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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends Module provide the simple way to display the current trending
topics based on user's location into a block.

Download the module and extract it to the modules directory. Install it as any Drupal contributed module.

Global module settings can be found at /admin/config/twitter_trends/settings.

External CDN

This module allows to add external CDNs and manage visibility for each of them from the admin panel.


Pretend you want to integrate to your site some js framework, css library or some awesome fonts that you found in the Internet. How you can do this? Here is some ways:

Metatag Routes

Allows configuring metatags for custom controllers generated by code.

My Account JQuery Block


This module creates a Google like My Account block named 'My Account JQuery Block' which is pre-populated with details of logged-in user i.e. user name, account picture, login and logout links in drop down block with optional custom HTML. (see the snapshot)

Portable path plus

Fork of Portable path. Provides input/output filters to store/restore paths using either stream wrapper notation or a managed file ID token.

Office Hours Enhancements

This module adds more functionality to the Office Hours module. Through a hook form alter we inject js and css to improve the tabled version of the office hours field.

SendGrid Newsletter

SendGrid newsletter

А module that creates a form in a modal that allows users to subscribe to a newsletter.
The form has 3 fields:

  • First Name
  • LastName
  • Email

It subscribes the user via Ajax to a SendGrid (https://sendgrid.com) newsletter list.

Drutopia Article

A base feature providing an article content type and related configuration.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Blog

A base feature providing a blog content type and related configuration.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Action

A feature module that provides an Action content type and related configuration.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Campaign

A base feature providing a campaign content type and related configuration.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Event

A base feature providing an event content type and related configuration.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Drutopia Group

A base feature providing a group functionality built on the Group module.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Test Logging that Doesn't Suck (TL;DS)

This module is an attempt to provide a way to log debug information and all SQL queries during SimpleTest test cases, and from within module code, in a better way than any other approach currently available.

Flo2cash API level integration

This adds API support for various flo2cash APIs, in particular the ones targeting merchant hosted sites. Current support is basic, patches welcome!

The main module allows one to store the Sub Account Id, and username/password to talk to the various APIs.

Included modules can then then be enabled to support the following APIs:

  • Flo2Cash Credit Card Webservice API
  • Flo2Cash Direct Debit Webservice API
  • Flo2Cash Payment Web Service API

Flo2Cash Webform integration

Provides a Webform field that takes credit card information.

Building upon the flo2cash_api module, this field will be submitted at validation time. This makes it very easy to build forms that take credit cards, while also collecting other information.

TODO: will soon add field for flo2cash embedded integration, i.e. also will take card, but card will return to website in tokenized form.

ec_paperpayments accept and track cheques/bank drafts/postal orders for Drupal eCommerce API


This module allows you to accept and track paper payments (cheques/bank drafts/postal orders etc.) at your Drupal eCommerce shop. Designed to work with Drupal eCommerce API (version EC4.x for Drupal 6.x).

Fancy Checkboxes

Fancy Checkboxes demo under Seven theme.

Replaces default checkboxes with fancy (iOS-like) on/off switches under configurable pages.

I was just trying for a good way to make checkboxes easier to click on (see Fitt's Law) but came up with this.

Original jQuery code taken from http://github.com/tdreyno/iphone-style-checkboxes


TweetRSS Module

This module takes an RSS feed and filters and formats it and posts it to twitter.com. It is dependent on the Twitter module for all twitter-specific operations. It is also dependent on the core Aggregator module for RSS feeds. Future enhancements may support Feeds module for more flexibility.

The filtering and formatting operation uses a hook to allow extendability.

The TweetRSS module features a built-in filter that uses regular expressions for filtering and formatting using the PHP function preg_replace(). Also included is a sample extension filter module, tweetrss_canweather, to demonstrate how TweetRSS can be extended with new filters. The tweetrss_canweather module has a version of the logic used for the website http://canweather.com.

Please note that documentation is largely non-existent at the moment. If you have any questions, just post in the issue queue--that will help build up some content for a documentation page. I'm assuming that users will be familiar with a) regular expressions; and b) Twitter module setup with Oauth, but I'm open to adding some documentation on those topics as well.




This module works as payment gateway for Ubercart of Tatra Banka, a. s. from Slovak republic.

No special instructions to install. Upload and enable module as normal.

User Relationships Recommend

Allows users to send recommendations to their friends. For example, a user might recommend content that they think a friend should read, or recommend another user that they think a friend should also be friends with.

Requires User Relationships.

OG mailing list

Transform a OG content type into simple mailing list responding and threading posts comments by email. This module is for Organic Groups 7.2. It will not work with Organic Groups 7.1.


Dataseed is the simplest way to create beautiful interactive data visualisations.

This module allows you to use Drupal entities as the data source for Dataseed visualisations through the provided Search API service class. You can setup visualisations of nodes, users, taxonomies and more - anything that can be indexed with Search API can be visualised with Dataseed.