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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


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eBay commerce

The eBay commerce module can be used to upload products from your website to eBay servers.


  • Ability to connect to eBay.


Drupal commerce

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Transclusion (Remote content)

A way of managing "Remote content" and displaying it in your Drupal site.

Do not use yet, nothing works - I'm getting to grips with Entity API for this

We've often created "Remote teasers" on our sites, where the content managers want to present external content in a similar way to their normal pages, for instance when a large company provides subsites or remote services on external URLs. Currently we patch this together with link and cck redirect.

Extending this, I also want to be able to pull back content from remote sites, as quotations, excerpts, references or sometimes full pages. But although we have a local copy, the *content* is sourced from elsewhere. And I want to *maintain* that link, not just copy & paste. And, potentially, refresh periodically.

Some initiatives in this area also include :

oEmbed (seen in the tweet embed feature around the web)

Google Gadgets (those those embeds are usually primarily functional)

opengraph_filter.module that can turn offsite links into inline summaries.

Webform Score

This module provides scoring capabilities to the Webform module.

Online brainstorming in a Google doc

Ubercart QuickPay

Ubercart QuickPay is the payment gateway module for Drupal version 8 and above. The module uses the Danish Payment Gateway ‘QuickPay’ to make payment.

The module supports two different payment methods

  • QuickPay Embedded method and
  • QuickPay Form method

QuickPay Embedded – QuickPay Embedded method accepts payment through Credit card. It won’t redirect users to the QuickPay hosted payment window. That makes the payment process quick and easy.

Timezone clock

Set timezones

Timezone clock module provide a block having multiple clock's for different timezone. This module is not depend on any external javascript library or php library.



Module integrate Drupal 8 with Freshmail mailing system - http://freshmail.com/

In config page You need add mailing list hash, API key and API secret key.

API key can be get from http://freshmail.com.

Freshmail block, add simple block with form, were users can subscribe to your newsletter.


This is a webform based module which provides 2checkout Standard Checkout facility that can handle every part of the buyer’s checkout process on a single page.

We have added "2checkout pay" webform component which will help to select your amount mapping component for submitting your payment on a 2checkout portal.

Also, we have added custom payment success page which helps to verify the payment detail that was a success or not.

Node Alias History



This module keeps full history of all the aliases for the node. Whenever the alias of a node is changed or updated, user can view the complete history of all the aliases.

Use case:
If administrator want to keep track of all the changes made to the alias then he can use this module. He can also keep track of all the users who tried to change the alias of the node.


Search API SolrCloud

This module extends Search API Solr to be able to use SolrCloud. Because we depend on specific modules to connect to Zookeeper, which most users don't need, support for SolrCloud is built in this separate module.

OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Module by Gluu

This module will enable you to authenticate users against any standard OpenID Connect Provider.

You’ll need to also run a local oxd OpenID Connect client service. The oxd middleware service is easy to install, and makes it easier to keep up-to-date with the latest security fixes for OAuth2.

There are oxd plugins, modules and extennsions for many popular platforms and frameworks like: Wordpress, Magento, OpenCart, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Drupal, Roundcube, Spring Framework, Play Framework, Ruby on Rails and Python Flask.

Ubercart PayUMoney

Ubercart PayUMoney is a drupal 8 module which provides the payment method to pay with Ubercart drupal 8.

User Info Block

Block User on front-end.

Have you ever needed to display the current user in your sidebar or header?
Or the current node author?
Maybe you want to feature specific users?

This module provides you with a complete solution to display users in a custom block.

Advertising Products

Add entity type for advertising products. Currently supported product providers generic, amazon and tracdelight.

Currently only a pre-alpha release! Previous we need some re-factoring and code cleanup.

File System Switch

File System Switch enables you to switch file fields between private and public.

Subscribe Newsletter

Newsletter Listing Page View

The Subscribe Newsletter Module provides functionality to subscribe for the Newsletter.
A block which can be placed in any region. Authorized person can see a list of all emails which are subscribed.

[D7] Custom Nid

Provide a field at the time of node creation to enter a custom nid.
If nid already exist then you will receive nid already exist error,if it doesn't exist then node will be created with custom nid.

Scenario : Let suppose you want to create a node in your development environment with custom nid which is on live site then this module is help full.


Using a sandbox to clean code for the Charts module's Drupal 8 port. Development is happening here: https://github.com/andileco/d8charts. If you are interested in helping, request to become a contributor.

[D8] Profile Role Access

Drupal 8 module that allows the administrator to restrict access to user profiles based on role.

For example, you could limit access to the administrator profile for everyone except the administrator role (duplicates functionality found in: https://www.drupal.org/project/userone )

Publishers could be allowed to view profiles of authenticated users, while authenticated users could be restricted from seeing other authenticated users profiles.

Search API Synonym


This module let editors or administrators manage synonyms for Search API
directly in Drupal.

Synonyms can be export using the build in Drupal Console command.
Drush command and automatic export using Drupal cron job is in development.

The module support the synonyms.txt format used in Apache Solr.
Other formats can be added using the Export plugin annotation.

Events Log Track

This module track logs of specific events that you'd like to review. The events performed by the users (using the forms) are saved in the database and can be viewed on the page admin/reports/events-track. You could use this to track the number of times the CUD(Create, Update & Delete) operations performed by specific users.

Currently, the following sub modules of Events Log Track are supported:


This module provides the possibility to integrate external DCAT providers and import the datasets those DCAT feeds offer.

The main module provides the following entity types:

  • Dataset
  • Distribution
  • Agent
  • vCard

All these entities have the neccerary fields to conform with DCAT-AP.


Photoshop tennis for the masses


The general rules of the system are as follows:

Each chain is an open digital image collaboration, displayed like threads in a forum. Each link in the chain should be in some way a derivative of the previous image.

Registered artists can participate in 2 ways.

flatpickr datetimepicker


The flatpickr module implements the flatpickr JavScript Library.

“A lightweight & powerful datetimepicker.”

Provides a date / time picker that integrates with the Date module.

@todo update description.


This is a POC about implementing Jackalope PHPCR API as remplacement of traditional RDBS drivers (Mysql, Mariadb, Postgresql).