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I have abandoned this module. If anyone wishes to take over maintenance or use the name 'bounty' for a new project, then contact me.

This module facilitates 'collaborative funding'.

Previously we had experimented with using ChipIn. The main problem with ChipIn is that the only way potential contributors can show their commitment to a fund is by paying up front. They are wary of paying into a fund that does not yet have any other payments, as the total fund amount may never be reached - and so there is no traction.

Bounty works differently: participants make a pledge to pay a certain amount of the bounty. Once the bounty has been fully pledged, they are billed for 50%. Once we have completed the bounty task, participants are billed for the balance.

Bounty process description

Bounties are conducted entirely in United States Dollars (USD). Payments are made via PayPal.

At any time, bounty participants can adjust their pledge or make a payment. Any reduction of a pledge will be recorded on the bounty as 'abandoned'. It is not possible for a pledge to be reduced to less than what the participant has paid.

Bounty administrators can adjust the task description and the total value of the bounty at any time.

ec_prochange - Yandex payment gateway

This module provides Yandex.money payment gateway through https://www.prochange.ru/merchant_about.php website, when using Drupal e-Commerce.
It was developed and tested for 5.3.4 Drupal e-Commerce.

uc_prochange - Yandex payment gateway

This module provides Yandex.money payment gateway through https://www.prochange.ru/merchant_about.php website, when using Drupal Ubercart.
It was developed and tested for Ubercart 5.x-1.0-rc4.

ec_roboxchange - RoboXchange payment gateway

This module provides RoboXchange payment gateway through roboxchange.com website, when using Drupal e-Commerce.
It was developed and tested for 5.3.4 Drupal e-Commerce.

ec_egold -E-gold payment gateway

This module provides E-gold payment gateway through www.e-gold.com website, when using Drupal e-Commerce.
It was developed and tested for 5.3.4 Drupal e-Commerce.

uc_egold - E-Gold payment gateway

This module provides E-Gold payment gateway through www.e-gold.com website, when using Drupal Ubercart.
It was developed and tested for Ubercart 5.x-1.0-rc4.



A simple module that adds Tipjoy buttons to content.

Contributors who wish to add a “tip this” button to their posts, or a “tip me” button to their user page, must sign up on the Tipjoy website to get a Tipjoy username.

The module is quite customizable.

As a website Administrator, you can:

- Modify the labels for Tipjoy buttons.
- Have your own “tip this” button in a block, for the website (as an entity) to collect tips.
- Exclude certain content types from being tipped.
- Choose to place the Tipjoy buttons above or below the node body.
- Grant the privilege to “get tip” to certain roles only.
- Allow contributors to toggle the display of their “tip this” buttons on a per-node basis.

As a contributor who has the privilege to get tips, you can:

- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button on your user page.
- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button in content you author.
- Toggle the display of a Tipjoy button in each node you author.

Up to now, Tipjoy has been a service that allows bloggers to collect tips from happy readers. Bloggers can either add “tip this” buttons to each blog post or just put up a general “leave a tip” banner somewhere on their site. With this new module, Drupal-powered communities can now offer their contributors an incentive to post more. On its front page, Tipjoy.com keeps track of tips given and received throughout the world, showing off the most tipped content, and featuring new content worth checking out.

Development of the Tipjoy module has been sponsored by Ole Sturm at http://olesturm.com.

11 heavens

MLS Module

The MLS Module allows for Drupal sites to incorporate real estate listings provided by MLS services as CCK content. It opens the door for access to RETS and IDX based MLS feeds. Currently, you must also have VieleRETS installed in order to tap into RETS-compliant listings. For IDX based feeds, this module includes a simple API for turning csv-based feeds and their images into nodes.

There are a few major issues in the current codebase. I am slowly working to resolve the issues/put out patches/etc., but my workload continues to be very high which is preventing me from devoting much time to this project. I think all of the major pitfalls have been addressed in the issues for this project - please check them out to get an idea of what to expect and some of the necessary tweaks you might need to make.

EC Role Price

ecommerce plugin to have different prices for different roles and for each product. With this module you can set a fixed price for each specified role within the product creation form. If you just want a discounted price for a specified role for all the products you can use the role discount module provided with the ecommerce module.

Product import module: Amazon AWS

A better Amazon Import module for D5.

Development release only. Don't try to use this on a production site for any reason.

Amazon Associates Web Services module

*Amazon Associates Web Services:
Amazon's API that provides access to their catalog and associated content (reviews, prices, etc).

*Search Index:
Practically speaking, this is the type of item you're looking for. To put this in context, one type of item sometimes has a different set of fields than another type (DVDs have # of audio channels; Books do not). Thus, choosing a Search Index not only specifies what _kind_ of item you're looking for, but what fields are available to search on.

*Search Fields:
These are the fields your search is actually performed on. In the query "Search on Author for Zig Ziglar", 'Author' is the search field.
The available search fields change depending on the current Search Index -- if you're searching Books, "Number of Audio Channels" won't be an available Search Field.


Data Matrix API

libdmtx API for Drupal

libdmtx is an open-source library for reading and writing Data Matrix barcodes, two-dimensional symbols that hold a dense pattern of data with built-in error correction. This module provides a PHP wrapper API enabling Drupal developers to make use of libdmtx's matrix code encoding/decoding functionality; it contains no end-user functionality per se, and should only be installed where another module requires it as a dependency.

