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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Date part-of-day

Small module that provides a date token extension, partofday, a somewhat arbitrary indication of the part of the day (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night or midnight).



The conference module allows you to organize conferences with Drupal.

Similar, active projects

This module is not actively maintained.

People interested in a currently maintained solution with similar features should consider the Conference Organizing Distribution.

Features of conference module

It implements a mechanism to post papers, to manage reviewers and to assign reviewers to papers. A paper is an arbitrary node with an attached file and a review is an arbitrary node assigned to a paper. It also takes care for the access permissions to papers and reviews.

  1. Automatic Content Type generation using CCK
  2. Ability to submit Abstracts via online methods, both by uploading files and by typing in the content as a part of a node
  3. Automated Paper Number generation
  4. Has fields to take in Keywords for a given paper.
  5. Ability to create Revisions of the current paper on Reviewer Request based on Drupal's node revisions.
  6. The Conference Manager can assign papers to reviewers as well as take the final decision on whether a paper is accepted or rejected or request for resubmission
  7. Complete Privacy of Papers / reviewers from various authors and reviewers, only the manager is able to see all reviews and papers in one go.



Generalised API module which handles data, logic, and UI of schedules for other modules.


OG Event

This module is a simple event with participants implementation.

Simply, it adds a participant list on each node which is posted in an OG group, and whose type is configured as an Event node. Each group member can add or remove himself to the participant list.


RNG Date Scheduler

RNG Date Scheduler Logo

Control whether a user can register for an event based on the current time relative to date fields attached to the event entity.



The thermometer module provides a block to allow you to create a simple thermometer widget, useful for fundraising goals, without relying on an external third-party service, etc. It also uses CSS and Javascript, and not any Flash, etc.

Enable the module. Go to the blocks page and configure the "Thermometer" block. Place it where you want to see it!

The output is themeable, but beware that the JavaScript depends on the markup to a certain extent.


Live Update

The module is now obsolete. New frameworks such as comet or HTML5's websockets should be used instead.

Live Update is a module that provides a flexible and scalable to provide up to date in content to users without requiring page refreshes. Live Update uses JQuery to poll lightweight text files that tell the users' browser if new content is available. If so, JQuery then makes another call to get the updated content stored as static HTML.

A blog post detailing how one might use this API to set up a Question and Answer (similar to our PBS Engage work) scenerio is here


Live Update provides a simple API for modules hook into and allow Drupal to store, retrieve and insert content updates of all kinds. The API breaks down into two basic functions:

Telling the browser how and where to look for updates and what do to when you found them.
live_update_initialize($element, $settings)
Telling Drupal to record a new content update.
live_update_update_content($element, $html, $settings)

Live Update Modules

This module provides Live Update functionality for:


    Feeds: Meetup

    Meetup parser for the Feeds module.

    This module adds a new parser for the Feeds module that makes it possible to parse and import Meetup XML feeds using the Meetup API.


    Single Date Time

    Single date time module extend date module UI experience feature. For example you have selected end date in configurations and you want to add end time only for single date event instead of to date section for more details see the screen shorts.
    When Uncheck "Show End Date"
    Single Date Time Screen short

    When checked "Show End Date"
    Single Date Time Screen short


    Mandrill Inbound

    Mandrill Inbound module provides integration with Mandrill Inbound email processing.


    Public Bookings

    Public Bookings allows registered and unregistered users to book predefined resources. These booking requests can then be approved, rejected, or modified by an admin, with notifications to the user.

    Available and unavailable dates and times can be specified for each resource.

    Requires the Bookings API module, the Date API (and its submodule Date Repeat API) and Views. Use the corresponding Bookings API release! Never ever mix DEV and STABLE between those two modules (e.g. dev from API, alpha from Public or vice vesa).


    Panopoly Event

    Panopoly Event provides event registration integration via the (Entity) Registration module. This Feature creates a content type for an event with user registration on your site. Registration is managed and customized through the (Entity) Registration module.

    Panopoly Event provides an easy way to create signups events on your Drupal 7 site with various customizations to improve usability in Panopoly-based sites.


    Date Restrictions for Commerce Line Items

    Module settings

    Restricts allowed values in a date field exposed in a line item. Source data for restrictions is picked from fields defined in the product display.


    Open CRM

    Open CRM is a fully featured native Drupal CRM solution based on the Party Module with the aim of having a comparable feature set to other popular CRM systems such as CiviCRM.

    A Party is record in the CRM system, a contact like an individual or

    This module is aimed at developers who might be looking at integrating CRM systems such as CiviCRM into their existing website. If you're making a new site and want to use Open CRM, we reccomend you try the install profile here.

