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Embedly Formatter

The Embedly Formatter module provides a text formatter to embed URLs using the Embedly service. It works with fields of type link.


Embedly (http://drupal.org/project/embedly)


Install as usual, see https://www.drupal.org/node/1897420.


Select 'Embedly' as the field format on the Manage display page of your entity type.

Views table search

This module provides a views plugin display that enables js search on table row results.
It works best with views without pagination and can be customized: the search label, the highlight color(for found results) , the number of characters to start the search for, etc ....
It also can be themed with twig templates, like any drupal view.


Base on user module
maintains member information. contains user depart, user company information , and so on.

Module Dependency Browser

Compiles a browsable index of module dependencies, allowing users to see which modules depend on a given module. Requires a local checkout of the contributions/modules directory. See the README.txt for more details.

CMIS Alfresco


Please note that since cmis-6.x-3.0, this module is deprecated, and replaced by cmis_common module available in cmis package.
More details can be found here: http://drupal.org/project/cmis

The CMIS Drupal-Alfresco Integration project seeks to provide a mechanism to achieve the benefits of Alfresco and Drupal working together via a standards-compliant interface. This is a joint effort between Optaros, Acquia, and Alfresco.

This module is currently in a beta state. It's stable and is starting to be used on production sites, but is still fairly basic. Please note that this module requires the CMIS API module, available at http://www.drupal.org/project/cmis.

Developer Release

  • Execute CMIS API calls against any CMIS-compliant repository
  • Search a CMIS repository with CMIS Queries
  • Browse a CMIS repository by navigating its hierarchy
  • Synchronize nodes between the CMIS repository and Drupal
  • Autocomplete when specifying folder paths



Zomato.com is an online food guide, restaurant directory and menu-pages website for anyone who is looking to either dine out or order food. Currently operational in 10 cities in India - Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh, Zomato lists menus, ratings and contact details for all restaurants listed and reviews (both editor and user) & discounts for a large percentage of these.

This module focuses on the integration of Zomato's Public API with Drupal.

Current Features

  • Currently, this module provides suitable API for requesting data from Zomato.com and writing data as well in some cases.
  • For now, this module is for developers who wish to do something with Zomato's API. It easily helps developers make API calls with the help of just one simple function.

Usage Guide

  1. Download and install this module into your sites/all/modules directory. Enable it.
  2. Sign up for an API key here.
  3. Go to the following path of your Drupal site admin/config/services/zomato. This will open the Zomato API Configuration page.

Mixed session

The Mixed Session module enables mixed HTTP(S) sessions for a site, securely and without loss of session data. The phrase "mixed sessions" refers to providing, with respect to a user visiting a site, some content over an insecure (HTTP) connection and other content over a secure (HTTPS) connection. For example, a shopping site may prefer to display product content in insecure mode (HTTP) while being able to protect sensitive content (e.g credit card details and authenticated user account information) using secure mode (HTTPS). The use of mixed sessions adds complications such as preserving session data (e.g. a cart ID) across session mode and protecting against session hijacking (with tools such as Firesheep). This module addresses both concerns.

The Mixed Session module protects against session hijacking by regenerating session IDs on step up and step down (i.e. switching between HTTP and HTTPS), providing a configuration switch to stay secure once having entered secure mode, and exposing more built-in, configurable redirect rules. This module also declares two API hooks through which a developer can incorporate more complex redirect rules. Protection applies to anonymous and authenticated users.

How is this different from...

    External Bookmarks

    External bookmarks provides a way for users to bookmark external sites and save the bookmarks to their Drupal user account

    It works by dragging the Bookmark it button on external_bookmarks/bookmark_button to the bookmarks and visit any site you like and click the Bookmark it bookmark and you get a popup and you can bookmark the link to your Drupal profile

    Commerce eWAY Multi


    Commerce eWAY Multi integrates with rules to allow you to easily send payments to different eWAY merchant accounts based on a condition.


    • Swap out unlimited numbers of eWAY account numbers based on custom conditions
    • Rules integration so it can be configured without any code


    • Drupal 7
    • PHP 5.2+

    Known Issues

    There are currently no known issues.

