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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Search API Revisions

Search API revisions module is datasource provider for Search API.
It allows to create indexes based on revisions of any revisionable content entities (for example Nodes, Media, Paragraphs …).

It has same settings and options as content entities datasource (exclude or include languages and bundles).


Propeller Ads

This module easily integrates PropelerAds popups in your Drupal only activating and configuring this module.

Setup procedure

Copy under sites/all/modules and go to /admin/modules. Check it and enable it.

Alternative you can also install it using DRUSH with the following command:

drush -y en propellerads

Later you should go to /admin/config/propelerads and introduce your Publisher and Channel ID.

CivicActions Empowered

Provides a configurable "CivicActions Empowered" Drupal 8 block with a link to CivicActions website. Defaults to placing block in the footer if possible.

Attribute-based Access Policies

This module is under development on GitHub. More detail available there.

Github Project

Attribute-based Access Policies

Attribute-based Access Policies is special implementation of a Policy plugin as defined by the Entity Access Policies module module.

Attribute policies are written in YAML.

Entity Access Policies

This module is under development on GitHub. See the README there.

GitHub Project

Entity Access Policies

Entity Access Policies let you express fine-grained access control rules for any Drupal 8 entity type.

The concept is simple. You put your entities under lock and key.

Eventbrite Attendees Block

block configuration for eventbrite attendees block module

A simple module that adds a new block to the system for showing a list of attendees to an Eventbrite event.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Drupal FB Messenger

This project is a response to a call by the WhiteHouse to work with the D8 module they open sourced – refactor, polish and contribute as a module on Drupal.org.

Staging Widget

The Staging Site Widget is a module that overlays a floating (and position configurable), easily identifiable box over your website. This allows you to easily identify a development or staging website from your production one.

This module is very similar to the Environment Indicator in that it displays an overlay. The difference is that this one creates a smaller widget.

Bundle Copy Profile2

Bundle Copy Profile2 allows you to easily import and export Profile2 types and fields.

You can find the import/export links at: admin/structure/profile


Revisions Aggregate

Provides a list of revisions for all the nodes available in your website. Provides options to revert any node revision to its previous revision , delete any node revision and filter nodes revision by user name and node type from a single page.

Updates list

This module helps in generating a excel sheet of the modules who has an outstanding update available.

Mattermost Integration

The Mattermost Integration module provides the ability to receive Outgoing Webhooks
from Mattermost and convert them into nodes, comments and files.

Please consult the readme for configuration instructions and current restrictions.

Clientside Custom Alert

Clientside custom alert allows user to set custom messages for fields while triggering the events.

Cache flusher

The cacheflusher module adds a link to the navigation toolbar that allows users to clear drupal's cache. The module provides a permission, that can be given to user roles, to allow only certain users to have access to the cacheflusher.

Once cacheflusher has cleared drupal's cache, the module takes you back to the page that the user was on when the cacheflusher button was pressed.

Node Limit Module

Hello Viewers!

In current time, a number of Node limit modules are available for Drupal that can be targeted to limit specific users from creating nodes. At TBI, we have created a new ‘Node limit module for Drupal 8‘ that allows administrators limit or restrict users to create numbers of nodes with specific types of roles.

Node Limit Module Offers Following Unique Features:

Webform to Salesforce

Provides the capability to send webform submissions to salesforce through a public web service. The web service must be installed on the target org and can be obtained from the app exchange

No Concurrent Video

This is a very simple module that prevents multiple HTML 5 videos from playing on a page, provided the elements have the 'video' (the default setting) class assigned to them.

To use: make sure all HTML 5 <video> tags on a page are assigned a class of 'video' (e.g., <video src="myvideo.mov" class="video"></video>), or assigned a custom class name as defined in the module's settings ('No Concurrent Video Settings' from Drupal's configuration page).

Codec Validation


This module provides field validation codec to Drupal core file field.
Codec Validation uses getID3() libraries and module.

Just install the module and configure the field with the allowed codecs. If none is provided, the module bypass the codec validation.

To do: integrate with FileField Sources module.

PostgreSQL Combine Filter Views

This views filter provides a case-insensitive and unaccent searches functionality for filter criteria when using PostgresSQL database in Drupal.
Postgres need the "unaccent" extension in order to removes accents (diacritic signs) from lexemes and use "ILIKE" operator to make the match case-insensitive.
The module allows searches in multiple fields (select how many fields you want) or a single field (select only one field).


Mandrill Groups


This module provides the ability to create and manage group discussions in the
Drupal UI. Discussions can be participated in via Drupal or email.


Integrations with other modules:
* Flag - Users can follow discussions, prioritizing them in displays, if
the Flag module is enabled. (https://www.drupal.org/project/flag)

StitchLabs API

This module provides API integration with StitchLabs.com an inventory and order tracking platform. Due to the complexity of this module and the difficulty to implement it, this is only recommended for people who know what they are doing. You will likely still need to dig into Stich's backend to get all of the mapping correct.

NOTE: currently it is necessary to have "Custom API" access to Stitchlabs.com. This type of access is only included in the Enterprise plan.

Paragraphs Reference Manager

Manage References admin interface for module

Allows you to configure which paragraph bundles are enabled for a content type in a paragraph_embed field at paragraph level instead of the content type level. This is especially helpful if you have many content types on a site and you need to enable a paragraph bundle across all of them. Typically this would require editing the paragraph_embed field of each content type. With this module you can simply check off all the content types at the paragraph level so you only need to edit in one place.