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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Field Testing Module

Testing module.

Views Access Callback (D7 port)

The sandbox code has been merged into the Views Access Callback project. Please do not use this sandbox anymore.

Crowd Provisioning

IMPORTANT - Module Obsolete: The functionality of this module has been absorbed into the Crowd Push and Provisioning project.

This module updates the submission handler and validation rules for the user registration form so that new user registrations will be synced to a Crowd SSO server. The main Crowd SSO module is required.

Upon user registration the module implements the following logic:


Ohm is an Omega 4.x demonstration subtheme to provide examples and in code documentation for using Omega 4.x.

See #1902468: Create a neat Omega subtheme and include it in the package as best practices resource and for referencing it in the Handbook for more info.

Visualization API D8

Screenshot of charts build with Visualization D8 module

This module was merged with Visualization API module. Please use its 8.x-1.x version instead.

Geocoder Geonames Obsolete

Disqus import

The module allows you to import comments from a Disqus service to native comments Drupal.

HubSpot Blog Integration

Configuration Screen

HubSpot provides advanced targeting marketing and lead nurturing features including workflow campaigns, landing page forms and a CMS for blog and web content. This module uses the HubSpot API to retrieve blog content through the HubSpot API and saves the content in the content type 'HubSpot Blog Content' (hs_int_blog).

The configuration settings include number of most recent postings to retrieve, cron interval timing, user assignment, HubSpot Portal ID, and whether to allow the content to be search be the core search module.

Captcha Sandbox

Just a sandbox test



Edit metadata caching

The functionality provided by this project has been merged with both the Drupal 7 backport of Edit module (#2178567: Backport: Use client-side cache tags & caching to eliminate 1 HTTP requests/page for in-place editing metadata, introduce drupalSettings.user.permissionsHash) and Edit module in Drupal 8 core (

Demo Sandbox Module Emenen

This is a demo sandbox module.

Cache Entity Profile2

Cache Entity Profile2 is Obsolete

See #2017685: Automatically create cache tables for entities that want to support entitycache.module for what appears to be the solution to entitycache cache table issues. It is not committed yet, so you will need to apply the patch. Please test the patch, and provide feedback in the related issue.

Text Format

Text format features



Display Suite field prototypes

Field Prototypes is no longer supported, and is now part of Ghost.

Learn Git

Learn how to use Git on Drupal.org.

FacetApi Format

Adds new FacetApi filter that allow us to format final output of facets. Currently it supports numeric values, but developers can easily add/modify formats via hook_facetapi_format_item_types() and hook_facetapi_format_item_types_alter()

Use case:
Solr field keeps amount in minor units (cents), but you want to convert them to dollars and add currency symbol
Before: 123456, after - $1,234.56

Search API attachments Field collections

Search api attachments Field collections settings image.

Please consider that this module is now a part of the search api attachments module.

This module supports indexation of files that are part of a field collection in its parent entity.

You have a node that has 2 fields :

  1. field_documents : a File field.
  2. field_collections: a Field collection field, that is containing some file fields :
    1. field_collections_documents1 : a File field.
    2. field_collections_documents2 : a File field.
  • To index the field_documents content, you don't need this module, just use search_api_attachments
  • To index field_collections_documents1 and field_collections_documents2 content in our node index, you can use this module :)

This module depends on search_api_attachments, it simply extends its SearchApiAttachmentsAlterSettings class to take into account the indexation of files that are in the field collection item referenced by the parent entity.

Search API Entity Translation v2

Sandbox for implementing a more feature-rich version of the Search API Entity Translation module.
See also: #1393058: Decide on strategy for language aware search.

Superseded by maciej.zgadzaj's sandbox fork.

Git instruction test


RabbitMQ Logs

RabbitMQ Logo

The module has a purpose to offload the request from the writings watchdogs directly into MySQL (Database logging core module). Instead of this the module will send the message to the RabbitMQ server and other process (consumer) will store the message into database.
You can start the consumer on different machine for example which gives you scalability.
With other words the functionality expand the Database Logging module to support asynchronous requests.

The project depends on following modules:

Addressfield Metadata

This module will extend the Addressfield module to collect metadata about one or more addresses. Metadata will include a configurable "label" option for tagging addresses as "home," "work," "other," etc.

Drush instance

This project has been mothballed in favour of the great initiative to bring Drupal ever closer to Composer, and hence "off the island" of otherwise great tools like Drush Make. Check out the post-install hooks in the drupal-composer project above, if you want to script basically anything Drush Instance could do!

Site-alias-driven, drush-making of local development instances and live production instances. Building a fully working codebase instance should only ever require:

Drupal Social Network

I have started to develop my own Python framework. https://github.com/vinoth3v/In
No time to put on this project.