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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Manybox_Moved to fck

Moved to project FCK

Here: https://drupal.org/sandbox/lo2y4/2018089

This modules introduces fields containing many boxes, each box representing a column of the field in database.

On settings.php you define what kind of fields you require, eg: Text field with 4 boxes, Text field with 30 boxes, int field with 8 boxes
Then in hook_schema does field were going to be defined, In hook_field_info made available to Drupal.

Workflow State Buttons

Workflow buttons label configuration

The Workflow state buttons module is add-on module for the workflow module, this module provides additional workflow buttons at the bottom of node add/edit form for user-friendly content administration.


Entityreference geowidget

Provides a new widget for selecting entityreferences that have geofield - a map with referenceable entities.

Shortcut url field

Text field that will provide internal links to nodes processed depending on the context in which it is applied.

Each context will be related to a vocabulary.

Import KIT

API реализующий функционал импорта данных из любого формата (CML, XML, CSV, TXT) в Drupal.
Состоит из управляющего модуля importkit и дочерних модулей, реализующих функционал хранения и удаления данных.
Модуль построен на патерне Observer с применением фабрики классов. Основной принцип взаимодействия с импортируемым контентом возложен на ридеры.

Структура модуля:

Observer -> Listner -> Reader -> Store

  • Observer -> Служит для информирования Listner о возникших событиях
  • Listner -> Основной класс для распределения задач
  • Reader -> Класс читающий документ импорта
  • Store -> Модуль хранилища и взаимодействия с Drupal

В поставку модуля входит 2 модуля демонстрирующих всю мощь модуля Import KIT


  • cml_store_node - Позволяет импортировать данные из формата CommerceML2
  • cml_store_taxonomy - Позволяет строить категории из формата CommerceML2

Возможности модуля CommerceML2

  • Импорт товарных позиций с описанием
  • Импорт изображений
  • Импорт полного списка категорий, с формированием словаря для каждой ищ категорий
  • Импорт цен
  • Импорт остатков
  • Импорт атрибутов
  • Импорт полей (создание полей)

CCK Field ID

The content of multigroup fields created with CCK are stored in tables in the database which use the the node version id (vid) and delta (the position within a set of fields that a field occurs) in order to reference them. Unfortunately, as delta can change - i.e. if a node is edited and the order of the fields is changed - you cannot use these tables to reliably reference a particular piece of content stored within a field on a node.


This modules provides an api and set of tools for creating flexible content types, taxonomy terms, and their respective fields and field groups. Although the base functionality is similar to what is offered by Features, these tools are entirely maintained in simple to create/edit/update yaml files with only as much information as is needed; there is no need to alter fields or content types in the UI and then recompile; just alter or add a setting in the code, rebuild the content type or taxonomy vocabulary, and you're done.

Virtual Field Collection

The aim of this module is to greatly reduce the load to the site's database by using "virtualized" fields instead of "real" FAPI fields.

"Virtualized fields" will be written in serialized manner to the database thus only consuming one single field data table and hereby greatly reducing the number of joins, subqueries and/or subsequent queries. In order to do so, this module provides a javascript-driven interface at the entity edit form. On the frontend, a field formatter will make sure all values are made accessible like they would if they came out of the database "the usual way".

Actual development state:
The data structure administration interface now should be likely ready-to-use. It may be the case that some additional settings will find their way into the interface, but this will not affect the functionality itself.

The entity edit forms are now populated with a proper interface for the field structure defined. Form validation of the fields as well as re-populating the form with previously entered data is already achieved and working. The data is properly stored to and retrieved from the database now! Yay!

There are already some working field types: plain text fields, text areas, node-, user- and term-reference fields are all functional and working!

Multiple value field delete button

Multiple field delete button

This module adds a "Delete" button to drag'n'drop multiple value fields. No dummy js and/or css which hides the certain fields. Ajax style.

Usage: select the fields, under module settings, which should get delete button.

Note: The field settings list will show any field types which can actually hold multiple values. Currently, autocomplete fields are not supported.

