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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

No Request New Password

Remove "Request new password" link from block and user page.

This module is very useful for sandbox sites where test users can't change your own password and for third party authentication like LDAP.

Login warnings problem

If you are having problems with login warnings, please take a look at this issue:


Administer Users by Role

This module allows site builders to set up fine-grained permissions for allowing "sub-admin" users to manage other users based on the target user\'s role.

The module defines new permissions to control access to edit/delete users - more specific than Drupal Core\'s all-or-nothing 'administer users'. It also provides and enforces a 'create users' permission.

The Drupal 8 version adds fine-grained control of assigning roles and viewing users, with an optional simple configuration mode.

Image CAPTCHA Refresh

Image CAPTCHA Refresh

Drupal 8

This module is going to be part of CAPTCHA module, see https://www.drupal.org/node/2608540 for updates.


This module adds the link for refreshing image into very popular module for widget image_captcha.

scroll to top


This module uses a jQuery script to provide an animated scroll to top link in the bottom of the node.

It's useful to use it when the content exceeds the height of the browser. Just activate the module end the link will appear automatically.


The module is now using jquery to insert the arrow on all pages, admin theme included.

Options available

The module provides the following settings:

Display Suite Bootstrap Layouts

17 Bootstrap Layouts

This module adds some of the most common Twitter Bootstrap layouts to Display Suite.



Nothing particular, just download and enable as described in Installing contributed modules.

17 Available layouts

Single column:

  • Bootstrap: 12

Two columns:

  • Bootstrap: 2 - 10
  • Bootstrap: 3 - 9
  • Bootstrap: 4 - 8
  • Bootstrap: 5 - 7
  • Bootstrap: 6 - 6
  • Bootstrap: 6 - 6 stacked
  • Bootstrap: 6 - 6 bricks
  • Bootstrap: 7 - 5
  • Bootstrap: 8 - 4
  • Bootstrap: 9 - 3
  • Bootstrap: 10 - 2

Three columns:

  • Bootstrap: 2 - 8 - 2
  • Bootstrap: 3 - 6 - 3
  • Bootstrap: 4 - 4 - 4
  • Bootstrap: 4 - 4 - 4 stacked
  • Bootstrap: 5 - 5 - 2

Additional layouts in dev version

  • Bootstrap: 1 - 11
  • Bootstrap: 11 - 1


    Search Autocomplete

    Version 2.0 preview


    This module allows you to add autocomplete functionality to virtually any fields of a Drupal site. During the input, the field will be expanded and offer a list of suggestions before you start the search.
    By default, the module integrates with search forms from the Drupal core Search and Search Block.

    Optionnal: use views module to create your own suggestion set easily.
    Optionnal: use transliteration module to build suggestions regardless of special characters (é, è, ç, etc...)


    • Autocomplete virtually any form in your website using id selector.
    • Uses either static data, external or internal URL callback or an embeded view style to easily create your suggestions set.
    • Forms to autocomplete are individually configurable
    • Many css styles embedded, or just add your own one
    • Using the embeded Views format (requires Views) any type of suggestions can be used:
      - words (any word in your site)
      - node titles
      - comment titles (if optional module comment enabled)
      - taxonomies (if optional module taxonomy enabled)
    • - ....


    DropzoneJS Demo

    Drupal integration for DropzoneJS - an open source library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews.

    Webform Conditional (Same Page Conditionals)


    This modules enhances the existing Conditional Rules of the Webform Module. It adds the ability to make components dependent on select components(i.e. listboxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes) that appear on the same page.


    As of Webform version 7.x-4.0-alpha2 this module has been merged into Webform and is no longer necessary. The 7.x-2.x version of this module handles this upgrade. See: #1616376: Create Migration to Webform 4.x

    Webform already has support for conditional fields on multi-page forms. For example Field C on Page 2 can be dependent on Field A on Page 1. This module adds the ability to have conditional fields on the same page. This module adds the ability to have Field B on page 1 be dependent on Field A also on Page 1.

    This module requires Webform 6.x-3.x.

    Features overview:

    • Showing and hiding components based on "Select options" components that appear above a component on the same page.
    • Fieldsets can be hidden. All contained components will be hidden.
    • Mandatory Components will not be mandatory unless shown on the form.