Lat49 Ad Integration

Lat49ads picture

Lat49 is the mapvertising system that brings geographically relevant advertising to users of online maps. Lat49 offers ads based on the zoom, latitude and longitude of any displayed map, updating the ads as the use scrolls and zooms around the map.

Lat49 also allows advertisers to place pins on your map specifying the exact location of the advertiser through their MapIt functionality.

This modules allows you skip the messy JavaScript integration and immediately place Lat49 ads onto your Drupal based maps.

Sponsored by: Pet Friendly Hotels.


Drupal webshop made easy.

The module development and documentation was sponsored by KYbest.

This module is to be considered abandoned and obsoleted by more robust stuff like Übercart or whatsoever. Drupal 5 has reached its end-of-life, stating this module's life is over, too, as the Drupal 6 version was not ever officially supported.

UC Promotions

The UC Promotions module allows you to offer promotions to your users that are redeemable using fixed or bulk generated promotion codes. The system for promotion redemption is flexible and powerful, allowing single use codes, unlimited use codes, and bulk generated codes that let you easily create 10,000 codes and distribute them to customers for online redemption. Promotions are tied into Workflow-ng, allowing you to take action when a valid code is entered through a set of Workflow-ng configurations using a promotion specific "Event."

ec_mobillcash mobile phone SMS payment gateway for Drupal eCommerce API


Only local images are allowed.

The mobillcash.module provides Drupal eCommerce with the ability to accept mCommerce payments for orders i.e. from any user that has a mobile phone - no debit, credit card or bank account is required.

Designed to work with and is dependent on the Drupal eCommerce modules. Basic installation instructions are included with the readme.txt file.

Development of the mobillcash.module was sponsored by m3m and undertaken by Dublin Drupaller, with assistance from Waseem Ahanger (Mobillcash & Vidicom).

CCNOW payment gateway for Drupal eCommerce API


The ec_ccnow.module allows sites using the Drupal eCommerce API modules to accept payments via CCNOW. Basic installation instructions are included with the readme.txt file.

Development of the ec_ccnow.module was sponsored by m3m and undertaken by Dublin Drupaller.

Multi-Currency Support for Ubercart

This module enhances Ubercart by allowing a store to display product prices to customers in their local currency.

This module has special installation requirements. Please read the included README.txt for details and installation instructions. Really. Don't even try to skip this step. There's important information in there, and if you don't follow all the special instructions it won't work.

ec_ClickandBuy payment module for Drupal eCommerce

This module allows your Drupal eCommerce EC4 based Drupal Shop to accept payments using the ClickandBuy merchant portal.

ClickandBuy is a popular payment gateway that is used by Apple Itunes Music Store, 7Digital, MP3.de, publishers such as BILD.DE, Wall Street Online, Habbo, Welt Online, Spiegel Online, TV companies such as MTV, RTL Interactive, 7, N-tv.de and internationbal companies like T-Mobile, BT (British Telecom), MSN, WEB.de, Telefonica and Orange.

ClickandBuy supports 13 languages and 46 different local & national payment methods, including Credit/debit cards, online direct debit, online bank transfer, e-money and their own ClickandBuy accounts.

The module was sponsored by m3m on behalf of a client and carried out by Dublin Drupaller.

Ubercart Meta Tags

This module automates the process of integrating the nodewords module's taxonomy entries with Ubercart 1.x

e-Commerce | Donation

This module allows you to receive donations on your e-Commmerce site. It does this by modifying the base product in a manner that is suitable for the special case of donations.

For example, a donation is a an amount set by the customer, not you, the merchant.

There are three possible methods introduced by this module. You choose when you create a donation product which ones you wish to implement. You CAN implement all three at the same time- they are not exclusive.

Amazon Checkout

For Drupal 6, you probably want to check the Amazon Store Module.

Amazon checkout module (Drupal 5 only at the moment) exposes an API that allows you to maintain a remote Amazon.com shopping cart on your site without dealing with the complexity of the Amazon ECS REST API and provides a checkout cart page and block.

PepperJam Network Merchant Module

This module assists merchants in setting up the necessary functionality that is required by the PepperJam Network to support their affiliate marketing services for a merchant offering products online suing Drupal.

Presently the module relies on Ubercart as the shopping cart. I have chosen not to create this module as an Ubercart contribution, however, since I would like to see it work as a Drupal API for Pepperjam and not be locked into a single shopping-cart solution.

Interspire Email Marketer

Placeholder for Drupal 5 version to be committed, and D6 version after conversion.

This module integrates the Interspire Email Marketer email campaign manager.

Email Marketer


Libertatis Æquilibritas

A marketplace for digital contracts and private transactions.

Agora provides the following new Drupal content types:

  • Markets - a market brings together users to exchange goods, services and information.
  • Contracts - a contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more users.
  • Assets - an asset is a financial instrument (a digital bearer certificate) that can be traded in Agora markets.
  • Trades - a trade is an exchange of goods or assets.
  • Accounts - an account stores assets and records transactions. Users may have multiple named accounts.
  • Transactions - a transaction records and witnesses a transfer of value between two users.