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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Bulk Media Upload

What this module does:

With Bulk Media Upload you can upload a bunch of files and a new node, taxonomy term, or other entity will be created for every file. The files are selected via a browser file upload dialog and can be stored in a file or image field.
Also default values can be chosen for the other fields assigned to the new node.


Imce CCK Image

Imce CCK Image

Provide a CCK field type that lets you choose a file with IMCE.
This is not the same as FileField (see below).

Drupal 7

The core files management on D7 is smarter than on D6.
imceimage is designed to circumvent the file_managed table, but in D7 this is no longer necessary. You can use either filefield sources, or (recommended) IMCE Filefield

New maintainer (29 Nov 2011)

This module is no longer "deprecated".
See #703716: Offering to maintain Imce CCK Image

As the new maintainer, I plan to

  • Fix any problems I run into myself (update: bad idea, now my use case for this module went to d7).
  • Be responsive on the issue queue (update: if people provide me patches and do some debugging on their own.)
  • Allow a co-maintainer to jump on the boat, if someone is interested.
  • Improve code quality. -> done.
  • Recent work will go into a new branch (6.x-2.x). -> done.
  • Explain the difference to Filefield sources -> done.

There are no particular bugs I want to fix (yet), I just want this module to be not abandoned.

IMCE CCK Image vs Filefield Sources

There is an alternative to this project,


Gallery Assist Lightboxes

Now with a better overview of the supported Lightboxes

What does Gallery Assist Lightboxes?

Gallery Assist Lightboxes allow to use a lightbox on Gallery Assist images.

This package does not contain lightboxes. You should download them from the respective homepages.


Responsive images and styles

Example of a suffix


This module solves the problems with images and responsive themes, it allows you to define multiple image style suffixes and their corresponding maximum width.

The future (Drupal 8)

See #1757518: D7 backport of Picture: Since picture is now part of Drupal 8, we have backported that code to Drupal 7, picture 7.x-1.x


  • Before upgrading Drupal 7.20, please read the release notes, since this will break this module. To fix it you need to add $conf['image_allow_insecure_derivatives'] = TRUE; to your settings.php file. There's an issue trying to solve this #1923936: Responsive images and styles module doesn't work with Drupal 7.20, but upgrading to the picture module will solve this as well.
  • Selecting _default as suffix might break your theme, safer is to always use __ (2 underscores) like __default.
  • Be care full if you use the force reload on resize option, it will generate more request to your server and might have a negative impact on your performance.


  • Full support for image fields
  • Full support for colorbox
  • Partial support for field_slideshow
  • Doesn't need any changes to .htaccess / nginx



jCaption Settings

This is a simple module for Drupal 7.x that uses jQuery to transform the TITLE or ALT attribute of a image to a image caption. There is a settings page with lot's of possible configuration. The image caption won't show in the WYSIWYG-editor, but will be visible when you view the node.

The module differs in several ways from similar modules.

jCaption changes this:

<img title="Image caption here" src="image.jpg" alt="Image description">



Drag & Drop Upload


This module provides a Drag & Drop Upload element and widgets for a File and an Image fields.


  • Drag & Drop upload widget for a File and an Image fields.
  • Drag & Drop multi-upload support.
  • Media module integration (1.x): details
  • Video module integration: details
  • Insert module integration: details
  • Focal Point module integration: details
  • Upload progress bar support.
  • Browse button can be enabled if needed.
  • Provides drag & drop upload element (dragndrop_upload).
  • Flexible JS part of the module, that allows developers to define custom validators and previewers for a dropzone.
  • Makes it possible to turn any element into a dropzone (see Examples submodule).


Visualization API

Visualization is a module for Drupal 7.x that provides a solid and easy accessible way to visualize data. It provides a theme hook that takes a data array and some options and will then render a chart in-place. It also provides a Views Display plugin so that users can easily visualize data retrieved through Views.

The different charting libraries are pluggable through the CTools Plugin system; the module provides an implementation for the Google Visualization API and Highcharts. Other modules will be able to add their own charting libraries by implementing an interface and making it known to CTools.

