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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Addressfield AU

This module is a plugin for Addressfield. It provides a australian address form.

Context Evolutive Cache Control

"The longer a piece of content goes without being modified, the longer its cache should be."
Here is the basic idea for this module.

This module provides a new reaction for context, which allows you to set (in http headers) :
- One "cache-control" & "expires" time
- Different "cache-control" & "expires" time depending on how long it has been since a piece of content was last modified

Upload storage reminder

Modifies the upload storage input field to force the user to select the right file system.


This module will integrate the functionality provided by Grammarly

Taxonomy automatic alphabetical order

Taao (Taxonomy Automatic Alphabetical Order) provides options to order automatically taxonomy term by alphabetical order.

It add checkbox option on taxonomy vocabulary to re-order automatically when a taxonomy term is saved.

Webform zendesk

Submit a webform to zendesk.

Media Entity Usage

Media Entity Usage is a module which allows content editors to check if some media is referenced in another entity. At it own it does nothing besides providing additional page to review references and providing views field to use at media administration view that shows references counter.

Media Entity Usage has 2 submodules that collects information about references.

  • MEU Node - collects information about referencing nodes
  • MEU Paragraphs - collects information about referencing paragraphs and its parent entities

Commerce product permissions by type

This module provides permissions for viewing products and adding to cart
on a per product type basis.

To limit what products can be added to the cart, grant the following

"{Product type}: Add products to cart".

To limit what products can be viewed at all, grant the following permission:

"{Product type}: View products".

If a role has the "View products" permission, users in that role will be able
to view all products, regardless of the type-specific permissions.

Commerce GoCardless (new API)

Support for GoCardless one-off payments with Drupal Commerce.

This module defines a new payment method type: GoCardless one-off payment, that allows you to use a GoCardless direct debit mandate to make a payment.

Advanced Quick Search

Quick Search Module Provides an API search within the list.


Test module to check drupal miseries.

External Auth Shibboleth

This is a Drupal 8 port of the shib_auth module.

Commerce Store Domain

This module adds a Domain field to stores. It then uses this domain to resolve the current store.

This allows de.mystore.com to represent the German store. Drupal's language can also be configured to be negotiated by domain. This allows for one Drupal Commerce site and support for multiregional stores with their own domain.



This module helps in managing Colours as "colour sets", with title, CSS class name, and initial color value.

CSS/CSS3 target coloring properties are:

  • background:
  • background-color:
  • border-color:
  • color:

Under one colour set, a Drupal 8 theme library of colours will be managed on the flay.

Generators for target CSS/LESS/SASS files, so that themers could use them, or override for better styling on a target theme.

Commerce WxPay

Italian Codice Fiscale

Italian Fiscal Code at work in Drupal 7

The field Tax Code is a cck field that integrates seamlessly into the entities of drupal 7. It can be inserted into any type of content and allows you to store the Italian tax code of individuals with the text format XXXXXX00X00X000X, where X is a letter and 0 is a number.
The validation consists of a formal control of the string by a regular expression. An addition of JavaScript makes sure that the string is always capitalized.


Shepherd will allow maintainers of multiple websites to view the status of the security updates pending for each website. This alleviates the need to check each site individually for the current update status. When new security updates are released the maintainer will be able to see quickly which sites are affected.

Support File Cache

Overview page

Initial development of this module was performed by kkaefer, this was sponsored by NowPublic.


revisor inline content editing

Reviser is an inline wysiwyg editor, meaning you can edit the node body content without going to the edit page. Just click anywhere on the node body and start editing. Since you are actually editing the HTML DOM on the same page where the content is actually viewed all changes you make will appear exactly the same when you hit save. A true what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience that a wysiwyg editor should provide

TeamSpeak 3

This will be a TeamSpeak 3 viewer. I have a working one now though its not up to Drupal coding standards.
I have ported this from another CMS and will take me a bit to get the coding standards up.


This module provides integration with the Danish language autotagging library, Tagger.

The library does Named Entity Recognition and Keyword Extraction.

The module can either autotag or provide tagging suggestions.

It is work in progress so far, but you can find the library on github here: https://github.com/40c/tagger

Golden Gridlet

#D7AX - I pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Golden Gridlet is a theme development aid for the Golden Grid base theme, both of which were adapted from Joni Korpi's original Golden Grid System for use in Drupal. For those granted permission to view the gridlet, it provides a toggle in the upper-right for a baseline and column grid overlay to aid in subtheming.

The size and color of the grid as well as the resolutions at which the columns change (from 4 to 8, and from 8 to 16) can all be configured from an administrative interface, without the need to manually alter the overlay JavaScript itself.

In order to reduce footprint and minimize dependencies, it should be noted that this module is now powered by jQuery >= 1.4.4 (provided with Drupal 7) rather than Ender.


  • Illustrates the baseline grid, ensuring vertical rhythm throughout the page.

Raw Text Formatter

Adds a format option to display the raw (sanitised) value of a CCK text field.

User Cases

Particularly useful in Views, where you can use the key value of a selected option to rewrite fields like this:

<img src="/sites/default/files/icons/[field_level_value].png" alt="Level" />

[field_level_value] is set to the Raw Text format and fills in the filename of the icon that matches the option selected.

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