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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Taxonomy Node Theme

Adds theme hooks for separating out taxonomy terms. As far as I could find, you can have a template for theming vocabulary, but not taxonomy. The taxonomy-term.tpl.php does not allow for theming the node teaser. For this, you have to add checks in the template for the tid.

Linkit widget

The core link field in Drupal 8 does not support published content that has pages other than nodes, so if you are wanting a field which allows a link to an internal page or external URL you need separate fields.

The Linkit module in Drupal 8 does not have a widget, and anon (maintainer of Linkit) does not feel the use case is warranted (Issue: https://www.drupal.org/node/2712951). I would love to see this incorporated as a sub-module of Linkit.

RWD Menu

This module provides a themable, CSS3 based slide-in menu mainly for mobile site versions, with no external libraries and only basic JS used to add / remove classes.

There are many similar modules, what makes this one different is that it has a Drupal 8 version, allows customization using a template and own CSS and has no dependencies.


This project is developed on GitHub

Snail module prevents Drupal's router from looking at path aliases for nodes when making routing decisions.

In decoupled applications you don't want all routes in Drupal to be valid routes in your front-end application, and sometimes you might even want to create a piece of content which has the same URL as an existing Drupal route (e.g. "/admin").

IDer login

With this plugin you can provide login and registration process using the IDer Service.
An additional “Login with IDer” button will appears along the regular one.

Entity Reference Automation

Entity reference simplifies content editing by auto filling field data based on relations when changes are made to a content entity. This takes concern away from worrying about assigning values on two fields, and means that content can be more organized. The auto fill of fields is handled in the browser, to allow the user to review the values before the change is made.

Example usage:

Drutopia Social

Provides a social media block.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Variable Status

Admin form showing a locked setting and a warning about an exported setting.

Values set in the admin UI using a system_settings_form() are stored directly into the variables table in the database. These values can be locked down by defining them in the $conf array in your settings.php file, but that is not reflected in the UI, which makes for some frustrating user experiences.

Commerce Shipping Price Matrix

Commerce Shipping Price Matrix provides a shipping method that calculates the shipping costs for an order based on a price matrix i.e. the shipping costs depend only upon the order subtotal. An example price matrix is given in the attached image.

The price matrix can be uploaded in a CSV file of the following format:


This module provides integration with the Incapsula Imperva: Web Application Firewall. It allows the purging of content and assets when they are saved. A complete purge of the cache is supported through the provided cache hooks in Drupal.

Next to this there is the management of whitelisted IPs, blacklisted IPS, blocked URLs and blocked country/continents through Incapsula from Drupal.


To start using this module do the following:

Simple Lazyloader

Simple Lazyloader is a module, which provides integration of jQuery Lazyloader (https://github.com/tuupola/jquery_lazyload) with some basic options such as:
- activate/deactivate the lazy load;
- apply lazy load to all images;
- apply lazy load to specific content types, custom block types, views, webforms, taxonomy terms, etc.;

Google OAuth Login

Google Login

Simple Google Login allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Google account.

Google OAuth API PHP library helps web developer to integrate google login system by the quick, easy and powerful way. Once logged via Google Application, we'll store the user information into the user table.

The Google OAuth PHP library will be used in our script that supports OAuth for Google JSON Response.

Google Project Creation

Group Purl

This module provides Purl plugins to support Group module.

With this module, it is easy to make a Group-based site that keeps the group context for views, adding content, and browsing through a group.

It provides plugins for:

LDAP User Roles Export

The LDAP User Roles Export module provides additional functionality
to the contributed LDAP modules, to export user roles to an LDAP.

Commerce Price Rule

Price Rules allow store owners to customise product prices based on a variety of conditions, such as based on user role, product type or product variation type, for specific products or specific product variations, or other custom conditions such as the IP address or the country of the customer. When conditions are met, the product's price is calculated based on the defined calculation method which can be a percentage or fixed amount off the base product price, a price defined on a price list, or a custom solution.

Redis Watchdog

Need a fast storage for your logs? This module stores your logs in Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.

Requires the PhpRedis php extension.

Module is under a new maintainer and actively developed.

Commerce not flat rate

Allows you to define any number of address and weight based shipping services for customers to choose during checkout.

Entity Submit Redirect

Module allows to make an easely managing redirect after any content entity save.
Perfectly works in pair with Rabbit hole

DrupalJedi Logo

Commerce Satispay

Satispay payment system for Drupal Commerce.

This module is under development, use at your own risk.


Satispay Online API PHP SDK via Libraries API and Drupal Commerce of course.

Content Export Import

Under active development.

B-Translator Client

This Drupal module implements a client based on the B-Translator API. For more info about B-Translator see: http://info.btranslator.org For more details about B-Translator API see: https://dev.btranslator.org/api-docs/ and https://dev.btranslator.org/api-examples/js

CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar

This module integrates the CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar plugin.

It provides a plugin for CKEditor 4, that add toolbar's groups with buttons relevant to tabletools plugin's table's context menu items actions.


This module requires to install the CKEditor "Table Tools Toolbar" plugin.

How to install dependencies via composer

  1. Add ckeditor/tabletoolstoolbar repositories to your `composer.json`.

HTTP Handler

Administration Page

This module provide handler in order to support multiple Exceptions for 4xx or 5xx HTTP status code.

DS Grid

DS Grid provides a field template plugin for display suite that lets you configure a multi-cardinality field into a grid.