The code was originally part of a Google Summer of Code project whose purpose was to provide Reporting for Drupal Commerce; the result is the 3.x branch of the Commerce Reporting module. It was quickly decided to write the charting logic as generic as possible, so that it could potentially be spinned-off. The HEAD of the 7.x-3.x branch of Commerce Reporting already depends on Visualization, the alpha4 version still contains all the code itself.

This module was part of Google Summer of Code 2012, later development was sponsored by Next Generation Innovation.

Related modules



    Inline module allows users to display uploaded files and images inline, i.e. place links to files into a content using a simple [inline:filename.jpg] tag. The effect is a link to the file or the display of an image, depending on the file type.

    Inline allows users to place an uploaded image or a file attachment anywhere in the content. During creation of a content, a user can simply enter the number or filename of the attachment that should be displayed inline. After submitting the content, the number is automatically converted to the corresponding filename.


    Imagecache External


    Imagecache External is a utility module that allows you to store external images on your server and apply your own imagecache (D6) / Image Styles (D7).


    To use the module you need to visit admin/config/media/imagecache_external and either:

    • Add some domains to the whitelist -or-
    • De-activate whitelist functionality

    Usage instructions

    Usage is simplified in Drupal 7 as follows:


    Amazon Module

    This project is an implementation of the Amazon Product Advertising API. It's modular in design, with a central "Pure API" component that interacts with Amazon, and optional modules to handle expanded data for additional product types, features like wishlists and customer reviews, etc.

    Seeking co-maintainer(s)! Are you using Amazon? I currently don't have it deployed anywhere, so it's not getting enough love from me. If you have interest, get involved in the issue queue, and ask if you think you need commit privileges.


    • 4 Aug 2011: Both D6 and D7 now have devel_generate support, configurable using the variables amazon_devel_generate_search_index and amazon_devel_generate_keywords_array (but the defaults should work for you).
    • 29 June 2011: The D7 version now has feeds import support. Oh, and views should be working OK now.
    • 12 Apr 2011: We're struggling a bit with the new D7 Views 3 API changes, but it's mostly working now. And Drupal 7 now has an Amazon Examples feature again, demonstrating how to use fields in views.


    Focal Point


    Focal Point allows you to specify the portion of an image that is most
    important. This information can be used when the image is cropped or cropped and
    scaled so that you don't, for example, end up with an image that cuts off the
    subject's head.



    The AmazonS3 module allows the local file system to be replaced with S3. Uploads are saved into the drupal file table using D7's file/stream wrapper system.

    You can also use it with other S3 compatible cloud storage services such as Google Cloud Storage.


    Flash Node

    If you just want to add Flash content to nodes without having to worry about writing any HTML or PHP then this module is for you! Create a flash node, upload an swf file, and hit submit, and you have flash on your site.

    For more advanced use you can combine flash node with SWF Tools and flash node will accept flv and mp3 files for easy playback. You can use the flash node input filter to re-use your flash content in other nodes. Or use PHP to construct flashvars strings to let flash elements react to your site.

    Now with Views!

    After many requests the first releases of flash node with support for Views is available. Views support is available for both flash node 5 and flash node 6. Using the Views capability you can define customised views that include flash content. You can pass parameters to the flash content as you would with a flash node macro, so you can scale the content to a size to suit your needs. Documentation for Views support isn't in place yet, but hopefully it is fairly self explanatory.

    Changes to permissions



    A Bootstrap Carousel image with text


    Bootstrap Carousel module provides a very easy way to make carousels, based on bootstrap-carousel.js.


    PNG Behave!

    Corrects PNG alpha transparency in IE 5.5 and 6 using css behaviors instead of crawling the DOM.


    • PNG Behave! for Drupal 7.x is now an officially supported branch of the 6.x-1.8 base.
    • PNG Behave! for Drupal 6.x now has a 2.x-dev branch for testing the DD_belatedPNG lib, as well as an update to 1.8
    • PNG Behave! for Drupal 5.x now has it's final *hopefully* update to 1.9


    • Works with any elements.
    • Works with backgrounds tiled, repeated, and stretched WITHOUT need for parent element confusion.
    • Works with dynamically created elements that match the css selector string or directly call the behavior.
    • Works on style AND class changes in runtime WITHOUT needing to call the script again.
    • And More!...


