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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Nodereference Quantifier

If you have ever faced the problem of adding extra information to a nodereference, e. g. an amount, tag or booking information, there hasn't been an easy solution yet. This module aims at filling in this particular niche by introducing a new CCK field type inheriting as much as possible from standard nodereference fields. Major features include:

Filefield Revisions Display Formatter

This project provides a CCK display formatter which shows all the past revisions of a file that were previously attached to the node, using core Drupal's revision system.

This module provides several theme functions which can be overridden and customized by renaming and copying to your theme's template.php file.

Instructions for use
Add a filefield to a content type at admin/content/node-type/node_type_name/fields and enable revisions at admin/content/node-type/node_type_name. Then, enable this formatter on your content type's field display settings at admin/content/node-type/node_type_name/display, called "File Revisions."

Add a file to a filefield. Save the node with the "create new revision" checked. Now, edit the node, delete the file from the filefield, and add a new file, with "create new revision" checked. The filefield set to display as File Revisions will now display the old file, as well as any other previously deleted versions of the file. To remove a file from this field, use the "Revisions" tab on the node and delete all revisions that contain the file you wish removed.

Drupal core revisions module

Known bug

Date Time Extras

Date Time Extras extends Date field functionality with extra information distinguishing between date and time. There are two parts to this extension:

  • Partial date values are distinguished from complete ones. For example, midnight to midnight is different from all day.
  • Widgets are enhanced for the distinction between date and time (e.g. extra checkboxes to show/hide date parts).

The Date Popup widget from Drupal 7 is essentially backported to Drupal 6.

Phone formatter

This little module adds a CCK formatter for number fields to output the field with a telephone number format.

Node Revision Reference URL Widget

The Node Revision Reference URL Widget module adds a new widget to the Node Revision Reference field type. It auto-populates a node revision reference field with a value from the URL, and will not allow this value to be changed once set.
The module can add links automatically to all nodes (and their revisions) of a specified type.

This module is based on the Node Reference URL widget and usage is similar.

Hide Nodetitle

This module is a simplification of Auto nodetitle.
With this module you can enable or disable the title of the content type during insertion of the node.

If not used any other module, the title will be set to "Undefined", but the real purpose of this module is to be used with other modules that deal with automatically generate the title of the node, for example, Rules

Passed Duration

Provide a CCK field type that lets you choose two drop down fields like year & month.
Display output of this field shows no of years and months.
This module will be mostly used wherever past duration needs to display in year and month format.
For Ex: In any job portal site you need to add a field for experience, this module will help it out.
Integration with views module.

ImageCache Link

Adds new field formatters for imagefields allowing to link imagecached images to other imagecached images.


Cases creates a set of tools to allow case documentation on Drupal.

By case documentation I mean something similar to a survey, but less statistics-oriented. Or something like that. Eventually, this module (or set of modules) could evolve into full survey support for Drupal, something that's apparently interesting for other users, too.

Some features are:

Link Image Field (fork)

This is a fork of the Link Image Field module, with the intent of fixing some long standing problems.

This has become obsolete - Link Image Field has a new maintainer.

Filefield Compress

Adds a link to download a zip containing all files attached to the nodes file field. Assumed similar to the started sandbox http://drupal.org/sandbox/Anybody/1385774


Download this module into your modules folder (using the download link below or CVS)
Head over to the Zoomooz site and grab the zip file of the source code using the Free Download URL in the menu on the right.
Expand the zip file and upload the the following files into the zoomooz subfolder of the project
Head onto your site and enable the module. Please take note of the two required modules (ImageCache and ImageField)

Hands On Table Field

CCK table field that adds easy to use JavaScript interface.

It is using jQuery's handsontable plugin.

Project sponsored by Design & Creative studio Asketic Labs

Premium Fields

Allows you to set certain CCK fields as premium. Premium fields will only be shown if the user has premium access (per the premium_content module) to the given node.

Quote Field

CCK field that consists of:
Text area & 2 text fields to represent data type for Quote

Project sponsored by Design & Creative studio Asketic Labs

CCK Mixer

Extension of standard CCK functionality.

It adds functionality for selected content types to have various CCK fields in mixed order & have easy UI for managing it.

Then on template you can get fields in order using code:

MMW Agenda

A small agenda module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution.


Developed by Makemeweb, sponsored by Fedict.

YouTube Video Uploader

A standardised solution of integrating Youtube APIs with Drupal. Provides a YouTube CCK field which can be used with Youtube URL or uploading a video directly to Youtube.


  • Creates a CCK field "YouTube" to upload Youtube videos.
  • Provides Video Upload and URL extract formats.
  • Creates a youtube Engine settings form to add youtube credentials
  • Creates a module specific permission so only users having permission can add/update youtube credentials.

This is a D7 module

Clone Nodereference


Extending the Node Clone module (contributed on Drupal.org), this module allows the cloning of all referenced nodes found attached to the cloned piece of content.

An admin interface allows for you to choose even more bits and pieces - during the cloning process, you can have a referenced piece of content converted into another content type. Handy stuff for manipulating content types. Now free for you to use however you wish!

Single Node Reference URL


The Drupal Node Reference URL Widget module helped us create references between nodes, but we had a use case that required preventing the creation of multiple pieces of reference content...this is where the Single Node Reference module came from.

It has a small admin section allowing you to choose which Node Reference fields you want to "lock down" to a single referenced piece of content. Very handy when the need arises.

Plupload widget

Project is currently not supported.


This module integrates a modern Plupload library with FileField in Drupal 6. It provides a field widget for image field that allow user to upload multiple images at once using Plupload library.



  • Download module into your modules folder.
  • Create libraries folder in sites/all folder.
  • Download Plupload javascript library and extract the whole archive into libraries folder so the structure will be ../libraries/plupload/js/plupload.full.js.
  • Above steps are in no particular order, meaning you can install libraries and plup module without having Plupload javascript library (the module doesn't check for it's presence so you can download it later)

Manybox_Moved to fck

Moved to project FCK

Here: https://drupal.org/sandbox/lo2y4/2018089

This modules introduces fields containing many boxes, each box representing a column of the field in database.

On settings.php you define what kind of fields you require, eg: Text field with 4 boxes, Text field with 30 boxes, int field with 8 boxes
Then in hook_schema does field were going to be defined, In hook_field_info made available to Drupal.

Hours of Operation

CCK field for storing and displaying hours of operation for businesses, etc. Allows division of days into segments (for example morning hours, evening hours). Requires Date and CCK modules.