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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Reel Formatter

Small module that gives you a cck formatter to display images in an imagefield in 360 degrees using the jQuery Reel plugin.

Work going on here: http://drupal.org/project/reel


Adds weight value to back references from Node Reference relationships.

Conflict of interest

This module will use the user reference CCK field to exclude users from viewing a specific node.


This module defines a twitter field widget for CCK and handles posting the contents of the field that uses the widget to a Twitter account.

This module satisfies the need of those looking to post statuses to a single shared Twitter account as describe in #412118: Proposal for a New "Twitter Shared Accounts" Module by @Shai.

Restrict Users

This module will allow you to exclude users from a node using the user reference CCK field.

Simple Node Form

The idea behind this module is to create a clean version of the node form.
This is useful in the cases where we would like to use the node form
as a simple and clean form for user input showing only necessary fields
and no extraneous fields that only complicate the end user experience.

This module is compatible the CCK module. Thus, it provides
the same breadth of field types available to the CCK module.

All forms submitted via this module create a node of the same type as the
node form used to create the form.


This module adds support to the Embedded Audio Field Module (part of Embedded Media Field) for Buzzsprout.

User-friendly Reference Autocompletes

This module utilises jQuery to transform autcomplete widgets in order to automatically pipe selected node reference values to a hidden field and strip the [nid:n] string from the display field.

The aim is to produce a more friendly reference autocompletes without hacking core.

In-form role permissions

Purpose of this module is to add "permissions by role" form to CCK's field creation form, so you can set them while creating the field(s) instead
of going separately to the permission form and seek for you fields, which may sometimes be very daunting task when you have lot's of fields and roles.

Content Easement

Newer drupal methods proved to be good enough.

CCK Black Ops maps

A CCK content field which lets you add a Call of Duty: Black Ops map to your content types; displaying map name, id or image.

Integrates with ImageCache so the map images can displayed with any imagecache preset and also Thickbox

Node CSS

Node CSS uses node fields to populate a CSS template file. CSS for all nodes can either be aggregated into a single file or generated per node. In both modes, the CSS files are added using drupal_add_css() so it complies with full Drupal aggregation and compression. If aggregation is turned on in Node CSS it is recommended to make the CSS node specific via a body node class because the same CSS file is loaded for multiple nodes. Many themes output a node specific class by default.

Full aggregation is recommended for performance (the same CSS file can be used across the entire site). Individual files is recommended for small sites and/or where you don't have access to a body node class.

body.page-node-<?php print $css_vars['nid']; ?>

Example applications

  • Set an image uploaded into a node as a background image e.g. a body wallpaper or a flourish
  • Set the background colour of a page element using jQuery Colorpicker

General usage

By default, fields according to the naming scheme field_css_ in enabled content types will automatically be passed to the template and hidden from the node display. Both the naming scheme and visibility can be changed.


A field that can be used to generate dynamic chart from data

Feeds Imagefield DL

This is obsolete. I've moved the project here for a better name space.

CCK Private Fields Password

Provides an additional way to handle the protection of cck private fields. It's a submodule for the the cck_private_fields module that provides access to private fields via a password defined when a node is created

Referenced nodes in Views

This module allows you to use a Views argument validator to transform an argument from a single nid to a list of nids separated by plus signs, where the list of nids is fetched following node references on the original node.

So, when is this useful?

If you just want to display information in Views, then you can just skip this module and use standard relationships in Views instead.

The thing is if you don't only want to view data, but also act on it in one way or another. In many cases, actions are performed on the base objects in the view, meaning the node that your node references are attached to. One example of this is Views Bulk Operations, which by standard assumes that you want to act on the base object – and if you really want to act on the referenced nodes you have to do a bit of vodoo magic to make it work.

With this module you can load a node using a nid argument, and then replace the nid with all the referenced nodes, making the argument be 2+3+4+5 instead of the original nid. If you check the "Allow multiple terms per argument", your view will end up listing all the referenced nodes as base objects. Yeah!

Another Views module acting on base objects is DraggableViews, but those are the only two examples I know if.

I hope you find it useful.

First documentation!

PLUpload into single node

HTML5 based image-bulk-upload module for filefields based on the PLUpload Integration module. This module will save the uploaded images in ONE node instead of saving each image into a single node (as the PLUpload Integration module does).

#880300: Decide on a plupload module roadmap already covers some future plans on using PLUpload as a Widget and stuff. So this project is only for people who need that funcionality NOW.

RegExp CCK

A module that creates a CCK with custom regular expressions to validate fields.

I'm converting an "old" module to this one, so the actual code is under active and hard development :)


Enabling access control for specific fields on nodes based on user location. Administrators create settings for each profile containing a list of countries and which fields are under control. It's possible per profile set default behavior to whitelist or blacklist.

ImageField Extended Fields ImageCache Select

Adds a select element listing imagecache presets to all imagefield_extended widgets.


Media: CNN is an Embedded Media Field provider for cnn.com


Any and all bibliographic citation records. This is an alternative to the Bibliography module, developed as part of the EthicShare project because we wanted a bibliographic citation module implemented in CCK.

Multimonth Date Picker

'dtpicker' module provides a CCK field for selecting multiple dates from multiple date widgets.
1. Allows to decide how many date widgets to be displayed at a time.
2. Allows to select multiple dates.
3. Allows to decide the format of the date in which the date is to be displayed on the view page.

Filefield Sources Taxonomy

This is an extension to the Filefield Sources module. What this module allows you to do is find files based on taxonomy terms.

LimeSurvey Importer

The LimeSurvey Importer module interacts with a LimeSurvey database in order to import, via custom content types, surveys into a Drupal installation, generating nodes with the desired information.

Currently question types S, U, N, K, Y, L, M, ! are supported.