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Joomag filter


This input filter embeds Joomag publications in Drupal nodes.



List of announcements shown to the user based on where they are

Quick Overview

This module creates a widget for displaying all the latest announcements made on the forWhereiAm platform by your organisation (and any of its associated branches) for a given user's location. This module interacts with the forWhereiAm API and implements the client-side flow.

The forWhereiAm platform allows any organisation to target their online and mobile communications from a country wide region, right down to a single postcode. The messages are only seen by users who are in the regions explicitly targeted. Currently forWhereiAm only supports the UK market.

This module adds a jQuery plugin to your site which performs client-side flow requests to forWhereiAm announcements API. It fetches announcements for a given user's location, and displays them in a list form, ordered by the newest announcement at the top. This module can also communicate with the forWhereiAm API to fetch the full details for a given announcement, or optionally rate an announcement where rating of an announcement has been enabled.

This module uses Google Maps v3 API for rendering maps, if enabled.
This module uses AddThis for displaying social sharing buttons for an announcement, if enabled.

Further reading


Commerce SMSpay

This project integrates SMSpay into Drupal Commerce payment system.

More info about Drupal Commerce payments:

More info about the payment gateway at smspay.io.

Commerce SMSpay checkout pane


Infospace (Blucora) ads

The Infospace module provides Infospace (now called Blucora) ads as blocks on Drupal search results pages.

Requires Infospace API access.


Commerce Payment Split

This module allow user pay multiple time for an order.

Ex: When user book a trip $10000, user can pay first time $2000 and then pay multiple time ultil enough.

Version 7.x-1.0 just have feature for this. It missing the hook for other module intergate and also if you need to pay more for an order, you need to change the status of order manually.

Use 7.x-1.x-dev to resolve the change order status. It have a menu to pay more for an order.


Commerce License Cancel

This module provides a few ways for users to cancel Commerce License licenses. It provides a URL for cancelling licenses associated with a product, and a URL for cancelling licenses associated with an order. The user will see a "confirm cancellation" form (just a checkbox and a submit button) when they visit either of those URLs.

View the documentation for more details.



YellowCube is a warehouse solutions offered by Swiss Post that is specialised on fully automated storage, picking and packing of small parts.


Commerce Canpar

This module provides Canpar shipping quotes for Drupal Commerce. It supports both the Canpar base rates and your shipper account-specific custom rates.

Based on Canpar Shipping Quotes developed by Tim Rohaly.


  • Commerce Shipping 2.x
  • Commerce Physical Product 1.x




Allow site owners to display advertisement campaigns generated using the ADTECH system to earn revenue.

Depends on the Token module.


Stripe Checkout

Provides a field formatter to format an integer field into a simple Stripe Checkout payment button, following the docs at https://stripe.com/docs/checkout.

It has a callback that will set the field to 0¢ when the payment is successful. For this reason we often call the field "Balance due" and we render the display price using a separate field.


Commerce Free Price Formatter

Free price tag


The Commerce Free Price Formatter module allows in Drupal Commerce to display prices of 0,0 as a text (by default "Free!").

This allows you to have more attractive prices for your customers.

If the price is greater than zero, an existing user-defined field formatter will be used.

This module was developed for the online store Abejitas.


This module requires the following modules:


EE Commerce

Extends the Enterprise for Everyone Distribution with Commerce Features



A module to extract person information from entities and turn that into a card (a representation of a contact in PHP).

This module was originally made as paymentbilling.module as part of Payment.


Commerce Cart to Basket

Changes all references to the "shopping cart" to refer instead to the "shopping basket" in Drupal Commerce. A common requirement for UK-based websites.

  • Adds string overrides for most strings. Plays nicely with String Overrides module.
  • Implements hook_menu_alter() to copy menu item for 'cart' to also work as 'basket'.
  • Implements hook_url_outbound_alter() to change all links pointing to 'cart' to point to 'basket'.


Color Tagger

This module allows nodes and other entities to be automatically tagged with taxonomy terms based on the colors in an image on an image field in that entity.

For example, nodes can be automatically tagged with terms like “Blue” or “Green” if the image in the node’s image field predominately has those colors. More abstract tagging is also possible. All nodes with a red image could be tagged with ‘love’. Or all nodes with a blue image could be tagged ‘Drupal’. You just need to add terms to the taxonomy vocabulary and add the colors in the hexadecimal field.


Commerce VWO Revenue

Commerce Visual Website Optimizer Revenue module adds the revenue tracking code on the order completion page.

Visual Website Optimizer is a split testing tool that allows you to easily setup A/B and Multivariate tests.

The revenue tracking code that is added on the order completion page is in this format:


Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link

The Ubercart Discount Coupon Redeem Link module allows Ubercart Discount Coupons to be automatically redeemed by users upon visiting the page at

This allows for a quick and easy method of automatically applying coupon codes for users, negating the need for them to remember the coupon code. Users can simply click the link provided and the code will automatically appear on checkout. Very useful for advertising/emails, etc.


Ubercart Element Payment Gateway

This module implements the Element Payment Services (http://www.elementps.com/) API as an Ubercart payment gateway for both authorization-only and immediate capture transactions.

This module provides the following features:


Commerce Product Display Attribute Selection

Have you ever wanted to link a customer to a product page with specific attributes selected? This module provides that capability. Simply include the attributes in the querystring on the product display page and the attributes will be selected.

For example: http://example.com/product/magic-beans?color=green&size=small will select the color and size on the add-to-cart form of that product display.


Ubercart Molpay Payment Gateway

This module provides Ubercart integration with the Malaysia payment gateway Molpay, This module requires Ubercart 3. This module is similar to uc_nbepay but the branding has change.

You need to signup with Molpay to use this module.
You will then need to configure Merchant ID and Secret Key on the Payment Method Page.

This module currently support Payment Capture. Payment Query will be included in next release.


Corporate Disk Company

Corporate Disk Company Logo

Corporate Disk Company is a media company that offers many services that you can see on their website. This module interfaces with their fulfillment service and allows you to automatically fulfill orders that are placed through Drupal Commerce.


Commerce Views

The views that come hardcoded with Drupal Commerce cannot be exported to features. To do so, you need to clone these views, then disable them, and use the cloned views instead.

This is a small module to disable all the views that come with Drupal Commerce.



Integrates Drupal with the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange.

Requires Coin Tools.


Coin Tools

Tools useful for integrating with Bitcoin and derived currencies.

Current modules:


Commerce eCollect

eCollect® is a payment gateway provided by Avisor Technologies (http://www.avisortech.com) for Colombia and Rep. Dominicana. With this module, you can integrate your store with it, based on rules that define payment parameters. Useful to change those parameters depending on your needs!

Warning: If payment parameters are wrong, you will be redirected to the frontpage after submitting checkout form.