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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Taxonomy Comment

Taxonomy Comments Image

By enabling this module there will be a comment form for a taxonomy term. There are some steps to follow for enable commenting for a taxonomy term.
Module Configuration

Cancel Account Separate Form

Cancel Account Separate Form

This is a very simple, lightweight module that provides cancel user account separate form and adds it to user edit form by default if user has cancel account permissions and edits his own account.

Basic Email Auth

REST Email Auth

This module Provided Basic Rest Authentication provider if you used email_registration for Drupal 8.

basic_auth uses username and password however if you used email_registration
and try to use basic auth Authentication fails, email_auth fixes this issue.

Browser push notification

Drupal8.x based project for browser push notification using Web Push Api & Service-wrokder. Web Push Api will send push notification to endpoints. Admin can send push notification to all subscribed users and it will works only in secure domains (SSL).

Supported Browsers are
chrome - Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit)
Mozila Firefox - 48 & above

Video Embed URLs

Video Embed URLs creates a simple field type that allows you to embed videos from specific allowed domains.

* Road Map:
[ ] Allow for multiple domains.
[ ] Auto generate thumbnails for these videos.

Multidomain Google Analytics

Google Analytics for multidomain.


Add Google Analytics tracking system to your multidomain website. Please see below the steps to configure module.


A toolbox for leveraging AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for you website, not just on mobile devices.


this is work in progress

Owl Slider v3

sliderv3 is a module for creating/managing multiple image sliders... using custom entity

It used OWL Carousel a free jQuery plugin..used to create responsive sliders.


Provides tokens for fields acquired from MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication.




Enable like any other module.
MYDIGIPASS.COM tokens will be available in all places where tokens are enabled.
For security and usability reasons, only the tokens enabled on admin/config/services/mydigipass/user_data_fields can be used.


Plaaceholder for commerce_multicurrency_try

Filedepot Dropbox

The Filedepot Dropbox module expands on the features of the Filedepot Module by providing additional functionality in connection with Dropbox using Oauth2. Furthermore this module can be used in conjunction with organic groups.

Files can be synchronized with any Dropbox folder Path. You can upload files straight to Dropbox bypassing the local area, or enable complete synchronization with files on both Dropbox and the local area. Synchronization can be on page load or through a cron on even run manually if desired.


This module helps integrating the iLost service into a Drupal site.


  • Ability to connect to iLost web service.
  • iLost Search page.
  • iLost block listing lost items.
  • Template files for custom theming.


Account at iLost.
If you only want to evaluate/test this project you don't need an account default content is provided.

Remove querystring from static resource

This module helps to remove query string from static URL.

There is also provision in admin to control to remove query string for Images, CSS & JavaScript URL. Refer attached screenshot.

eBay commerce

The eBay commerce module can be used to upload products from your website to eBay servers.


  • Ability to connect to eBay.


Drupal commerce

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This module supports the creation of competitions. It provides management tools necessary for managing a continuous cycle of competitions that run on your site.

Aegir Objects

This module provides some base classes to simplify working with Aegir in an object-oriented fashion. It does not provide any functionality on its own, and should only be used when another module depends on it.

Base64 Image Clean

This is a small module designed to do one thing: prevent base64 image data from reaching your database. Why would you want this? two reasons. The first is database size, since base64 image data can be quite large, bloating out tables. The second is search API, since you don't really need base64 data to be indexed, this prevents the search API from scanning through it.

Custom Metatags

Form input

The Custom Metatag module allows you to provide a structured metadata.

Instalation For Drupal 8

Download and enable the module.
Create a field with the type: Custom metatags field type

How to use

- Download and enable de module
- Go to Manage Form Display and enable the field 'Custom Metatags' for your Content Type
- In the node content (add or edit), there is a input int the advanced sidebar

VK Community

This is a simple widget to display posts from VK

Services Portal

Services portal is one of the main features of your API program and an API management platform. The portal includes everything for a partner, internal and third-party developers to build new apps includes a developer services portal that can be tailored to offer services necessary for your development community.