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Media: FACT

Drupal 6 Version

This module adds support for videos hosted by FACT to Embedded Media Field (version 6.x-2.x-dev and later).

Node gallery source

Source modal dialog

Sandbox project for a filefield source using a modal dialog with embedded views.


This module aims to implement a time-only field for CCK.

CCK Tweak Button

Problem: "Where can I change the "Add another item" button text? I was searching through the files of both Filefield and Imagefield but could not find it." http://drupal.org/node/346061#comment-4933718

Solution: This module that defaults to "Add another [field type]" where the field type can be customized.

For now this requires the module to be edited to customize the text, on the todo list is to add a UI on the CCK edit page.

Textarea Inject

This module allows you to inject content into textarea's of nodes.


  • Select any textarea, either a cck textarea or the default body
  • Optionally filter by content type
  • Optionally choose a character count to aim for, this is beneficial if you want to want to inject multiple things into one textarea and you don't want them to be by each other
  • Optionally choose to insert text in between X number of html paragraphs

The main reason I decided to develop this module is to randomly inject adsense into blog posts.



A simple star rating widget based on jQueryUI Star rating.

Comes with CCK integration to provide a CCK simplestar rating widget.

This module requires jQueryUI module.

This module is not intended to replace fivestar/any other rating module; also it doesn’t provide a rating interface. Using this rating can only be done by the node author.

This module can be used as:


NOTE: Untested, has no tests, and is generally untested without any tests. :-)

Fills some of the gaps in Drupal 7's entity CRUD implementation. Turns DrupalDefaultEntityController into a much better factory for entities. Exposes create, save/update, and delete, and lets you define your own hook API.

FileField Load Multiple

This module optimizes loading of multiple filefield data in Views. For every filefield/imagefield value displayed in a view, it will remove 1 redundant query generated by the FileField module to load file data.
It's probably mostly useful for image galleries and file directories, because they often display many files.


Port of jEditable module for Drupal 7.x with additional features:

  • Editing empty fields
  • Editing boolean and list field types
  • Fixed but with non-translatable field types

Project has been merged with original JEditable module, all future updates will be in module page: http://drupal.org/project/jeditable


Provide a browsable common interface for browsing a list a choosing an item.

IM status

This module is a CCK text field formatter that will assume the text field contains a valid AOL screen name and display that screen name as a status indicator.

Text Expander/Collapser Field Formatter

Ever want a long text field to show its trimmed version, then expand to its full version with a click? This module does that.

It's a pretty simple field formatter that supports Long Text and Long Text (with summary) fields in D7 core.

FileField Extract

This module allows you to extract archives uploaded to a FileField.
It is similar to ImageField Zip but there are some key differences.

Nodereference Views Multifield

Screenshot of nodereference_views_multifield

Defines a CCK field for selecting multiple nodes from a View using either a table with checkboxes or two lists with Add/Remove buttons. Also allows extra fields to be attached to each selected row.

Select More

Select More defines a new field (drupal 7) or CCK field (drupal 6) that combines a set of checkboxes with a hidden textarea for each choice. When a checkbox is selected, the corresponding textarea is exposed for the user to add in additional information. If an item is not checked, the textarea is never shown.

The module allows for the creation of fields via the forms API, or thru the fields API with a custom widget.


Will become CCK File Field formatter that plays MP3 files using the jsmad libraries on compatible browsers with a Flash fallback (using WP Audio Player) for other browsers. Until I get a section of my own website devoted to this project, look at the library's page at http://jsmad.org/.

Public And Private Files

The objectives of this module consists in defining a new type of download method.

Private & Public - public files are available using HTTP directly and private file are transferred by DRUPAL, it uses the private path defined.

Why this module is interesting ?
Sometimes, you may need to have a control on the download of certain file, but you don't want to control all the files.

By setting up this module, you may use the private mode only for some paths to thanks to the specific "system/files" path.

SIORG field

SIORG is a system that manages the institutional structure of the brazilian federal executive government.

The purpose of this module is to provide a CCK widget to select Ministries, Departments and Sections.

Only the SIORG will be saved in the database, using CCK text field. Details of the section selected will be retrieved from SIORG webservice.

This module is in early stages of development. It is not yet ready for production.

Hipay field

Integrate Hipay Merchant API in Drupal as Content field.

CCK Add Multiple Fields

CCK Add Multiple Fields screenshot

CCK Add Multiple Fields provides a way of creating content types fields in a faster way.

Instead of having to add them one by one, you can add a batch of them and then configure them individually.

iTunes Feed Formatters

I wrapped up some feed formatters in a module to help make iTunes compatible feeds. I got the idea when looking at the rss_field_formatters module.


This module is a Features export manipulating views and content types needed for my approach to creating a podcast in Drupal 7. This is, currently, a sensible starting point... not an out of the box solution. This feature is dependent on the iTunes_Feed_Formatter module in my sandbox.


This module provides an additional formatter for date fields. This formatter is capable of providing Date strings like "yesterday - 18:00" or "tomorrow - Friday, 9:00".


after activating the module, you can configure it on:
* admin/settings/date-time/formats/datetoday

There you can define what level shall has its own presentation, like 'last day' for 'yesterday'. All dates that do not fit selected presentation will use the 'fallback' settings of the field.


This is an implementation of the Tokeninput jQuery plugin.

Project application: http://drupal.org/node/1471294

Project sponsored by: 10jumps