    View a demonstration form

    Screencast Demo


    Example of audiofield in use

    Audio Field module adds new field that allows you to upload and play audio files in the default HTML5 audio player or one of multiple selected third-party audio players.

    Currently this module supports most audio formats (depending on the selected audio player).

    Panels Breadcrumbs

    Panels Breadcrumb configuration

    Panels Breadcrumbs allows you to set your breadcrumbs directly from Panels configuration, and also allows you to take advantage from Panels arguments and contexts as placeholder tokens.


    The Breadcrumb configuration is saved along with the page, which means that if you export the page through a Feature, the breadcrumbs you've set will also have been exported.

    New in 2.x

    Support for Panelizer and configurable breadcrumb panes. Panelizer support requires a panelizer 7.x-3.x version from at least 30 November 2012.

    Development sponsored by DRI Discovery/Reinvention/Integration/


    Need to configure meta tags within Panels? Check Metatag module. It now comes with Panels support.

    Secure Login

    Secure Login

    For sites that are available via both HTTP and HTTPS, Secure Login module ensures that the user login and other forms are submitted securely via HTTPS, thus preventing passwords and other private user data from being transmitted in the clear.

    Secure Login module locks down not just the user/login page but also any page containing the user login block, and any other forms that you configure to be secured.

    Google Analytics Email (Contact Form, Webform, Rules)

    Google Analytics information appended to the bottom of a Contact Form email

    You'll never-again have to wonder how the heck someone found you!

    What it does:

    This module will instantly append Google Analytics information to the bottom of the Contact Form, WebForm, and Rules emails.

    The Value Proposition:

    Before, you had to search your web logs for "/[some_form_name]", and match it to an IP address. Then, go backwards through your log file to find the first hit from that IP address. Finally, you crossed your fingers and hoped there was something meaningful in the referrer field.

    But, now you can be lazy and enjoy all the information in the footer of your email!

    What's New?:

    • 1.4: Added an "allowed recipients" list to prevent the footer from showing up in every email.
    • 1.2: Integration with Rules Emails.
    • 1.1: Integration with WebForm. Customizable output using theme_contact_google_analytics_footer.

    How do I make it work?:

    Dude, it's magic. Just enable these five modules:
    1. Contact or WebForm or Rules (Depending on your implementation)
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Token

    User points Nodes and Comments

    User points Nodes and Comments utilizes the Userpoints Core module to grant points to a user when they post a node or a comment and/or moderate a comment.

    What it does (features)

    A configurable number of points can be awarded for the following actions

    • User creates a new node
    • User posts a new comment
    • User moderates a comment

    Other Features

    Contact Storage


    Contact Storage module will provide storage for Contact messages which are fully-fledged entities in Drupal 8.
    This plus core contact module aim to provide functionality equivalent to the base-features of Webform or Entity Form.

    The goal is to firm up this functionality in contrib with view to move into core in 8.2.x or later.


    Replicate module provides an API to duplicate / clone an entity.


    Replicate provides a main cloning function, along with several hooks to control exactly how a field is duplicated based on its type, add info after cloning, and supports custom fields and entities. It is intended to developers and does not contain any GUI (for the moment anyway).

    The goal is to provide a way to easily clone any entity, and to allow developers to be able to control exactly how entities are replicated, based on their type or the fields they contain, and to be able to easily extend the replication control to custom fields or entities.

    But there already is a Node Clone module!

    The Node Clone module focus on cloning using the administration interface and is designed only for nodes replication, whereas Replicate can clone any entities (nodes, taxonomy terms, users, ...). Replicate is developer-oriented, and let you manage the cloning process the way you want.
    Node Clone has also only one hook to alter cloned nodes, Replicate provides several hooks to be able to work on a specific entity type or field type and thus writing the smallest amount of code required.

    Node Reference URL Widget

    Node Reference URL Widget Example

    The Node Reference URL Widget module adds a new widget to the Node Reference field type. It auto-populates a node reference field with a value from the URL, and does not allow this value to be changed once set. It can automatically provide a link on the referencing node types, that will contain the proper URL to prepopulate the field.

    The sample illustration might help explain the Node Reference URL Widget in action.

    Mustardseed Media also has an excellent screencast on Node Reference URL Widget.

    Media Gallery

    Media Gallery

    Uses the Media module to provide a rich media gallery. It currently supports images and youtube videos well. Other file types may or may not work as well, but the facility is there to add them.

    This module was developed by the engineering team at Acquia.


    • Add media from URL, upload or existing files
    • Multi-file upload
    • Set rows and columns and dynamically size images to fit space
    • Lightbox support
    • CC license settings
    • Title, description and tags on images
    • Drag and drop re-ordering
    • Gallery collections to group related galleries together
    • Creates gallery blocks

    Drupal Commerce Extra Price Formatters

    This is an add-on module for Drupal Commerce that provides additional options when displaying the formatted price in your store.

    By default, Commerce allows you to format the price as:

    1. Raw amount
    2. Formatted Amounts
    3. Components

    You can override the theme of these formatters, but this module gives you a way to control the formatting of your price display via the UI.

    Extra Price Formatters Implemented So Far

    RRP / Your Price

    Allows you to display the Retail Price and the User Price for a product and optionally the amount the customer will save.
    Allows you to switch the display back to a single price if there is no discount available on a particular product.

    Formatted Price with Prefix and Suffix

    Allows you to present a price in the style just £9.99 ex VAT or only £9.99 for a limited time only

    Formatted Price with no decimal places

    When you are selling items with whole unit prices, you don't necessarily want to see £10.00. This formatter lets you change the display to show £10. (use this with care!)

    Please let me know if there are other price formatter combinations you would like to see.

    There's a video demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WR3mKjou8M

    Webform Phone Number

    This module adds a "Phone Number" field type for webform forms. It uses the same validation/formatting as the field type Phone Number provided by the phone module.

    Media CKEditor

    Media CKEditor provides a bridge between Media and the stand-alone CKEditor module, allowing files to be embedded within a textarea using the media browser.


    Each branch of Media CKEditor corresponds with the version of Media that it supports. Additionally, Media CKEditor 7.x-2.x provides more advanced CKEditor integration which requires two additional CKEditor plugins.


    RoleAssign specifically allows site administrators to further delegate the task of managing user's roles while withholding the Administer permissions permission.

    User protect

    User protect admin screen for version 8.x-1.x

    This module allows fine-grained access control of user administrators, by providing various editing protection for users. The protections can be specific to a user, or applied to all users in a role.

    Note: Up until the D7 version, User Protect has a complicated configuration -- please take the time to read the very extensive module help before using it!

    Masonry API

    Provides an API for integrating the jQuery Masonry plugin with Drupal.

    From desandro.github.io/masonry:

    Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall.


    Integration of Drupal with the Redis key-value store. It provides cache, lock and path optional backends as well as a placeholder module for contribution modules Redis easier usage.

    Provided backends


    Redis cache backend using the standalone Predis PHP library.

    Requires PHP 5.3. Please read README.Predis.txt file for full install documentation.

    This module since the 2.12 version now only officially supports Predis >= 1.x but should still work the 8.x branch. Redis module 3.x only supports Predis >= 1.x


    Redis cache backend using the well performing PhpRedis PHP extension.

    Please read README.PhpRedis.txt file for configuration and documentation. PhpRedis is the recommended connector.

    Commerce Search API

    Provides Commerce-specific Search API integration.

    Included in the box:

    • Automatically created Search API db server, if none is found.
    • Auto-generated search index that includes all product display node types* and related product data.
    • Auto-generated facets for all node type categories and product attributes.
    • Optional integration with Search API Ranges (allowing for a price slider, for example).
    • Search API Filter class for product display node types* (allowing for an index composed only of product displays)
    • Facet API Filter class for removing facet items that do not change search results.
    • Facet API Filter class for hiding certain facets on the initial search (so that product attribute facets are only shown after the initial search, for example).
    • Reindex the product display when a product variation is updated.
    • Provide backreference Entity API properties (Retrieve the product display from the product)

    * - Every node type with a product reference field is considered a product display node type.