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Delete Me


Scrapped -- Commerce U-P-S

Consolidated with another sandbox.

COE Screen Scraper Utility

This does not work.

Term Queue Port to D7

This is a port of the Drupal 6 Term Queue project to Drupal 7. The original project is here http://drupal.org/project/term_queue

This project now has a development release on the term_queue project page and I'll release further versions there. Please use the issue queue there to raise any bugs.


Um slideshow que usa o Nivo Slider de fácil configuração e permite a adição de temas.


Can't force push, please delete.


Monitter is a real time twitter search tool that enables you to monitor a set of keywords on twitter. It also allows you to narrow the search to a particular geographic location, allowing you to find out what’s going onin a particular part of the world.


you can learn how to make form in drupal 7 with ajax request.

Panels ESI Cache

This project is obsolete.

Please see http://drupal.org/sandbox/smerrill/1508550, which should soon get merged into http://drupal.org/project/esi .

An experimental panels caching plugin.


It provides the possibility to embed a configurable Youtube player, which can also show a playlist (queried with Youtube API).
It works also with mobile devices

Drupal executor

Drupal executor creates a form page which allows site administrators to run custom PHP code.

It helps not only to debug code, but also to build faster your code.

It is also extremely useful for executing database queries or shell commands in production environments, in cases where the development team has no access to the console shell.

In order to activate it, just enable it from modules list, and give permission use drupal executor to any role you want to use it. Then, go to Site configuration -> Drupal executor page.

MediaWiki API filter

This module provides an input filter which allows the conversion of content marked up using MediaWiki syntax to html for display on your Drupal site, by using the "parse" feature of the MediaWiki API.

Anniversary Views Field

Module abandoned, see Issue #1504362: Is this module abandoned?

This module is intended to enable Date Fields for views in a form that projects them to the actual or next year.

That means any date in that field will be shown with its own month and day but with the year either being the actual or the next depending on the comparision of the field's and the actual date.



Organic groups token

Until og supports entity token here a module dependent to the token module

Varnish simple purge

Note: All work on this module will continue at Varnish Manual sandbox, since there is D6 functionality there. The D7 code from here will be merged.

Very basic functionality to purge individual URLs from Varnish.

Drush Make in Drush core

This repo has been merged into the main Drush repository, currently in the 'make' branch.

Sandbox project for #1310130: Put drush make in drush core until the project is in a state to be merged into the main drush repository. Created a new sandbox to use Drush Make 2.x as a starting point, instead of 3.x.

Entity Reference Tree Widget (old)

Based on the fabulous Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget, this module aim to extend its functionality to display any type of hierarchical entities in a tree view selection.

This version includes a term reference tree and a group audience tree that works with OG group audiences.

It also provides hook_get_entity_hierarchy, so that you can define your own entity tree

You may find all documentation needed on http://drupal.org/project/term_reference_tree

ActiveGrade integration

The d.o version of this module is horribly outdated and isn't being updated right now. It is still being used as a custom module and might be updated on d.o someday.

A module for integration with ActiveGrade

Features So Far

  • Authentication with ActiveGrade


  1. Syncing users
  2. Syncing standards
  3. Syncing assignments
  4. Entering scores

Biblio Migrate (Import/Export)

UPDATE This project was a one-off deal, and is completely useless, especially with alternative tools like Migrate. If anybody wants some tips on migrating their own Biblio collection using the Migrate module, please let me know; I'd be happy to help out.

Git Hooks

Git hook for drupal.

ESC MAALS Integration

This is extremely old code and should not be used.

Page Cache Clear Button


Though this is a sandbox project, on the offhand you've found this page or have used this module, please consider using the Flush Page Cache module instead.

This module creates a block containing a button that an admin can place in any region for selected roles that clears the cache for that particular page.