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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.



Organic groups token

Until og supports entity token here a module dependent to the token module

Varnish simple purge

Note: All work on this module will continue at Varnish Manual sandbox, since there is D6 functionality there. The D7 code from here will be merged.

Very basic functionality to purge individual URLs from Varnish.

Drush Make in Drush core

This repo has been merged into the main Drush repository, currently in the 'make' branch.

Sandbox project for #1310130: Put drush make in drush core until the project is in a state to be merged into the main drush repository. Created a new sandbox to use Drush Make 2.x as a starting point, instead of 3.x.

Entity Reference Tree Widget (old)

Based on the fabulous Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget, this module aim to extend its functionality to display any type of hierarchical entities in a tree view selection.

This version includes a term reference tree and a group audience tree that works with OG group audiences.

It also provides hook_get_entity_hierarchy, so that you can define your own entity tree

You may find all documentation needed on http://drupal.org/project/term_reference_tree

ActiveGrade integration

The d.o version of this module is horribly outdated and isn't being updated right now. It is still being used as a custom module and might be updated on d.o someday.

A module for integration with ActiveGrade

Features So Far

  • Authentication with ActiveGrade


  1. Syncing users
  2. Syncing standards
  3. Syncing assignments
  4. Entering scores

Biblio Migrate (Import/Export)

UPDATE This project was a one-off deal, and is completely useless, especially with alternative tools like Migrate. If anybody wants some tips on migrating their own Biblio collection using the Migrate module, please let me know; I'd be happy to help out.

Git Hooks

Git hook for drupal.

ESC MAALS Integration

This is extremely old code and should not be used.

Page Cache Clear Button


Though this is a sandbox project, on the offhand you've found this page or have used this module, please consider using the Flush Page Cache module instead.

This module creates a block containing a button that an admin can place in any region for selected roles that clears the cache for that particular page.

MailChimp Open App

A Drupal open app standard implementation of MailChimp brought to you by the authors of the MailChimp module.

Test Sandbox of Marco

Test Sandbox

Drupal Code Sniffer

Drupal Code sniffer has been merged into Coder! This project is deprecated and bugs should be reported to the coder issue queue.

Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot Report Expanded

This project moved to Wysiwyg Grammar Checker that comes with full wysiwyg integration!

Proofread Bot performs

CacheTags fork (deprecated)

This functionality was merged back into the main CacheTags module's 7.x-2.x branch, please focus all efforts there.

This is a friendly fork of Cache Tags. The intention is to merge as much as possible into the original project!

This sandbox projects contains three major changes. The 7.x-1.x branch is tracking the original project. The master branch is tracking all the changes made in this sandbox.

Here is a description of all the individual feature branches:

1. New core patch and support for tagging of the page cache

Can be tracked in the cache-inc branch, here.

Issue in the original project: #1341306: New core patch and support for tagging of the page cache

The problem with the original approach is that parts of the required functionality lives in the patch and other parts lives in DrupalCacheTags.inc which can't be included in a sustainable way. Everything needs to live in cache.inc.

Drush sync scripts

In the long ago days, I had a collection of shell scripts. They got bigger and wilder and more powerful.
But the helped me automatically sync Drupal 4 sites between dangerous places, places that sometimes didn't even have shell access, and occasionally not even FTP, just a web file manager...

Then a while later, along came drush, and a number of these scripts were replaced by it, yet a larger number lived on, and became drush-i-fied.
Automatic site cloning, FTP sync support via drush, databse conversions from prefixed to non-prefixed and back, on the fly, one-liners to do powerful things.
A small amount of those things tried to make it into drush proper, but most remained on the fringes.

Then later, drush introduced site aliases, which completely replaced my site sync 'site descriptions' with an array that did the same job, so I rewrote my sync scripts to use that method.

And later still, I added new tools to
- provide a wizard for first time setup of site aliases
- automatically generate patch files recording your local changes, before downloading code updates, upgrading, and re-applying your patches
- get the site status report to tell you about missing modules! Which no part of Drupal currently actually does.
- perform drush commands over the wire, through a WEB interface, even if you don't have ssh access !!

GSA AutoSuggest

This module is deprecated.

See Google Search Appliance Query Suggestions

Mailman interface for Drupal 7 (abandoned)

This project is planned to provide a fairly complete interface between Drupal and Mailman 2.1.x mailing lists include features like

  • A Threaded searchable archive
  • Statistic pages showing list activity
  • Linking Drupal users to List subscribers, allowing subscriptions to be managed with Drupal pages

Move to a sub project of Mailinglist.


Mediasite Content Module for Drupal connects your Drupal site with Mediasite’s External Data Access Service (EDAS) API. The module connects your Mediasite account with Drupal allowing token injection with nodes for embedded online video. It also provides Mediasite thumbnail image retrieval which, when clicked, replaces the thumbnail image with the Mediasite iFrame. Mediasite Content Module for Drupal is compatible with Mediasite 5.5 and 6.

NOTE: This plugin is no longer supported with ongoing updates to the Mediasite Product.



i18n wysiwyg block fix

This tiny module allow users to translate their blocks using i18n and Wysiwyg as seen in this post.

Content Box [fork]

I wish I could delete this.

Apache Solr Panels - D7 Port

This is a D7 port of the Apache Solr Panels module, maintained for legacy reasons. Use Search API instead!

Views Regex-Filter

Provide a filter for fields with strings by regular expressions for views.

For a documentation for regular expressions see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/regexp.html

Allready applied to Views project.

Field Values

Provides field_get_value(), field_get_values(), and field_set_values() functions for developer and themer use.

Developers and themers expect to constantly type some form of $entity->field_data['und'][0]['value']; throughout site customization modules and themes. It gets tedious, the code can be difficult to read, and you find yourself staring at the output of devel's dsm() far too much.

Install this and you can use field_get_value($entity, 'data'); Note the missing 'field_' name prefix, it is automatically added as needed. Multi-value fields are converted to/from standard arrays, which can save a lot of array processing code. field_set_values() accepts values or arrays, so field_set_value() would be redundant. Note: Fields with multiple columns should be accessed with field_get_items().

//This "get value" code:
print $entity->field_data['und'][0]['value'];
print field_get_value($entity, 'data');
//This "get values" code:
foreach ($entity->field_data['und'] as $value) {
print $value['value'];
//Or this "get values using field_get_items" code:
$items = field_get_items('node', $entity, 'field_data');
foreach ($items as $value) {
print $value['value'];
$values = field_get_values($entity, 'data');
foreach ($values as $value) {
print $value;