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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

SEO friendly URL redirect

This module aims to add all URL redirection rules to promote SEO friendliness in Drupal project URLs.

Mailchimp Multiple Widget

Mailchimp Multiple Widget

Minimum Cardinality Required

Module to add unlimited cardinality with minimum field require.

Example : if suppose user set minimum cardinality -2 then user require to fill 2 data that field.

Content type with different logos

Content type with different logos

The Content Type Logo module allows admin users to provide a specific path, title,Alt Text, Image Style to an logo image for each content type.

There is an option to upload custom image for logo.

In this module we have overwritten the template(block--system-branding-block.html.twig) of Site Branding Block. If you theme has already overwritten this template make sure, in you template add the variables used in this module template.

Icon Field

Icon field screenshot 1

I've made changes and rename this module.
So please visit new page https://www.drupal.org/project/font_field_icon


Views Format HMS

Drupal views_format.hms.module README.txt

Module adds an extra option for formatting of integer fields in views output without requiring custom templates

Bonjour Khalid

Ce module est un test

Chat Box

This is a simple chat module that allows your site's visitors to chat in an HTML/Javascript pop-up window. Registered users can invite other users to join the chat. No additional software is required. If you are using Drupal 4.7 or higher, consider using the more advanced Chat Room module instead of Chat Box.


This project was the testing grounds for the Drupal 7 File module, which is the successor to FileField and Upload modules.

This module was committed in #391330: File Field for Core to Drupal core. So there's no need to ever download this package. Previously, file.module was a precursor to Upload module in Drupal 4.0.

Node Aggregator

The main advantage of the import module over the default aggregatoris that RSS items are stored as first class nodes. That means that they can be promoted to home page, queued, commented upon, etc. Anything you can do with a normal node can be done with these feed-items.

It is not yet ready for 4.6, nor for HEAD. Allthough It does work, it still needs a lot of love ad time. So you can help.


For Drupal 4.7 and Drupal 5: If you want full control over your member listings, I would advise to use usernode with views integration.

For Drupal 5 and 6: Here's a small introduction on how to create a user listing in views.

Taxonomy Search

Provides a "Taxonomy" tab on Drupal's standard search interface. Taxonomy terms, descriptions, and synonyms are indexed and searchable. The resulting page provides users a list of terms matching the keywords, and also gives users with the "administer taxonomy" permission a quick link to edit the term. This module is useful for managing large taxonomies.

Trip currency

A currency converter module. It fetches the rates from www.oanda.com,
using their simple http-based FXP protocol.

upload (simple)

A very simple upload module that allows you to quickly upload files into a sub-directory under files/ directory. It is design using popup windows so you can upload images, files while still writing your entry.


Allows users to create surveys to be completed by site visitors. This project is unsupported. Use Webform module for creation of surveys and short-term forms, or CCK for creating custom node types.

Content translation

Drupal 8

Since 'Content translation' module is being obsoleted in Drupal 8, the idea is implementing here any missing feature for Drupal 8.
We'll start with some 'Translation set' entity type and then we'll see...

Drupal 7

Warning: This project has been replaced by Entity translation. Entity translation works with the Translation module in Drupal core instead of replacing it.


Now it's possible to maintain nodes separately from web browser and import then all in the same time automatically. You can also: export selected nodes, process in a word processor (grammar chack, ...) and then import.

This module is currently abandoned. Consider Node Import or Import Export API as potential alternatives.

Teaser module

This tiny module adds several fields to a node to make the display of overview pages more flexible. It uses hook_nodeapi() to do so.


This module provides a standard blogroll as a Features Package - this is a departure from the last implementation. This is under current development as a feature package, just branched to 6.x-2.x for that please don't update 6.x-1.x branch it will break your code. This module provides a blogroll per site using CCK & Views and will support the XFN.

LDAP Address Book

LDAP Address book will let you maintain an address book stored in a LDAP directory.
It currently offers the ability to add, delete and edit entries.

Node list

This module has been discontinued, you can use Views and Views Alpha Pager instead.