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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


Maintained by Mediacurrent

The Wysifield module provides filters/plugins for the WYSIWYG that allow for the embedding of entities inside of other entities. Making an entity embeddable is as easy as adding the wysifield to your entity and enabling the button in the WYSIWYG configuration.

Currently Wysifield only supports using the WYSIWYG API module with the CKeditor plugin.

Admin Tweaks

What does it do?

Some content types should never be displayed on their own page, for example a 'slide/image' that only ever appears inside a carousel does not need to be viewed directly. Admin Tweaks can prevent the content overview and taxonomy overview screens from linking to particular content types.


Each content type will have a new option added inside the submission tab, here you can enable/disable this functionality on a per bundle basis.

The project can remove links from the following entities' overview screens




Before using this module, you should have an approved account from Pure360. It does not matter which plan you choosed from Pure360.

If you don't have Pure360 account then this module will not help you.

Pure360 doe's not allow any free account.

Legal Information

This module is not released by Pure360 official team where I release this module to help community members only, who already have paid accounts with Pure360.

Menu Tree Compare

The Menu Tree Compare module helps us visually compare two menu trees for two different languages, indicating items that are translations of each other and have the same parent / weight, as well as items that exist in one menu tree but not in another.

This may be useful if we use different menu trees for different languages, and we are looking to periodically compare the structure / order of the items to make sure they're not out of sync.


Image poll

File field in poll choice

Module allows to add image or video files to poll.
Depends on core poll module and this issue.
Warning: the module in alpha development - not recommended to use on production sites (need code modification).

Any suggestions are very appreciated.

eps Online-Überweisung

This project integrates eps payment standard into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. The eps Online-Überweisung is an off-site payment service of Austrian banks. It is based on the technical eps e-payment standard which is an open and standardized XML interface between online-shops and banks to initiate irrevocable online payments. Extensive documentation can be found here, current version v2.5:

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek-ify your Drupal!

Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship because while you're there, you can make a difference.
– James T. Kirk, 2371


Captain Kirk as the mighty User 1
Miss Uhura as the Translation System Specialist
Mister Scotty as the Login and Logout Engineer
Mister Spock as the Logging System Scientific Advisor

Bootstrap 3 Accessibility

This module provides better accessibility to Bootstrap 3 components. See the demo (https://paypal.github.io/bootstrap-accessibility-plugin/demo.html).




jplayer link field formatter.

Entity Verification Code

Provides functionality similar to user verification, except for entities. Uses rules to handle all events, so it can be as flexible as you need it.

OG Menu Shared

Fork of og_menu_single that allows individual group types have a menu that they automatically get added to, rather than putting everything into the one provided by og_menu_single.

Multiple group types can use the same menu if desired.


widget to add HTML5 numberfield elements

Quick and Dirty Raw Data Import

This module provides the functionality to import raw data into drupal nodes. It offers an customizable path that can be queried with a HTTP POST request to store the desired data into a node. The path can be protected by a key that must be passed along at each POST request.
The quick and dirty raw data import module does by far not provide advanced methods but it gives the possibility to quickly import node entries into an existing drupal installation. I used it to convert a pligg website with round about 6000 pages into a drupal one with the help of this module and a ruby script reading the database and firing the post requests within 20 minutes.

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userpoints wordcount

Userpoints and Userpointsnc are both great, but they has one flaw when adding points for users who comment or create posts- it doesn't discriminate against the length of posts or comments, and it awards points evenly no matter how much work you do. Or how little.


Nodeletter allows content editors to send nodes as e-mails through third party newsletter services.

Drupal Marketer eXperience

Development currently underway on Github.

User Suspend

User Suspend provides an interim step between account blocking and account deletion. The user record, user roles and optionally user-created nodes and comments are transferred to separate tables where they are not accessible by the normal Drupal system.

Suspended users can be reinstated at any time, recovering all of their previous settings, roles, nodes, and comments.

Uc Iyzico

Ubercart Iyzico

iyzico payment gateway for Ubercart.
This module uses the Iyzico payment form. This form is including to the order review page from iyzico server.



UIKit is a new lightweight framework that has become a popular alternative to bootstrap.

It’s creators Yootheme developed a UIKit GUI tool called Widgetkit which is available for Joomla & Wordpress but not for Drupal.

So we plan to bring a UIKit GUI to our platform.

The Drupal UIKit GUI


Module to help configuring SOLR on Pantheon.

Recurly Entity

Exposes Recurly API objects as Drupal entities.

Recurly is a platform for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. This module lets Fields be attached to Recurly objects. The Recurly API doesn't have any mechanism for storing custom data, so to extend a Recurly object it must reference data in your Drupal database.

Currently supported entities include:

  • Subscription Plans
  • Subscriptions

Under development: