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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



This module is intended as an API module, to simplify integration of a Drupal web site with an OpenTracker BitTorrent tracker. It allows you to create .torrent files, and parse the statistics provided by the OpenTracker instance.

This module does not provide a UI. It's an API module only.

Running live on DriverPacks.net.



Persistent Log

This module records specific kinds of log events in permanent storage, which is not truncated like the core watchdog log. It is particularly useful for capturing rare events in sites that generate a high volume of log messages, which would otherwise get lost quickly.

To set it up, visit "Reports -> Persistent log messages" after installation, and create a new log channel. The channel can filter messages by type, severity, and/or message text.

Each channel can be viewed and cleared individually.

Feeds Dashboard

Dashboard showing import history for Feeds (D7)

This module adds a new "History" tab on your Feeds import page at /import/[your_import_name]. This tab recaps every action that has been made since the first import to the last (content creations/updates/deletions) and allows you to bulk delete an import (revisions need to be activated for your content) instead of using the "Clear content" tab which deletes every single node imported through the importer.

Yild PoolParty

This is a sub-module for the Yild Semantic Tagging Drupal Module that allows to make use of any PoolParty Semantic Suite endpoint for semantic tagging.

Background image (sandbox)

Background image formatter is used for image field. It outputs original image as background image in the field item div wrapper and put a transparent image with exactly the same size as a placeholder. This allows user to display a image when they want to use 'background-size' feature of CSS in a responsive theme. This is useful when you want to display a image with fixed height and fluid width.

As most of code is borrowed from image formatter, so its formatter settings is same as that of image formatter.



Access important markup information in 1 click or less to expand faster.


This module implements two factor authentication where a user is registered v.i.a OTP verification send to his/her mail id.

Custom Voice Search

Custom Voice Search

This module adds the ability to any form having search field to add voice support.

Enable like any other module.
Go to: /admin/config/custom_voice_search/customvoicesearch
Add Form id on which voice search needs to be implemented like: "user_login_form" not "user-login-form"
Add Input id like: "edit-keys" not "edit_keys"
Add Input field name attribute like: keys or name etc.

Commerce not flat rate

Allows you to define any number of address and weight based shipping services for customers to choose during checkout.



Freshmarketer plugin for Drupal assists you in the quick integration of Freshmarketer tracking code into your Drupal template after which you can use Freshmarketer to optimize your site and boost conversions.

Custom Extrafield

This module allows you to add extrafield to any type of entity Drupal


Providing main action on any table of a database


Manage the notification emails through a rich interface

Workbench Access Menu Link

This module provides access controls for menu hierarchies using Workbench Access and based on menu link fields.

Webform Scheduled Tasks

Webform Scheduled Tasks is a module which allows the regular cleansing/sanitization of sensitive fields in Webform.

Using cron or drush, this module can update webform submissions to delete data which should only be kept for a limited period of time.

An example of this - a form where a user provides an email to receive a confirmation notification, but doesn't want their email to be kept indefinitely.

Test email form


This module provides a form interface that can be used for email testing.


Initially, we had this form in the Mailgun module that was very helpful to test if mail system is working.

We decided to make it as a separate project because this is not some-mail-system-specific and can be used everywhere.




This module integrates the Sourcepoint service with Drupal.


  1. Grab the form API key from your Sourcepoint account.
  2. Enable the module.
  3. Go into /admin/config/system/sourcepoint and enter your API key in the required box.

Doc Serialization

Content Calendar

Drupal calendar module helps content and marketing teams to plan, organise and manage content. The content calendar module is under heavy development.

Current and future functionality include:
- Monthly content calendar
- (Scheduler integration planned)
- (Drag and drop functionality)

If you are interested in co-creating this module, please get in touch with me lukas.fischer@netnode.ch (www.netnode.ch).

Entity Overlay

Loads an entity overlay view mode from another view mode.

Example: on a list of node teasers, a click event on an element of the list ajax loads an overlay of the node full view mode.


A first MVP is available for the Node entity only, as a Block.

  • Add a Nodes overlay block.
  • Configure a view mode (e.g. teaser) that contains the 'read more' link.


Entity Tools

Remote entity creation