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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Amazon items

Amazon Items is unmaintained. It is a module for Drupal which allows you to add Amazon.com advertisements and links in nodes, just by listing the ASINs (or ISBNs) of the Amazon.com products you wish to advertise.

Worldpay Payment Integration

Accept credit and debit card payments on your Drupal site using the Worldpay(tm) payment solution (WorldPay is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group). Designed to work with and is dependent on the eCommerce.module. Simple installation instructions are included with the readme.txt file.

Paypal Framework

Please note...

Users looking for a Paypal solution for their site are strongly recommended to look at the lm_paypal module. For various reasons lm_paypal supersedes the Paypal Framework module.

Spreadshirt integration

A simple module for integrating a Spreadshirt shop into Drupal. Spreadshirt is a web shop similar to Cafepress.


Tipit is a voluntary micro payment and per transaction advertising system that creates a one-click pathway to donate.

Inventory Management

This project gives you the oppertunity to manage you warehouse in an advanced way. With this module you will be able to:


The Quickfile module allows instant selling and download of digital products such as ebooks, photographs, music and software. Clients don't need to be registered to buy and they are sent to a page with a link to start downloading right after making their payment.

The file module in the Ecommerce package is quite helpful and I'm thankful for many ideas and code I got from there, but I've noticed that in many sites clients get a little lost when they need to register a Drupal account, wait for a confirmation email and then login and go to "My Files" page to get their files. This can reduce the sales of ebooks.

The Quickfile module creates a new node type called 'quickfile'.

With the Quickfile module clients just need to visit three web pages, when using a credit card, in a single session to make the payment and download a file.


An alternative e-commerce system. Orders are saved as nodes so that they can more easiliy be integrated into Views and use other Drupal features & modules such as comments, nodeapi, Workflow, Actions, etc..

Order is a self-contained module that provides cart and order functionality. An API is provided for other modules to adjust prices and item contents via order_cart_alter() hooks. After rules are processed, and the cart's owner is ready to check out, the cart is saved as a node.

Quickbooks Integration

UPDATE 1-10-2010

This module I feel has been superceeded by the great work on the quickbooks module ( http://drupal.org/project/qb ). I recommend using that module instead as it is in active development.

Note, this is here for collaboration, and testing. It is not ready for use. With that said, feel free to download it and take it for a spin.

I am sorry for the poor quality of the screen cast. I've never done one, and I used "wink" to do it. I'll probabley update the "how to" later down the road.

This module is still very pre-alpha, and the screen-cast is not the best. But I did it quickly. I've been getting a few inquiries, and I figured this would be the easiest way to explain it. I'll be releasing it to the cvs by the end of this week so hopefully I can some collaboration on it.

Link to video: http://earnestberry.com/node/7/play

La Caixa payment gateway

Payment gateway for the Catalan savings bank 'La Caixa' for ecommerce.

Node Product

This module will not be supported any more since this functionality was already implemented in ecommerce core.

The module should be used within ecommerce package and depends on product.module.
It allows to assign a certain product type to any content type declared in the system (CCK types as well). After that all nodes of this type will be created as products without a need to add them to a store manually.

It can help to solve the following problem:
You used CCK to create a node type and are going to use it in the future for products. Users of specific role can create their own products (not only admin can do it) ... kind of auction. When going to node/add/mytype page you will see a list of product types and an 'Add to store' button. So, in order to create a product you need to choose product type and press additional button. You need to do it each time for each of your products. More then, it is not user friendly action.

This module can help you to automate this process by associating a certain product type with a desired content type. Each time you create this content type it is created as a product and all its specific fields (price, SKU) will be available on the form.

Multivendor Multigateway Payment

It has become clear to me that this module will be too proprietary to be of much use to anyone other than my specific project. I've uploaded the latest version, you're welcome to examine and use it if you like. There will be no official releases of this module.

The Multivendor Multigateway (MVMG) payment module strives to provide a shopping environment where registered users can all be vendors. The system uses some features from the eCommerce API and provides some stuff on its own (user-specific paypal settings for example).



This module allows an event web site to charge fees for attendance.

The module assumes that the entire site is for a one-time event, and the fee is fixed for everyone. So this module is suitable for subdomains (e.g. 2008.yourconference.org, 2009.yourconference.org, ...etc.).

