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Ming (a MongoDB wrapper)

Drupal 8
This module has been converted into a general PHP library called Vultan, and will not be released as a module for Drupal 8.

Vultan is available on Packagist, and can be added to Drupal via Composer:

Drupal 7

Ming is an API for working with data in MongoDB. It was designed to allow rapid construction of MongoDB-based apps in Drupal, where Field integration is not required.

Ming is a wrapper around the PHP Mongo classes, which adds some additional capabilities and behaviours. In addition to what raw Mongo support provides, Ming has the following features:

  • Preconfigure and connect to multiple persistent connections, from multiple Mongo database sources, using hooks, site variables, at runtime, or from the Mongodb module
  • Simple wrappers around common Mongo tasks (Insert, Upsert, Delete, Find), including some common variants
  • Shortcuts for accessing objects by MongoID, without the need to instantiate MongoID classes
  • A scaffold class (ming\Ming\Item) for building, saving and working with MongoDB data

Ming does not require the Mongodb module to be installed, but will work with it.



Clean missing modules

Since #1081266: Avoid re-scanning module directory when a filename or a module is missing was committed, the main performance concerns are gone. If you're still looking for similar functionality, see missing module

This project is not a module.

MediaCore Chooser

Restrictions on file size, storage and file types within Drupal regularly present barriers to Drupal users who are keen to embed rich, high quality multimedia. The MediaCore plugin for Drupal makes it easy to enhance your posts with videos, MS documents, images, audio and PDFs from your MediaCore site.

New videos or other media items can also be uploaded directly into Drupal, using the Chooser, to be stored in your MediaCore library.

The Drupal plugin supports the TinyMCE and CKEditor. After performing the WYSIWYG integration a new MediaCore button will appear in the text editor. When clicked, you will be presented with the MediaCore interface which will allow you to easily embed MediaCore videos and other media into Drupal with the click of a button. Once embedded the multimedia will appear right within your Drupal page.

Chatroom Timezone

This module provides an extension to Drupal Chatroom Module (version 7.x-2.x), which depends on Drupal's Node.js Integration module. Chatroom Timezone provides an extension to Drupal Node.js Chatroom to localize chat session message to a user’s timezone.

After enabling module, users will need to adjust their timezone under "Account Settings" to see this module localize chat messages to user's timezone.

DruStack i18n

DruStack i18n


Integrates the Image-a-trois jQuery library with Drupal. The Image-a-trois library allows you to render scale images of designs inline with content to aid in pixel-perfect theme development.

Image-a-trois library can be found at http://image-a-trois.godeldesign.com.au/

The library git reposity is hosted on github
at https://github.com/thedavidmeister/jquery.ia3

To install the jQuery library download and extract it to

Alternatively, add the following to your make file:

libraries[ia3][download][type] = "git"
libraries[ia3][download][url] = "git@github.com:thedavidmeister/jquery.ia3.git"
libraries[ia3][directory_name] = "jquery.ia3"

If you have the Libraries module installed you can place the jquery.ia3 folder
in any valid location scanned by Libraries and it will be automatically
detected and included.

Once you have included the jQuery library you can create and manage
Image-a-trois overlays at admin/structure/image-a-trois-overlays. You will need
the "Administer Image-a-trois" permission to access this page.

If you have the Context module enabled you can configure existing Image-a-trois
overlays to be displayed as Context reactions.

If you have installed the module correctly and can't see any overlays, check
that your user has the "View Image-a-trois overlays" permission.

AJAX Warning Suppressor

Suppress warnings due to incomplete AJAX requests. Common forms include:

An error occurred at ...
Error Description: 0: error


An HTTP error 0 occurred.

Development of this module is sponsored by: AllPlayers.com

Perfect Audience Retargeting

Adds the Perfect Audience Retargeting tracking code to your website. An account is required at https://www.perfectaudience.com

Dr. Hook

Your Rx for your hook_ woes.


pants is a sample project to demonstrate how to upgrade contrib modules.

This is a 2013 (Drupal 7 and 8) update of termie/walkah's old Pants module tutorial.

This project was used for the Upgrading your module tutorial at DrupalCon Sydney.


This module provides a simple formatter for taxonomy terms to display the terms with plus more effect with a configurable items to be shown before +more. Eg : Drupal,Git +3 more.

Ubercart NAB Transact Hosted Payment Page

An Ubercart payment method that accepts secure payment via an NAB Transact Hosted Payment Page which can include your business branding.

Features CiviCRM

This approach doesn't seem feasible, and development of this module has stopped. If you're interested in taking over this module / code you can contact me through my d.o contact form.

Provides CiviCRM features integration for Drupal.


Logo of the Mailin email delivery service.

This module provides integration with Mailin, an email delivery service.

Devel accessibility

In Drupal 8, several very important accessibility improvements landed:

Bot Weather

Weather reporting on IRC. Finally you don't have to leave the chatroom to learn about what you should wear in the harsh, real world!

Currently using Forecast IO (through https://drupal.org/project/forecastio)

Lingotek App

This is a lightweight wrapper that appifies the Lingotek Translation module.

Field Based Subscriptions

Provides an API that allows you to take actions when new content is added, either immediately or in a digest format.

Use Case

Lets say you have a node type 'article' with a field 'field_article_type'. It is a text list field with three options (news, blog, press_release). This module allows you to create an hourly/daily/weekly subscription of article nodes with a field values of "news".

Here is the way it works:

DruStack Poll

DruStack Poll

Anki - integration with the flashcard app!

Integration between Drupal and Anki, the popular flashcard self-study application, via AnkiServer.

Entity Block Visibility

Replaces Content types visibility settings for Blocks with a more powerful Entity Type Visibility settings. Allows setting which Bundles of which entity types it should show up for.


This module will be the starting point of a new Crowdsourcing platform based on Drupal.

BitTorrent Sync API


The BitTorrent Sync API module allows you to communicate with a BitTorrent Sync API enabled server, allowing you to manage syncs, and much, much more.

The BitTorrent Sync API is currently in beta, more details at http://www.bittorrent.com/sync/developers


BitTorrent Sync fields

The BitTorrent Sync (BTSync) fields module adds Field types and widgets allowing various methods for syncing files to entities.

An example would be the basic File widget, which allows for a BTSync secret to be attached to a File field so that when new files are synced they will be automatically attached to the field.



  • Field widgets:
    • BitTorrent Sync (basic) for File and Image fields:

      A Basic BTSync field widget that allows the user to supply or generate a BTSync secret which will be used as the source of the Field items.

      When Cron is run it will check whether the Files in the sync have changed and if so it will re-attach the items to the field.