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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

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We are working on the Decoupled User Authentication (http://drupal.org/project/decoupled_auth) in Drupal 8 and this module will provide CRM support in Drupal.

We are just getting started, so if you want to get involved:

#drupal-crm in IRC

Animate Any

Start config page


Animate any allows you to add various types animations to your drupal website.
It uses animate.css to animations.

Elasticsearch AWS Connector

Facilitates integration between Elasticsearch Connector-module and Amazon Web Services using Signed AWS Requests.

Base64 Image Clean

This is a small module designed to do one thing: prevent base64 image data from reaching your database. Why would you want this? two reasons. The first is database size, since base64 image data can be quite large, bloating out tables. The second is search API, since you don't really need base64 data to be indexed, this prevents the search API from scanning through it.

Media Upload

Media upload dropzone

This module adds a new administration form, allowing to upload multiple files and convert them into media all at once.
A configuration form is included to filter file types and sizes.

File types supported : Video, Image, Document, Audio.

It requires that you already have configured adapted media bundles for the file type you want to upload.

Useful modules (you can pick only the ones you need) :

Node Title History

This module keeps full history of all the title for a node. Whenever the a node is changed or updated, the complete history of all the node title will be captured.


Breeding API

Plant Breeding API


This is an implementation of the Breeding API for Drupal with Tripal extension installed. It is currently in development status since the Breeding API has not been officially released yet.
For API details, see there.

Register Validation Step

This module will allow you to set a step before register. work on this path user/register/validation
So, you can alter this step and add your fields and validate visitor data before sending him to user/register page.
The visitor can not open user/register directly before pass the validation page.

Change file upload limit

This module help admins or user with similar admin privileges to change file upload limit on a website without changing php.ini file.

Commerce ekomi

This module provide a integration between ekomi (http://www.ekomi.com/) and the modules suite Commerce.

The module is developed only for Drupal 7 but then I will do the port to D8.

For the moment the module allow:
- To get your Average rating.
- Generate a new link to rate the order when his status change to completed.

This link can be placed in a mail textbox using a token.

RedHen Asset

RedHen Asset creates an Entity which allows RedHen CRM users to create bundles for different types of Assets which can be tracked using Connections.

This is a drupal 8 module. There is no planned drupal 7 release scheduled.

We are looking for maintainers, please contact @arosboro to assist in maintaining this project.

Block Style Plugins

Block config settings form showing options for Block Style Plugins

Block Style Plugins is an API module that allows a module or theme to add style options to block configuration by creating a custom plugin. In its simplest implementation, a UI element allows predefined classes to be added to a block so that CSS in a theme can alter a block's display.

Site Editors can't be expected to know CSS class names or Twig templates to provide theme suggestions. So instead this module allows a simple form UI that can be preconfigured with options on a Block instance's configuration page to choose how a block should be displayed.

Multistep Registration WhyWebs

First page

With WhyWebs Multistep Registration you will have a multistep registration form. This module will auto create first and last names as a required field in your registration form, no need to worry about the username too, this module will create usernames depending on each user first and last name. so bottom of line this module will solve all registrations steps even faster than normal registration process.

- show the password strength or not.
- redirect users after login to an absolute or optional url.
- redirect users after logout too.

Ubercart Netregistry Payment Gateway

Netregistry's payment gateway solution offers zero payment transaction fees and an unlimited number of transactions, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking for a long-term low cost solution. For details please visit their website http://www.netregistry.com.au/security/payment-gateway/

CivicActions Empowered

Provides a configurable "CivicActions Empowered" Drupal 8 block with a link to CivicActions website. Defaults to placing block in the footer if possible.

Entityreference One to One Relationship

Entity reference field Configuration

This module is for validating one to one relationship with entity reference fields. For example: If you create a entity reference field in a content type say Article which is referencing content from Basic page and you have added a new Article referencing Basic page's content say "Test A".

Media Entity Dailymotion

Dailymotion integration for the Media Entity module.


Enable the media_entity and media_entity_dailymotion module.
Go to /admin/structure/media and click 'Add media bundle' to create a new bundle.
Under Type provider select Dailymotion.
Save the bundle.
Add a field to the bundle to store the dailymotion url.
Edit the bundle again, and select the field created above as the Dailymotion URL source field.

Video Embed Panopto.com

This module provides Panopto.com handler for Video Embed Field.

Users can add Panopto videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.
In the settings users can set width and height and also autoplay option of the video.
This module also can get thumbnail image from the Panopto Public API for using it as a teaser image.

Commerce Atol Integration

This module provides online registering of checkout receipts, created in your internet shop, via Atol service (https://online.atol.ru) according to the last edition of Russian Federation federal law №54-FZ (https://rg.ru/2016/07/12/kassa-dok.html).


This module provides integration with Shorthand, an application which describes itself as "beautifully simple storytelling". It connects your Shorthand account with Drupal and allows you to publish your stories on a Drupal website. Create your Shorthand account to get a User ID and API Token (found on the account settings page) which are prerequisite for using this module.

Dynamic Entity Autocomplete


    $form['test_form_element'] = [
      '#title' => t('Such dynamic, much wow'),
      '#type' => 'dynamic_entity_autocomplete',
      '#target_types' => [
        'node' => [
          'selection_handler' => 'default',
          'selection_settings' => [],
        'entity_test' => [
          'selection_handler' => 'default',
          'selection_settings' => [],
      '#default_value' => [

Google Drive Field

This module is used to upload files to google drive directly. It provides a field type Gdrive in the field UI.

This module bypasses the local storage and upload the file directly to a configured google drive account and displays the file link on node detail page.



This module will enable web notification on your website with zero coding involved.


The Pushpad module gives to your website web notification capabilites, integrating Drupal with the Pushpad notification service.

The main "Pushpad" module will make your website started with the Pushpad notification service, with a simple Subscribe/Unsubscribe themable block. Both Pushpad PRO and Express supported.