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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Farm Manager


As of the 7.x-1.0-beta7 release, Farm Manager is deprecated. Instead, you should use Farm Access (http://drupal.org/project/farm_access).

If you need to continue using Farm Manager for whatever reason, the 7.x-1.0-beta6 release includes the latest code. 7.x-1.0-beta7 removes all the functional code, to ease the transition to Farm Access in the farmOS distribution.


Anything slider lets you create the sliding slideshow gallery to showcase featured content.

Anything slider gives administrators three important tools:

  • A simple method of adding slides to the slideshow.
  • An administration interface to configure slideshow settings.

What is special about anything slider when there are other slider modules alrady available ?

Anything slider can be used to create slider for almost any type of content. e.g. text,images, audio,video, mixed (text + video + audio)

Verticrawl Search Engine

This module is a search engine working with Verticrawl's SaaS solution.

Verticrawl replace quickly default search from Drupal's core with a powerful semantic full text search engine.

Verticrawl's Search Solution let you choose how your search engine
respond depending of typed text and crawled content like html, pdf, docs.
Other features like screenshot and image integration are also available.
Contextual search, word suggestion and synonyms are also useful to help your user.

Course Commerce

Course Commerce module is intended to support integration with Drupal Commerce. It attempts to use the main Course Content Type created by the Course module as a Product Display and connect it to Drupal Commerce Products. Upon paying for the product, it automatically enrolls the user in the paid courses via Rules integration. It attempts to alter the existing Course Content Type in order to do this and create a "Standard Course" Product Type to connect it to.


Expire module doesn't have direct support for flag.If the flag is activated for the anonymous user & varnish or any reverse proxy is working behind the back-end, then purging an URL will be necessary to get proper real-time scenario in a cached pages.

This module is integrated with expire module to purge the custom URLs(which may returns the count value) when any node/comment/taxonomy is flagged

TMGMT REST Translator


TMGMT REST module is a plugin for Translation Management Tool module. It calls / creates custom REST services for automated translation of the content.
This module can be used when an external translation provider has the ability/flexibility to work with the custom REST services.

Flysystem - SFTP

Provides an SFTP plugin for Flysystem.

See README.txt for configuration information.

Domain wise aggregation

This module provide the domain wise setting for the aggregation and compression of css and js files when we use domain module of drupal.It is useful when someone using multidomain website. It works when we do not set any BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION in performance section of drupal. If this setting is checked then it will be not work as domain wise. It will work as it work by default.

TMGMT Express Checkout

Reduce amount of clicking when creating multiple translation jobs.

This adds an express checkout form that is automatically presented when 2 or more translation jobs need to be checked out. The form allows a single name and translator selection to be used for a set of jobs that translate the same documents into different languages.

The form can be skipped to proceed to the standard form-per-job checkout.


This module requires TMGMT module to be installed.

Dynamic panes

Dynamic panes module allows developers to put specific Panels panes into the page and then content editors can control what blocks will be displayed in each pane without going into Panels administration pages, all control available through frontend with IPE-like editing.

Community Funded

Community Funded block display.

This module allows you to use your user ID from CommunityFunded.com to display your campaign page via a block.

To display your campaigns:

Download module and install as usual. Once enabled, the module will provide a custom block called "Community Funded." Place this block where you would like to display your campaigns.

Once placed, the block should display, "Currently empty" because we haven't input our Data User ID from Community Funded yet.

Language Proficiency

A language proficiency field type is added to save user proficiency for one or multiple language.

For example if you want to get input from user to specify Read, Write and Speak ability for the skills(language) with beginner, average and expert then this module is helpful for you.

This language proficiency field type is possible to use in job portals, application forms and user registration to capture the expertise in language.

Responsive SVG

Provides a twig filter for rendering SVG stacks with cross-browser responsive resizing..

Proud Panels

Simplifies the Panels Add interface for the Proud distribution. It works best in conjunction with ProudTheme.

ExperD CE

The Experiment Designer (Community Edition) module allows teachers to create activating experiment design experiences for their students.

Telstra integration for SMS Framework

Adds a Telstra gateway to SMS Framework.

Telstra is an Australian telecommunication company, and as at January 2016, is providing 1000 free SMS per month.

Pattern Builder

The Pattern Builder Module empowers your team to prototype in a static pattern library and then import your designs and content data model into Drupal with a single drush command. Need to update your design? No problem! Just update and QA the code in your pattern library and import those changes in seconds.

Revision Log Subject


This module adds a subject field to each revision log message.
It extends the node_revision table by adding a subject column and offers views integration.


  • Allows for more structure in a revision log message, by separating the subject of the message from the actual message
  • Views integration

Recommended modules

If you need to do more advanced things with Revisions, try out the following modules:


Format XML

Why this module is developed

We have developed this module because while developing any Drupal portal, we generally need a 3rd party integration where we expose some data in the form of XML, JSON or array and some time we have to use data in these formats from other sources to drupal.

In that case we have to read XML then have to play with some functions of encode and decode.

Views remote pager (VRP)

A common views task is to display a set of node teasers, filtered and ordered by any condition. However, these filters and orderings are limited to the actual views display in the first place and is lost once a visitor follows the link to one of the result nodes, seeing the actual node page.

If you do not like the existing common approaches (like using fields instead of teaser row style, cloning full node displays into another paged view, manually maintaining book structures or node orderings etc) or if you simply want to extend bookish navigation to any views result containing teasers, VRP may be a remedy.

Token Usage

Token usage is a module that parses entity fields for tokens and keeps a track of them. You can use views to create lists of tokens used against entities in the field.

Admin Status


The Admin Status module allows certain messages to be shown on the top of the page to users with the right permission. For example, the settings can be configured to show a message on the top of the page if the database needs to be updated (e.g. drush updb).

Here is an example of Admin Status showing all errors and warnings from the core status report page:



Alert to Administrator

Alert To Administrator

This is a simple module which allows you to show site administrators a configurable alert message above most forms on the site, reminding them that they are logged in to the live site as administrators, not regular users.

It can be used to help prevent these users from accidentally making destructive changes, either because they forgot they were logged in as an administrator, or because they forgot they were logged in to the live site (as opposed to a development server which may be identical in appearance).