSS and WOW Javascript libraries to add CSS3 cross-browser animations to any block on your Drupal website.



The path2ban module allows to block web scanner's attacks from individual IP addresses.
Module has a list of restricted paths. All attempts to scan restricted paths will be logged:

  • admin.php
  • admin/index.php
  • bitrix/admin/index.php
  • administrator/index.php
  • wp-login.php
  • and others.

Module can send notification emails to administrator.


Crowd Bruteforce Protection

This module has 2 dependencies, flood_unblock and flood_control. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I use these modules instead. This module protects against Bruteforce logins and bans any IP that tries to login to your website X times and reports those IP's back to a crowdsource server to help everyone protect themselves from that IP.


NuCivic Connector

This module connects your website with NuCivic's and signs you up to receive email updates from NuCivic including news about software updates and other information to help you develop and maintain your website.

When this module is enabled, the email addresses listed on your website's "Available updates" page (admin/reports/updates/settings) will be automatically signed up to receive notifications from NuCivic.


CKEditor Filter

This module leverages simplehtmldom API and provides a simple, powerful interface for a general html text format filter.

This filter bypasses some of the issues set out in WYSIWYG Filter to create a simple restriction process not tied to regular expressions across HTML.


Panels Cache Expiration

This module extends default functionality of the Cache Expiration module and provides actions for Panels and Panelizer. Panels Cache Expiration module allows you to invalidate cache of Panel pages and Panelizer objects.


Derivative Generator

This module allows you to select image styles per field instance that will be generated when a new image is uploaded to this field. Image generation is done via a queue. You can run the queue with drush queue-run derivative_generator or with cron. When a derivative is not yet generated through the queue, visiting the url will still trigger the derivative generation.


DS Bootstrap Slider

DS carousel support for Display Suite



Entity reference viewmode selector

Enables you to select what viewmode a referenced entity should be used when rendering it.

The reference is saved per reference so the same entity can be reused multiple places using different view modes.


We use github for development on this project, if you have any contributes or suggests for changes please make them there.


Date Popup Timepicker

The Date Popup Timepicker module adds one more timepicker option for elements of date_popup type and date_popup widgets for date fields provided by the Date module.


BEF Layout

coming soon...


Administer Anonymous Comments

Allows administrators to post and edit comments as anonymous users (that is, not assigning to a user account) and also to post comments on nodes with comments disabled.


Block Level Inline Contexts

Screenshot of an inline block context.

Block Level Inline Contexts allows you to manage block-placing contexts from the block configuration page. This means that editing a block will allow you to view and manage all the context conditions that place a block in one place. The goal of this module is to broadly make block and context management easier.


Media: ShareStream

Media: ShareStream adds ShareStream as a supported media provider.



This is an API module. Only install it if another module tells you to or if you are a developer and want to use its functions.

Create PDF from your application using HTML to PDF Pdfcrowd service (SaaS).

How to use it?

This module creates also two delivery callbacks (for menu items or custom use):


Rules Trigger

This module exposes Rules action components as Panels Content Types.

You can then configure the component when placing it in Panels or leave the required contexts open for configuration on the front-end.

Work in progress.


Domain Integration

Integrates Domain module with popular Drupal modules.
TODO Our motive to create this suite in addition to a variety of other Domain related modules
TODO. See article "Our domain access setup" @ website for instructions.

This module is under active development
If you find bugs, inconsistencies or you have great ideas or additions: just put them in the issue queue.

This suite provides


Media Formatters

Media Formatters

Control all of your media display from the Node Display page. Easily add modern, best-practices front-end enhancements for media. Out of the box, it works well with Bootstrap-based themes, but it can be easily extened to work with other custom themes as well.


Entity behaviors

Entity behaviors allow users to attach JS behaviors to an entity via a Field collection field.

Code coming soon.


Breakpoints JS

Agnostic integration between Breakpoints module and enquire.js.


Body Classes

Add contextual CSS classes to the body of the page.


  • User Roles user-role-[role]
  • Add an issue to for moe!

Alternative Solutions


Debug Tools

Debug Tools is a helper module that is used to obtain useful information about a user and the url they are reporting an issue on.


One of the most challenging jobs for a developer is training clients on how to submit meaningful bug reports. Debug Tools solves that problem by giving the end-user a simple one-click button to submit a detailed report that is automatically entered into the log reports and can even be emailed to the developer. An optional block also gives the end-user a form to enter comments when sending the bug report.


Debug Tools lists the most helpful information about the page, server and user browser on which the error is occurring.


jQuery Biggerlink

Provides integration with jQuery Biggerlink plugin to make it really easy to enable the specified element's to behave as a proxy for their first contained link.

Currently it only adds library info.



How to use

So one way of using this module is to add the js from your code like this: