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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

JCB Credit Cards

Simple module adding support for JCB credit cards to Ubercart.

Sponsored by The Japan Association for Language Teaching.


Curbstone VT Relay

Curbstone provides an off-site payment processing solution developed in PHP. This is a Commerce integration module for Curbstone's VT Relay capabilities.


SN FB Dynamic Cover Photo

This is a campaign idea which allows images/content to be updated dynamically as facebook page cover photo. Campaign can be like Countdown, Event, Tweet competition, hash tag competition and many more.

Purpose of module is to provide site administrator with the ability to change Facebook Page Timeline cover photo.
Admin can choose image field from different available content types and make it available for facebook page cover photo.These images then can be dynamically updated using Drupal's cron feature.


WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification


Push targeted offers. Increase conversion. Decrease cart abandonment. Generate leads. Manage feedback.

Increase customer engagement and sales on your store using WebEngage

Drive conversion and push sales on your website using our in-site notifications. You can use notifications to offer discount code, push a feature update message to all your visitors or announce a downtime on your website. You can target these messages at specific audiences on your website to create an effective campaign. We offer powerful analytics for each of your notifications including statistics like clickthrough rates, country wise distribution etc.

Collect customer insights by conducting in-site short surveys. You can run product feedback survey, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation surveys etc. Analyze all the data using our powerful reporting and analytics modules.

Get feedback from your customers. We make it easy for them to report issues or suggest ideas. And we make it easier for you by offering a nice management console to reply back, keep a track and anlayze all your data.


Flagging Cart

Uses flags to create a cart/commerce solution.



Right now this code only creates the settings form for entering administrative values. If you are also looking to create an integration between your Drupal website and EDB-BRUGS, please contact me and we can collaborate.

Integration between Drupal and the Danish service provider EDB-BRUGS which has a program for registering students and courses under De frie skoler.


Commerce Virtex

Virtex is a Canadian BitCoin exchange, who have also launched a payment gateway API that allows merchants to bill in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and receive payment in BitCoin (BTC) at the current rate of exchange.

This is a development module. It works, but it represents a bare-bones implementation of the Virtex API. Use at your own risk!



Numbate’s Ad Unit is provided as an asynchronous JavaScript Tag inserted into the header of your website. It allows the display of Numbate's network ads on your web site.
See http://numbate.com





Canvaspop API

Canvaspop.com is a photo printing service. Canvaspop.com help customers create their own personalized art in the most innovative, simple and fun way possible.

First release coming soon.

Sponsored By: If you are looking to sponsor the development of this module, please get in touch.


Commerce Charity Clear Hosted Form

Charity Clear Branding Logo

Charity Clear Payment Form integration for the DrupalCommerce payment and checkout system. Supports the off site charity clear hosted form payment gateway.

Pre requisites

This module is designed to work with of the DrupalCommerce and as such it needs the commerce and the commerce payment modules. Also you will require a Charity Clear Merchant Account to take payments.


China UnionPay

Module code and description to be updated soon.



The Zombaio module provides an API that allows you to integrate your Drupal site with Zombaio. Zombaiois a service that handles credit card transactions instead of the website itself having to deal with any financial information.



Checkout.fi for Payment

Provides an on-site Checkout.fi gateway to Payment. Current functionality includes:


AdvertServe Ads

A wrapper to simplify displaying advertisements from the AdvertServe company.


Written and maintained by Damien McKenna. Development is sponsored by Mediacurrent.


Commerce BlueSnap

This module integrates BlueSnap (ex:Plimus) payment gateway into the Drupal Commerce . Customers will be redirected to BlueSnap during the checkout process to submit payment and upon return will be sent forward or backward in checkout based upon whether or not they successfully completed payment.

Coming soon


Corporate Disk Company

Corporate Disk Company Logo

Corporate Disk Company is a media company that offers many services that you can see on their website. This module interfaces with their fulfillment service and allows you to automatically fulfill orders that are placed through Drupal Commerce.


Ubercart Netregistry Payment Gateway

Netregistry's payment gateway solution offers zero payment transaction fees and an unlimited number of transactions, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking for a long-term low cost solution. For details please visit their website http://www.netregistry.com.au/security/payment-gateway/


This module adds Netregistry Payment Gateway to Ubercart.


A fully functioning Netregistry Payment Gateway account.


Recurly Entity

Exposes Recurly API objects as Drupal entities.

Recurly is a platform for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. This module lets Fields be attached to Recurly objects. The Recurly API doesn't have any mechanism for storing custom data, so to extend a Recurly object it must reference data in your Drupal database.

Currently supported entities include:

  • Subscription Plans
  • Subscriptions

Under development:



Allows Drupal Commerce payments via the Ripple network.

Initial development of this module was sponsored by a Ripple Labs bounty.


Saffron - Sage Accounts connector for Drupal Commerce

Saffron will work in conjunction with a Windows desktop application and Drupal Services to allow Sage Accounts to send product and category associations to Drupal Commerce.


The desktop application will use ODBC drivers, so the connection is read-only as far as Sage is concerned, i.e. data can go from Sage to Commerce, but cannot be sent from Commerce to Sage.




Searchandising is when you use a shopper's search terms to display relevant content like other products, specials, advertisements, and content. This module provides some add-ons to popular search modules that provide administrative interfaces to configure common searchandising functionality, for example keyword-based redirects.


Pin Payments (lite)

This module is already live in use privately, but needs a few tweaks before it is ready for publication and general use. If you wish to help accellerate the release of this module, please contact the maintainer or Pin Payments.

Nifty and nimble, Pin Payments is the easiest way for Drupal site-owners to sell online and for customers to purchase online.

Ideal for traditionally shipped goods as well products that are PDFs (vouchers, tickets etc.), images, or ZIP files, as you can auto-send thse by configurable return email. No need to manually fulfill. Process orders while you're sleeping.



This module helps other modules integrate Omnipay with Drupal.