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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

TaxCloud Sales Tax Module

TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax calculation and remittance service for retailers.. This module integrates UberCart with the TaxCloud system.. You can create a free TaxCloud account at TaxCloud.net.

Stalker 7

A new 7.x-1.0 release for Stalker module.


Add a wiki like header above content. Info like author, creation date, contributors and a call to edit.
Just print wikiheader_get_header($node) in your theme.

Page-template Picker

Enables per node overriding of page.tpl.php from select list on node creation/edit -form. Templates are scanned from default theme's folder by matching page--content-type--tp*.tpl.php pattern.

Fork from Template Picker which enabled only node.tpl.php. Combination of both gives tremendous flexibility.

Context condition node : taxonomy with depth

A context condition to support hierarchy matching when looking for tagged nodes

A minor form of contexts node-taxonomy support.

I had a large tree hierarchy of terms, and needed to set the condition "if this term or any under it applied to the current node then ..." (add a special footer block)

Webform UK Counties

This module provides a list of UK counties as a select option under "Load a pre-built option list" section of the webform module.


Provides possibility to update webform text field with autoincrement id.

Helping Text for Quiz Module

This module is helping text for Quiz module.

Taxonomy hierarchy utility

This module has a generic name, but it provides one utility function for website administrators: it can undo the 'multiple hierarchy' structure of a vocabulary, by cloning all terms with multiple parents, into multiple terms, each having one parent.

As an example:

Say you have a vocabulary consisting of cars;

  • Chevy
    • grey
    • red
  • Ford
    • black
    • brown

...and a content editor on your site wants to add 'white' to both car brands... and decides to be quick by adding one term called "white", with two parents.

This has the following effects:

  • You lose the ability to rearrange terms using drag and drop on the 'list terms' page;
  • The several 'white's you see in the list cannot have different properties - since they are actually the same term.

Also, if the vocabulary has a lot of terms with equal names, there is no good way to see which exact term has multiple parents.

This module gives you a simple admin screen showing which terms have multple parents, and an option to split the one 'white' term that appears in two places, into two separate 'white' terms.

Search API Domain Access filter


This module adds an extra field "Domain Access Information" to the Search API index "Fields" tab.
When checked, the returned search results will be filtered based on the Domain Access settings.
I.e. a node that is published to a certain domain, will not show up in the search results of other domains.


Also check out this sandbox for similar functionality: https://drupal.org/sandbox/raf/2244229

Time of Day

A very simple field for storing and displaying the time of day, i.e. 5:30 AM. The time is stored as ISO time so it will sort correctly and because it's a datetime value it can be displayed using date format strings for a personalized display.


Smart Editor Integration
This module will replace node's body textarea fields with the Smart Editor,
another wysiwyg editor which is very familiar to korean. When you edit or
create node and selecct "Full html" text format, body textarea will be replaced
to smart editor. There is no configuration, no requiremenet check. ^^;;;
As simple but incomplete code, Use it at your own risk.

1. Download smart editor at http://dev.naver.com/projects/smarteditor/download
Tested with SmartEditor2.0 Basic (2.3.1).
2. Extract it, locate to sites/all/libraries/SE2/(SmartEditor2.html and all files)
3. Install same as normal drupal modules and enable it.

You can upload image by clicking picture icon of smart editor.
For quick image upload to work, some code changes needs to be done.
This will make your files located to smarteditor directory under default files


Files to edit
line 17: $uploadDir = '../../../../../default/files/smarteditor/';
line 27: $sFileInfo .= "&sFileURL=/sites/default/files/smarteditor/".$file->name;



Provides integration with russian link exchange SetLinks.ru.


HipSnip is a shopping Q&A platform that helps you build an engaged shopping community on your website. This modules places the HipSnip block on the page and places the Javascript in the footer region.


Module that hides default drupal ajax loader and expose a custom one in a fixed position. Just install and it's ready to use on any ajax callback.

This feature helps standard drupal distributions to save time on managing markup problems about drupal loaders on your projects, it affects all ajax loader actions even on drupal submit ajax forms, GLoader hiddes ajax loaders trought css avoiding computing hooks.

Posible future features:
- Custom ajax loaders
- Custom ajax loaders configuration
- Custom ajax loaders restictions

Book Menu

This simple module exposes a book tree as a menu. It allows modules like DHTML Menu to apply themselves to book navigation.


From issue: https://drupal.org/node/1781024

After going through the issue history, I see 3 options that have been suggested for making Twitter Pull work with API v1.1:

Context Extra Terms

Context Extra Term allows you to multi select terms as condition for context.

Install is very easy. Put module in your folder for custom modules. Activate in module list. Go context page and you will see condition "Extra term". Enjoy!

Contex 3.x


This modules allows web-forms to post their form data into Pardot marketing automation software.

Workbench Revision Information Weight

I was required to create a workflow for a project i am working on using the Workbench module
but as some of you already know "Publishing Options" & "Revision Information" are buried in Drupal's Vertical Tabs.

This is not ideal as it leads to editors getting confused.

So i created a simple module to adjust the weights of the "Publishing Options" & "Revision Information" in the vertical tabs


This module enables cross-site Single Sign-On (SSO) for Domain Access sites.

It's as simple as enable the module and done.

It is not only a Single Sign-On module, but also a Single Sign-Off module. When people click on the logout link, they are also logged out on all sites, just like when they login to the site, they are authenticated to all enabled and assigned domains.

We use the 'assigned domains' for a user to determen all sites the user needs to login to. So yes, the user needs to be assigned to a domain, before the user is able to 'SSO-login/logout' on it.

Domain SSO started out as a fork of the Internationalization Single Sign-On module, but is already a bit more ahead by now and we only just started.

More ideas:
- Configuration options. (but it does work neat already)
- Some more options / tune in to the domain access module. (add some config options to the domain access config / and use some more domain access functionality).
- Something to enable SSO via SSL via a config option.

For the long term: see if we can hook into the session table and not login on all sites individualy, but that' really not on the 1.0 planning.

Smooth Anchor Scroll

Smoothly scroll the page using jQuery when clicking anchor links.


Back port to d6 to fix csrf security issue https://drupal.org/node/2012982 SA-CONTRIB-2013-051

uc stripe simple

Ubercart Stripe module using the javascript module and not using recurring payments.

PayHub Gatway Plugin for Ubercart 7.x

=== PayHub Plugin For Ubercart ===
Contributors: EJ Costiniano
Website: http://www.swebdev.net
PayHub website: http://www.payhub.com
Tags: payment, gateway, credit card
Requires Drupal 7