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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Unique Fields AJAX

* Apply unique field check in real time.
* And lots of other hacky hard-coded junk.
* See http://drupal.org/project/formmsgs for the Drupal 7 done-right version of this.


The idea is to give a warning message if a user tries to add a fruit type that has already been added with the same color term.

OpenX 7.x

Port of OpenX to Drupal 7 plus some other features.

AWeber Webform

AWeber Communications is an email marketing service used to build, maintain, and send to an email mailing list, ideal for sales campaigns, email newsletters, or just staying in touch with your website visitors. You can learn more about AWeber at AWeber.com, or sign up for an account for just a dollar.

Keyword Affiliate Links

With this module you will be able to select keywords you want to link to your affiliate links and all instances of the keywords will be automatically linked. Support for tracking and cloaking affiliate links will also be supported. Adding, editing and removing affiliate links is easy through the admin menu.

Drupal SEO Pack

The Drupal SEO Pack module gives you very flexible control over some of the most common but most important SEO aspects of your Drupal website. The goal is better rankings in search engines through the use of best SEO practices.

Drupal SEO Pack Module Features:

  • Granular Page Title Control - Create endless and better SEO-friendly page titles for your taxonomy and all content types, i.e. blog, forum, book, page, and any other added content types.
  • Better Pagination Title Tags - Create more unique pagination pages, such as "Page - 2" "Page - 3" etc. instead of every search, category, or archives pagination page having the exact same title tag.
  • More Duplicate Content Control - The SEO Pack modules gives you the ability to add the following META rules to your Drupal website: noindex, follow / noindex / noindex, nofollow, etc. for any content type and your taxonomy pages.
  • Add other Nofollow Rules - This modules allows you to add several other META rules such as: meta name="robots" content="noodp" & "meta name="robots" content="noarchive" if you do not want your content indexed by the Open Directory Project or search engine cache or Internet archives.

Krish Money Accounting

Accounting module similar to kmymoney.

Ubercart SagePay Form Integration

This is an (under development) module to add SagePay Form (formally Protx VPS Form) as a payment method to Ubercart. Initial versions will support Drupal 7+Ubercart 3 and Drupal 6+Ubercart 2

Amazing Auction

The Drupal 4.7 E-Commerce Auction based site which is our prototype.

A fundraising auction for fun and profit (for non-profits).

Planned features include outbid notifications by e-mail, an enforced minimum bid increment which is pre-filled in for instant bidding, and "my bids" tracking lists for users, indicating whether they are the high bidder or not on the items for which they have bid.

Nonprofit fundraising features include setting all auctions to a single end date and exporting lists of all winning bidders by user or item.

CZ/SK Company Field for Commerce

Adds new field for specifying company information. It extends customer profile Billing information.

It allowes to add:
- Company name
- VAT registration number
- Company identification number

Currently, it also overrides the Czech and Slovak address handler (in case company name will be specified there).


Shipping is a framework for generic shipping quote and fulfillment tools to integrate with an expose to various modules or services that wish to utilize shipping of some sort.


eerste poging om iets te proberen

[Note from site maintainer: This translates to "first attempt to try something"]

SagePay Direct

Implements a payment handler using SagePay VSP Direct for use by the Payment API

NB this is very firmly in beta and doesn't really work

Commerce payment 4b

Payment method supported by banks that use 4b systems.

  • Banco Santander
  • Banco Popular
  • Openbank
  • Banesto

Full list of banks managed: http://www.4b.es/sistema-4b/members

Commerce templates

Commerce templates: Create template from product type

Commerce templates is an extension on commerce products in the Drupalcommerce system for drupal7. The main purpose of this module:

  • to facilitate the administration tasks when creating new products.
  • to bind products together on a template instead of using product displays.
  • to provide some interface to make product variants easier to capture.

The project only exists in the sandbox for now until I receive some reactions that the idea can be worked out.

HubSpot Sandbox

Note: This sandbox project is superceded; use the HubSpot Leads module instead.

HubSpot provides advanced targeting marketing and lead nurturing features. This module integrates with Webform and the HubSpot API to submit Webforms directly to HubSpot's lead management system.

For example, a Webform-based contact form on your site can send its data to HubSpot, where you may already track potential clients and contacts; or a Webform-based e-newsletter signup could send the lead to HubSpot's targeted marketing system, letting you use your pre-existing email campaigns.


This is an extension to the Ubercart suite of modules that allows item materials to be restricted from shipping to certain states/provinces and/or countries. It adds an interstitial check at the check out process and if any of the product(s) in a given order cannot be shipped to the shipping address, it will not allow the sale to go through, displays an error message to the user and returns them to their cart to adjust the contents therein.

E.g. I have a product that contains Widgets and Staples. California has a strict limitation on Widget imports, and South Dakota simply cannot allow the import of Staples. France allows neither Widgets, nor Staples. This module allows products that are made of these materials to be restricted from shipping to these states, and products containing either (or both) from shipping to France.

  1. Enable/configure Ubercart as needed for your site
  2. Configure the countrie(s) that can receive items: /admin/store/settings/countries
  3. Add a CCK field to the Product content type to store the material(s) values for products. This can be multi-value, and can store text, or numbers
  4. Under admin settings on /admin/store/settings/restrictshippingmaterial, select the CCK field in the product content type that stores Material information. Submit form.


Real Estate

complete real estate project

This project is started recently, do not use it for production purpose

CafePress import

This Module imports information from CafePress into database tables in your drupal site.

It uses Your own userID and password from Cafepress and the CafePress api for this. So you will need to apply for a Key. So to get a key follow the getting started on this webpage http://developer.cafepress.com/docs/Getting_Started .

This module does not format any way to view your cafepress products or storesections it only imports them into a database table for you.

Commerce shipping flatrate

This is a commerce shipping method module. It allows administrators to define a number of shipping options, each with cost. Shipping costs do not depend on purchased items attributes or count - it's just flatrate :).

EZ Banner Rotator


EZ Banner Rotator is a JQuery based advanced banner module.
This provide an Image based slideshow like banner rotator for Drupal pages. This creates blocks in Drupal which can be assigned to a page from within the Block administration.

This module extends the feature of Drupal to allow site administrator create rich looking javascript based banner rotator.

Ads by Komoona

Komoona is a free tool that enables selling your ad space directly to advertisers/readers, by allowing anyone visiting your site to easily create or upload ads and pay for them while never leaving your page. Use Komoona for billing or your own PayPal Merchant account.

Simply install the extension, set some basic settings (price, size etc) and you're done. No technical or design skills needed.