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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Handsontable for YAML webform

This module allows both the Drupal Form API and the Drupal 8 Webforms module to use the Excel-like Handsontable library.


UseBB2Drupal extends upon the core migrate module to provide migration from legacy UseBB 1 forums to Drupal 8. It converts users, categories, forums, topics, posts and IP address bans without overwriting existing Drupal content. It also translates internal forum links to the new Drupal paths.

Link List

Example of Link List

Link List is a module which extracts and lists all links of a node. The list is available as a block which can be embedded in the region of your choice.

The idea of Link List

If you write an article it probably contains a lot of links. It would be a big benefit for your reader to get a list of the links at the bottom of the article (or any other position).

Better Register

Better registration and login processes:


This module allows your application to interact with recruiter box API. Site Admin
can configure this module to create candidates for multiple openings directly at

Generating an API Key: Follow following URL

Recruiter box API key:
Add it at admin/config/recruiterbox/recruiterboxsettings

API Source

Adds source display to class members in the API module.

Edit: For now, this requires a patch to Views Megarow which is posted here https://www.drupal.org/node/1802416 but which should be committed soon.

REST Import

Import and conversion of REST resources into Drupal 8 entities.
Currently, only JSON is supported, further development can include XML and HAL.

The scope of the operations are create, update, delete.

It is based on a mapping defined in in the EntityMapper class that


Project info

The sms gateway module provides a Drupal web interface for your sms transactions on your mobile phone with the use of the services provided by smsgateway.me.

This includes per user configuration, sending messages, retrieving messages, managing contacts, group messaging, bulk messaging, and other things you can do with sms in your mobile phone.

The maintainers of the this module are not in any way affiliated with smsgateway.me.


This is an API module that integrates remodal JavaScript library with Drupal Ajax API. It allows to open content in modal overlay using remodal.js.

Use'data-dialog-type' => 'remodal'for rendering ajax links as you would do for drupal modal dialogs ('data-dialog-type' => 'modal'), or useOpenRemodalCommand()instead of coreOpenModalDialogCommand()for building custom ajax response handlers.
Also you can set custom options as you would do for drupal dialogs (e.g.'data-dialog-options' => ['modifier' => 'custom-class']to add a custom class to remodal overlay).

Sports League

Sports League module is an out of the box solution to manage sports league functionality in Drupal. It relies on popular modules in drupal to help manage content typically used in websites for sports clubs. Main example is derived from football clubs, but can be easily extended.

Functionality included:
- Manage competitions, multi competition editions and its standings.
- Manage clubs and teams.
- Manage matches, rosters and match moments.
- Manage players.
- Manage automatic statistics on players and teams.
- Manage club titles.

Commerce Paystack

This module integrates Paystack into Drupal Commerce payment. It currently supports the standard and inline workflows from Paystack.

The module also support webhooks from Paystack

The initial development of this module was sponsored by Nosh n Nibble

Installation and configuration

Assign user roles

Use to add permissions about adding roles to user.

Don't hesitate to create a pull request on Github : Assign user roles

Article Manager 2 migration

This module is a foundation for a full migration of all article content from Article Manager 2 (artman2) to Drupal nodes. The migration process happens in small batches during cron maintenance tasks. Article Manager 2 can continue to be used to maintain the legacy site during site development or even in production, because articles modified in Article Manager 2 after they've been imported to Drupal are re-imported onto the same node.

Images can be left on the legacy site or moved to the Drupal site.

Ubercart CiviCRM Products

This module exposes CiviCRM components as Ubercart product features. Completed orders of Ubercart products can create CiviCRM memberships, contributions and event registrations.

!&# Content

This Drupal 6 module uses ctools content to render different types of content
in different formats.

Chaos Tools Content Boxes

Use ctools content types as Boxes.

This module provides plugins for the Boxes module that render Ctools content types.

Currently, node, block and contact forms are supported.

This module potentially replaces several modules:

oEmbed for Drupal 7 with Media module support

Fork of http://drupal.org/project/oembed for Drupal 7 support with Media module integration.

Use the features/drupal-7 branch.


Aggregator+ extends Aggregator's own processor to allow alterations of feed items.

Wikileaks Cablegate feature

This feature will parse the Cablegate CSV and import it into Drupal nodes.

Depends on Feeds and Date. Search module would be a good idea.

Move the unencrypted cablegate archive (named cables.csv) into your site's files directory. Then visit the Import page on your site and set the source to public://cables.csv. Then run cron 5000 or so times.

Dialog API for Nodes

This project is based on the patch at http://drupal.org/node/672354 for Dialog API module for Drupal 6. It supports viewing, editing, deleting and creating nodes inside jQuery UI Dialog via ctools AJAX library.

!&# Views RSS

Views RSS fork

!&# Views RSS Media

fork of Views RSS Media

Drippy - the drupal assistant.

This offers another path for messages to go through (instead of drupal_set_message) so they are rendered as cartoon speech bubbles by a mysterious avatar.

Submitted by (fork)

This module is a fork and clean up of http://drupal.org/project/submitted_by. I will contribute these patches soon.