Views integration is provided, with several fields exposed to views, such as gross amount, net amount, currency, and whether the user has paid or not. Note that this requires the bio module so users are represented by nodes.

If you want a more granular event payment solution, then consider using the Signup Pay for a node module which allows this and much more.

Requires the simple paypal framework.


This module was developed for the Drupal Association in order to allow conferences to collect an attendance fee.

It was used for two Drupal Conferences:

Moreover the following sites use it as well:




Skipcart (for ECv3) allows users to bypass the Review Cart page and head straight to checkout after adding an item to their cart.

Tax Receipt

The Tax Receipt module allows non-profits to flag items as tax-deductible, and add their fair market value into the drupal database.

We need the fair market value because buying, say, a mug for $25 from NPR only entitles you to a deduction for the donation above-and-beyond the fair-market-value of $5 (a guess...but suitable for this example).

The whole tax-deductible, fair-market-value thing is only really useful for US customers I suspect.

This should also work fine with donations which are 100% deductible.

Caixa Penedes

Payment gateway for the ecommerce package to pay trough Caixa Penedes (http://caixapenedes.cat)

Tax by taxonomy

ecommerce contrib module which will allow you to have different taxes for your products. Other tax modules only allows you to have one unique tax. In Europe we are used to have a few more (4%, 7%, 16%, etc) and we are now able to charge different taxes to different products.

You only need to create a new vocabulary which will have one term for each needed tax and assign them to your products during the product creation process.

Affiliate Window's ShopWindow

Create price comparison websites with Drupal, using the data made available by AffiliateWindow's shopping api.

This module allows you to integrate price information from over 400 UK shops and receive commissions for sales made, either by creating your own shopping search sites where users can browse listings or search for the products they want, or by creating a 'product' node, where you can write articles, reviews or descriptions on particular products and have affiliate links to shops selling those products automatically attached. This enables you to easily add user reviews, related products, comments and all the other functionality drupal's content system provides.


rectifi (Product nodes with price comparisons)
Kitchen Whizz (Basic shopping site)
Caffiene Nation (Basic category-specific shopping site)

I have produced documentation here to help users get started http://www.rectifi.org.uk/shopwindow-module-documentation

This module was initially developed for rectifi, a non-profit charity shopping website based on drupal. It gives you the option to 'donate' a percentage of clicks on shopping links to rectifi to help us raise money for charity.


Toplist is a module that lets webmasters submit their links, have them approved and keep a link exchange that tracks website referrers, thereby giving more exposures to more-active websites.
This module simply implements a system that has been going on for ages on the Internet: automatic link exchanges between related websites that also tracks the amount of visitors sent in, so that a classification of the "top referrers" can be kept. This module does exactly this.


This work is being sponsored by Give-Me-An-Offer.com.


The Contaxe module makes it easy to integrate Contaxe ads into drupal. Combined with some optional modules it allows revenue sharing and WhoSeesAds-like rules for when to display ads.

Please note: This module is only available in german language, because contaxe ads are only available for websites in german.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This module allows you to create invoices.
It uses nodes and views, so it is very easy to customise.
It supports VAT and Pro Forma invoices. It is very easy to generate a proper invoice from a pro-forma invoice.
It shows invoice statistics like paid/unpaid invoices.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1. Improve Invoice Statistics
2. Right now, you can generate many invoices from one pro-forma invoice, it should be customizable


The sugarform module allows the creations of form(s) that will submit information straight to the leadCapture.php script in SugarCRM. After the form is created it must be edited to include the necessary information to allow the submission to take place seamlessly.

This module was developed to use on the Didymo Designs, and customers, web sites. Didymo Designs hopes it is useful for others.

webmoney - Webmoney payment gateway


This module provides Webmoney payment gateway through merchant.webmoney.ru website, when using Drupal e-Commerce.
It was developed and tested for 5.3.4 Drupal e-Commerce.

ec_prochange - Yandex payment gateway

This module provides Yandex.money payment gateway through https://www.prochange.ru/merchant_about.php website, when using Drupal e-Commerce.
It was developed and tested for 5.3.4 Drupal e-Commerce.