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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



is an advanced Downloads module for your Drupal 8.x site.

With this powerful module, you can easily set a Downloads section on your
and offer unlimited amount of files to your users.


  • supports subcategories
  • integrated permissions system
  • a complete notifications system
  • File size
  • Number of Downloads


The field storage settings form (defines custom database columns for this field)

Defines a new "FlexField" field type that lets you create simple inline multiple-value fields without having to use entity references.

Expression Field

Expression Field Settings Screenshot

Defines a new "Expression" field type which will evaluate a mathematical expression.

Simple URL Shortner

Documentation to come!

References Dialog Search Api

This module provides support for Search API in References Dialog modules.

Use case

The Search dialog should query a Search Index using views, and not directly the database.


There is support only for entity reference fields at the moment.


This will become the namespace for the Drupal 8 version of Odoo / OpenERP Proxy API.

Machine Name Property

This module is a tool for providing a machine name as a property (Base Field) on content entities.

There is no configuration form for this module... you have to edit the configuration yourself to tell the module which entities you would like the machine_name property applied to.

We are currently making one assumption about the entity: We assume it has a "label" property (standard content entity title field).

Taxonomy terms replace

Taxonomy terms replace main form

The module provides a tool that allows to replace taxonomy terms in the fields of nodes and other "fieldable" entities. Also, with help of this tool it is possible to replace one taxonomy term with multiple (split the taxonomy terms) and multiple taxonomy terms into one (merge the taxonomy terms).

Comment Sentiment Analysis

This module will help you to analyze your comment text in a better way and generate a pie chart report using HighCharts JS plugin.

Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining whether a piece of writing is positive, negative or neutral. It’s also known as opinion mining, deriving the opinion or attitude of a speaker. Using this module, you can track comments to determine how they are viewed positively/negatively/neutral on the web.

This module uses sentiment analysis API provided by DatumBox.

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation compliance for Drupal websites.

This is an experimental project that aims at providing guidance to the General Data Protection Regulation compliance for Drupal websites.

Taxonomy Move

Move terms between vocabularies.

Drupal Security Warning for Composer

This Composer plugin will display a warning when users install or update Drupal packages (via Composer) that are not supported by the Drupal Security team, as per the Security Advisory Policy.


Installing or updating a "non-covered" Drupal package via composer install will display:


My test CouchDB project

Custom Breadcrumb Test

Test-Port to D8

Form Elements Extra


Provides some additional form elements that we could regularly use.
For the moment, those additional form elements are :

  • link_extra: copy the link widget field behavior.

An issue has been created because we think some form elements needs
to be in core: #2866997: Exposed form element and use it for each field widget..

Multi Image Slider

Multi Image Slider Admin

This Module is used for showing images(Image Fields) in the bx slider format with pager as a image.

You need to select Format "Multi Image Slider" for relevant image field in manage dispaly page for the relevant content type.

multi_image_slider.module: showing image in bx slider format of your image style choice with pager and controls.

Available options

Image style
Lightbox Support
Pager (Image as thumbnails)
Prev/Next controls

IoT - Dashboard

A generic dashboard application based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS that runs in modern browsers. A server is only used to serve the dashboard files. Simply arrange and configure widgets to display data from any data source - not limited to Internet of Things.

A plugin API that allows easy widget and data source development to keep the dashboard as extensible as possible. All plugins are loaded securely in sandboxed iFrames.

Blazy Loading

Blazy Loading
Blazy Loading that will help to enable the lazy loading in your site.

1. Enable the module blazyloading.
2. Do the blazy loading setting at the admin setting.
3. Flush the drupal cache.

Blazy Loading module have below configuration setting page

Node Access Rebuild Progressive

Utility module that provides an alternative mean of rebuilding the Content Access table.


The default core behaviour, when a module marks the content_access table for rebuilding, is to delete all entries first and to then rebuild the grants for all nodes.

Leaflet Entity Browser

This module allows you to use a Leaflet map as a views widget inside Entity Browser.

Note: This module depends on the following patches to the Leaflet drupal module (if the issues are not fixed already):

Yotpo Reviews Upload

Use this module to import a full list of your YotPo reviews to a dedicated drupal database table.

Currently, the module only provides the raw data in a DB table. Eventually we may tie it in to a contributed slider module (like flexslider).

IPTC Media


This module aims to extract the IPTC photo metadata from an image.

It extends the functionality of Media Entity Image module, automatically creates a media bundle of type "Image" with fields linked to IPTC data core fields. When adding a new media content (of the created type) and on image upload, fields will be filled automatically (Ajax) with image related data.
Other than IPTC core fields, extended IPTC fields will be managed in further releases.

Ajax Login

Ajax Login module is provided an ability to login and register with AJAX. This module provides a block with 3 links (Login, Create new account, Reset your password) for the anonymous user.
After clicking on one of these links user will be able to see a requested form in ajax modal window.
Submission and validation are being made with AJAX.
Also there is available special configuration for this block and for this module.
You can specify a kind of redirection or choose size parameters for current modal window, etc.


Heisencache "H" logo, imitating a cell in a Mendeleiev table of elements.


Heisencache is a cache monitoring tool for developers: it has an API but no significant UI (roll your own).

It provides the ability to catch all cache requests, triggering events before and after each of them, and providing predefined subscribers to handle them, as well as the freedom to add whatever subscribers the developer wishes to perform data slicing, dicing, and reporting.


Contributions are welcome. The project has received some from France Televisions and Amazee Labs. Most useful would be UI development.