    Harmony Akismet

    Integration for Harmony and the Akismet anti spam service.

    Panopoly Internationalization

    Panopolyapp to provide internationalization support.

    This project can be used with any Drupal installation, it just makes some assumptions based off of the Panopoly distributions.

    Flysystem - SFTP

    Provides an SFTP plugin for Flysystem.

    See README.txt for configuration information.


    This is a youtube quiz webform component.
    This webform component allows the end user to choose between Youtube video's.

    Users can select one of the youtube video's.
    The votes will be available in the statistics and xml export of webforms.

    Commerce My Delivery Times

    checkout page time slot


    Commerce My Delivery Times allows you to configure desired time slot. You can configure master time slot which will appear on checkout pane. You can also create an individual time slot which is different from Master slot configuration which will appear on checkout time slot pane respectively. Edit or delete feature of slot configuration is also provided.

    You can configure start time and end time of every slot. Maximum number of order to be placed in every slot and threshold time of accepting order.

    Not taxable users

    About the module

    Not taxable users module offers the possibility to exclude sales taxes from users orders throughout the managing users list on module's amdinistration page.
    In some cases there are no taxes needed in online stores for example, if a customer has a sales permit, the order for him is not taxable.
    It can be done using Not Taxable Users module. The proces of applying users for non taxable orders is simple: just need to fill out two fields in

    Lazy Loading Ad Slots

    This module extends the DFP module which is taking over the control about where and when to render the Ad.

    It provides a context reaction which is allowing us to add configuration bundles and by specifying a CSS selector(s), the Ad can be rendered "Instantly" or "On scroll" before or next to the selector.

    Decoupled User Authentication


    This module aims to provide a simple API for storing information about users
    who visit your site whether they register or not. By extending the base user
    entity the module allows you to store users that do not have a name and

    Why bother?

    Drupal has thousands of useful contributed modules and many of these work with
    users really well (e.g. Simplenews, OG and Profile). These modules would be
    even more effective if they could be used with users that are not registered.


    This module integrates the Site Catalyst analytics software into a Drupal site. All future development of what used to be the siteCatalyst module will happen here because it is now owned by Adobe and renamed to AdobeAnalytics Module.


    To install the AdobeAnalytics module, you should first make sure that you have a SiteCatalyst account. Assuming you have your account information, simply install and enable this module as usual and then visit the settings page at admin/config/system/adobeanalytics.

    Taxonomy form block

    Enables the presentation of taxonomy creation forms in blocks. This is
    particularly useful for including forms on panels.


    Simply go to the module administration page and enable the module and
    click Save Configuration.


    Composer Security Checker

    The Composer Security Manager module will check any installed Composer packages against using the SensioLabs Security Checker service (using their awesome connection library), and output a report similar to the core Update Manager report.



    This module gives potential donors a couple easy ways to give to an organization or person:

    • By credit card with Stripe (2.9% + 30 cents a transaction)
    • (coming!) By bank transfer (low transaction fees)
    • By pledging to pay by check

    Other ways may get in there, but the focus will remain simplicity and flexibility for givers to donate in the lowest cost way (for the receiver) that they are willing to use.

    Drutopia Core

    A base feature providing configuration items such as field storages required by multiple other features.

    Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.


    Nimbus is a configuration management tool aimed at extending the configuration import functionality of Drupal core to support the import from multiple concurrent configuration directories for sophisticated configuration deployment workflows using dependency management tools.

    Nimbus enhances and replaces the regular configuration synchronization process and the "drush config-import" command.

    Devel ladybug

    This module provides the raulfraile/ladybug Dumper for use with Devel.


    The recommended method for installation is via Composer.

    composer require drupal/devel_ladybug 1.0.0

    If you encounter dependency conflicts, you might need to update phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock prior to installation like so:

    User login persistent destination

    This tiny module ensures a persistent destination parameter on user login page.

    Given the following use case:

    You redirect anonymous users to the login page, when they try to access a page they are not authorized to view and add the "destination" query argument in order to send them back to that page after successful login, e.g. www.example.com/user/login?destination=my-secret-page.