    Party Dashboard

    Party Dashboard allows you to easily navigate and control the records in your database. By making use of Search API, SOLR and Facets it is quick and easy to find the record you want, even in systems with 100,000+ contacts. Our largest client currently uses Party Dashboard to manage 225,000 contacts!

    The Party Dashboard looks the cleanest with our admin theme that uses flexbox to generate a web application style layout. We hope to make this theme available shortly.


    Open CRM - Provides basic CRM functionality and the Party Dashboard. This uses the Search API to provide search facets which is a incredibly easy way of obtaining simple reports from your data.


    Outlook Events

    This module is used to fetch Calendar events from Exchange outlook accounts.



    Event Bookings

    Event Bookings integrates the Bookings API functionality with a date enabled node - aka "Event". Specifically, this module provides the following functionality:

    • Book resources directly from an Event - aka date enabled Nodes.
    • Allow either multiple or exclusive booking of resources.
    • Extends Views to allow joins of an "Event" with a booked resource
    • Provide "out of the box" calendar views of bookable resources
    • Provide ajax functionality that refreshes available resources when date values change on an Event edit page
    • Provide links to conflicting events.
    • Provide security permissions to allow/restrict users from booking resources.
    • Define Event Content Type to be an availability or booking.
    • Specifiy whether pending bookings show as conflicts
    • If you have rights, you can set the status of a booking from a Node edit screen
    • New views to show availabilities and booked resources for an event.
    • All day support

    Installation & Setup

    How does bookingsapi & eventbookings differ from Resource Conflict?



    free booking system for drupal

    Sagenda is a free online booking / scheduling / reservation module that helps your clients fix appointments at absolutely NO COST!

    Open a free account on : https://www.sagenda.net

    Learn more on : www.sagenda.com


    Live Coverage

    Live Coverage

    This module creates an easy live blogging feature to provide live coverage of an event. The content administrator can create a live event node and add updates to that node. These short updates auto-refresh for the site visitors, so they can watch new updates pop onto the page without hitting refresh.



    YATT (Yet Another Time Ticker)


    Signup Pay for a node

    This module allows users to pay for a node, such as an event/conference/lecture/course, without the overhead of ecommerce or ubercart.

    Different roles can have different amounts for the same node, for example members can be offered a lower rate over non-members.

    After signing up for the node using the Signup module, the user will be redirected to Paypal where they can complete the payment. Once Paypal accepts the payment, the database will be updated to confirm the user as an attendee.

    Integration with the Signup status module for reporting is also available.

    Also see the Signup Pay Early Bird module.

    Testers and patches are needed for this module.


    1. Go to admin/user/access, and assign roles to the 'sign up for content' permission

    2. Go to admin/content/types create a content type like "course" or "conference", then enable signups for that content type.

    3. Go to admin/settings/signup_pay and check "Enable payment on signup for all new signup enabled nodes by default". If you want anonymous users to be able to signup and pay, then uncheck the "Deny anonymous" too.


    Changed Fields API



    Calendar Overlay

    Move a node to a different position to change its Date field value

    7.x-1.x-dev version is a WIP, will be updated by Dec 14 2013.

    Interactively move and resize node calendar representations on weekly Views displays by drag and drop method. This effectively changes the Date field value associated with the calendar Views.

    Display buttons on the node representations and assign custom functions to them. Edit and Delete node buttons are implemented out of the box.


    Node Color

    Node Color / node_color

    Sorry for the vague module description and bare bones code.
    A couple of people at Drupalcon Boston wanted me to push it out so they could use it on their sites while i finish it.

    I'll update the code/screenshot and description shortly.

    Mainly right now you can set a color in the content type edit page and in the edit term page for taxonomy. Then in your theme you can use the exposed function to set a background color or anything else you need with that color. The example given in the readme allows you to over ride the month view of the event calendar and assign colors to the taxonomy or content types. A bug/feature in the event module i'm putting an issue in for is that taxonomy doesn't work currently for multi day.

    An example can be seen here : http://cmes.hmdc.harvard.edu/event

    if you click the "color key" link it displays a popup with the taxonomy list and their associated color.

    There will be more documentation,examples,features to come soon.


    Node Color is a helper module that allows themers and developers to assign colors used to display nodes on their site

    What it currently does:
    Allows assigning color by Taxonomy
    Allows assigning color by Content Type
    Displays assigned color on the event calendar
    Exposes node_color_get_color($node) which gets the color

    To Do :


    Signup Status Rules

    This module provides rules integration for the Signup Status module, a status handler for Signup. This module can make use of all Signup Rules events, conditions, and actions, so it is recommended that users of this module also use Signup Rules.



    CloudSponge imports address books from Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin, Outlook.com, AOL, Outlook and Mac OS X Contacts.