Field Construction Kit (FCK)

Field Construction Kit

Moved here from old sandbox project "manybox"

Depricated in favor of Multifield

Using this module Users can combine pre-defined column types to create a single field type with multiple columns.



After searching around, I noticed there was no simple solution for a US based phone number formatter. There are a couple solutions (Phone and Phone Number) for US and International, using a separate formatter and field, but nothing I could see that I could use with a simple textfield.

Date field UX

Extra settings for date fields. You can use a settings in the field settings for increase automatically the end date. With this module any field date will be more usable.

Office Hours Dynamic

Office Hours Dynamic is simply an alternative widget to the standard office_hours widget that places the Day of Week in a select box.

Create Custom Content type Module with User access and content permission

Create Module info file " job_post.info " :

name = Job post
description = Create custom content type.
core = 7.x
package = Cutom content type(Gajendra Sharma)
files[] = job_post.install
files[] = job_post.module

And, Create Module file " job_post.module " :


function job_post_install() {
$t = get_t(); // runs in both the installer and runtime

/* Create and save a new content object */
$job_post = 'job_post'; // machine name of the content type

// define the node type
$job_post_type = array(
'type' => $job_post,
'name' => $t('job_post'),// Display name of the content type
'base' => 'node_content',
'title_label' => $t('Title'),
'description' => $t('To add images and captions.'),
'custom' => TRUE,

// set other node defaults not declared above
$content_type = node_type_set_defaults($job_post_type);

// add the body field
node_add_body_field($content_type, $t('Body'));

// save the content type

function job_post_node_info(){
return array(
'name'=> t('Job Post title'),
'description'=>t('Create custom content type'),
'title_label'=>t('MY Job Post'),

India state listbox

This module add the supports 'predefined options' for core List fields such as India states.

You can use the India state values using India state value from "Allowed values" and You will got the all india state list in drop down.

Many people are searching for India state list to include in the selectbox option of content creation. With this module you can easily add the india state list.

Demo Site: http://digcms.com/drupal
Admin Username : admin
Admin Password: admin

Views Based & Dependent Lists

  1. Fields that are dependent on other fields.
  2. Fields whose values can be based on views.

Field Encoding

This module make integration video with API www.encoding.com, only upload video this module send the video render of encoding.

Ubercart Attribute Sync

Synchronises Ubercart product options with CCK fields.

Kladr field

Kladr is the Russian address classifier provided by the RF Federal Tax Service.
The module defines a new field type for storing addresses compatible with the kladr classification.
Autocomplete widget powered by kladr-api.ru service.

Dependencies: jQuery 1.7+ provided by jQuery Update.

CCK jQuery File Upload Widget

CCK jQuery file upload widget

This module extends file upload functionality with jQuery and allows users to choose a CCK jQuery file field widget to upload different types of multimedia files configurable through backend.

In the CCK file field setting, users can choose one of the 2 options below.

1. NodeJS
2. PHP File Upload

This module uses the background file upload functionality of the NodeJS library. It also uses the JQuery file upload plugin for smooth file uploading with progress bar indication.


This is a module that adjusts bxSlider(http://bxslider.com/) functionality into Drupal. It is applied on Drupal 8. The reason was that there are a lot of such project for another sliders. But they do not work well. I study Drupal 8. I understading Drupal 8 idioms better that were brought from Drupal 7 best practices. So what does this module do?

Entity reference crud

The whole solution relies on a Custom content type widget for entity reference. This widget provides listing of existing references via views and provides CRUD functionality for referenced content types. With other words, the referenced content should be generated and changed only within the referencing content. Similar modules like Inline entity form or Entity connect providing similar functionality but with fixed listing items and selection of existing content.

Phone Flag

Module for Phone number and format validation according to countries. The widget will look similar to "Skype Call Phone" widget

Link autocomplete

Extends the link module so the URL field is an autocomplete. It got its start from @rsmylski at https://drupal.org/comment/6535500#comment-6535500.


Link module