    Hover Preview for ImageCache

    Hover Preview Example

    Hover preview Javascript effect for the ImageCache module. Allows for hover FROM any ImageCache preset TO any other ImageCache preset. Supports views and standard theme-layer output options.


    SWF Embed

    SWF Embed is a simple developer-centered module for working with Macromedia Flash-based content. It provides the necessary hooks for adding Flash content on the server-side, as well as the necessary JavaScript and jQuery for working with the Flash on the client-side.

    Developers, get started by reading the SWF Embed Handbook Page. The handbook walks you through the process of using SWF Embed in your own code.


    MP3 Player

    Module maintained by Mediacurrent

    MP3 Player brings the WordPress Audio Player to Drupal.

    Easily enable the MP3 Player on a CCK FileField. Setup multiple players each with their own settings and appearance.



    FlashVideo is a complete turn-key video solution that expands Drupal's upload capabilities to allow web developers and users to upload video files, automatically convert those videos to the popular Flash format, and then embed their video in any node type using the simple [video] tag. This module allows more than one video to be attached to any node, and then referenced through the use of parameters passed to the tag [video]. It also includes an automatic conversion of video files to the Flash format using FFMPEG technology.


    Nivo Formatter

    Nivo formatter settings


    * Introduction
    * Installation


    Current Maintainer: Long Nguyen

    Nivo formatter is an image field formatter that transform any image field
    to awesome Nivo Slider image gallery.

    For user:
    - Support image style.
    - Support thumbnail.
    - Support most settings of Nivo Slider, except advanced triggers callback

    For developer, themer: nivo_formatter support to load your Nivo Slider theme. just drop it
    in nivo-slider/themes/your-themes/ and ensure your stylesheet is

    Currently, it is not working with Views, you may want to check this out module
    Views Nivo Slider

    It's working in views but you need to check the option for using field template file.

    Please fix my typos if it's wrong! Thanks.

    1. Download & install libraries module.

    2. Download & install jquery_update module.

    3. Create directory sites/all/libraries.

    4. Download Nivo slider and extract
    to sites/all/libraries/nivo-slider.
    Ensure this path exists:


    CKEditor Image - Enhanced Image Plugin

    This module provide a new Image plugin, which is a mofified version of CKEditor's image plugin. It helps you center image using toolbar button or in Image dialog.


    All the credits go to CKSource team, what I did is just a small modification in the source code. I also take the idea from this one


    This module supports both CKEditor and WYSIWYG module.


    1. CKEditor or WYSIWYG


    Download the module and simply copy it into your contributed modules folder:
    [for example, your_drupal_path/sites/all/modules] and enable it from the modules administration/management page.
    More information at: Installing contributed modules (Drupal 7)


    After successful installation, you don't have to do anything. Because this module hijacks the Image button on toolbar, replaces it with the one in this module and automatically enables the plugin itself.


    Image Browser


    Image Browser is a simple, elegant and beautiful image browser for Drupal.

    Try out a demo (Version 1 | Version 2) and post any bugs you find. If, after using the demo, you don't think Image Browser has all the features you need then please do check out Image Assist or IMCE.



    This module currently does the following:


    KCFinder integration

    KCFinder free file /image browser for CKEditor

    Due to the KCFinder project being dead, this module has been abandoned. Consider using IMCE instead.

    KCFinder is a multi-language file / image manager you can use to easily select, insert, upload and arrange images, flash movies, and other kinds of files.

    KCFinder is licenced GPLv2 & LGPLv2, as in "free" and "open source".

    This module integrates the KCFinder file manager to Drupal in 2 ways:

    • Your users will be able to select images / media directly from ckeditor.
    • You can add 2 new tabs to your user's profiles: "Image browser" and "File browser".

    You can control which roles can use wich features with different permissions. Users can share a common folder or have different folders depending on the configuration.


    SoundCloud field

    SoundCloud field module 7.x-1.x provides a field for inserting a SoundCloud track or set
    SoundCloud field module 6.x-1.x provides a CCK field

    - configurable player
    - 3 player types: Flash player / HTML5 player / (new) Visual player