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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Commerce Product Display Attribute Selection

Have you ever wanted to link a customer to a product page with specific attributes selected? This module provides that capability. Simply include the attributes in the querystring on the product display page and the attributes will be selected.

For example: http://example.com/product/magic-beans?color=green&size=small will select the color and size on the add-to-cart form of that product display.


Youtube Channel Videos Sync V3

This module creates video file entities from YouTube channels. It supports multiple YouTube channels. Provide a field machine name in which YouTube channel name is stored. This module will fetch the needed information from the field's table. Find the setting at "SOURCE OF CHANNELS" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.

It imports youtube data like description into entity field. It allows us to set up mapping between downloaded metadata and Drupal fields. Find the setting at "ENTITY FIELD MAPPING" section of page admin/config/media/cyoutube.


Entity Reference Embed Widget

Entity Reference Embed Widget


This module provides an advanced Entity Reference widget. To use it, create an entity reference field, set it to use an autocomplete (embed) widget, and in the field instance settings select a view mode (e.g. teaser) to use. Now when you select an entity to reference and click on "Add item" button, you should see a preview of the referenced entity in the selected view mode. Also, this widget provides "Remove" button against each field (Drupal does not facilitate to remove these fields after you have added).



Do you remember Image Maps? They're back!!

All issues and patch submissions are done on Github.


SQL Buddy

SQL Buddy logo

This module provides integration with the SQL Buddy web based MySQL administration tool.


  • Create and drop databases and tables
  • View, edit, insert and delete table rows
  • Execute custom SQL and view the output
  • Import and export databases and tables to SQL and CSV formats
  • Add, edit and delete MySQL users
  • Ships with 47 translations (including Esperanto!)



This is a youtube quiz webform component.
This webform component allows the end user to choose between Youtube video's.

Users can select one of the youtube video's.
The votes will be available in the statistics and xml export of webforms.


webform imagepicker

Webform conponent image picker( quiz in action )

This webform conponent allows editors to upload X images in the webform component "IMagepicker".
An example usage is a webform where users choose between a pic of Britney spear, Shakira or the Rock.
The filename is saved in the database.

The end users can click on one of the images to select it and go to the next question or submit the webform.

In the analytics section you can see the vote count per image.
This allows webform users to create simple image quizzes.


Webform Redirect

Provides option to redirect the user to different page/URL depending on the submission data.



Integrate/import your well-structured style guide into Drupal.

Prefer to organize your styles into components? Want to use Handlebars as templates? Want to use an automated, living style guide (KSS) that's synced to Drupal? Now you can!



Inspired by ToDoMVC This project will try to create an example of ToDo with different Javascript MVC Frameworks.
Currently Backbone MVC is working with few bugs. Please give your suggestions.


Commerce Deploy Core

The core component to Commerce Deploy. Please file all issues in the profile's queue.



Shortlist/Bookmark content in your site. You will be able to create a list out of it and share it with others. Anonymous users can also create list of their own.


Parse YAML

This is a tiny bridge module that implements an API function (named parse_yaml_stream) that tries to parse a YAML stream.

It is intended as a stopgap until the Drupal 8 class Yaml is backported to Drupal 7.

The project also contains a sub-module (named Parse YAML check) that can be used to check if a YAML parser is available.

This is an API module. Only install it if another module requires it.


UUID Extras

Adds UUID support for top 100 contrib modules. Each contrib module has a UUID enabling module. For example redirect has a redirect_uuid module.

The following modules aren't included in this project because they are supported by other modules:


Make it snow

This module will make it snow anywhere you feel like going skiing.



Adds basic integration of the Tracy PHP debugger to Drupal.

With Tracy, you can view all PHP errors, notices, and warnings in a consolidated info bar. You can then disable printing of error messages from Drupal to get them off of the screen and view them in one place.


Domain Path Rewrite

Auto-rewriting and redirection for Domain Path.



  1. Install Domain Path module and its dependencies.
  2. Optionally install Redirect module (to be able to manage domain-specific redirects).
  3. Go to Modules and enable Domain Path Rewrite.
  4. No additional configuration needed. It will just magically work!

Features | read more

  • Automatic domain path redirects
  • Automatic cross-domain URLs rewrite
  • Domain-specific redirects support


IP Whitelist and Blacklist

This module provides login restriction by both whitelist and blacklist, module features:


KeyboardCowboy's Panels Demo

This module is designed for KeyboardCowboy's DrupalCamp Colorado 2015 Pragmatic Site Building With Panels training program, but can be used by anyone to get started with panels.

Currently this comes with all the modules necessary to install panels and views content panes and a variety of content you can easily relate to start generating dynamic layouts.

Slides used for the initial presentation are here: http://keyboardcowboy.github.io/kcpd-preso


Token replace AJAX

The Token replace AJAX module adds the ability to process individual tokens via an AJAX callback. It is primarily a developer utility, built for the purpose of offloading common functionality from other modules.



The Token replace AJAX module is essentially a very basic REST API with only one method:


Returns the token, replacement and any Drupal messages as a JSON object.


  • :token

    The token you wish to process in a standard token format.


famfamfam.com icons

The famfamfam.com icons module is a wrapper to integrate the famfamfam.com icon packs with the Icon API module.

The icon packs are not included in this module, they need to be downloaded from famfamfam.com. See Installation instructions for more details.


Required modules



User External Invite

Future home of external user invite module.

This module allows any user with the "invite new user" permission to send role invites to an email address. This module assumes that you are using external authentication (such as LDAP or Shibboleth) and that users receiving the invites can already log into the website.

Upon receiving the invitation email, the user is directed to the user login page. Upon successful authentication, the elevated role is automatically granted.


Opigno Mozilla Open Badges App

Opigno Mozilla Open Badges App makes possible to integrate Opigno LMS with Mozilla Open Badges.
This makes possible to create badges, earned by students when successfully completing a course or a class.


Media Tweaks

Small module with some media tweaks to make using media a bit more comfortable/easier/..