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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

sms-fly.ua SMS

sms-fly.ua logotype

This module provides integration between the SMS-Fly SMS Gateway and the SMS framework project.


SMS framework module
A sms-fly.ua account. This service is a paid service.


This module allows the integration of the EUDAT B2Share data repository (https://b2share.eudat.eu/). It communicates with B2Share using their rest API (https://b2share.eudat.eu/help/api). It will temporarily store a file on a drupal installation, which will be transmitted to B2Share. The generated PID (and DOI) will be stored in the b2share field.


Driki is a module that was specifically created to import Wiki articles based on their XML version into nodes
(although it is possible to import just any XML).
This module provides a custom field widget that enables you to define an internal/external path
to your XML of the Wiki entry. Along with the URL Driki asks for a text format the results should be filtered with.
Ideally you will already have any standard or contributed filter that understands a certain Wiki syntax.
Driki will store the body of your XML, and do the filtering during output.

Matrix API

Matrix Logo

Matrix.org is "an open standard for decentralized persistent communication". This module is being developed to connect Drupal sites to Matrix chat rooms. It is in its very early stages (not yet functional) but a wide range of functionality is on the roadmap to develop.

If you are a Matrix user and interested in working with us, please get in touch!


This module allows you to have two menu bars where the second menu bar depends on what has been clicked on the first menu. Uses session variables to keep track of which menu to show, does not use javascript.

Typekit Integration

Typekit Integration Configuration

The Typekit Integration module is a lightweight module to integrate Typekit with Drupal.

It comes with a simple configuration page to set your Typekit Kit ID and outputs the required code to use Typekit on your site.

Typekit Setup

The first step, is to login or create an account at typekit.com

Digital Locker

Digital is a suite of modules aimed at extending Drupal to work with the Digital Locker platform.

Translation Exchange

What is Translation Exchange?

Translation Exchange is a translation management platform that provides project management tools, workflows and automation to localization projects, including websites, mobile apps, marketing and transactional emails as well as customer support tickets and knowledge bases.

What does this plugin do?

This Drupal plugin automatically extracts content from your Drupal site, send it to Translation Exchange for translation and then synchronizes translations back to your site.


Quick Script is a powerful tool for creating custom PHP scripts on your Drupal site. Quick Scripts can be run from the admin interface, using Drush, on cron, or anonymously via a secure link. Quick Scripts can also be configured to use a form (defined with YAML) to collect data before running the script (useful for scripts with dynamic arguments).

Courier MTA

The Courier MTA module gives administrators and/or users the ability of managing e-mail accounts for a Courier mail server through a Drupal website.

Route Access

Simple module for checking access for all registered routes for given user.


Module for inserting an advertisement in the middle of the article.
The module adds the code (checked on the adsense ad code) to the middle (about the middle) of any type of material. Add text here - / admin / development / insert_js. The text format of the material must be full HTML.
Read more.

Tour Builder

The idea for Tour Builder is to exchange Tours with ease between Tour Writers and module Coders. It does that by extending the Tour UI operations.

Extending Tour UI operations

Tour Builder should be the interface to the outside world handling tour content.

Tour UI is the entity editor of Core Tour module.

Notifications Ribbon

An absolute positioned to top notification ribbon for your visitors.
No need to worry about hassle of adjusting width and height of css ribbons.
this plugin ribbon can wrap around any divs.
Just write few lines code and get any divs wrapped with ribbon.
Works in all major browsers.

SEO Starter

Drupal 8 Module for getting a jump start on configuring best practices for SEO.

This module overrides your site's configuration with a set of predefined configurations influenced by Ben Finklea's Drupal 8 SEO Book.


This module will replace the configuration in your site with the specified configuration in this module. For a complete list, look at the Requirements list below.

Drupal DDP

Content Type edit page
Drupal DDP

This module acts as a DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) client, allowing Drupal to send new and updated node, taxonomy, and user data to a Meteor application.

Setup allows configuration of which types of content push to Meteor apps.

Drupal DDP requires a node server using Node DDP Client.

Development of this module is sponsored by hb5

Image Effects: Interlace

Provides an Interlace / Progressive effect. Create an interlaced PNG or GIF or progressive JPEG image.

Has been moved to Image Effects module.


This is a port of Clean Pagination module for Drupal 8.

This module will change pager links and will work only with selected pages.

Main functionality options was copied from the 7.x version.